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Vintage Standard Co. Executive Rolltop Desk in good condition w C-shape hood- tons o' cubbies, drawers, writing slabs VERY VERY HEAVY - bring truck and at least 2 people - 2nd floor. See measurements in pics.

More than we could show here. Lots of names from 60s-90s in various conditions - Fair - excellent. PU:B

Again, more albums than you see here. With Box. Various conditions. PU: B

Tons o' stuff: Marantz, Canon, BIC, iHome, BOGEN, Bowers & Wilkens, Wollensak, JVC, Sony, etc. Recorders, turntables, speakers, IPod docks, scanners, transisters, CBs, etc PU: B

Featuring Matchbox, Corgi, Tonka, Star Trek, PU: A

Rare, Foreign & Piggy Bank! Large Box - Heavy PU: A

Featuring an Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Antique Brass Microscope. One Objective Lenses and box missing , otherwise in good shape. Unused EREVTOR set complete in Box. Another microscope and other goodies.

Asian silk screen and wood block, prints, classic reproductions, original signed works, posters, maps, photos. One broken glass. PU: A

Paul Knife, & 2 A.G. Russell Knives, one of which looks new. Nice Magnifying glass with padded case. Treasure Chest mini trunk. PU: A

Hand Made and signed various ceramic vases, mugs, bowls, plates - one larger bowl metal with enamel glaze - all in good shape. PU: A

1 w/ Slag Glass Shade and nouveau base. Heavy, tarnished. Measurements in pics. Condition: Good. PU: B

Prints, oils, litho plates, birds, posters and repros, most nicely framed, some signed. PU: A

4 Stackable Stendig chairs (3 arm/1 side) with 3 18"x18" oak cubes, one with magnetic opening and interior shelving/storage. Foam and upholstery need replacing. Chairs 32.5" x 19.5 deep. PU: C

Several planters including a heavy slate colored ceramic pot, 2 hanging smaller pots, baskets, and a HAWS watering can. PU: B

Includes several boxes, milk crate, milk can, nylon flag, stamp crafts, kerosene lamp, etc PU: A

Classical Styling with gilt wood. 36"x 32" x1" Good Condition PU: C

Handsome 2 pc. early federal style bookcase. Brass willow mounts are intact. Hepplewhite tapered legs. 13 pane glazed glass doors and fine maple inlay. 80"h x 42"w x16"d. Missing key. Condition: Good - 2nd floor. Bring Help. PU: C

2 Stendig Armchairs and circular oak cube. 21"h x 24" circ. Chairs need re-upholstery. Stain on cube. PU: C Chairs 32.5" x 19.5 deep.

Lantern, Binoculars, flashlights, doorstops, etc PU: A

Classic Chippendale style New England mahogany lowboy with scallop-shell ornamentation. Mount handles missing and one side lattice adornment detached but clean. 36"w x 34"h x 19"d Fair condition. PU: B

Includes many tie clasps, Lapis sterling cufflinks, pristine Brazilian cherry box, 2 Swiss security stop watches , a Beattie lighter, Taxco 825 silver cufflinks, Texas links, etc Tarnished/various conditions. PU: A

Matches Lots 60 & 61. 61h" x 38w x 17 deep. PU:C

Acorn/Leaf stenciling. Cast iron handles. Looks re-painted or coated with a gloss or shellac. Wear to the base. PU: B

Vintage Royal, Brother, IBM Wheelwriter, Olivetti adding machine and accessories. PU: B

5 Cast Iron fry pans incl. a crepe pan and 2 small Japanese tea sets PU: A

3rd floor PU:C

Colorful Collection of sectioned camp plates, spatterware saucepots, and white washtubs. Slight chips on some. Mostly good condition. PU: A

Lobster Pot, lots of knives and utensils, Main Course Stainless Flatware (indeterminate total count) . All in good shape . PU: A

Work Bench, Tool Box, Air Compressor, Flashlights, light bulbs, jumper cables, tools and more. PU: C

Shelves of Books - History, War, Politics, Elmore Leonard, etc. Bring your own boxes! PU: B

Prisms, paperweights, figurines, etched slabs. With documentation. Most in good condition. PU: A

Some Original Wooden toys, all in decent shape but some soiled. Few missing parts and minor damage. Wear consistent with use. PU: A

Minolta, Pentax, Minox, Kodak - various conditions, mostly good. Untested. PU: B

Striated marble umbrella stand (Heavy!) and a Simon Pearce afghan in deep blues and purple. 50" x 55" PU: B

Includes Tinker Toys in original Box, Labyrinth (with marble!), almost new printing press, good dart board (no darts), Simon, a WANKEL Rotary Engine kit, dominoes and more

Most in decent shape, some canes with travel emblems. Shillelagh has loose end cap. PU: A

9 Marcel Breuer Cesca arm chairs - tubular steel and caned seating. One seat damaged. Minor pitting and soiled. PU: B

Adult Games includes unused Backgammon & Cribbage Sets PU: A

Assorted earrings, jewelry box, a BEL ART pocket watch in poor shape and missing crystal, 2 carved boxes, an MFA cobalt sun catcher, Gural Porselen plate, Stork Scissors, etc. Mostly costume but all untested. PU: A

Tudor style with original hardware. 2 drawer/ 2 side cupboards. 66" w x 35"h x 20"d. Good condition. PU: C

Various Conditions - most good. PU: B

Black Vinyl covered "Martha Washington" armchair with hammered tacks and a standing magnifier lamp. In good shape w/wheel casters on front legs. Chair 47"h x 21"deep. PU: B

Assorted Dinner, soup, fruit, and tea cups. NOT A COMPLETE SET. Gold rim - fair condition. With 2 sets of juice glasses . PU: A

Drop leaves at each end. 4 side chairs and 1 arm chair in fair-poor condition. Length on table w/leaves up: 90", closed: 60". Width 40", height: 30.5" Matches Lots 61 (sideboard) and Lot 63 (Buffet) both in good condition. PU: C

Well-loved collection. PU: A

Book Lot 2 Classics, History, War, Political thought. PU: A

Hinged unpainted interior shutters in good shape w white glazed knobs. Measurements on pictures attached. PU: B

Unused and still in plastic packaging. PU: A

All in good shape. 5 foot aluminum lightweight ladder. Wide drying rack. (Double file cabinet is optional - we will make an exception if you pass on it) PU: B

Custom-made teak psychiatry chaise w/design blueprints included. Cover is black vinyl . Stendig arm chair and a coat rack. PU: C

5 Solid but moveable units with adjustable shelves - not fiberboard. In great shape. 3 pieces are 24"w x 91"h x 10" deep. 1 piece 51"w x 91"h x 10"deep. Center with cupboard hinged doors is 91"h and 28" deep. PU: C

Includes original Yellow Submarine Puzzle, Candyland, Chinese Checkers and Pin the Tail on the Donkey. PU: A

Vintage Rogers foot pedal, cymbals, phono - all in poor shape - good for parts! 3rd floor PU: C

All functional - crock and blender well used. Large aluminum pot, pyrex measuring cups and frying pan. PU: A

Features Vintage Warming Baby Dish, Polished Pewter Monticello Jefferson Mug, Stiff pewter, Boardman pewter and English Sheffield Pewter. Tarnished and some wear consistent with age and use. PU: A

Books, etc

4 Pieces Furniture that just need a little TLC. Dutch magazine holder is actually in fine shape. Work table and chaise will be spectacular after your expert touch! We've even tossed in a bookshelf to hold all your repair tools. PU: B

Includes Revere Ware Roaster (looks unused) and many good stainless pans and cooking utensils. PU:A

Features a French Press, a restaurant stainless order wheel, spaghetti pot, assorted utensils, some new in packages, etc. PU: A

Some newer incl. EDSBYN, some vintage collectible - with a folding canvas director chair. PU: B

Smaller Marble board is good 10"x 10" but many pieces broken or missing. Larger set complete 23x 23 but king has small ding. PU: A

Mahogany Dresser Sturdy, Heavy, deep drawers. Stains on top surface - 45"h x 42"w x 21" d Heavy - 2nd floor. Bring Help. PU: C

Drop Leaf Country Table - some scratches and minor damage - dowel underneath on one leaf has detached but available. Footstool and hanging pine handmade spice cupboard. 2nd floor - PU: B

Twin Size. Spool turned rails. Plain side rails with rope holes. Full surface plywood base has replaced ropes or slats. Pine dresser in poor condition. PU: C

Various styles including a new/classic style brass desk lamp, a heavy adjustable desk lamp, a small galleria lamp. One floor lamp may need re-wiring. Also carved wood, leather, brass and metal animal collectibles including a saddle adornment, a cat, rhino, bear, and...a praying mantis! PU: A

2 Partial child's tea sets with miniature kitchen pots and utensils and a small handmade wooden stool perfect for a youngster. PU: A

Sturdy Oak Slatted Sleigh bed - Heavy - 2nd floor. Bring Help. Mattress & Box Spring not included PU: C

8 pr boys & Girls figure and speed skates sizes 2-6 in various conditions . Various brands CCM, Bauer, HYDE, Includes Cross Country shoes size 36 PU: A

Fine Furniture from Charles Webb. We believe all parts are here for the bunk shelving but did not assemble. No mattresses included. Heavy - 2nd floor. PU: C

Not matching but similar. Well worn. 2 different makers. Soiled but in decent shape. PU: B

Commode needs help but intact door and original hardware. Lectern in good shape w plastic protector. American Heritage Dictionary. PU: B

Cut Glass bowl, 2 hand-painted Portuguese souffle pans, a candy dish, an etched basket, a well-used Danish casserole pot. PU: A

2 easels, a girl's kitchen wooden sink, and a playskool magnetic set. Well-used. Soiled. 3rd floor PU: C

Sturdy Bed & Dresser - needs a polish. Dresser in fair-poor condition. Bed frame: good. No mattress or springs included. PU: C

Desk and blue & white painted pine storage in MCM . Desk in good shape; possible minor staining. Heavy - 2nd floor. 47.5 W x 27H x 29 deep desk.

Cool Vintage Folding Bassinet w/wicker storage compartments and traveling folding vinyl sleeper crib. Needs a scrub. NOTE: "not evaluated for compliance with current safety regulations." 3rd floor. PU:C

Screen and accessories. 2nd floor. PU: B

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