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This online auction features Yamaha Keyboard, Bravo child guitar, Ukulele, Clarinette Evette, Dell Laptop, RCA Audio System & KROSS Bazooka Home Theatre, Lazy Boy Style Recliner, Mexican Hand-woven Rug and much more!

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Used instruments: Keyboard and Guitar with Case (Good). Ukulele needs repair.

Coin: Elizabeth ll $5 Silver Collection 2011. One Pearl (drilled) for necklace.

Evette, Buffet Crampon, used / some wear&tear. With case, extra reeds and oil. Very good condition for Student Introduction to music.

Camera in package unopened, Dlink Router wireless used, Logitech wireless touch keyboard gently used. All in working condition.

7inch Internet Tablet, Dual Cameras front and rear, Touch Screen, Wifi, charge cable, Works Fine.

Handy Metal Pantry Shelf with 6 Levels. (23x13x59inch) Shelves can be changed to variable heights. Comes apart to a 23x13x8 inch package for moving. As photo shows this little Shelf-system stores many things.

Antique North African Carry-All Basket. Reed and Leather Material. 13X11 inches with Braided leather strap.

Solid Wood Mobile Kitchen Counter with Wheels, Ceramic Top, Utensil Drawer, Basket, Shelf, Wine Rack and Towel Rack.20.5x20.5x36 inch.

1600 Watt Mobile Heater with Remote Control and Safety Shut -Off Features if tipped over. This Heater is Ergonomic as it moves from room to room, wherever you go, making heating your entire home unnecessary. Remote Control Heat adjustment. Dimensions: 11x6.5x39 inch.

RCA Audio System / am/fm, Cassette 2 Tape Player, 3 CD Player. (CD Player needs tune-up). Otherwise all in working order. KROSS Bazooka Home Theatre, CD Player, 6 Speakers (5 plus Woofer), Surround Sound. Remote. With all Manuals as in photos. 50 ft of heavy audio copper wire included. Working Condition.

Protect all your electronic concerns. Working Condition, 10 Receptacles. 11 Controlled Outlets. TV, Cable, Satellite, Phone, Fax, Broadband Network.

17x9x12 inches. See photos for Specs. Bakes Cakes Cookies, Steaks and Roasts. Working Condition.

HomeStyles Microwave Oven. 19x11.5x15 inches See photos for Specs. Untested.

See Label 100% Wool and Natural Dyes. Hand-woven at a Mexican Family Home. No Maquiladora, No Sweat-Factory Work (28.5x57)inches. Wash in cold water to keep shape.

African Ebony Handmade Ebony Wood Mortar & Pestle (9x3.25) inch & Ebony Dagger (10 inch) From Africa 1988.

Both Light use 2012. Working Order. Slow cooker (14x9x10) inches.

39.5x12x18 inches / 2 drawers / 20 slots.

Many plug-in options. See photos for options, Remote. 2012 Model and Serial Numbers. My Spare Second TV. Untested.

Utility Utensils for Food Prep. Butcher Knives, Forks, Spatulas, Serving Spoons, Knife Sharpener,etc. Quantity, many. See photos

Authentic African Handmade Drums. Drum surfaces 4.5to 5 inch Hand carved Wood African Cowbell 4x4 inch These were purchased in Africa when I led Red Cross Food Convoys to Refugee People's Camps.

Clock Radio am, fm, / Snooze, working Condition. Dell Laptop /Microsoft Windows. Condition not known. 7.5x9inches.

Utility Flatware. Not Silver. Various see photos. Cook Books.

Globe and Rope (10ft).

Polynesian Pandanus Reed Basket Antique, Excellent condition, 11.5x15.75x2inch Made by the Women of Tonga, Polynesia.

Handcrafted Jewelry Necklaces and Bracelets with Semi-precious Stones from Brazil, Polynesia and Africa. 6 Raw Semi-Precious Stones of Brazil. 3 Key Chains. And Handmade Basket. Some factory crafted.

Various Western and Oriental Utility China. Dinner Plates, Bowls, Glasses, Cups, Japanese Tea Cups (10) and 3 Teapots, 3 Aluminum Hot/Cold Thermoses, a Microwave Hotpot and a Coffee Press. See photos.

Antique Bed Headboard and Footboard, Solid Wood with Detailed Wood Inlay throughout. (55x55.25x3.5)inches (55.25x43.25x3.5)inch.

Noma 8 Receptacle Plug Box. Working Order. Dust Buster, Black & Decker, untested.

Designed and Crafted Natural Birchwood by Carmen. Pot-rack with Pots. Hung from ceiling, out of the way. Length 50 inch.

(One) Adams Royal Ivory Titian Ware Serving Plate. Very Good Condition 9x11.5 in. Embossed Mark 12 / 34. EST.1657.

Frames various sizes. Group Frame 16x24 inches.

Plate Amsterdam Blond, 7.5 inch. / Cuzco Peru Pottery 3.5x4.5 inches.

Mexican Poncho (Sarapi) Decorative. Made at a Mexican Family's Home in Oaxaca, Mexico. All 100% Natural Wool and Dyes. Just like Clint Eastwood wore in the movie Fist Full of Dollars. Note: Slit at centre for the wearer's head. Can be also used as a Rug. Wash in cold water to keep shape.

3 Decorative Ceramic Pots. Black and Moss Green. 1 Plastic that looks like Brick Ceramic. 9x10 to 15x12 inches. And Garden Fork.

Working Condition. Too many AC/DC Adapters and Connectors to count. A NAOKI CD Player and 2 Phones. Untested.

D-Link, Phones, Many Extension Cords, Cable. Headphones and Player. Untested.

40 CDs and 15 blanks.

Yasaki Size 9, Black / Knee Pads, Very Good Condition. Length of Boot 10inches.

By Artist Carmen Rudd. Wild Canada Goose -Down Feathers, self-preened by Geese in Leaded-Glass Case / Polynesian Coral Branch 8x8x12.5inches.

Ghetto-Blaster tape player and am-fm Radio working Condition. CD Player needs fix, will not recognize CDs. Wall -plug cord in Battery compartment. Name A Star Gift Box not opened.

Note: This Oriental Basket was enhanced by a West Coast Native Lady by adding a Trader-bead Green Glass Ring. It is an Antique at more than 50 years. 12x4inch.

African Dancing Doll with crank handle to activate. Handmade by African Boy. I purchased while Leading Red Cross Food Convoys in E. Africa. Material: Leather, Metal. (Height: 20inch)

Handmade by African Boy, All Wire / some plastic (wheels) and wood Steering Column. This Toy Car steers and will go as fast as a child can run. Doors and Trunk Open. A Child or Grown Man's Delight. (I bought this from an African Boy in 1991, while working with Refugee People in East Africa.) Size: Car: 6x7x15 inch. Steering Column 36 inch. Tow-Hitch included. Note the suspension over large boulder. This is an All-Terrain Vehicle. I hope the boy who made this Car is a CEO Automaker today. In a Perfect World.

RONA Programmable Thermostat. Easy Install. Energy Money Saver. Untested.

50x28.5x19.5 inches. Two access doors, full depth. A few light nicks / scratches. Inlaid wood grain.

(14) Frames of various sizes 3x4 to 25.5x10 inch with glass fronts.

Antique Beadwork and Glass Bobble by Jean (Eugenia) Waryk. Length 7inches.

Artist: Jean (Eugenia) Waryk. Beadwork with Bobble. Pre 1990. 14x2.5 inches.

Porcelain Dolls Heights 21,19,19,12 inch My Daughter Collected for Over 20 years. Made in China.

Two Folding Side-Tables, Solid Wood (14.25x19x26.5) inch with 2 Topper Ceramic Tiles.(19.75x19.75)inch Colour Blonde. Two Standing Room lamps, 1 Trilight. (11.25x5ft11.25in). Colour: White. Both in working order.

4 Cushions, 2 large 24x24 inches. 2 medium 20x20 inches. See photos for colours.

Curtains, 3 sets, Full Length floor to ceiling. (108x96 inch) Colors: Roman Moss Green, Desert Sand and Off-White. Small stain on Desert Sand set. See photos.

Antennae 16x9x14 inch 100 ft Cable. All Working Condition.

Hat Box /Feathers by Artist Eugenia, Antique. (14x11) inches.

Artist photo of a path in the forest leading to Indigenous West Coast Rock paintings on the Malahat.12.5x15.75inch

Feather Lengths: 6to 15inch Feathers self-shed by Geese. Found in Nature. No harm to birds. I have other lots of these if wanted.

Cartoon about NHL Hockey Strike. 12.75x15.75inch /glass frame. And Artist Photo of Path in the Forest (unframed) Signed by Artist Carmen Rudd.

Original Pencil Drawing by Artist Carmen Rudd. Inspiration, Flamenco Dancer Carmen Amaya. 8X11.5 inches.

Glass Candle Holders (12) / Votive and Regular (2.5X1.5 inch average size) and 1 Silver-Plate Goblet (a bit worn / character)

Audio and Video Cables (12 sets). From 24 kt gold-plated connectors (in package, 24 feet) to various (Monster Cable to regular connectors).

Faux Suede Stain-resistant finish. Relaxing LazyBoy Style Recliner. No stains or damage. Working Condition. Easy-Action Recliner.

Sofa 3 Seat, Naptime, Faux Suede Stain Resistent.Matches Lazy Boy Style Recliner. 86x36x39 inches.

Room Dividers (2) With Natural Wood Trim. Stain Resistant. 1(65.75x41x2.5 inches) 1(65.75x33x2.5 inches)

Sealy Correct Comfort Rose Hill Euro Top Plush. Queen Size Mattress and Box. Mattress (60x80x13.5) inches. Box(60x80x9)inches. Wood Frame (covers 60x80x7.75) inches Total Bed Level is 30 inches. Slight stain.

Black Leather Armchair with Footrest and Accessory Massage / Heat for Back, Lumbar, Thighs. Working Condition. Use with or without Massage Accessory.

Antique HatBox by Artist Eugenia, filled with various Craft Items. See photos. (14x6.25)inches.

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