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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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As pictured. Used no more than 10 times. The matching dryer is also being listed. The Dryer was never hooked up. ( Item # 160).

Complete with all the parts and in working order.

Approximately 10" tall.

As pictured. The matching Washer is also being listed ( Item #160). The Washer was hooked up but sickness hit and it was only used about 10 times.

Motor rolls over freely and the oil level is good, But there is no spark at the spark plug. Will not start"

As Pictured

Griswold, Benjamin & Medwin. Others.

See photos for sizes and shapes.

They measure 37" in length x 14" in width.

Complete. needs oil.

Good working condition.

Will shoot up long candles in the Spring!

As pictured

As pictured

As pictured

As shown, with attachments that are in the pictures.

205/70R15 Mud and Snow. On Buick Century rims

10" in diameter. No chips or cracks

Please see pictures.

Each are 1 troy ounce of .999 copper, fine.

It measures 22" x 15" x 7"

As Pictured. In working condition.

Not made in a factory. Has the witling marks.

Signed by Capt. J. Alcock.

Pictured as shown.

Table is 20" high. Pictures show condition.

Enamel on gold metal.

New condition book.

As Pictured.

Condition as shown

As pictured.

Some loose pieces. Just nail them back on and you have a great wall hanger x 2

As pictured.

Grown into the Hickory tree. Bring saw and chisel.

As pictured. Stands 12" tall

As pictured

Pictures show condition.

31" x 19" x 5".

As shown

As pictured

#3025. from the late 1950's

The signed one measures 9" across the base and the other is 7". They are in need of cleaning and would clean up nice.

SIGNED in CASTING Not only heavy but they are about 5 Feet in length.

Copper tray and fittings.

All welds on this piece were done in a blacksmith Shop

As pictured

Carved by Stan Morton, Odessa.

4 shallow soup bowls, 2 mugs, 4 bread and butter plates, 4 tea plates, 4 dinner plates, 4 fruit nappies, and 4 cereal bowls. Small chip in one mug is pictured.

Medco, IKEA etc. Eight ounce ladle made in Norway. From the Old Quaker Valley bakery.

Drawn on Schuylkill Bank. Watermarks are cut into the cheque.

As Pictured.

Metal and Laminate. ( Bit of lifting on the very edge of one side). Nice little desk.

No cracks or breaks.

Tlingit masks have a huge range of uses. Shamans usually wear human like masks with asymmetrical features during ceremonies

See photos for titles and catalogue photos.

Loaf pan, Bundt cake pan, and pan for six large muffins.

1902 book has a marble board cover (it is loose and has been taped). It has beautiful illustrations, and lots of old recipes. Cooking in Dixie is a best-selling cookbook.

7 Pieces.

Wedge anchors to fasten to concrete.

All as shown. The Lure box and the reel box are empty except for the rubber comfort strips for the reel.

As shown

9" deep, 12" tall on stand, 12 1/2" in diameter. This bowl weighs 14 pounds!

As pictured.

Measures 16" tall x 14" long. Made of soft hollow metal. has damage, but is intact.

40" long.

Wooden box clad with sheet steel, Soldered, water proof box. No lid. Measures 19" x 14" x 12" high.

Wood bale handles still on it. 25" by 19" by 10". Used for selling farm gate produce. See pics for damaged spots.

Pin Holes in Pail.

Unused in box

Unused in box.

unused in box

Pictures show the item.

This saw is 6" wide. Solid and ready for painting or sharpening.

All as shown in the pics.

Contents as seen in photos.

As pictured. Thanks.

As pictured.

As Pictured.

End hole to end hole is 17" Works good.

As Pictured.

New handle, plus ax head. See photos.

As pictured- old repair on the wings

1907 magazine. Page 477, Rose O'Neill Kewpie dolls. 5 notebooks: account book w/ art nouveau cover; soldier's discharge handbook. August 11, 1949; , Artwork Needles Book dated 1917

Mug has been re-silvered, and it is engraved "George". King George pencil has a picture of King George on the top. Made in Bavaria

3" tall. China.

The artist painted herself into the scene. Frame is 10" x 12". Print is 7" long.

5 are sealed in packages: Mario Lemieux, Owen Nolan, Joe Sakik and 2 Steve Yzerman. Opened coins: Scott Niedermayer, Owen Nolan and Joe Sakik

Light syrup, a bucket of crushed ice, lemons, and this squeezer, and you are in business!

As pictured.

9" plates. 6 ea

As pictured.

For parts or restoration.

Vintage tin Lot.

These bed rails have the old style fittings. See photos.

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