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KitchenAid Custom stand mixer. Complete with two mixing bowls and three attachments. Recently serviced. Like new condition. Untested.

18 pieces of Crystal.

Large lot of brass decor. Includes watering can, porthole mirror, incense burners, candle stick holders, coffee service set and more

Copper funeral urn from the early 1900s. Intricate carving with figures from Persian mythology. Stands about 12" tall. Appraised at $450-600 USD.

Pair of signed, numbered prints by Alan Sakhavarz. Numbered 126/325 and 131/325. Please note that the glass is missing from one of them.

Vintage Berger vanity set includes mirror tray, atomizer and trinket box. Mirror is thick, heavy and in excellent condition. Measures about 25" across the handles. Mirror itself is 10.375" x 21.5". Made in Italy.

Mixed lot of brass. Mostly in good condition.

Pair of Mats Jonasson signed crystal sculptures. Baby seal and pair of penguins.

Mixed lot of copper items. Includes a beautifully engraved pot with lid that is 9" wide and 7.5" tall.

Nineteen pieces of antique woodworking tools including planes, knives and many pieces of unknown use. Rust consistent with age but the knives are still sharp.

Complete set of Imported Italian faucets in chrome and 24 karat gold. Includes lavatory faucet, tub faucet and shower thermostatic mixer. Also has two extra sets of handles. Faucets by Gattoni and mixer by Huber-Galliano. All brand new.

Mixed decor lot. Includes two miniature buildings, a clay mask from Cuba, crystal birthday (August) Angels by Ganz, a microscope (parts missing) and more.

Large lot of chrome and 24 karat gold plated fixtures imported from Italy. Mix of Gattoni and Bongio. Mix and match for your desired look.

Stihl 051 AV Electronic chainsaw. Untested. Includes extra 33.5" bar.

Five small appliances : Steam Bullet, Original Smart Chopper, Starfrit manual food processor, Starfrit Supreme Slicer and World Cuisine Turning Slicer. Steam Bullet is lightly used. The rest are new in box. Electric appliances untested.

White and 24 karat gold plated lavatory faucet by Gattoni. Imported from Italy. Brand new.

Mixed lot of hardware and household items including new solid oak toilet seat, travel mug, two filter press coffee makers, a box of 500 small sanding drums, a box of almost 400 spindle sanding drums, shelf joiners, shelf brackets and more

Oil on board painting of a moose. Signed but illegible. Frame measures 21.5" x 53.5"

Small antique oak table. Stands about 17.5" tall and is about 16" wide. Some minor scuffing on the surface

Approximately 8000 Lego pieces, including various kits (space shuttle, submarine, Star Wars, police and fire stations), approx 500 Duplo pieces, Fisher Price castle and various other small toys.

Mixed lot of decor and collectibles including Murano glass, Coalport and Denton China flowers, mini Toby jugs made in occupied Japan, two cast iron keys, three metal purses, three glass elephants, a Schnapspfeifle by Weisenbach and more.

The Food Dehydrator by Mr. Coffee. Five levels for drying out many herbs at the same time. Untested.

Signed painting of Jerusalem on canvas. Frame measures 14.5" x 18.5".

Vintage brass vase stands about 24" tall and is about 8" wide at it's widest point. Shows some minor signs of surface corrosion.

Mixed lot of decor items.

Mixed lot of brass decor. Most need cleaning.

Mixed lot of porcelain and ceramic vases and pots. Some signed.

20" long (25" including handles) heavy tray stamped Sheffield Reproduction, 14.5" round tray stamped Old English Reproduction, several pieces of servingware including Marlboro Plate, Wm Rogers, Coronet Plate, Viking Plate and more.

Small (6" x 7") metallic evening purse by Whiting and Davis with shoulder strap. Excellent condition.

Black and 24 karat gold plated lavatory faucet and shower thermostatic mixer. Imported from Italy by Gattoni.

Small metal trunk. Original hardware. Lock is broken. Interior has been painted. Bottom is very rusty. 18" x 18" x 18"

15 key chains including Mickey Mouse and one pornographic. 2 bracelets and 2 necklaces (Asian themes)

Large print in ornate frame by F. Julia Bach 1966. Frame measures 31" x 36". Some minor scratches (see photos).

Matching set of lavatory faucet and soaker tub faucet with pull-out sprayer in gun metal grey. Mario Bongio Serie Shensi imported from Italy. 24 karat gold plated

Vintage Kraft Alpaca RK silver cigarette case. Lock works and has original stretchy straps. Also includes 4 vintage butane lighters in working condition.

Five elephants of varying materials. Resin, wood, ceramic, metal (copper-like finish, very heavy) and an unknown material that feels like leather.

Three electric lights and one battery operated. 14" tall crystal lamp, 13" tall milk glass lamp, 8" tall glass lamp and 10" tall bottle lamp with LED string light. All in working order.

7 lidded jars including two by Sadler.

Set of 10 dinner plates with fish design and 14 clam shells with 12 matching baskets.

Stanley rolling tool box with a drill and two angle grinders. Tools seem to be working but both the tools and the box are very dirty. Also includes extension cord and reel.

Wooden silverware box with 10 unmatched serving utensils. Two round serving trays, 2-piece gravy boat stamped Eaton Haddon Hall, two-tone candlestick holders and two-tone champagne flutes

Wooden shelf, plaster shelf, two plaster brackets, thirteen cherubs in different finished states and a set of brass and glass wall sconces with a matching table top candle holder

4 sets of placemats includes 4 Clan Fraser, 4 W.H. Gilby 1962, 4 Pimpernel Caribbean Collection designed by Jill Walker and 6 Arnold Designs with monthly motif. Includes 4 sets of coasters (one of the Pimpernel sets only has five) and three "tartan" trays made in Italy.

4 round trays, 2 smaller ovals, 6 Tudor Plate spoons, Wm Rogers creamer and sugar bowl, a set of napkin rings a lidded bowl (stamped but illegible) and 17 collector spoons with display rack.

Set of 5 signed prints by Helen Downing Hunter. Large frame is 12.5" by 14.5". 4 smaller ones are 9" x 11".

Electric pressure washer. Works but leaks from handle.

Assortment of 20 brooches and pins. Costume jewelry.

17.5" long (22.5" with the handles), square bowl stamped Reed & Barton Salem, candlestick holders made in England and more.

Stained glass hanging tea light holder with copper leading. Approximately 16" total length.

Assorted costume jewelry and pieces of jewelry. Includes small jewelry box.

Mixed decor items including set of 6 Walter plates made in West Germany, signed clay wine chiller, metal loving cup made in Italy, ceramic curling rock and more

Three tiered decorator plate display, 23" long diffuser/candle combo, pair of Mikasa glasses, four 8" silver colluded plates and more

Recruiting poster for the 7th Indiana Cavalry, led by J.P.C. Shanks. The cavalry was active from 1863-1866. The poster measures 8.5" x 11" and sits freely in the frame. There is a small fold and tear in the upper right corner (see photos).

Vintage Telefunken console stereo Senator MK II. Tuner works well. Turntable is not turning. 72" x 19.75" x 27" high. Some minor scuffs on the top and some chips on the legs. Very heavy.

Pair of hockey nets. 6' x 4' wide opening and over 2' deep. 2" tubing showing minor signs of rust. Netting is original, and while still useable, will need to be replaced eventually.

Mixed wooden items. Includes carved bears, two tribal carvings and a Do-Nothing toy.

Mixed ceramic items including three 8" wide "coffee cups", two 9" tall hand-made vases and more

Mixed lot of brass decor items including a 15.5" letter opener made in Spain.

2 coffee pots (one has a broken hinge) stamped silver on copper, heavy water jug stamped, Yeoman Plate ice bucket, trays are Wm Rogers and Viking Plate

3 Parisian themed prints. Large Christa Kieffer print in a 25" x 31" frame. Two prints by Chun (92) in 13.5" x 16.5" frames. All three in excellent condition.

Large lot of Christmas decor including snowman cookie jar, vintage set of carolers, tree skirt, table runner, place mats, light strings and scores of ornaments, many of which are vintage and/or collectible.

Blue Mountain type pottery. Three dolphins (17x10, 12.5x7, 6.5x4.5), two elephants (2.5x1.75) and one ashtray (7x3.75). No markings on dolphins. Stickers on elephants. Ashtray is signed. No visible damage on any of the pieces.

Mixed decor including vintage tins, a working music box, a vintage statuette from Japan and more

Stainless steel fireplace screen with smoked glass doors. Fireplace tools in black and satin Nickel finish.

Signed and numbered lithographic print by Edward Aldrich. Frame measures 18.25"x22.5".

Tea service stamped "MANUFACTURED AND PLATED BY SIMPSON HALL MILLER & CO 8 /23". Tray is not original to this set. Hallmark is too faint to read.

Toronto Blue Jays collectibles including Bugs Bunny, the Official B J Birdy and 4 forest trolls and more

10 prints (9 framed) ranging in size from 5.5" x 6.5" to 9.5" x 11.5". Some appear to be vintage.

14 pieces of costume jewelry necklaces.

Candles. Includes large steel candelabra, pair of resin cherub candle holders, wood and glass candle holder, pair of ceramic elephants and more (includes Rubbermaid bin).

Brass finish fireplace decor. Includes large plate (20+"), medium plate (16.5"), two small plates (14+"), magazine box (14.5" x 11+" x 5.75"), bellows (17") and matchbox (12+" x 5+" x 3+"). Made in England.

15" wide wash basin and matching 12.5" tall water jug by Alfred Meakin England. Note small chip on rim of bowl. Three tier metal fruit stand, two level candy dish by Verdici Design, two-tone silver look ice bucket

Various decor pieces including needlepoint birds, ceramic tile decor with stand, Egyptian themed plaster wall hanging, antique wooden carving (some damage consistent with age) and more

Magnetic rods and ball bearings

Wooden trunk. One hasp missing. No key. Leather handles. 36" x17" x 18.5".

Wooden trunk. Leather straps. Includes tray but it needs repairing. Two of the gasps have been replaced. 36" x 17" x 18.5.

Wooden picnic basket, key holder rock, brass plate with Virgin Mary breastfeeding, Asian lidded mug and bowl, three working boxes, heavy metal candle base aluminum trivet, incense burner and more

Pair of framed carving reproductions. The carvings are about 8.5" and 10" long. Both frames are about 14" x 20" x 1.75" thick.

Mix of stone carvings, including circle of friends (5"), two mother and child (4" & 6"), donkey, egg and ashtray with mask

Mostly pewter...some aluminum

Seven pieces of porcelain and resin collectibles. Two (maybe three) are from the Amoretto Collection (#339 & 453-B). Two are music boxes. Note the broken mandolin on the lady with the yellow dress. Otherwise all in great condition.

Three 14" glass platters. All in mint condition.

Mixed lot of decor including a black metal hanging candle holder, a mini suitcase, a spinning wheel, some doilies, some bookmarks, a vintage porcelain doll, a 12" medieval elf and more

Set of five signed prints by famous artists. Matching frames measure 11" x 13.5".

Two signed paintings on velvet (14" x 23" each). Framed print of an Asian woman ( frame is 12" x 14.5"). Piano-finish enamel picture of a woman playing a harp. An 11.5" x 11.5" 3D wooden woman with flowers. An 11" x 36" framed painting on cloth of 4 dancing women signed by the artist.

Mixed lot of decor. Includes wooden and clay plates from Mexico, a metal 3D plaque of Jerusalem, a musical instrument, two crackled glass bowls on metal stands and more

9 baskets of varying shapes and sizes. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Pair of crystal platters. Cristal Cabinet Mozart collection made in Germany and a Larry Laslo Design hand made in Finland. Both with boxes but Tweed box is a little beat up.

Five framed posters

Royal memorabilia includes 3 books, 9 magazines, a large plate, 3 small plates, a mug, a thimble and a silver plated spoon.

Mixed stainless steel serveware

Assorted games and toys. Please note that the contents have not been verified for completeness.

7 complete light fixtures and one vintage glass shade

Two green glass light fixtures. Large one is approximately 18.5" wide and 10" tall. Small one is 5" wide and 6" tall (19" including chain). Small one is cracked on one side. Working condition unknown for both.

Audition CB-500 CB radio. One knob is broken. Worked last time it was used.

23" long wooden serving tray with metal trim made in Italy, 17.5" plastic serving tray, 10" long Crystal pickle dish, 6 stainless skewers, 4 piece brass serving set, new in packages cheese spreaders and picks

13 prints in frames ranging in size from 6" x 8" (small ovals) to 13" x 15"

Small duffle bag contains a cheeseboard, a handmade hat, a metal box, a HeartWare Monitor and more

Sporting goods including putting return machine (untested), tennis racquet, badminton racquets, paintball accessories and more

Waverly hand painted soup tureen with porcelain ladle. Set of ceramic angel coasters and coffee cups

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