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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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1975 Honda CB500T Clear title in hand. VIN CB500T1005631. Ran great last summer. This spring not so much(I suspect bad gas). Newer Tires. Overall pretty good condition. Battery Dead. For parts as is

MTD snowblower 10 horsepower 28 inch cut. Starts first pull and also has electric start. Tested working. This unit has not been authenticated by an MTD dealer. For parts as is

Walnut Coffee table with glass insert. Nice match to item in lot 52. as is

iMac Tested working. Matches up nicely with lots 2 and 3. Has not been authenticated by apple dealer. All licensing will be the responsibility of the buyer. For parts as is

Honda snowblower. Starts first pull. Note authenticity not verified by Honda dealer. For parts as is

Motorcycle ramp. Used rarely. as is

Vermont castings wood stand alone wood stove. Authenticity not verified by Vermont castings. Very very heavy bring help. For parts as is.

Dell Laptop Latitude XT with power cord Windows 7 Tested working 2 gigs ram 120 gigs hard drive. Cool little accessory added on the bottom for dvd/cd etc...Has not been authenticated by dell. Windows 7 has not been authenticated. Buyer responsible for all registration and licensing for parts as is

Carry Rack that attaches to trailer hitch. Good condition. Tested works as is

Technics SLD202 Turntable with victor cartridge. Nice condition. Tested working as is

Gas line for outboard motor tested working as is

Apple cordless keyboard presently linked to Imac in lot 1. Unused condition. Tested working. As is

Over the wheel well storage device with key. Hard plastic. As is

Pyrex refrigerator plate. Nice Condition. as is

Lionel Large piggy bank. Missing power cord. Untested. For partsAs is. Probably makes a railroad crossing sound when coins are inserted

Huge Boat Buoy. Holding air. Probably designated 24 inch although it measures slightly bigger in length. as is

Honda CB500 parts. As is

Ladies golf clubs and bag. Untested as is.

Singer sewing accessory 1. Untested as is

Fuji digital camera. 3800 series. Has an adapter on the lens to add different lens. Tested working. As is Will need card and batteries

The Beatles Red Album. Nice condition. As is

Honda gas tank for an outboard motor. Good condition. Tested working as is

Metal Cabinet. Nice condition. as is

Pyrex refrigerator plate. Nice condition as is

Makita 5 Inch Grinder. Missing key and guard Tested working as is

Genevex Quartz Watch Tested keeping good time as is

Whirlpool Glass Top 30 inch Stove. Tested working. Has self clean. Has not been authenticated by a whirlpool dealer. For parts as is

Old pocket watch untested as is

Old Hanging Light Fixture. tested working as is

Old Pocket Watch for parts as is

Elgin Pocket Watch not running for parts as is

Zebco Fishing Reel. Nice condition tested working as is

John Daly Right Hand Driver. Untested. as is

Mid century Walnut table. Nice match to coffee table in lot 104 as is

100 Foot Tape measure. Tested working as is

Seadoo Key/Kill switch. Attaches to your wrist or life vest to kill power to machine. Tested working for parts as is

Dunlop Oversize 450cc Right Hand Driver. The Big. Aldilla top of the line shaft. Tested working as is

Ladies Tissot Watch wound tight. Very nice Condition. As is

Pyrex refrigerator bowl. No chips. as is

Old Binocular Viewfinder 3-D Coronet. Nice condition. As is

Cigarette tin and contents as is

Singer sewing accessory 2 untested as is

Singer sewing accessory 3 untested as is

Winch tested working as is

King Cobra Fspeed 460cc left hand driver. Aldilla top of the line shaft. Untested as is

Led Zeppelin Houses of the HolyRecord . Fine condition. as is

The Monks Bad Habits Record. Nice condition. As is

Zebco fishing reel. Nice condition. tested working as is

Old wood fishing lure. Untested as is

205/70/15 General Tire Unused. As is

Yard works trimmer for parts as is. Good compression and spark. Rip cord and spool missing

Mizuno Right handed putter with resin insert for super soft feel. Untested as is

Old Fishing lure. as is

Mouse linked to Imac in lot 1. Nice condition. Tested working as is

Iron Butterfly. In a godadavida album Nice condition. As is

Queen a day at the races. Nice condition. as is

Swiss Army Knife. Unused condition. Untested as is

Pinwheel salt and pepper shaker. Untested. No chips in glass. as is

Old oil lamp missing shade. Untested as is

Ladies Lorus Watch Silver Finish. Working keeping good time as is

Bag Boy Golf Cart. This one has the seat. Tested working as is

Big blue wooden box. Plywood construction 42 x 28 x 24 inches. as is

Fishing reel. Open bail. German made DAM. Tested working. as is Old Mason

Old Mason Plates as is

Spode Plate Nice Condition as is

Bottle opener untested as is

Callaway Hawkeye Golf Bag. as is

Men's left hand golf glove large. looks un worn as is

Men's Right Hand 60 degree Lob Wedge. untested as is

Bagboy Playday golf cart tested working as is

Old poker chips and carousel. as is

Old oil lamp. This one fits in the wall bracket. Missing shade. untested as is

Dan Brown hard cover book Lost Symbol. Nice condition as is

Singer sewing accessory 4 untested as is

6 matching furniture legs new in package. Untested as is

2 Pyrex casserole pieces. 2 tops and 2 bottoms. Tested working as is

Inglis Coin Operated Commercial Washing Machine. Set for $2.75 per load. Tested working. For parts as is

Inglis Coin Operated Commercial Dryer. Set for $2.75 per load. Tested working. For parts as is

Coffee table book Mothers Daughters. As is

HDMI-DVI Cable New in package. Untested as is

Motorcycle coffee table book. As is

Waltham watch for parts. Stem pulls out. For parts as is

Cat people album. David Bowie movie picture. Fine condition. as is

Boney M night flight to venus. Fine condition As is

Standard size fiberglass truck cap. Was on a ford Ranger Standard box. Looks like one of the windows is missing. For parts as is

Ceramic Plate signed by Deer Country Kiln as is

Ceramic plates. nice condition as is

Salt and Pepper shakers as is

Right hand men's medium golf glove. Looks un worn. as is

Set of 4 Coasters. Netherlands? Coin Replica? As is

Pressed glass sugar and milk. Nice condition. as is

Old pen pencil set with leather case. Nice condition. Untested as is

Old Pen Banff National Park Top of pen has a car that travels from one end to the other. as is

Old Pen Calgary Tower. Mountie travels from top half to bottom half when inverted. as is

Anchor Hocking/Pyrex serving plates. Iridescent? No chips as is

Pyrex 1 untested as is

Pyrex 2 untested as is

Pyrex 3 untested as is

Pyrex 4 untested as is

Pyrex 5 untested as is

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