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4 wooden boxes 18 by 18. each one holds 25 bottles of wine one has no insert. three of them are 11 inches high and the one is 9 & a half inches high. very solid and sturdy

Toro snowblower 8 horsepower 24-inch wide. it has a new motor on it Tecumseh 8 horse electric starts. Runs great with The paint has been touched up. It was flaking off. Please come to viewing day to see it run

19 prisms for lamp 18 are bigger one's . and a little one

2 Stihl weedeaters SF 56 and an FS 38 both look to be complete. But untested

19 inches wide at the bottom 9 inches wide at the top. nice shape. No chips or cracks

2 vintage wire grocery baskets 14 inches wide 20 inches long. both in good shape

12 pane window nice shape no chips or cracks in the glass windows solid sturdy little bit of paint chipping

42 inches long 10 inches wide hooked up behind a four-wheeler or garden tractor. good for breaking up the Earth

18 inches wide 32 inches high works great.. fridge and freezer nice and clean

Roxton office chair Woods in nice shape rolls freely the base is a little loose I think the screw needs to be tightened up

16 inch Mastercraft Pro electric chainsaw 12 amps. good shape tested works

Propane turkey cooker BBQ untested

Portable paint easel folds up for Easy Storage

Roughly 50 feet of air compressor hose 200 PSI

Hoover? Unique nozzle swivels to get in those hard-to-reach places. New in box

Wagner power painter 4.8 gallons per hour. looks to be in good shape. untested

Yard roller steel case filled with concrete couple little holes in the steel case but the concrete is still solid

Bamboo table and 4 chair. The set is very nice and sturdy the table has two pieces of glass one of the top and one down below. chairs are all in pretty good shape 2 have a little bit of wrap coming off and you can clearly see in the pictures

Drill bit sets nut driver masonry bits some missing and some are a bit Rusty

Table and chair set little bit of wear. little bit loose

Gas can. like new. easy to pour.

2 small clamps couple old hand drills. chisel saw blades. compression tester. and other various items

4 brand new shutters 12 by 24 inches still in their packages

vintage bathtubs. Or sink taps. untested

miscellaneous children's toys. fire truck

nice shape no chips or cracks

vintage wooden box 18 inches wide 11 inches high 11 inches wide. very sturdy and strong

Lot of different books

New York Little Italy sign. couple of handles. old cigarette lighter gun. couple old razors. door plate

Hoover floor polisher tested works great. good shape runs quiet

Mixed lot bit and everything

tested Works missing one bulb all the crystals are there nice little Chandelier. roughly 16 inches wide

14 inches long 7 & a half inches high can be used on a desk or screwed to the wall.

new in box brushed pewter finish with a frosted glass shade

Various vintage bottles Coca-Cola. Crush. Pepsi-Cola single Dot.

Vintage wall light tested works. good shape. No chips or cracks in the glass

12 Glass Lamp crystals.. that hang 3 inches down

tested work.. there's no shade for the one..

Ryobi three-in-one cordless lawn mower self-propelled 20 inch cut looks to be in really good shape. But can't find the charger for it. no charger Untested.

Box of miscellaneous lamp parts and pieces

stuff to keep you warm this winter

Miscellaneous nuts bolts screws parshall storage container

still in box hose reel

Retro heater made in France untested nice shape

box of mason jars Jewel Crown Imperial that I can see

Military laundry bag 36 inches long 18 inches wide. and an extra large yellow raincoat both in good condition

NFL size large rain poncho brand new

Miscellaneous box lot. Most of the stuff brand-new vintage set of headphones

Some chipping and cracking on both

like brand new extension cord. PowerBar could be cleaned. Chainsaw Bar Oil is a third of the way full

both in really nice shape

2 weed eaters great for parts or you might be able to get them to run untested one's missing the real. The spool where it holds the twine

A mix of everything BBQ starter Gap filler motor oil most jugs are new. some are not

miscellaneous nuts bolts and screws. 2 containers

Gas pump magnets light bulbs miscellaneous stuff

Hard hat safety vest. safety goggles ski goggles a few other hats

Vintage skeet thrower nice shape with 40 plus clay birds

2 compressor hoses and fittings 20 to 25 feet long

Looks to be a brand new still in the box

Miscellaneous box of plumbing supplies Super Saver shower head. wash basin tubes.. miscellaneous other items

Electrical plug cover plates lamp parts. draft to seal kit. Marat's. all kinds of goodies

wastepaper basket of the world good shape little bit of rust on the bottom.

Box full of miscellaneous stuff and cups

look to be in good shape size 8 zippers work good

Girls made out of safety pins. kind of cool. mantle clock for parts just a shell. and an Old Bell untested

48 liter cooler good shape handles are very sturdy hinges are strong the strap that holds a lit up is broke

Drill bit holder propane tank one full 1 half full miscellaneous other stuff

New in box upside down vegetable planter

nice shape couple chips in the spot you can clearly see in the last picture

4- 12 inch by 24 inch Pine shutters brand new still in plastic.

Vintage Coleman stove model 411 only been used a couple times still in its original box.

tested works good shape a little bit of rust on the arm. glasses and shades in good condition

Wrought iron hanging planter Mark VI label maker LED musical party lamp and candles and candleholders . all inbox. Untested

1 box made of metal the other boxes made of wood. both need to be cleaned up a little bit

3 clocks.. nice shape.. untested

2 watch Mitch brand new still in package. an old iron and other miscellaneous stuff

glass jug and a crock. Croc is 9 inches high. it's been painted one small chip. Glass jugs in good shape

Assortment of electronics phone. recorders. white wires. and cables all untested

mixed lot what-you-see-is-what-you-get

2 Bamboo Lounge and chairs very solid and sturdy. The woods in really good condition. 2 seats need to be recovered

2 storage racks the front flips out 2 feet long four and a half inches tall

Plastic Coca-Cola crate stamp 1979 in the thermos

Popcorn popper 24 inches long good shape tiny bit of surface rust

Mama Duck and the three babies are in mint shape pink flami gos in OK condition little bit faded

15 feet of sump pump drain hose good condition

Brushes. Rollers. Scrapers. And other miscellaneous stuff

Box lot of miscellaneous stuff

Mix lot electrical stuff and cables internet cable phone cable. TV cable.

5 foot step ladder very sturdy has some paint and drywall on it

Box lot of straps and cables

Lot of tools untested

17 inches wide 23 inches tall wire shelving rack the Wicker in the bottom is in pretty good shape. some of it's a little dry

Garden hose reel. It spreads open closes for easy move ability. The plastic has a couple little breaks on it but it. Doesn't really affect it.

2 bird feeders propane cylinder propane Lantern no mantle or globe

electric charcoal lighter. in box tested works

vintage sprinkler still in box untested looks to be in good shape

3 piece BBQ set still in box with hardwood handles

5.7 liter automatic vaporizer still in box tested works

1 rust proof swivel mount hose reel and one wall mount.. Both look to be new

All three in good condition one is 6 inches across one is 7 inches across and the other one is 11 inches across

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