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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Birks Sterling Silver flatware. Most pieces still in sealed protective plastic sleeves. 10 dinner forks, 13 knives, 12 salad forks, 12 large spoons, 12 medium spoons, 12 small spoons, 6 butter knives, soup laddle, pie server, serving spoon, cheese knife. Felt cases and wooden storage box included.

1x13 inch oval serving plate, 12x 10 inch dinner plates (1 cracked), 9 X 8.5 inch salad plates (1chipped), 8 X 7 inch bread and butter plates, 1x8.5 inch soup bowl, 10x6.5 inch bowls, 7x6 inch bowls (1cracked), 1x8 inch casserole dish, 1 gravy boat with plate, 1 butter dish, 1 tea pot, 1 sugar bowl and 1 creamer, 8 saucers, 8 cups1x10 inch serving bowl

Gibbard craftsmen, table includes 2 X 16 inch leaves, some scratches, chair cushions excellent condition 44X44X31 (with leaves extends to 66). Chair 20x20x35. Matches Lot 55.

Assorted Community flatware place settings, silver plated serving utensils, small spoons and spreading knives

Assorted porcelain jars, girl with red balloon, decorative porcelain flowers, coloured glass decorative pieces, porcelain flower vase, porcelain container, 2 small porcelain jewellery boxes, 3 paper holders, Native stone sculpture.

Assorted collectible spoons from various countries, collectible spoons by Birks, pewter Dutch jars, candle holders, salt and pepper set

Desert plate set, serving tea pot with 2 cups, tea bag holder, collectible bears with wood display, decorative plates, porcelain saucer set, assorted decor pieces, some gardening pots, oil lantern

Stamped 199/0 and 88

House of Braemore, 2 drawers minimal wear, made in Canada 38X21X32

Includes retro Corningware, shredders, strainers, mixing bowls, cheese boards, baking pans etc.

Royal Doulton Figure Afternoon Tea no HN number

Spode provincial flowers, Royal Albert, Snoch Wedgwood, etc.

Stamped 171

Stamped 57/0

Brand name -Trend and style 868wm-436 made in Zeeland, Michigan. Excellent condition.21X12X79

Stamped 110/0. 1938

Assorted Belleek China

Coffee table with bevelled glass top, 38X27X18

Pair of side tables. Designed to contain sterling silver flat wear protects from tarnishing, custom glass tops, excellent condition 21X16X27

Stamped 69

Royal Doulton Figure Lady Eaton HN 3623 Limited Edition of 2500 this is number 404

John C Mundell & Co.,Elora, Ontario, slight wear 17X19X38

Benchmark, Black & Decker, Lee Valley, Stanley, Marples, Mastercraft. Files, shavers, screwdrivers, hand saws, measuring tapes, carpentry tools, etc.

No stamp

Douglas Interior, cherry wood Curio cabinet, dimens 20 W X 15 X 72

The Builder. Stamped 305

Beswick puddle figurines, cat figurines, hand painted decorative plates, clear glass plates, 2 adder leg bone china, 2 Aynsley tea cups, clear glass collectible display, 1 candle holder, and 1 solid brass handmade decorative Apple

Royal Doulton Figure Ashley HN 3420

Royal Doulton Figure Daydreams HN 1731

Swiss made sewing machine with foot petal. Knitting material

Royal Doulton Figurine Sandra HN 2275

Royal Doulton Figure Meditation HN 2330

Assorted baking, plates, serving dishes, casserole etc.


Wedgwood blue decorative set, 3 piece green Wedgwood, 2 piece dark green Wedgwood set, and 1 pink Wedgwood vase.

Royal Doulton Figure Harmony HN 2824

Royal Doulton Figurine Susan HN 2952

Stamped 150/0

Be patient.

Stamped 5238

Stamped 29

Stamped 96

Stamped 1443

Assorted jewellery pieces, jewellery Bowes, brooches, pulse watch, sunglasses, sewing supplies, hair styling accessories, hair brush and mirror set with mirrored tray

Royal Doulton Figure Sally HN 2741

Royal Doulton Figures Reflections Sweet Violets HN 3175

Miscellaneous items

Stamped 63 and 92

Stamped 6

Royal Doulton Figurine Secret Thoughts HN 2382

Lladro Figurine

Assorted photography equipment: Olympus lenses, flash, camera tripods, Canon photo printer, Olympus XA2 camera, Minolta 450E camera, Olympus D-460 digital camera, camera cases, picture albums and other miscellaneous parts

1 soup terrain, 16 inch oval platter, 14 inch oval platter, 10 inch serving bowl, gravy boat and tray, coffee pot, tea pot, sugar bowl and creamer, 12 X 11 inch dinner plates, 12 X 8 inch salad plates, 12 X 6 inch bread and butter plates, 13 X soup bowls with handles, 13 tea cups, 16 X 6.5 inch saucers, 9 X 6 inch saucers, 2 X 5 inch saucers, 1 X 9 inch soup bowl, 3 X 8 inch soup bowl, 8 X 5 inch dessert bowls, 1x9.5 serving plate all in excellent conditions, design silver rim with neutral floral stencil

2-wheeler, ladders, gardening gloves, step stool, broom, garbage bin, car floor mats, windshield washer fluid, oil filter, etc.

Solid wood coffee table measures 28 X 17 X 17. Solid wood folding side table measures: 19 X 15 X 26. Candle holders, glass candy dishes, coasters, playing cards, Henckels Carving knife and fork set, cloth see kettles, table cloths, Dutch pewter coffee and tea set, umbrellas, includes metal shelf, etc.

Fine Wedgwood yellow jasperware . 1 piece signed "Lord Wedgwood". Small crack in one of the pieces

Assorted frames, framed pictures, and art work

Royal Doulton Figurine Julia HN 2705

Gibbard Craftsmen. Two pieces hutch and side table. Hutch includes two lights. Note: Matches Lot 48. PLEASE NOTE: contents NOT included. Buffet 53x20x32 and hutch 53x16x45. Matches lot 48.

Wood serving and salad bowls, ceramic mugs, espresso cups and saucers etc.

Assorted Flatware And Kitchen Utensils

Stamped 49/0 and 33

Stamped 56B

Bird Duet Stamped 169

Stamped 201 and 2/0

Stamped 5

Assorted holiday cards, gift bags and gifts, plastic container & wire shelf included

Royal Doulton Figure Nanny HN 2221

Going to Grandma's

Stamped 58/0


Nice. Signed Louise Adams. December 2011.

Royal Doulton Figurine signed by Michael Doulton Figure of the year 2004 Susan HN 4532 on stand

Royal Doulton Figures Affection HN 2236


Stamped B18A


Mother of pearl knives, stainless steel coasters, Belfor crystal napkin holders, cut glass serving dishes, Christmas platter, collectable spoons, etc.

Christmas trees, wreaths, balls, candles, napkins, decorations, etc. Including plastic storage unit and metal shelving which measures: 36 X 14 X 55.

Royal Doulton Figure Amanda HN 2996

Includes headboard, footboard and solid wood frame, box spring and mattress. Slight wear. Bed coverings not included.51X79X39 Matches Lots 38 and 39.

Bevelled glass, ornate mirror, 18X29

Shepherd's Boy

Chimney Sweep

Stamped 174

Pair of brushed metal lamps with shades, 14X14X25

Rachel M207, Top 'O the Hill M217

1999 Canada coins set, Holyroodhouse Palace collectible coin, assorted decorative fine china pieces

Royal Doulton Figure Rose HN 1368

Royal Doulton Figure Ninette HN 2379

Includes Royal Tudor ware, pareek Johnson brothers, h&K install, the harher pottery co. 22 it gold, Kyoto, limoges, wedge wood, Royal Worcester imari, crown ducal, lord Nelson ware, crown Trent, Royal Albert,

Royal Doulton Figure Fleur HN 2368

Royal Doulton Figure Occasions With Love HN 5335 signed by Michael Doulton

Royal Doulton Figure Sarah Figure of the year 2002 HN 3978

Glass Bowls, serving trays and pimpernel placemats

Bath towels, Bedding sheets, blankets, table clothes, and a few stuffed animals, plastic containers included

Royal Doulton Figure My Love HN 2339

Royal Doulton Figures Josephine HN 4223 signed by Michael Doulton

Slight wear, glass 2 door hutch, with original lock and key26X16X76

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