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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Watches are in good used condition. Both are in need of batteries. Both were fully functional before batteries died. Faces have no scratches. Bands show minor use.

4 Brand new Stafford brand fishing rods. Rated for 8-17lb line. 6'6" rods. Come with cork and trigger handle. Very nice rods. Lot of 4! All the same.

5 Brand New Stafford fishing rods. They are spinner by rods, 4'6" long, 2-6lb test. Great light Graphite rods. All the same.

4 HP pull start mercury motor. Age is unknown, condition is unknown. Can't test no gas tank or hose to test. The wheel moves freely, motor looks all original. Sold as-is untested. Hand truck not included.

6 fans, 2 heaters, 1 air purifier and a mini air compressor. All untested.

Atleast 30 pizza Insulated bags. Resell on eBay or good for a pizza parlor. Some new, most used

Bronze look lamp with lady holding a bird. Lamp is very heavy and 32" Tall. No damage and fully functional. Artist name was not looked up.

6 watches. Sekdona, stainless swatch, a women's watch, stainless Seiko, gold citizen, black sterling with broken hand. All are used and are functional. Some need batteries. Please look T pictures carefully.

Unknown artist, real painting not a print. Business card taped to back. Framed 20x24. Shows minor damage from pushing up against glass. Shows very nice.

1 Pink radio Flyer tricycle and 1 ride on car. Trike in good used condition. The car has fading. All decals are good and horn works

In used working condition. Has scratches on face, band not original.

Tambourine signed. Artist unknown. Everything in good shape.

The Conair fabric steamer is slightly used. The black series set dry car vacuum locks new but opened. The air compressor looks new.

Various hand tools, drills and tool boxes. As-is untested lot.

Collect Domino's items! Want to keep your pizza warm? Here you go! 5 Used pizza Insulated bags. Holds 3-4 pizzas. Conditions vary.

About 3 feet tall. In perfect condition.

The hydraulic jack is 2 1/2 ton. Works great and in used condition. The box is mostly misc. screws and nails.

Boxes badly damaged. Cars never taken out of boxes. They look New.

Games in good used condition. System not tested. As-is.

Nice set. Fully functional and in good shape.

FireKing server with glass inserts and candles for underneath. Set unique item. Has paint over spray on lids. Will need to be cleaned well. All glass inserts 100%.

Both in very good shape.

The 4 Waterford are in good used condition. The Wedgewood looks like it was a display piece.

Nice Lot, clock missing glass piece, lamp missing top piece. Everything else in good shape.

Chair and table in great shape. Cushions dirty from being outside.

Large lot. A few pieces chipped. Over all a nice lot. Took pictures of bottoms. You can see brands.

Bows, airsoft, tennis, various balls, weights.

Unsorted kitchen Lot. Fills up a 5 gallon bucket.

Great old shoe shine box with horse hair brushes!

Non functioning. Either charger or radio broken. Sold as-is for parts.

Various stuff. All new boxes may be damaged.

Training wheels brand new. Mongoose bag in like new condition.

10 round bowls, 1 has a paint chip. 4 short glasses. Vintage design.

Hess trucks. Missing pieces. All played hard with. Look at pictures.

Everything in Lot is untested and sold as-is.

All in working order.

4 cable boxes, 3 DVD players, e reader, Sony cassette player. Remotes for some.

Bike in good working order.

One has cracked glass, 1 missing glass. Other look okay.

This lamp is all original and looks old. There is no manufacture on it. Lamp is in good shape. No damage to figures or metal. Awe. Shade looks original.

Vintage Tupperware.

Pitcher and glasses in good shape.

24 open Dvd's in original cases.

Vintage floor model. Looks to be all in box. Never put it together.

Chairs and cushions in great shape. Shows minor use. One cushion has minor stain.

10 pairs of jeans size 32 and under. Mixed men's and women's. Various brands.

35 action figures. Various cartoons and characters. Most in good used co diction.

Box full of random toy cars. Various conditions and brands.

Random Lot, various conditions.

All used. Various conditions. 20 bags total

Various brands. All used.

Compaq Presario windows do with intel Celeron processor, 256 mb ram, 80 gh hard drive. Dell dimension with windows do. A Samsung flat top monitor, sync master 228w. All untested and without wires.

Pitchers are in perfect condition.

Various aluminum pots and pans in used condition.

Large piece of framed artwork. This looks to be a print that was professionally framed. Measures 58x48. It is from Windsor Art "Love Letters" 6-24-99. GI05I9005.

Vintage Made in USA Lamplight farms oil lamp. Still has oil in it and is in used condition.

All in okay shape. The dog is broken. Some others may have paint chips.

Very nice glass bowls and candy dishes.

2 bowls are cut glass. The tall glasses may be crystal. Unsure... all in very good shape.

Ducks need a bath but all look to be in good shape. Debbie mumm ceramic wall art is very nice.

Lot of cut glass and maybe crystal. Not all pieces may be crystal or cut glass. All pieces in Lot are in great condition.

Random glass. Various conditions.

Duck has paint chip. Other pieces look good.

Nice Lot. Mix of crystal, cut glass and regular.

Not sure if crystal but real nice and seem to be vintage.

All sizes and conditions. Some look newer others old. Some fracked some in good shape. Large plastic tote overfilled.

As-is, untested mixed lot.

5 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of shorts. Mostly size 30.

Misc. lot

25 Dvd's and about 20 cd's/dvds mixed not in cases.

20 CDs and a box set drawn together from Comedy Central.

All 3 back to futures, all A titles. Conditions vary. All used.

Large lot, hot wheels tracks, erector set, Lincoln logs and misc. two plastic tubs full total. Pieces may be missing.

Various conditions. Some chipped.

Lots of fine China in good shape.

In used condition.

Working order, need to be cleaned. Used.

In good condition. Swivels and on wheels.

As-is condition. Turns over but does not start. May need carb cleaning or spark plugs.

6 shelves from Rubbermaid. Used good condition.

Various types of glasses. All in good condition. No damage.

All in good shape. A few have patterns. Great collection.

Random plates. Various conditions.

They both have minor cracking on top from age.

Fake plant Lot with stand

Minor chipping on edges. Very presentable. Look at photos.

5 glass Ashtrays. 2 are advertisement other three decorative. All in good shape.

Large box 30 plus frames. A few have broken glass.

Various serving dishes.

Punch bowl set with 12 glasses and a cake Platter. Both look old.

Mixed box.

Table with leaf. 4 chairs. Missing boots for legs and 1 chair. Chairs in good shape table is in okay condition. Just relaxing or repurpose. Solid set.

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