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You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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31X8X17 has been used well

40X16X29 nice deco piece

Cross country skis made in Peterborough, Canada 79" long or 201cm

20X13X23 some wear cute for child or for some teddy bears

Rigid 6 gallon 2.5 HP wet/dry vac. Untested.

13X27X36 good condition has the squeak just like Grandma's

40X18X39 mustache handles nice condition may have some wear


47X29X29 looks to be in good condition

18X29 print # 37/150

13X20X21 great for decoration or for a child

72X11X61 some damage but very nice looking piece

20" long made in Cuba nice engraving on the side

17X21X29 wood. Great for a child, dolls or teddy bears.

18X29 "Heavy Snow" an Artist proof #14/25

36" high look to be in good condition

29X17X54 nice condition some wear

15X30X29 great for a little girl to put her dolls or teddy bears in. NOTE: Does not meet current safety requirements. Play or Decorative use only. Not verified for use with infants or children.

8ohm. No tears in Speakers untested

40X19X16 some scratches

E.P. On copper. Glass tops WM Rogers in Hamilton, Ontario

4 Pyrex bowls consist of 1L, 1.5L, 2.5L, and 4L.

32" high great for a small flower pot or favourite statue

Mercury freestyle snowboard, steel edging secured bindings with tethered strap. 138cm

Nice piece

Canadian industries box is 18X12X8 the other is 32X6X6

Solid pine tray tables. 19X15X25

61" in working condition has marble on bottom

Decorative lamp appears fully functional untested. 12" tall

Some scratches to the paint. 20X14X24

Made by swish industries

34X18X15 well used tool box

3 total approx 8' chain wear and tare

Little over half a box 50lb box

36X20X18 has some scratches

Power light construction lights, untested.

Ardox common Nails Half a 50lb box

Some fading .. 31X29X46 comes with Stool

Dirt Hound 16 gallon 6.0 hp wet/dry vac. No hose. Untested.

Wooden table with a 1920's ABC's table top. Top is metal. 24X20X20

G.L. Loates 1986 "The eastern Bluebird" plate #1932/10,000

27X31X39 some scratches

19X12X25 wire stand with wooden box. Mended

Stack of Birds & Bloom magazines approx. 90 of them

All pieces seem to be in the box, untested.

Lantern is 14" tall

Made in England

15X25 with letter of authenticity #78/550


16x19 nice wood frame

Set of 6 drinking glasses. 5" tall

Set of 6 drinking glasses. 4" tall

Made in England

20X31 "Northern Sanctuary" by Marc Barrie #14/25

14X22 "Whoo, me? - Screech Owl" #53/500 with letter of authenticity


Paint chipping and some holes

54X14X26 wood top

Bone china Coronet

Clay sun bursts

Glassware - 5 pieces

12X17 "Winged Elegance" with letter of authenticity #53/100

18X31 "Homeward Bound" artist Proof #8/25

19X31 Print # 28/150

Made by Oden inc. wall hanging Mirror

Linda Edgington design, 7" tall

9" tall made in Germany

16X6X21 looks to be in good condition

Set of six drinking glasses. 6" tall


Glassware, 3 pieces

Clay planter with a bird design on side and female on the other. 13" high

Some damage around lid edge. 14" diameter

Small crack on top bar.30X14X42

Vintage 1920's wicker serving tray 20 inches long x 14 inches wide and 2 inches high


40"x45" LxH


Musical snow globe with the tune "jingle bells"

7" tall faints' copper wear of Canada

Tested works Duck theme


14X16 says rockport Ontario on sign in sketch

15X13 St. Brendan's church rockport Ontario


Royal Winton Grimwades Collectors Plate, Toboggan Slide

Balmoral Derby plate

Candy Dishes, 4 pieces, one carnival

Various brand names and years most of them or from 1990-1994

18X9X9 cute little tool box for the ladies

Set of 5 Kuba Porzellan Bavaria-Germany in fair condition

Top left made by FireKing ovenware.. bottom left is Pyrex, and no markings on rest

Brass some damage

26" long when opened

Cast iron

7" tall look to in good condition

Miscellaneous glassware

15X12.5 nice little blessing for a loved one

Adjustable cane 30" up to 39"

Collectors Edition figurine by Amoretto.

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