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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an auction item.

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To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

At the end of the auction, the winning bidder pays only the lowest winning bid possible. That means that you can win an auction item at a price less than your max bid amount.

Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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If you bid more than the minimum bid you will get a max bid that the system will use to bid for you against other bidders, up to the amount you enter. So if you enter a bid of %s for this item, the system will place bids on your behalf in response to bids from other users until someone bids more than %s.

Original Oil on Canvas signed BY E. Giachi-Painting Depicts a Bartener posing behind Bar -Image is 19" x 23". With Frame 28" x31"

Original Oil on Board signed BY Thom Ripple -"Bound Heart "abstract Image is 9" x 11". No Frame

Signed Photo of Ray Lewis Baltimore ravens Linebacker with COA on back

Antique Storage Closet /5 shelving Cabinet 18w x 63 tall x 13 deep, scuffed and some minor damage due to age

Original Oil on Canvas signed Siehel ,The painting depicts a whimsical illustration on a chubby Nude laying on stomach, after Fernando Botero -Image is 9" x 12". No Frame

Schoenhut Antique 1911 16" Doll - In good shape clothes look old - wearing roller skates missing her Socks look New

Albert Gilbert (born 1939) Limited Edition Serigraph "THE BOLD EAGLE" 1976, Pencil Signed 20x24

Set Of four Pyrex Nesting Bowls (green white)Pyrex Spring Blossom Green White Cinderella Nesting Mixing Bowl Set Crazy Daisy

Original Watercolor on Paper signed BY Listed Artist Gideon Thyaga Raja (1930-) -Landscape Painting Depicts group women gathered under trees working -Image is 19" x 29". Frame 27"x38"

Original Oil on Board signed BY B. Farrell, Painting Depicts Beach Seascape with tropical trees -Image is 14 1/4" x 18 1/4". Frame is 20" x 24".

REPRODUCTION WALL FRIEZE Wall Frieze Immortality Cupid & Psyche Classic -depicting the good and evil classical subject matter and style of romanticized realism. The back is wrapped in bible verse. Image 4"x6" and frame 8"x10"

Vintage Orange Gumball Machine Northwestern With Stand 25 Cent Venting Machine . includes key and condition is very nice and shows only normal light use, excellent functioning condition. measure about 17 inches high x 6 1/2 inches wide at the base.  

Antique Steamer Trunk Vintage Wood .Large Storage Humpback Camelback Chest . Good condition! Handles have worn off and missing, ..some bumps and scrapes that come with its age.

Original Oil on board signed by Margot Tally-Still-life. The painting depicts a basket full pansies-Image is 14" x 17", 16"x19" with Frame

Vintage Indiana Glass Ruby Cranberry Flashed Diamond Point Dishes - 9" platter, Covered Butter Dish ,3.5" dish,2"x5" dish,13"x3" Bowl and 3"x4" Creamer

Polish/Jewish Holocaust Artist- Oil Painting signed BY Listed artist Erna Scharff Painting Depicts shade deck or Restaurant patio. Repaired canvas (1895-1982) - Landscape patio over lake -Image is 24 1/2" x 35 1/2". Frame is 27"x38".

Medieval Wooden Handle Scottish Claymore -44" Sword , Brass Hand Guard And Pommel; Replica Highlander Sword


Unique Indian Photo in primitive frame

Original Oil on Canvas MONOGRAMED A.S.-The painting depicts the Nude Woman Posing with her blue cover up blowing open.Image is 24"x31"

Vintage Roseville Freesia Cornucopia Shape # 198-8" Vase.

Antique 1923 Bisque Doll German Bye Lo Baby Grace Putnum Frog Body

Lighted Display case 21w x 24 tall x 10 deep (display case only - not items in photo)constructed from sturdy wood mirror and glass. hinge for lock has been screwed on unit

Original Oil Painting on Canvas by Caroline Burnett – Listed Artist-Seascape scene Depicting B oat tied to harbor-Image 15"x19" Frame 20"x24"  

Roseville Damaged double handle Pitcher #62 and Lladro Girl with Hat approx 8"tall Llardo comes with her original Box

1920's Boudoir Print -Hand Colored Original Etching Louis Icart style, Art Deco. Ther 16" oval painting depicts a Women sitting With Roses- Titled Tokens signed by artist

Antique Windup Clock- beautiful 20"x20", wall mounted centerpiece pendulum clock from the Grenoble Clock Makers Mayet. E. Delaye with Opal Like Inlay

Original Oil on Canvas signed Rigg- Painting Depicts Landscape waterway with hillside village as background. -Image is 24" x 35". Framed

Antique 19TH Century Walnut Knock Down Armoire- breaks down removing 2 screws . 21" D 52" Wide and 86" Tall

Shelf lot Includes 2 gallon VINTAGE ANTIQUE Stoneware 2 Gallon Water Cooler Crock With Lid(damage lid) , Milk glass planter ,Colbalt glass antique salt and pepper shakers and 2 Bells

Original Oil on Canvas signed BY Lorenz, Painting Depicts a Nude Woman posing with her shirt open as she leans on fence.-Image is 21" x 27". Frame is 22" x 28".Painting has some minor creases on canvas, Frame aged and has some damage

Original oil on Canvas signed Whitman.The painting depicts landscape scene with a break in trees revealing a Mountain. image 24"x35" with frame 29"x41"

Vintage pair of Roseville Green freesia bookends. They measure 6 1/4" tall x 4 3/4" long x 5 1/4" one Is chipped on top ad bottom- other one is in great condition

Antique Green well Pump stands 18"t

Vintage Gold set Smiley Face Cufflinks and tie tack In original box. Cuff Links approx 1" and tie clip 1/2"

Original Antique Oil on Canvas Monogrammed by O.M.C. -dated 1895 Landscape Painting Depicts with farmhouse possibly a moon scene-Image is 12" x 16". With Frame

Set Philadelphia eagles Football Cards In Book 70s and 80s

Schoenhut Antique 1913 Infant Doll - In good shape clothes look old - Socks look New

Federal Mirror type , Convex Mirror wood with gold gilt and Eagle 12"

Original Oil on Canvas signed BY Micelle Parish -Very Dark Portrait/ Painting Depicts mother and Child where mothers face is partial skeleton.-Image is 30" x 52 1/4". Frame is 31" x 53 1/4".

Vintage Tiffany Style Leaded Lamp-Dragonfly design on shade,heavy - 20" wide x 20" tall - has some cracked glass and dents on top

2 Vintage Toby Mugs - Long John Silver (Staffordshire England )and Sinbad (that looks like Bob hope) avg 9"

Original Oil on Board signed BY Thom Ripple -"Blown away Angel" abstract Image is 9" x 11". No Frame

Cuckoo clock company New York Company , Wood Tambour Mantle Clock Dimensions: 16" wide, 8" deep, & 8 7/8" high

4 piece vanity set with Mirror and perfume bottles lidded dish , with pieces avg 5" tall

Original Antique Oil on Canvas Signed by Herman Ruf (1882-1970) ,landscape Painting Depicts Barns Scene- Image 8.5"x11.5" , frame 9"x12" has some scuffs

Original Oil on Board Signed Neumann- Attributed To Gerhard Neumann (1907 - 2004) Landscape Painting DepictsLake With Fall Colored Trees -Image is 19 1/4" x 26 1/4". Frame 24"x30".

Antique Cloisonné Bronze Vase , Approx 10" tall

Vintage 10 3/4" German Beer Stein With lid head with mustache 5"wide

Original Oil on Canvas signed L.Harbady, The painting depicts the Still life with pottery papers and a burning candle- is 11" x 16",

Tonka toy - Yellow Car carrier approx 5" tall 30" long

Jewelry Box full of Costume jewelry - includes brooches , necklace and earrings

Original Pencil and charcoal Nude by Listed artist Joyce Lister - Painting Depicts nude model posing. Image 19"x24" framed 22" x28"

Original Antique Oil on Canvas Signed ,Painting Depicts Beach scene and palms- Image 8"x10" , frame 12"x14"

Original Oil Painting on Board by Dean D Newton – Listed Artist- Depression Era Vintage "Boiling Pot" Painting of a Californian lake and mountain scene -Image 11"x22" Frame 12"x24"  

Original Antique Oval Painting- Oil on Board Monogrammed P.F. -Painting Depicts Nude Angel sitting -Image 12" Oval in original Frame

Vintage Style Corkscrew Wine Opener

Original Antique Painting- Oil on Board-DANISH Style Pallet Knife,Painting Depicts person walking along road near House. -Image 6"x8" with Frame 12"x14"

Book Lot -President McKinley , Hardie Boys ,Playboy of Jan 1966,1900s Philistine and many more

Postcard Lot of 100 + post cards vintage to modern

Original Oil on Board signed BY Thom Ripple -"Heaven or Hell"abstract Image is 9" x 11". No Frame

Original Oil on Board signed BY Thom Ripple -"Angel of Light "abstract Image is 9" x 11". No Frame

Print Ballerinas pencil signed Tausend and numbered 104 of 120 -Image 18"x24" frame 27"x32" Frame is missing glass

Original Antique Oil on Canvas Signed by Felipe Ortiz Tajonar ,Painting Depicts Mother and Child titled Nina Maternity- Image 15"x19" , frame 21"x24"

Pair triangular Wooden Corner Stands - 19" wide x 57" tall

Original Oil on Canvas signed , Painting Depicts A Harbor with boats sitting -Image is 29 1/2" x 39 1/2". Frame is 30" x 40".

Original Oil on Board signed BY Thom Ripple -"Angel watching over me "abstract Image is 9" x 11". No Frame

Pair of 11"x16" Pen /Ink Watercolor signed Newman . The paintings depicts black and white portraits. Madonna Image 7"x11" and Betty Davis Image 9"x12"

Pitcher by Capodimonte porcelain 5 1/2"x10".Great condition

Vintage green Glass Poppy Gone With the Wind Parlor Table Lamp -working top and bottom lights 26"

Set Of Two Pyrex Casserole Bowl with Lids (Brown and Gold’s) PYREX Americana pattern 1 1/2qt and 2 1/2 qt bowls

Original Antique Oil on Canvas Signed Wolcott, attributed to Harold C. Wolcott - Painting Depicts Nude on Bed looking sultry - Image 20"x27" , frame 25"x31" . Painting is fragile, canvas is aged, canvas has one minor hole. Frame aged and has some damage

Original Antique Oil on Canvas Signed Manice, attributed to Robert Manice (1953) landscape Painting Depicts Bridge over crossing over water with a passing gondola - Image 12"x15" framed

Vintage Reverse Painting on Convex Glass –Gothic Temple with iridescent /Opal Like Inlay - Image 19"x24" frame rough and has some scuffs.

Floor Lamp 19th Century style -61" Tall , shade 11"x18"

Antique Capodimonte Figural Statue -Approx. 6"x6"

Original Oil on Board signed BY Listed artist Emilio Serrano (1945-2012) Spanish Artist,Painting Depicts a Cowboy and Horse -Image is 22" x 29". Painting Has minor paint loss, Painting is aged. Frame aged and has some damage

Original antique Painting- gouache on Board signed BY K. Plant- Painting Depicts Landscape of Island on lake -Image is 16" x 19" Framed 21"x25"

Pair Rare Beanie Babies - Princess Diana and Peace Bear

Miller Lite Bar Sign Mirror-A -with wood frame 17"x25"

8- Bing & Grondahl Christmas Plates –1967 – 1974 B & G- plates 7"dia

8- Bing & Grondahl Christmas Plates –1975 – 1982 B & G-Plates 7" Dia

Original Oil on Canvas signed BY C. McCormick, Painting Depicts Asian Scene with bird on a branch in front of a river -Image is 24" x 36"

Original antique Painting- Oil on Canvas signed BY WILLIAM MONINET (1937-1999) The painting depicts the Two Clowns -Image is 16" x 19" Framed 21"x25" Moninett was an American impressionist artist who was born in Louisiana in 1937. Some scratches and scrapes on canvas- missing some paint .

Original Oil on Board By Judy Fairledy -The painting depicts detailed Still-life. Image is 10" x 12". No Frame

Antique Print on board The print depicts Man reading book standing near his window with a chair in foreground -the image 25"x28" with frame 32"x36"

Vintage Lot Various 12" -78 RPM Records Include Opera Instrumentals Big Band Marches Dixie and religious Types .The Bulk lot Record Albums , various genres, all in decent, playable condition,( Some scratched up- and are un tested). Not all will have sleeves, though conditions of the sleeves included will vary. Box of 100 records is very heavy

Cast Iron Stage Coach reproduction, Chain holding horse broke/missing. with one horse loose from the rest. Approx 5" tall x23" long

Basket full of Costume jewelry - includes brooches , cuff links ,necklace and earrings

Antique Gouache on Board Signed by listed artist Lou Singleton Tobin , Landscape Painting Depicts Mountain range - Image 7"x9" framed 11"x13". Painting is fragile, minor paint loss due to age. Frame aged and has some damages

Original Oil on Paper signed BY John Swinton - Painting Depicts Nude Reclined, abstract style -Image 8"x11"- framed

Original Watercolor on Paper signed BY Al Mead -Landscape Painting Depicts of field of Straw -Image is 15" x 18". Frame 23"x27"

Vintage Hummels - Boy on Phone 6" and HUMMEL LIKE girl with birthday candle 5" not sure about her mark

Michelob Bar Sign / Mirror -16"x23"

Vintage Oil Painting by Ruby Harlowe - Painting Depicts Ducks flying over lake- Image 13"x19" Frame 18"x24"

Original Pencil Drawing on Paper Signed Carol Summers(1925-) .Drawing depicts the Nude Woman Posing- Image is 16"x24" , 24" x 33" Framed - Some foxing on paper

Original Oil on Board signed BY Glenn Bastian -"The painting depicts the Winter Scene of path cut in the snow to a cabin" Image is 8" x 10". No Frame

Antique Plant stand 12"x36" tall , wood are damaged with shelf’s dents , burns and scrapes due to age . Very heavy base.

Dark wood display shelving 21w x 64 tall x 12 deep (display case only - not items in photo)- Some minor scuffs.

Print of a happy New years wish signed Sigmund Freud (6 May 1856 – 23 September 1939)-Image 4x7" frame 11"x14"  (NOT an original letter, is a print of a letter Freud sent to Wilhelm Fliess. )

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