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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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1970s Try light pole light with spring on the top tested works could use a good cleaning

Wire hanging lamp, lazy Susan needs to be hardwired or a plug put on the end of it. Very cool looking. Nice shape

Mid-century modern. 1970's coffee table 20 inches wide. 45 inches long. 15 inches high. Very solid and sturdy. Has a great look to it.

Repurposed solid wood cupboard very solid and sturdy. repurposed vintage Tin in the top. All the drawers work nice. Doors work good. 46 inches wide. 16 and a half inches deep. 47 inches tall.

34 and a half inches long. 16 inches wide and 14 inches tall one small split in the corner you can clearly see in the picture

4 1977 action figures Darth Vader Storm trooper and two others

Stream line electric train. One locomotive and 5 cars. All made of metal. The engine is heavy. Comes with 16 pieces of track. and instruction booklet. Looks to be in really good shape. Not sure if everything is there. What you see is what you get.

Mid-century hanging wall lamp. This is a high end lamp. Excellent shape. With a 12 foot long cord

Realistic lab 390 direct-drive turntable. Tested. Works good. (Turntable only)

34 and a half inches long. 16 inches wide. and 14 inches high. One small split by the button. You can clearly see in the picture

2 1960's Mid-century modern flat strap chairs. Very solid. Very heavy. Have a great look. Very comfortable.

Light shades in really good shape. No chips in the porcelain. 14 inches wide. Really good shape. One little scratch on it you can see in the pictures.

Studio standard by Fisher direct drive automatic stereo turntable model mg6420 Tested works. (Turntable only)

Vintage mego Robin. Boy Wonder patent pending with original clothes. gloves and shoes. Really good shape seven and a half inches tall

Mid-century modern table legs. 9 inches long. Brand new still in box

Original 1974 mego Batman with the original boots and gloves I say it's in really good shape 8 inches tall

Solid teak the Kingsley Bate genuine teak furniture Manassas Virginia. The table is in beautiful shape. Very solid and sturdy. Made of solid teak. 38 inches long 24 and a half inches wide. 14 inches high.

3 1977 Star Wars action figures Pretty good shape

Comes with 22 by 17 Captain Fantastic poster. Lyrics book and Scraps book. record is in mint shape

3 component Techniques stereo system. Everything works excellent this is a really good system. Very loud and clear. Comes with a remote

Esso service station with pumps, Road sign, Tires Stand, Ramps, Dolly, Gas cans, Toolbox, Diesel pump, Men, Oil drums bicycles, Car jack and other stuff, Comes with what you see. Good shape

Pink Floyd. Wish You Were Here LP. The record is in really good condition. The case had some water marks on it.

1978 Star Wars vehicle pretty good shape has some marker marks on the bottom of it

Limited edition Ken Dryden bobble head doll made by Alexander Global promotions 1972 Team Canada. Team of the century. 6 and a half inches tall. In its original package excellent shape no chips no cracks

1987 Rush Hold Your Fire brand new LP still sealed up. Mint shape

Industrial stool 24 inches tall. Seat screws up and down. Great patina. Very sturdy

Vintage Industrial Angle Lake group patina few spots of rust in the porcelain you can clearly see the pictures still very solid

1977 action figures pretty good shape

1979 Star Wars figure looks to be in pretty good shape. The rains are split.

Grateful Dead in the dark 1987 LP mint shape new in package sealed

6 brand new crown royal glasses still in package. With bonus stir stick.

Electric Ball light made out of plastic. clock is battery operated tested they both work

Vintage realistic MPA - 95. 100 watt PA amplifier model number 32 - 2036 public address amplifier. Tested works

Vintage Hohner speakers. 38 inches long. 11 inches high. 6 and a half inches deep. Tested both work good. Both in good shape. One's missing the Horner badge.

Tuner tested works.

Louis Marx's 1950's Train terminal or station 29 inches long. 11 inches wide. 9 inches high. all made of tin. Really good shape. Comes with loading ramp and some plastic accessories also by marx's. 2 train guys. 2 light stations and a Luggage cart

Records in mint shape original 1976

1974 Neil Diamond. Hits like Sweet Caroline. Mint shape. Sealed and package

1970s light. Excellent shape chain is in really good shape. 12 feet of chain and extension cord. Shade in really nice shape no chips or cracks and all the cast is good.

Bent wood and chrome chair chromes and nice shape chair is very sturdy. Some ware on the seat

Technics compact disc changer. slmc 409 holds 100 CDs tested works

Tonka truck missing a couple pieces. Been painted. Solid and sturdy

Schulz Peanuts characters Charlie Brown Lucy. Snoopy, Schroeder, pigpen, Sally, Linus, and Frieda. drum with drumsticks pretty good shape. Has a name wrote on it

Dark Side of the Moon LP. Records in shape. Cover has some ware on the front and back

28 inches high. 30 and 1/2 wide. 17 inches deep. Got some surface rust on it. Missing a couple handles all the drawers work.

Star Wars X Wing Fighter not bad shape somebody drew on it with a marker

Lot of vintage animals Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Bunnies, Bears, rhinos, Hippopotamuses, Mostly farm animals

Vintage 1970s filter o matic rolling machine. Comes with booklet. Original case. Good shape. Tested works.

Early dinky toy made in England. Speed of the wind. Has 23e on the bottom of it. Tires are all in good shape. The cars is in pretty good shape. Got a few scuffs from being played with. Meccano Limited

The doors LP good condition has the name wrote in the cover

Retro travel bar. Locking hard case. Comes with shot glasses. Drinking glasses. Stir stick. Can and bottle opener and strainer. All in really good shape. Comes with keys

13 inch tall. Colonel Harland Sanders .Kentucky Fried Chicken. Piggy bank in good shape. made in Canada.

High-end stereo cassette deck. Tested works. Super hard metal alloy heads

Vintage Benjamin Franklin Savings Bank. Three coin. Door opens at $10. Line Mar Corporation Inc. used condition

Vintage wooden microphone stands 10 inches tall. teak base. Untested.

1976 USS Enterprise looks like it's missing part of the bottom of the spaceship. For parts and pieces or repair. Comes with what you see . In original box has some tape on it 1976

Vintage Mighty Tonka loader good shape Has some marker marks on it

Thomas the Train. Wooden track and train pieces. Not sure if you're missing pieces or there's extra pieces. What-you-see-is-what-you-get

Tested works. Stays in any position you want it to.. From the clamp at the bottom to the arm where it bends is 36 inches long From the arm where it bends to the light is 18 inches.. The light itself is 18 and a half inches wide has a clamp on the one arm and some tape. Tape residue on the light shade

13/2 inch tall. Lava lamp. Tested works

Just over 6 feet tall. 4 vintage Cross Country Skis. Recessed into a slab of wood. Excellent shape. Very sturdy. (Coat rack only)

Dinky toys made in England. meccano Limited. Good shape. The tires are all good. Colors are pretty bright and vibrant please see pictures.

Remote control switch. Louis Marx's comes with three pieces. Still in original box. All pieces in good condition. Not sure if anything is missing.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and one other both in good shape Obi-Wan has a retractable lightsaber

1974 Captain Kirk mego collection excellent shape.

Six Million Dollar Man comes with rocket ship and everything you see looks to be in good condition

1971 Big Jim Sports camper with accessories fishing rod or axes picks camping tools cooking tools pretty good shape has a couple little marker marks on it and a couple tape marks please see pictures for final condition

Vintage Tin Chinese checkers and marbles for the board. when you flip it over it's got a Checkers or chess board on the back of it. In good shape

1972 Heavy cream. contains two LPS both LP's and mint shape. the cover has a name on it

Three tier teak wine rack. Solid, Sturdy. Good shape 19 inches wide 15 inches tall 8 inches deep

Teak lamps with brass coloured base. They stand 32 inches tall. Lamps and shades in good shape. The one Shade has a mark on the back i did not see, Sorry no photo of mark. Base is a bit of tarnishing

Yamaha stereo amplifier model a 450. Tested works good

Louie marks automatic crossing gate. World's largest manufacturer of toys. In original box. This is made of metal and it's a heavy piece. very cool. Good shape.

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back mug made of plastic. Vintage

1/18 limited edition NYPD Crown Victoria Police Interceptor with working lights and sounds new in box never been opened

Led Zeppelin 3 record and case in good shape. with spinnable insert in the front cover

1971 Led Zeppelin LP side 1 has a couple of scratches. side 2 in nice shape. please see pictures

2 LP set Jimi Hendrix Both records in mint shape. The cover has water stains I tried to show them in the pictures

Grease LP. The record has scratches on both sides of it. The album covers cool

Mid-century Modern Lamp. No chips or cracks. Needs a good cleaning. Tested works.

Desk lamp tested works this is in excellent shape. Like new condition 18 inches wide 12 inches tall

Teak side table stands 13 inches tall 15 inches wide pretty good shape. One legs a little loose

Heavy glasses no chips or cracks heavily trimmed with 22 kt gold. brand new in box

2 March 1976 license plate pretty good shape no rust

Rocking horse good shape bright vibrant colors on the sides. 24 inches long. 13 inches wide. 16 inches tall. Great Decor piece or can still be used

14 pieces of straight track 9 inches long. 2 corner pieces, good shape. Matching Lot 200

Some of the stuff is Louis Marx's. Some of it not.. Parts for the train station

2 1980 Star Wars action figures pretty good shape

Easy Bake Oven. Tested works. Couple missing or broken handles on the front, good shape

The Yes album record and case both in good condition

1976 Neil Diamond greatest hits album Original sealed. Mint shape

Lucite lamp tested works looks to be in good shape Needs to be wiped down

Mid-century ice bucket stands 12 inches tall liner on the inside beautiful shape.

22 inches tall 12 inches wide at the base. These were used on the river for marking the Seaway Chanel with lights. Some scratches and chips. Great for home or yard decor. Please see pictures

This is a red marker light or river channel marker stands 22 inches tall 12 inches wide. One big chip out of the bottom. Has some over spray on it.

2 vintage fans both work the small one has a cracked piece of plastic at the back, Doesn't affect how it works. The bigger fan has a couple pieces of plastic broken, That need to be repaired

Vintage Crestwood weather station untested the middle gauge has some dirt in it

Vintage loudspeaker. University loudspeaker. 21 inches across. 16 inches high. great Decor piece. Made of metal great patina

Stop and go electric light. Train Tower by marx's. Made of metal and plastic the light revolves on the top when it's plugged in

2 crossing gates 2 signal switches.2 Marx's trucks and a gas pump

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