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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
A max bid would make it more difficult for others to outbid you.

A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an auction item.

In response to other bids, the auction system will automatically increase your bid in the smallest increment possible (up to your max bid amount) in order to maintain your lead position.

To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

At the end of the auction, the winning bidder pays only the lowest winning bid possible. That means that you can win an auction item at a price less than your max bid amount.

Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

You now have a max bid.

You can raise or lower your max bid at any time by entering a new amount.

If you wish to remove your max bid you can do so by entering an amount equal to the current bid into the bid form.

You have a max bid of %s on this item. That means that the system will place bids for you in response to bids from other bidders, up to %s.

You can adjust this max bid by using the form above.

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You can add a max bid to protect your item against other bidders by using the form above.
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You can enter the minimum bid of %s or a greater amount.

If you bid more than the minimum bid you will get a max bid that the system will use to bid for you against other bidders, up to the amount you enter. So if you enter a bid of %s for this item, the system will place bids on your behalf in response to bids from other users until someone bids more than %s.

22kt gold trim. Note some wear of trim. 15 dinner plates, 15 side plates, 16 fruit nappies, 16 saucers, 13 cups, platter, cream and sugar, serving bowl, gravy boat. Similar to but not identical to Lot 596.

Table 31x12x30. Note wear. Mirror 33x25.

Red cast iron is 11 diameter.

Table 36D, 29 high

Matches lots 570 and 572. 23x17x23. Note wear

Model JP104. 9 levels to choose from. Sells new for over $1500. Measures 10x4.5x13. Working

5 drawers. 29x16x37. Note wear. Matches lot 599

In original box unopened. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Matches 570 and 573. 34x17x47. Note wear

10 dinner plates, 4 luncheon, 9 nappies, 11 soup bowls, 9 side plates, serving Ware and more. Two patterns.

71x16x26. Note wear. Matches 598. Note that 598 can be stacked onto this piece

Set of 12 except 10 knives (58 pieces in total). Note wear and needs cleaning. Excludes tray. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Set of four. Includes meat thermometer. Note minor wear

Soft gold Color. Very small wale corduroy fabric. 85x37x32.

Matches lots 572 and 573. Mirrored top is separate. Bottom is 63x17x32. Note wear. Top adds 41.

Model NL454. 88 lb capacity

Table 30 diameter, 36 tall. Note scratch on table.

52x78. Some wear on fringe

Contents of two shelves. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Contents of two shelves. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

27 sq and 20 tall.

Model TMR-RF985R. Working

12x23 framed.

George foreman(new), Kenmore slow cooker, Black and Decker food processor. All working

35 pieces. Some wear.

41x 29

All working. Electric knife, coffee grinder, hand mixer and more.

24x14x56. Two flexible shelves.

Utility shelf 30x9.5x61. Covered trash can. Tool box and tools and more. Note wear.

Bookshelf 30x9x38. Speakers. Cd holders. Signed blue Jays baseball


Queen duvet, pillows, table placemats, cloths and napkins

60x24x56. Hanging file drawer. Note scratches and wear on top

28x35x44. Note adjustable neck piece. Note some wear on ultra suede fabric.

23D total. Interior mirror is 14.

8 large plates, 8 small plates, 6 glasses

Lamp 60 working. Stand 44 tall. Glass planters included. Table 9.5x13.5x16. Note wear

Ceramic wastebasket and Kleenex. Hairdryers working. Note wear on pearls.

Eddie LePage Sparrow Hawks 17x26.5. GV Walton A Tale of Two Centuries 22x17

Each 21x16x22. Note wear.

Adjustable. 26x28.


Cannisters set, coffee set. Note wear on some pieces. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Framed 45x35.

Mexican platter 13D, white rectangle is 18x12

Tall urn 15.

False front. 42.5x16.5x19. Note wear.

Excludes tray. Note tarnish. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Working. 70.5 tall

Rosewood looking finish. 24x11x80.

5 matching frames

Glass casserole Dishes, covered containers, utensils. Note wear

Oster toaster oven, Cuisinart griddles and egg cooker. New baking pans.

6 of green background and 5 purple background. 17.5x23.5

Includes hanging photo display. Note wear

Cutlery, paper towel holder, set of glass bowls and more.

12 teaspoons, 8 tablespoons, 6 dinner forks, 4 dessert forks, 12 dinner knives, 1 soup ladle, 1 meat fork,1 butter knife. Note wear. Excludes tray. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Contents of shelf in main picture. Tallest black pedestal is 9.5. Some partially burned. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Down Under and Sure-Lox are new, never opened

Bamboo bowl and vase (20). Wicker Chest. Metal urn

16 platter, 12 bowl, 11 shallow bowl. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Candle holders and more. Various shapes and sizes

Various shapes and sizes. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Similar to Lot 595. 48 pieces. Note wear and fine cracking.

16 tall and 9 diameter.

Framed 27x24. Note wear on frame. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Working. Includes glass ice bucket. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Purple vases 10.5. Note wear

Drinking glasses, glass soup bowls, measuring glasses and more

Red is 12 sq. Large is 15d and 13.5 tall. Note wear. Heavy.

2 matching brass. Note wear on shades. All working

73x33x32. Note wear on seats

Never used

Single box springs optional

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