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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

At the end of the auction, the winning bidder pays only the lowest winning bid possible. That means that you can win an auction item at a price less than your max bid amount.

Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Dresser is made by Krug Furniture Co. Measures 50' L x 18' W x 32' H. Note there is wear, scratches and some water marks. For matching Highboy see lot #31

Mikasa China Set - Made in Japan - Ebony Meadow Series. Set includes: - 12 Dinner Forks -12 Salad Fork - 12 Knives - 10 Soup Spoons - 12 Tea Spoons - 1 Serving Plater - 1 Gravy Bowl/Plate - 1 Butter Disk - 1 Pair Salt & Pepper Shakers - 1 Sugar & Cream Set - 13 Dessert Bowls - 2 Candle Sticks - 12 Bread Plates - 9 Salad Plates - 11 Soup Bowls - 11 Dinner Platers - 11 Coffee Cups/Saucers - 8 Red Wine Glasses - 8 Water Glasses Over 150 Pieces in total

Krug Furniture Co Highboy, 4 drawer. Measures 32' L x 18' D x 43' H. Note there is wear scratches and some water marks. For matching Dresser see lot #30

Yard Machine Snowblower - Tecumseh Engine- 4 Cycle - 26' inch. In good working order.

Large storage cabinet measures 84' H x 24' W x 12' D. Six shelves in total. Note some wear and black mark on the back (see picture).

Yardworks 6hp Lawnmower, in good working order.

DeWalt Skill Saw, in working order

Queen bed and brass frame. Measures 7 ft L x 60' in W. Comes with mattress, boxspring, frame, sheets, pillows and blankets. In good condition.

Lanark Furniture 100% Leather 3-seater couch. Measures 88' L x 36' D x 33'H. Note some minor wear to the cushions. Overall in very good condition.

Cuisine art food processor, in good working order.

Anthes Baetz Furniture Co Highboy made of Fruitwood. Highboy measures 50' L x 22' D x 49' H. Note there is wear, scratches and chips to the veneer. Very nice decorative features, 10-drawers in total. Is a part of a bedroom set, see lots #91 and #92

Rona Redeye Jigsaw, in good working order

Porter Cable Saw-All, in good working order

Lanark Furniture 100% Leather 2-seater couch. Measures 64' L x 36' D x 33' H. Note some minor wear to the cushions. Overall in very good condition.

Maple Dining Table with leaf and matching chairs (4 in total). The table measures 54' L x 42' W x 31' H. Note there is some wear, water stains, and scratches (see pictures)

Patio set with 2 chairs and table.

2 Maple End Tables, measure 28' L x 22' W x 22' H. In good condition, some small scratches and wear. Note they are matching end tables, one picture just had more shade.

Royal Albert China - 21 Pieces in total, includes: - 2 Dinner Plates - 2 Salad Plates - 1 Serving Dish - 2 Cookie Plates - 1 Sugar & Cream Set with Platter - 4 Cups & Saucers - 5 Dessert Plates Set is in good condition

Robert Bateman Print measures 14' W x 18' H. Framed and not authenticated.

Makita Power Drill and case, in working order

Kitchen lot includes Pyrex pie bowls, food heating tray, and more. Note some wear, untested.

JVC Radio measures 28' L x 13' H x 11' D. In good working order, comes with CD's.

Rockwell Sander, in good working order

2 Swarovski crystal figurine collectibles. One is of the iconic Swarovski Swan, the other is a Wrapped Present. Both in great condition and come with boxes and paperwork.

2 Night-Stand Lamps. Both in good working order. Measure 33' H.

3 Plant stands in total. The matching pair's larger stand measures 11' W x 11' L x 29' H, and the smaller stand measures 9' W x 9' L x 25' H. The other green plant stand measures 12' in diameter and 27' H.

Backers Rack with a Marble Slab Top and wine rack underneath. Measures 69' H x 29' W x 17' D. In good condition, note some small scratches on the marble (see pictures)

Anthes Baetz Furniture Co Dresser and Mirror made of Fruitwood. Dresser measures 62' L x 21' D x 36' H (without mirror) & 72' H (with mirror). Note there is wear, scratches and a large chip on one drawer (see pictures). Very nice decorative features, 9-drawers in total. Is a part of a bedroom set, see lots #92 and #93

Black & Decker Power Planer, in good working order.

Very large B. Joseph framed painting with brass accents. Measures 51' H x 63' L. In good condition.

Pacesetter by Brother Sewing Machine. In good working order. Comes with Manual, Case, Power Cord, and Pedal.

4 Goodyear Winter Tires with Rims. Measure 225/55R17 97T. In good condition.

DeWalt Grinder, in good working order

Anthes Baetz Furniture Co Side Tables and Bed Frame. Bed Frame measures 56' W x 74' L and Side Tables measure 20' L x 18' D x 30' H. Note wear, scratches and some damage to the bed frame inserts. Is a part of a bedroom set, see lots #91 and #93

Mirror is in good shape. Measures 22' L x 26' H.

Patio Set with 4 chairs, comes with placemat and candle holder. Patio Set measures 38' L x 38' W x 28' H. In good condition

'Empire Cheese Sold Here' Sign. Measures 15 1/2' L x 6' H. In good condition, made of plastic, some small scratches on the decal (see picture)

5 LED Christmas String Lights, 4 strings are white and 1 string is red. They are in good working order.

Garden Lot includes shovel, edge trimmer, broom an more.

Vintage Sears Bike, Frame, Seat and Fenders are all in good condition. Note wear, small scratches, rust and tires are flat. Comes with attachable basket.

2 contemporary brass finish lamps. Measure 24' H. In good working order. Note some wear on shades

Multi-Purpose Butchers Block Cart / Kitchen Island. Measures 36' L x 36' W x 35' H. Re-finished with a hammered steel paint and a coat of tongue oil on the butchers block. Note Rust on Wheels, some water damage to the wood. Wheels and Locks work great.

2 Barometers, both in good working order. Larger barometer measures 26' H, smaller barometer measure 23' H.

Lot of Cabbage Patch Dolls, no paperwork or original boxes. In good condition and come with accessories.

6 MAD magazines in total.

Schwinn Bike Pump - comes with all the accessories. good condition

Lot of Christmas decorations, including reefs, pillows, small Christmas tree, Christmas tree skirt, ornaments and more.

Live Edge coffee table with matte black hairpin legs. It is made of a slab of Pine, and has been stained and clear coated. It measures 5 Ft in L x 20' W x 18' H. Note there is one small indent on the tabletop and some small chips to the paint at the bottom of the legs (see pictures)

Vintage Torch - untested - note wear, scratches and aged.

Live Edge coffee table with raw steel hairpin legs. It is made of a slab of Pine, and has been stained and clear coated. It measures 5 Ft in L x 20' W x 18' H. Note there is one small dent on the tabletop (see picture) and some rust on the legs.

3 Flower Prints. The larger print measures 32' L x 32' H x 2' D. Smaller prints by Carson measure 16' L x 16' H.

Soldering Iron, in good working order.

Assortment of Christmas decorations and ornaments.

2 Hulk Comic Books, both in sleeve and in good condition. Issues 243 & 283.

Wood Bench / Coffee Table. Measures 54' L x 20' W x 16' H. Note wear and scratches, see pictures

Wooden Folk Art Stool, measures 37' H x 13' D x 25' W. Note there is some wear and scratches.

Bar Lot, including coasters, labatts mirror, peanut tray

Plant Stand and Planters Pot. Plant stand measures 31' H x 11' D. Note some wear and small chips.

Bakers Rack with glass shelves measures 44' H x 24' W. Note some wear and small scratches on glass.

2 shelving units. The larger one measures 75' H x 39' L x 10' D. The smaller one measures 31' X 24' X 15' D. Note some wear and scratches.

Sanyo Microwave in good working order, very clean.

Green and white Art Deco Lamps. Measure 24' in height. In good working order. Some wear on the shades.

2 mini Tiffany-Style reading lamps. Measure 13' H. Lamps are in good working order. Note some wear.

Mirrors measure 22' W x 41' H. Note some wear and scratches.

Large Outdoor Decor Piece. Measures 36' in Diameter. In good condition.

Pokemon Cards Lot

Commemorative Coronation of King Edward the 7th and Queens Alexandria Cup & Saucer. Made in Chelsea, England. In good condition.

Vintage steamer trunk, hinges work. Measures 36' L x 21' D x 12' H. Note wear, scratches, stains, and smells like the 1940's inside.

The Dining Table is unfinished/unstained, measures 64' L x 42' W x 29' H. The table is not mounted to the base and will require screws. Easier to load, heavy and should bring help to move.

Misc Lot includes crock pot, decanter, soap dispenser, candle holders and more.

1990 Basketball Card collection, includes Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Clyde Drexler, Magic Johnson & More.

3 Outdoor Hanging Basket Hooks, various sizes.

Cherub Lamps in good working order. Measure 35' in height. Note wear, scratches and chips on the lamp bases.

In working order - 31' in height - In good condition.

Includes 2 vases and decorative bowl.

Solid Oak Church Pew. Measures 8 Ft W x 32' H x 16' D. In good condition, some wear and small scratches. This pew has 2 small black marks on the upholstery (see picture) Very heavy, bring help to move.

Shelving Units, measure 27' L x 12' D x 19' H. In good condition

2 Vintage Canes. Both measure roughly 35' H.

Power window cleaners, 50 WV, in good working order.

M&M Candy Display Rack. Measures 5 Ft in height and 18' inches in diameter. In good condition, some scratches and wear, also label peeling in some places, (see pictures). Great advertising piece.

Royal Doulton Choir Boy. In good condition.

Assortment of Bottles and Crates including Coke, Pepsi, 7-Up, Pop-Shoppe & More. Conditions from good-fair.

Coffee Table measures 45' L x 25' W x 18' H. Note wear, scratches, water marks, and chips, see pictures

Solid Oak Church Pew. Measures 8 Ft W x 32' H x 16' D. In good condition, some wear and small scratches. Very heavy, bring help to move.

'The Lawn Crafter' by Quaker Lawn Spreader.

2 Signed Books - Power Play signed by Alan 'The Eagle' Eagleson - Wild America signed by Roger Tory Peterson Other books (not signed) include: - Peanut Jubilee - Esso NHL Allstar collection In fair condition

2 vintage director chairs with new khaki seat covers in the box. Note missing paint on the wood and wear and stains on original seat covers. Measure 24' L x 16' D x 34' H.

3 Mirrors in total, varying sizes. Note some wear and scratches, also smaller mirror needs to be tightened.

2 Ice Cream Flavour Display Signs. One is a Nestl?'s display sign and the other is a Reid's Dairy display sign. Reid's sign measures 24' x 24' and the Nestle sign measures 20' x 31'. Comes with a box of other flavours and duplicates. Note some wear, scratches, and the 'Nestle Scoops' decal needs to be re-glued.

Comics include: Thor, XMen, Merc and more

Sony Wireless Headphones with box, over the ear with rechargeable station, untested.

3 Baseball cards, all encased. - 1991 Jason Giambi Rookie Card with PSA - mint 9 - Frank Johnson - John Olerud All in good condition

Home decor lot - Urns and more.

Metal planters pot. Measures 11' Height x 16' Diameter. Note wear on the inside, some rust and small scratches.

Assortment of golf clubs (not a complete set), some LH, some RH, varying conditions.

20 wine glasses in total. In good condition.

Assorted Prints - Van Gough, Picasso & Other - not authenticated

Includes Maruei (Made in Japan) & Waldsassen (Made in Bavaria) cups and saucers. In good condition.

Nolan Ryan reproduction autographed print, comes with COA.

J. Casson Signed Print & an Ineligible artist signed print. Not authenticated

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