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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Untested, as is. The HP laptop is a movable screen, 2 laptops total, 1 toshiba, 1 HP. No cords/power adapters included.

2 old looking metal statues. No chips or damage. 11 inches high and 7 inches high.

Mixed containers with wheels and with out. Some are sterilite and some are gracious living, others are unknown but same style. Most are in good condition, there are a few that have slight damage as seen in pictures. Contents inside the storage containers NOT included. As is.

Emerson electric fan, not working condition, brass coated metal blades.

Outdoor rustic bench. A little wobbly and a piece of the wood chipped off. As is.

Fender squire started electric guitar and fender squire amp. Used condition, few small dents on back and scuff marks on back side. Comes with whammy bar and plug in cord for amp to guitar. Good Working condition.

Canvas painting on wood frame. 42 width by 31 high. Still very good condition. As is.

Large plates, 4 colours, very good condition. 16 pcs total.

Untested, as is. 2 electro home vintage fans.

1 red tool chest on wheels, as is. All drawers working, lock is broken, no key and wheels work well. Used, does have rust showing, contents included.

35 + pieces of copper including empty fire extinguisher w/attached hose. Some pieces have more wear then others.

Washburn x series electric guitar with case. Used, working.

Rubbermaid plastic protect all container with slot for lock. Measured 35.inches high by 54 wide and 24 inches. As is. Good condition.

Original Atari with 5 games, 1 controller & original Atari monitor. Conditions unknown on lot. No power bar for Atari system or monitor.

1 inch thick glass with design. Heavy. Good condition.

Thomas Edison amberol records, no tops, 12 cylinder records total in this lot. These were made from 1912-1929. Untested and as is.

Mars hydro growing tent with LED lights. Unsure of size but comes with all poles. Untested as is. No rips or tears.

Brass pieces from the last 100 years and made from all over, from teapots to a bell(can be very loud), a brass clock battery operated London club, mini oil can, duck, horn, book ends etc. everything in picture included.

Red heavy duty cart with 6 wheels, brakes, very good condition. Used and wear. Measure around 44 inches long by approx 16 inches wide. Has lower and upper shelf.

Old wooden door, as is. 81.5h x 33.5w and almost 2 inches thick

7 bowls with slight wear, Bella Casa marking on back of dishes.

4 total pieces in the lot, as seen in picture. Gold plating on 2 of the 4 lots.

Untested, as is. 2 pairs = 4 total. Chairs NOT included.

Used condition, comes with wear & no darts. Dated 1986. Doors open and close with no problems.

Untested, comes with wear and as is. Lamp rod needs to be fixed back on back of lady on 1 lamp.

Tires are still good and full Petals are good, Chain not rusty. Used, good condition, Pacific coast choppers. Kids bike.

Cutting edge universal cart, never used.

9 foot approx high aluminum ladder, still in good standing/working condition. Used, As is.

Star Wars hard poster. There is wear as seen in pictures, as is.

Vintage wooden mirror is 25 inches high, 29 inches wide. Good condition. No cracks in mirror. The vintage metal flower mirror is good condition.

Missing pieces, there are 36 pcs in this lot, as is.

29 pieces silver plating lot, 1 piece has 3 glass plates that rest on top, they will be included. Wear, As is.

Very neatly built wooden general store and RR station. very nice detail and still in good condition. The plastic window at the general store could use fixing or removing. Otherwise excellent pieces. Approx 6 inches tall.

Never used cricket back with wrapping falling off. Part of handle wrapper ripped too as seen in pictures.

Black and Decker electric leaf blower, used condition. Untested. Weed whacker NOT included.

Misc lot of antique brass knobs as well as 8 white with yellow flower drawer handles. As seen in pic.

Paper cutter, electric stapler, red stapler with staple puller, calculator, ruler, lots of lined paper, blank paper, geo set, 3 hole punch still in box. All used except paper, as is in pics.

1 long yellow rope, 1 extension cord orange, 1 green outdoor 2 plug socket long, 1 red light, 1 pair of solar lights, 1 mallet style hammer old, 2 stainless steel horns not same size. Lights working.

Unsure of the metal, but this scary piece in good condition. 8.5 inches tall.

Thomas Edison blue amberol records, no tops, 10 cylinder record total in this lot. These were made from 1912-1929. Untested and as is.

Plastic gold club holder with advertising. 13 clubs/drivers included as seen In picture. As is, good condition.

Untested, as is. Batteries included but no chargers. To be inspected sticker on 1. As is.

1 copper ring made to look like gold, marked 18kt. As is.

Old dresser, wear, scratches, as is.

17 pcs total, used, wear. Made in England. As is.

3 brass vintage scales, needs to be polished, has wear. Untested. The Large scale is an antique made in Toronto, heavy and over 1 foot long.

Little tikes 3 wheeler with rubber tires, good condition, comes with seatbelt. Fisher price 3 wheeler, good condition, plastic tires, no seat belt. Step 2 wagon, good condition, plastic tires, seat belts. Used and as is.

Scotch & Whiskey antique bottles with metal dressing. No chips but has age/wear.

4 total pcs in this lot. Green cylinder case. Untested and as is. These were made from 1912-1929.

Used wine rack. Scratching on picture as seen in picture. Metal.

45 Thomas Edison blue amberol records without cases. Untested and as is.

Sony electronic lot includes cd/cassette player, playstation, vintage radio, vintage cassette player, handycam. No wires included except for the 2 vintage items. Working conditions unknown on all items except for the 2 vintage items.

15 pcs total, made of brass, door knocker, teapot, sailboat, ship, birdie etc.

1 standing working fan. Super brand. Dusty. As is.

Approx 1 foot wide pair of face hangers. Good condition.

Antique copper letters SR with white face. Some of white has been chipped off, As is.

About 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall, heart shape carved into both sides, used, good condition, as is.

Used condition, wear. 9 books total. These date from late 50's to early 70's.

About 12 inches high, 2 candle holders made of copper. All glass intact, has been outdoors & needs to be cleaned. These were used for dim lighting in backyard during summer. Used condition.

Spoon, lid, 2 cup things, 1 plate as seen in picture. As is. Bolivian made.

Thomas Edison blue amberol records, no tops, 7 cylinder records total in this lot. These were made from 1912-1929. Untested and as is.

Working condition, used, very little wear, very nice shade.

1 handle missing, can use a good polishing. As is. Almost 18 inches high and 14 inches wide not counting the handle. The pot itself is a foot deep.

2 hanging lights, working condition, no cracks on white glass light, good condition, 2nd fog plastic lamp has piece missing and crack as well but still works.

22 glass mason jars no lids, clean.

Still in original box, 4 crystal glasses total, 2 different sizes

1 new lamp still with price tag. Looks like some dust has got into the shade cover. Working.

Old radio parts untested but working when acquired. Clearly marked Philco model 39-35. Should be considered for parts. As is.

Metal shelving from tool shed, rusty but still sturdy. Not vey heavy.

Decorative purposes only. Showing lots of age. 1 hinge broken off the wood, water damage. Used, as is.

Lightly used Nike weighted jump rope. Still with original box. Adult size.

Antique Copper Letters D, O, G. See pics for details, as is.

4 extensions cords in different colours. 1 in box never opened power bar surge protection. Cords are used but still good.

Used condition, little bit of rust on all 12 dart, still with original box.

Old school metal index card 2 drawer. Old and little beat up but opens and closes just fine.

Working condition. Plug in and go.

Ceiling fan, still works. Used.

2 small hard Marilyn Monroe posters, as is.

15 CPU's untested, as is.

7 sticks of mixed Memory sticks with aluminum guard. DDR 2 marking on blue memory stick. See pictures.

Missing battery cover for Darth Vader playstation controller, still works. Sega controller in plastic still works.

See pictures for maker, no breaks and good condition but does come with age/fading. 4 cups and saucers, 1 butter china server, 2 glass servers.

11 pcs, marked AVON, No chips or cracks but used condition.

Comes with 2 plastic wine glasses, 2 mugs, 2 plates, 2 napkins, 1 fork and knife. Basket opens with hinges but it's beginning to split. See pics for wear. As is.

Still in very good shape, 2002 McDonalds trophy collection complete, 6 pcs.

Showing wear, 7 pieces, no cracks.

2 pots various sizes. 1 deep frying pan, 1 lid missing top handle and strainer- all from collection " Blumenthal Bavaria"

Never used pro cut stainless steel steak knives. 8 pcs total.

5 pieces of wall decorations, mostly good condition but comes used. Some pieces heavy/delicate.

Like new, used for display. 1 hat still with tag.

Mixed books from early 1900's to modern day.

Mixed records big and small, with and without cases, as is. Approx 20 combined.

3 Polaroid instant cameras untested, as is.

Do not enter pylon, has chip out of it as seen in pic. As is.

Leafs top booth sign. Unsure what made out of but there is a little metal built into the design. Good condition. 48w x 17h

Used older Coleman steel belted cooler, works well. Lots of space, as is.

8 foot long steel pipe. See pic for thickness. Is 4 Inches wide.

Used brass fireplace set, as is

As is. The Canadians, time life book, from the old West series of books.

Elvis record used condition.

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