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Framed 18x21". Four original pieces by Colorado artist

One of a kind. From Salt Spring Floor Art. Approx 49x34"

Chair 32x40". Ottoman 30x23". Includes matching pillow.

46x38x20.5. Very heavy. Purchased at Primitives in Yorkville

25x12x14". A couple of drawers are sticky

Drawer and cupboard with Shelf. 50x25x20". Note wear


Brass bases. Approx 22" tall. Working

17x17x14. Working. Copy print scan fax. Has partially used cartridge.

Note wear and repairs

Two Birks Sterling bowls. Three ornate Plate Cutlery pieces

Includes cream and sugar bowl. Aurora Shape 225. Missing one cup

Mirror 35" tall. Sconces are 21" tall. Candles are wood (decorative)

From Marvel. Excellent condition.

Two pieces by D Berman. 14.5 x 15 framed

Pattern 3816. Discontinued. Over 60 pieces. Note wear.

Sofa table 43x16x32. Chest (tv Cabinet) 26x21x32. Purchased at Primitives in Yorkville.

Look like brass. 32" tall with shades

Costume jewelry (brooches, earrings, necklaces), perfume sprayer, perfume and powder gift sets, fans, small purses and more

Custom made. 29x29x44. 77"tall

Blue lamp is 24" then 37" with shade. Clear lamp is 18" then 27" with shade

15x18.5" unframed. Note wear on frames.

MDR-RF985R. Working

The Danaid. Cast resin copy of marble original. 13x7x9"

Sides down is 38 x26x28. Full is 60x38". Note wear

Iron and fossilstone. Note discoloration on Shades. Working. Floor is 60", table is 30"

Jigsaw puzzle (All pieces). Cards, bridge, backgammon

Baskets, colourful bowls, boxes, florals

Set of four plus cream and sugar

Includes Mission Impossible and more. Tom Jones Set is audio books

11 cartoon collections. Note some wear on a couple of books

Diecast replicas. Includes one large trailer

Green is 16.5" tall. Other has flexible height. Green has marble base. Working

French press coffee maker, Japanese serving dishes, 12 glasses in box, la campagne tools of the trade mini Dishes

Custom made in a South Carolina. Back cushions are down filled. Approx 90x38". Matches lot 58

21x14x26". And 18" in diameter. Note wear.

New in original box

Diecast replicas. From Harry Gant Farewell Tour. Eight

12" tall x 5x5. Durastone. Note wear

Fits size 8. Note torn

Includes plush throw. 18x11x34. Note wear

Tall vase (25") with reeds (50 "). Note wear. Side table (28x12x25").

Marmot ski jacket(m) with black Sierra Designs goretex pants. Patagonia fleece top and pants. Ski gloves and head ware

From the 1980s and 1990s. Toronto newspapers. Commemorative booklets

Includes one Marquis by Waterford and one door handle

Bowls, platters, serving dishes and plates

Scarves, flatiron (working), jewelry , and more

42x20x35". Solid wood. Dovetail corners. Note wear. Needs refinishing

Jobmate 18 V cordless drill in hard case (untested). Makita finishing sander, black and Decker, Mastercraft axe 3" long. Note rust. Dixon Siren kit. Beer steins

One From eleven Madison Park restaurant in New York

Mainly from 1991. One unopened box from 1990. Some duplicates

1968, 1969, 1974 (2), 1979. Two commemorative 1952-2002

Tallest is 36". Shortest is 16"

Matches lot 57. 91x43". Scorch mark on back lower panel

Metal and ceramic. Tallest is 8".

Cake plate, 'apple' bowl, punch bowl set

Pair. Fold up into carry bags. 38" tall in bag. Note stains and marks

Two shavers(one compact battery operated), cufflinks & tie tacks, old spice, toothbrushes, personal trimmer

Note wear. Working

Auburn reproductions. Various sizes frames in good condition

Vases, punch bowl set, candle holders and candles

Exercise ball, weight bar, bicycle helmet, ski helmet, tennis racquet

Signed Edward F White. 13.5x10.5

Some cards new in packages

Note wear.

Wahl Master Vibrator. Working. Looks like never used

Text in German

Full sized. Hard bottom with wheels.

1968, 1975, 1982, 1983

Glass bowls (note chip on two small ones), decorative fruit, vases, candleholders, picture frame, picture tree

Matching crystal decanter and pitcher (9"), four Peill crystal glasses (7"), punch bowl with 17 cups

Vacuum (working). Ironing board, tools, car blanket and snow brush and more

Tall brass based candles (17"). Silver plated angel candle holders. Sniffers. Brass beetle (10" long)

Stand on wheels 31x18x27"

Florals are 12x15 framed. Bathtubs are 7x5.

Large roaster, omelet pan, Cookbooks and more. Note wear

35x24" brown memory foam mat, towels, pillow cases, Avanti Ionic hair dryer, placemats

Harp missing on one. Seats not secure. Wobbly. Need repair


Signed limited Edition from Key West by Robert Kennedy 16.5x10. Thomas Kincade 9x6

Bowls, mugs, martini glasses, tea pot and more

1983 and 1984

Two boxes. 22. Mainly chianti. Some have had candles in them

Measures 24x17x30. Suits TVs up to 32".

6'x2'. Base is 29" high. Top is 41" high. One piece. Solid wood. Heavy. Note wear.

For hanging or serving. 22.5x19". Shown with Plate rack

One 3x5'. One 33x56". Note wear. Need cleaning

Coffee Table Harley Davidson history book. Faulkner set. And more

Collections of Eli Goldratt, Patrick Lencioni, Robert Kyosaki and more

MBT (curved sole) size 9 (fits like an 8) and Geox 38. Note wear.

Souvenir program. Official commemorative book

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