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Dartboard and 2 badminton rackets and golf club mitts. Vintage: Flyer sleigh , silver tipped cane, polo club fishing rod, saw. Category A

41/2'x71/2' carpet. Minor stain. Category A

Some wear, sliding doors with dividers for records. 34:x14"x23" Category A

6 ramekins; 4 round covered dishes of various sizes; 1 oval covered dish; 2 rectangle dishes of various size. Never used. Category A

Glass plates and bronze metal and marble design. Category A

8 dinner plates, 6 side plates, 7 soup bowls, 8 saucers, 7 cups, 1 gravy boat & saucer, 4 dessert bowls. Looks new. Heavy. Category A

Three pieces have the same leg design as #133. Minor wear. Largest table is 24"x14"x23". Category A

Old Cameras, slide case, etc. 3 packages to pick up. Category A

Category A

Unique Design and interesting tops. Tops measure 21" and 16" high. Category B

Category A

Minor stains. 10'x12'. Category A

1941 World Series magazine and items dated in the 1930's-1940's Baseball and a King of England Cartoon Picture Book. Category A

3 cups, 9 soup cups, 12 saucers, 6 dinner plates(11"), 4 lunch plates(8"), 6 smaller plates(6"), 8 tea plates(7"). China looks new. Category A

30"x60" Category A

2 boxes, Murano glass and cut glass pieces. Vases, vintage metal Pepsi tray etc. Category A

Dark bronze colour. Beautiful design Needs upgrading on the wiring. Heavy. Category B

The top folds out giving a larger writing surface. One drawer. A small piece needs to be glued on the right side by the upper cabinet(included). Some scratches. 24"x18"x58" Suggesting 2 people to move. Category A

Blue and white coffee/ tea set for 6. Cream, sugar, bowl, plates, mugs, coffee pot. Category A

Built by the Honderich Furniture Co., Milverton Ontario. Scratches on top and sides. 44"x19"x24". Category B, Heavy. Requires 2 people to carry.

Some wear and tear on the wood. Category B

Brass figurines, Glass figurines, Small pictures, mirror tea light holder, small binoculars, lighter, brass bowls etc. Category A

Includes 4 glass shelves. 28"x@16"x78". Heavy and requires 2 people to move. Category B

Front left leg is loose. Some minor wear. 27"x16"x30". Category A

Wooden rack with folding sides and slots to put artwork on the side. 16"x22". Some minor wear. Category A

Glass and brass display case with miniature figurines from the tea company. Plus a bag of plastic raisin men. Category A

Wide wooden frame, missing the mirror, but has 4 sets of black metal coat hooks on the sides. 29"x21" Category A

Some marks. Metal capped feet. closed 22" with 4 open leaves it is @37" and 28" high. Category A

1 creamer has a broken handle, enclosed. The lamp is slightly bent and needs TLC. Category A

White holder for a plant; pink pedestal dish (Anysley); 2 "x 9"cream and gold tray (Anysley); 6 English bone china cups and saucers; Royal Anysley floral tea set: 2 cups and saucers, cream, sugar, plate, tea pot; Royal Albert bowl; Ansley footed dish(4"); Nippon painted china in 3 styles: 2 cups,2 saucers 4 plates; 2 cups 2 saucers, 2 plates; 1 cup, 1 saucer. Category A

Carved wood design normal wear. 20"x13"x26" each. Category B

13 tiny ceramic birds, 9 animal topped bells, small English collection bird bowl with lid, Bird candlestick, Cornflower glass vase, Category A

Heavy. Category A

Various sizes and colours, some with the baskets. Category A

Cuff links and tie clips, silver mirror ( some damage) and brush set. Leather kit set. Vintage razor set, mirror and manicure items. Two leather pouches of marbles. Category A

Some wear. 25"x10"x47" Category A

Some wear scratches. 15"x42". Category C

Necklaces, bracelets, pearl, gold and glass (note the glass necklace has a broken piece). Category A

Half top and front open out with slots and small drawer. Some scratches on top and wear inside. 36"x20"x31". Suggest 2 people to move. Category A

2 fold up leaves on the sides, one end has a door opening to a cupboard and electrical outlets, not tested. Glass serving tray on the top. On wheels. Some scratches. Heavy. Category B

Heavy. Category A

Never used beautifully tooled leather briefcase. The clocks have not been tested. Category A

3 legged tables,14"x41" high. Quantity 2. Category C

Satin Walnut colour, the mirror has a broken piece in the top right corner. Few scratches. Dresser: 52"x17"x31". Mirror 29"x31". Mirror is boxed separately. Side table is lot #42, Men's dresser Lot #102. Needs 2 people to move. Category B

Scandinavian Style chair. 32" high. Category A

Folds out to a square table. 13"x26"x28" folds out to 26"x26". Category A

Lamps not tested. Cut Glass one has a few missing pendents. Fireplace set is black and gold. Heavy. Category B

Top slides open. Drawer and shelf below. Drexel Furniture Co. Walnut coloured. 42"x18"x32". Some wear. Category B

2 Heavy Crystal decanters, 7 glasses, 2 tiered plates, 4 stem glasses, 3 plates, 4 stemmed fruit bowls. Category A

Similar design to Lot #12. Some wear. 25"x18". Category A

Holds 3 quilts. 14"x22"x31". Category B

40"x44" Caning is in great condition. Category C

16"x11" Green Pendents. Not tested. Category B

Heavy. Category B

Minor stains and small area of binging frayed underneath. 8'x11'. Category A

Normal wear, top splits and lifts off. 22"x18"x35". Heavy, requires 2 to move. Category A

Small wooden table with decorative edge. Minor wear. Category A

Heavy. Category A

Figurines are glass and china, box is wooden. Category A

19"x25" Print. Category B

No key for the clock. Category A

Includes some old pieces. 3 sets of silverware and one stainless steel. A cutlery box and Birks material cutlery holders. Heavy. Category A

3 Pots with Lids and a Stainless Steel Bowl. Category A

One is missing a knob. Some wear. 18"x22". 2 shelves inside. Category B

Blue metal frame with wheels. Twin sized mattress. Category B

13"x21" some wear. Category A

2 small drawers, 5 larger drawers. Wear and tear. One drawer pull is coming off. Heavy, needs 2 people to move. Category C

Satin Walnut finish. Marks on top. 22"x14"x20". Same design as lot #102 Men's dresser and #85 Ladies dresser. Category A

Wooden legs, 19"x19"x16". No wear and tear. Category B

Variety of pieces, creamer has a small chip. Category A

Intricate design. 17"x33". One stretcher has been taped. Requires gluing. Gold brocade. Category A

Mugs, tea cups, Ontario plate, plates, 2 silver wine glasses, glass platter, crystal condiment set, small Evesham flan pan, creamer etc.. Category B

Also see #74 for more of same set. 10 sandwich plates, 12 side plates, 1 gravy boat, 1 bowl 12 soup bowls 1 cream and sugar, 12 cups and saucers, 1 platter, 12 nappies, 1 large platter. Very Heavy. Category A

See hutch on Lot # 86. 3 drawers and 2 cupboards. 45"x17"x31" Needs 2 people to move. Category B

Not tested. 10" base 40" high. Category A

23 items including lidded ice bucket, 2 wine dishes, 2 trays, 1 pedestal dish, 6 individual salt and pepper shakers, tea ball, small Italian chafing dish, meat platter, candlestick, handled bowl, small shot glasses. Category A

8 dinner plates, 8 cups, 8 saucers, 8 side plates. Never used. Category A

36"x18"x64" Some wear. Lots of storage space. Heavy, needs 2 people to move. Category A

Not tested 31" high, 16" diameter. Category A

#3:110 model. Missing cord. Category A

See rest of set #59. 9" plates 6; 10"plates 7; 9" serving bowls 2; 1 round handled plate; 1 round covered serving dish; 1 oval covered serving dish. China looks new. Box is heavy but can be carried by one. Category A

Category A

19"x14"x19" Small marks. Caning in great condition. Category B

Note: Mirror needs to be screwed on. One drawer. Some marks. 30"x16". With mirror total height is 55". Mirror 22"x28" Category B. Recommend 2 to move.

30"x15"x40", 3 drawers, some marks on the inside of main desk. Category A Heavy requires 2 people to move.

Fine condition. Category A

Front and top open with mirror interior. Serving tray inside. Lower cupboard with 2 shelves. Some scratches and wear. 25"x16"x40". Heavy requires 2 people to move. Category B

Heavy. Category B

Royal Doulton tennis player statue. Limoges rose plate; Satsuma peacock plate; Hughes Staffordshire plate; 2 china cups and saucers; English Bowl with birds and flowers. Category A

Light gold brocade pattern. 26"x26"x33". Some wear on the arms. Category A

Country style table with lower shelf; some scratches. 22"x12"x25". Category C

Manger set, gift name cards, lights, and decorations. Category A This is in 2 green garbage bags.

13"x19"x15". Wood is nicely carved. Category C

Jug is @ 18" tall. Category A

Items on the shelves not included! Yellow coloured metal shelving, 5 shelves. 31"x15"x57" dings and wear and tear. Category B

Category B

Four sided CD holder. Category A

16 saucers and 15 cups. Looks new. Category A

Boxes not included! Grey shelving, scratches, and dings. 36"x17"x77". Category B

Boxes and other items not included! Cream coloured metal shelving with 5 shelves. 31"x15"x57" dings and scratches. Category B

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