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1999 Team Signed NFL Cowboy's football; great condition

The Official STAR TREK Intergalactic Commemorative Coin Collection Mint Condition Certificates from The Franklin Mint for the following, United Federation of Planets, Starfleet Command, Romulans, The Ferengi, The Aldeans, The Talarians, The Official STAR TREK Deep Space Nine Premiere Medal, Star Trek Official 25th Anniversary Medal, The Borg

James T. Kirk signed Limited Edition 203/2500 little bit of fading on left corner name plate see pic

STAR TREK Insurrection U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E model with sounds brand new never opened

Counselor Deanna Troi as Durango (Holodeck Series), General Chang Classic STAR TREK Movie Series, The Borg Member of the Borg Collective, The Traveler from the T.V. Show, Capt. James T. Hick Classic STAR TREK Movie Series, Vintage 1979 Star Trek LP Stories for Children Peter Pan Records

Spock U.S.S. Enterprise Limited Edition 517/2500 Signed

Millennial Princess New in Box slight bent corner in back

The Enesco Start Trek Music Box has cert of authenticity No 4506 works, does not have original packing

STAR TREK blanket authentic replica of the Starfleet issue blankets from the Starship Enterprise is screen printed with the ship's logo. In original packing has not been removed.

Klingon, Romulan, Andorian, Doctor McCoy, Scotty, Spock, Kirk, Uhura, The Keeper Broken leg and missing hand

Aladdin limited edition porcelain plate 7,630/15,000 (no certificate), Plate No. 19892B "Love's First Dance" first plate in the Beauty and the Beast plate collection (has cert of auth), Plate No 14364A "The Circle of Life" first issue in The Lion King (has cert auth), Plate No. 5677A "A Song from the Sea" plate on in The Little Mermaid (has cert auth)

STAR TREK The Movies Collectors Edition Special Limited Edition No. 010904, STAR TREK Television Series 1 Collectors Edition No. 014490, STAR TREK Television Series II Collectors Edition Special Limited Edition No. 015220

The Collectors Choice in Precision Pocket Watches, brand new never used AND a Star Trek Collectors Pin

The Peacock Barbie - new in box - minor damage to box

Captain Kathryn Janeway STAR TREK: Voyager, STAR TREK The Next Generation Kingdom Bird of Prey Magic, STAR TREK Captain James T. Kirk, STAR TREK Deep Space Nine Runabout-U.S.S. Rio Grande, Captain Jonathan Archer Enterprise NX-01, Delta Flyer STAR TREK Voyage, and Shuttlecraft Galileo From the Starship Enterprise

VHS, T2 Collectible Preassembled Model and Original Terminator Movie (box is dented but in sealed packaging), The Ultimate Terminator with Battle nice and light-up Eyes (in plastic)

Brand new in box U.S.S. Enterprise pizza cutter; boldly cut pizza where no man has cut before.

Queen of the Hive from the STAR TREK: First Contact The Fourth Dimension Plate No 0509A

1979 Paramount Pictures Corp Another Grenadier Original, used about 9.5" tall and 8" wide at widest

"Q" Star Trek Next Generation Limited Edition 116/2500 Signed

Plastic NCC-1701/7 U.S.S. Enterprise and 6 figurines - figurines have been played with.

Coca-Cola chess set, unopened. Collectors Edition

McCoy plate No. 1826E, Sulu plate No 1990D, STAR TREK 25th Anniversary Commemorative Plate No. 0127R, Chekov No. 0425B, Uhura No. 4150D, Kirk No. 3361-E, Spock No. 2705I, Scotty No. 2036 C - all plates have certificate of Authenticity and are in original boxes

Never assembled model of the STAR TREK NCC-1701-A Special Edition with lights and sound effects. Box is a little dented

Never assembled model of the STAR TREK Voyager Skill 2 by Monogram Box is damaged

10 STAR TREK Post cards in great condition published by Classico San Francisco and 1991 Paramount Pictures AND Star Trek Blue Prints The Complete Set of 12 Authentic Blueprints of the Fabulous Starship Enterprise look to have never been opened

HAVE 1979 through 2003 MINUS 1982, 1998, and 1999 Majority in good shape not written in

ZED Sport Bike men's, retails for $280, medium men's 5'6" to 5' 10" …..31" at top bar 26" tires

1999 Coca Cola Wooden Truck

Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock figurines with stands

Plate No. 14483A in the limited Edition of "Watch Dogs" First issue in the 101 Dalmatians AND Plate No. 3718A in the limited edition of "Alice in Wonderland" Third Plate in the Disney Treasured Moments (both have cert of authenticity)

30th Anniversary Barbie & Ken STAR TREK Gift Set by Mattel packaging has been opened but dolls were not removed from cardboard backing. box has warping

Angelic Inspirations Special Editions 1999

STAR TREK pewter replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise with display stand, battery operated.

Return of the Jedi, plate No. 3226C (has cert of auth), Star Wars, plate No. 3663G (has cert auth), and The Empire Strikes Back, plate No. 3840E

STAR TREK The Next Generation 25 Pez Collectors Series, figurine The Star Trek The Next Generation Lwaxana Troi figurine w/Playmates Skybox Collector Card, figurine Lieutenant Natasha Yar w/Playmates Skybox Collector Card

STAR TREK Romulan Bird of Prey Neutral Zone Incursion Craft with lights and sounds - never opened, Collectors Series Edition No. 0036063

Bird of Prey STAR TREK III The Search for Spock 1984 (never opened), Kirk STAR TREK The Motion Picture 1979 (opened in great shape), KHAN STAR TREK The Wrath of Khan 1982 (has been opened)

Brand new never used 25"X 32"

"STAR TREK VI The Undiscovered Country" plate No. 2210D, "The Motion Picture" Plate No. 4909B, "STAR TREK: The Final Frontier" Plate No. 4654B, "STAR TREK II The Wrath of Khan" Plate No. 3405E All plates are from The Hamilton Collection and have certificates of Authenticity  Lot 64 is Part 2 

"To Boldly Go" Plate No 3353C, "Preparing to Cloak" Plate No. 2902A, "Second Star from the Right" Plate No. 4406A, "Where No One Has Gone Before" Plate No. 1477A, "Beyond the Neutral Zone" Plate No. 0970A, "We Are Borg" Plate No. 0640A, "Signs of Intelligence" Plate No. 1430A All from The Hamilton Collection and have certificates of authenticity

Lieutenant Commander Data Plate No 0590A, Dr. Benerly Crusher Plate No. 0428D, Lieutenant Commander Gerodi LaForge Plate No.3844B, Commander William T. Riker Plate No. 2175I, Ensign Wesley Crusher Plate No. 1639C, Q Plate No. 1699A(notice ink f/mfgt in pic), Guinan Plate No. 3191A, Lieutenant Worf Plate No. 1188D, Counselor Deanna Troi Plate No. 0919B, Captain Jean -Luc Picard Plate No. 0476Q.......All Plates from The Hamilton Collection by Thoa Blackshear all have certificate of authenticity

Redemption Plate No 4791A, The Best Of Both Worlds Plate No. 3612C, Unification Plate No. 3026A, The Inner Light Plate No 0852B, Yesterday's Enterprise Plate No. 1557A, Encounter at Farpoint Plate No. 4057B, Relics Plate No. 2908A……all from The Hamilton Collection and have Certificates of Authenticity

All from Hamilton Collection, STAR TREK The Original Episodes; The Tholian Web Plate No. 2836A, The Menagerie Plate No. 4439A, Space Seed Plate No. 1839A not in original Styrofoam pkg

4 from The Voyages of the Starship Enterprise have cert auth not orig Styrofoam pkg; Uhura Pate No 4204M, Dr. McCoy Plate No. 1332M, Beam Us Down Scotty Plate No. 2207R, and Captain Kirk Plate No. 2382M AND a Limited Edition "To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before" Plate No. AA 5258 No cert of Auth or Orig Styrofoam Pkg

Two Star Trek Belt Buckles 1 1979 Paramount Pictures 1 1976 Paramount Pictures

. 5 metal & 1 plastic 1 is missing the ring to attach keys

Its??s Just Like Candy, Hamilton Collection I Love Lucy Plate. First Issue, 8 ½”, Certificate of Authenticity, # 4529-E

Playmates Aliens and Adversaries Edition, Gorn Captain as seen in Star Trek the Original TV Series

James Doohan aka Scotty Scott signed picture, Picture of Dr. Beverly Crusher from the Next Generation Star Trek, Sir Patrick Steward

STAR TREK Mr. Spock f/Mirror Mirror, The Alosian Keeper f/The Original STAR TREK TV Series, Captain James T. Kirk/The Original TV Series, Mister Spock f/The Original TV Series, Mr. Spock Serialized Warp Factor Series 5, Edith Keeler Serialized Warp Factor Series 3, Leeta the Dabo Girl Serialized Warp Factor Series 2 (All in original packaging)

The Mugato as seen in STAR TREK The Original TV Series Aliens and Adversaries Edition Q STAR TREK Fan Collection - 4 discs never opened in great condition, The Captains a Film By William Shatner An Epic Pictures Production (never opened case has some warping, Extra Large Mouse pad ( 10.5"square)

The Hamilton Collection STAR TREK: 30 Years Starfleet Doctors Plate No. 2429A AND Captain's Tribute Plate No. 2899B

The Voyage of the Starship Enterprise Chekov Signed by Actor Walter Koenig Plate No. 2330R has cert of auth not in original packaging

Scotty Engineering Officer Plate No. 3120R signed by actor James Doohan Has cert of Auth not in original packaging

Mr. Spock Science Officer Plate No. 0673M signed by actor Leonard Nimoy

Sulu Plate No. 3991M Plate No. 3991M Signed by actor George Takei had cert Authenticity not in original packaging

2 Large mugs by Susie Morton, 1 - Mr. Spock ID No. 1758 & Capt James T. Kirk ID No. 1649, 1 Pfaltzgraff STAR TREK mug, and 1 mug 1994 Paramount Pictures

2 Taco Bell collectors Spock Lives AND 4 U.S.S. Enterprise NCC - 1701-A 1993 Paramount Pictures

1998 Collector's Edition Star Trek AT&T Prepaid Cards limited edition 492 of 700

2 comic books in used shape and 1 Lenord Nimoy presents Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space

Commemorative Anniversary Pen by Fisher Space Pen Co. Marking 30 Years of STAR TREK, You'll be able to write in zero gravity. Never used

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Plate No. 1893 F, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Plate No. 1040D, "Triple Nacelled U.S.S. Enterprise" Plate No. 1507B, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-A Plate No. 1918B, "Frenengi Marauder" Plate No. 4586A, "Romulan Warbird" Plate No. 0864A, "Klingon Battlecruiser" Plate No. 2831C.....All Plates from The Hamilton Collection and have Certificates of Authenticity

The Ultimate Confrontation STAR TREK Generations Plate Collection officially authorized by Paramount Pictures Plate No. 1240B, Voyage Home from the STAR TREK Life of Spock Plate No. 1722A, The Voyage Begins from the STAR TREK: Voyager Plate No. 1789A, Captain's Tribute from the Star Trek; 30 Years Plate No 2484C   lot 59 is Part 1 

First Contact STAR TREK Borg Ship has been opened by Playmates Collectors Series Edition No. 020156

STAR TREK "Q" Miniature by Everyone Loves to Get Applause (in original box but not packaging) has cert auth AND Arena Miniature (has original packaging) has cert auth

1993 2nd Anniversary World of Coca Cola 6 pack with wooden 6 pack case Full bottles

3 Figures in original packaging. 2 - Ultra Armour Archer and 1 Chip Hazard Platoon Leader

STAR TREK The Next Generation Special Commemorative Edition Porcelain Plaque

A "positive" from the original movie used for printing posters

Space Marine Bishop Android, 2 - Alien Queen with "Deadly" Chest-Hatching (one of the packages has a bent corner and some minor tears)

STAR TREK The Next Generation Space. The Final Frontier Action figures: Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi, Ferengi (2), Captain Dathon, Lieutenant Worf, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Locutus, Borg, Lieutenant Commander Data, Romulan, Admiral McCoy, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge, Mordock The Benzite, Captain Scott, Gowron The Klingon, Commander William T. Riker, Guinan, Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge in Dress Uniform

3 one dollar bills with the faces of Spock, Captain Kirk, and Captain Picard. Door-Knob hanger. Hologram

USS Enterprise The artwork for this plate was created by celebrity artist Susie Morton on Start Date 0585. 1 1 in tribute to the "USS Enterprise" and its crew (has cert auth) not in original Styrofoam pkg

1 - Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Clock, Hallmark STAR TREK lunch box unopened, Star Trek New Frontier Captain Calhoun Star Trek Communicator, and Star Trek Communicator Phone

Misc. Coca Cola Bottles, 1986 Graceland, 1993 Grand Canyon Railway, 1993 Babyland General Hospital 15th Birthday, 2 2001 Steve Park, 1999 Christmas, in wood 6 pack case

2002 Coca Cola 100th Anniversary, North Texas Bottling Company, 6 pack

2007 Circa 1899 Coca Cola 6 pack, Full Bottles

STAR TREK The Next Generation Personal Communicator Holiday Ornament opened


1999 Coca Cola Stanley Cup Champions, Dallas Stars 6 pack

Plate No. 16295A in the limited Edition of "Mickey's Birthday Party" 1942 Premier plate in Mickey and Minnie Through the Years from The Bradford Exchange (has cert of authenticity)

Return of the Jedi, The Original Radio Drama Six Episodes on 3 Audio cassettes AND Batman Returns The Official Movie Book

Admiral Leonard H. McCoy Start Trek The Next Generation, T. Hikaru Sulu Classic STAR TREK, Borg Ship Mini Playset STAR TREK The Next Generation All in packaging

2 Sky Box StarTrek Voyager 8 cards per pack never opened, 2 - Collector Playing Cards by Hoyle 1 open 1 unopened, 1 plastic box of Star Trek Deep Space Nine Collector cards opened , 1 - Six All Metal Collector Cards for STAR TREK The Original Series 30th Anniversary Unopened, and 1 notepad

2 "coins" Deep Space Nine and 25th Anniversary, 1 Letter opener, and 1 U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Snow Globe

sizes 24" X 16" Chipmunks and Pluto

17.5" x 11.5" ….20" Diagonal

1995 Coca Cola Winston Cup Champ, 24 Jeff Gordon 6-PK 1994 Peachtree Road Race Coke Bottles 6 Pack w/ Carrier

1997 Texas Motor Speedway Inaugural Race 8 oz. Coca-Cola 6-Pack

1996 Coca Cola Texas Rangers West Champions, 6 pack

2001 Coca Cola Bottle 6 pk The story of Texas The Bob Bullock History Museum


2000 Coca Cola Racing Family, Kyle Petty #44 6 pack

1998 Franklin Mint Fine Porcelain bordered in 24k gold Fashion Ladies Plate plate number HA2281 w/stand and Certificate of Authenticity

Coca-Cola salt & pepper shaker, and Vending Machine Toothpick holder

Dallas Stars 1999 Champions

1996 Atlanta Olympics Special Edition marking 62 years of Olympic Sponsorship

1996 Holiday Edition 6-pack with various Santa poses

1995 Major League Baseball All-Star Fest

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