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Singer industrial 29k 2 Singer sewing machine.. Everything moves really free everything works real smooth.. Comes with water reservoir for your leather strapping.. Very solid and sturdy. (We will Deliver this piece. If you need with in 20 min's of my Location Please come and view this item anytime. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday Between 11-3 at 9 king st east Gananoque

Wall mounted chess board is unique Each man was handmade individually Stan's 36in tall 19 inches wide 2 inch D good for hanging on the wall playing a game of chess

Wooden coat rack 64 inches tall has eight hooks on it

Made in Canada 40 inches wide 18 in tall 18 inches deep has a drawer on the bottom all Cedar Lounge Chester's in beautiful shape on the inside outside strong and sturdy has a mark on the top of it you can clearly see in the pictures used condition

Vintage Toronto Maple Leaf Custom rotary dial phone

Aqualung buoyancy compensator like new condition excellent shape comes with owner's manual and what you see

Thousand watt portable infrared heater digital with remote control works excellent heat as a fan go on settings is a very good unit

Heavy duty slicer. Starts runs good... Just needs to have a plug put on the end of it.. They had it wired indirect... all seems to work good

Look to be in good shape everything seems to be there Tyrolia bindings and ski brakes

Jonsered chainsaw excellent condition starts and runs great great chainsaw Comes with blade cover

8 by 10 oil on canvas Known Canadian artist

All handmade lots of detail Its roughly 26 inch tall 24 inch long I was told from the lady I got it from it was handmade and Nova Scotia lots of detail

Solid Maple lamp 54 in tall made in Waterloo Quebec very solid and sturdy table roughly 15 inches on the top of it

Beautiful elephant lamp Stands 31 inches tall excellent shape no chips or cracks 24 inch shade on it Great idea for a elephant lover

2 stainless steel handy rails both in excellent shape easy installation screw your wall

49 inch wide.. 25 inch deep.. 29 in tall.. great for store and Toys.. Wood.. Whatever you wish to use it for.. very solid very sturdy.. Most of his made of cedar Please come and view this item anytime. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday Between 11-3 at 9 king st east Gananoque

Plush rocking horse excellent shape great for kids are great display piece

24 in wide 27 in tall 36 in deep with plastic liner and slide out removable tray for easy cleaning. Baby not included.

Half , quarter, and 3/8 Drive sockets.. Regular and deep sockets.. hex keys,,,,, knuckle and nut drivers.... allen keys.. 100% complete set.. case is all good

This is a beautiful designer table made of solid teak roughly 32 inches by 32 inches on the top 29 and a half inches off the floor. very solid and sturdy. It's a very beautiful table Please come and view this item anytime. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday Between 11-3 at 9 king st east Gananoque

Antique tool box 19 inches long 10 inches wide 11 inch, strong and sturdy handle, great Decor piece/ display.

This is a beautiful mid-century modern lamp no chips no cracks excellent shape beautiful piece very thick heavy glass

46 by 18 17 inches high very solid and sturdy can be used either for a bench hallway or coffee table nice shape very thick top on it this is a nice heavy coffee table or bench

Roughly 24 in wide 31 in high closes and opens as far as you want it to, good shape very strong and sturdy.

Custom made 12 bottle wine rack.. very heavy duty solid and sturdy great way to display your wine Great Decor piece 46 in high 30 in wide 18in deep. Please come and view this item anytime. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday Between 11-3 at 9 king st east Gananoque

9 inch tall 3D Stein serial number B 06436 moist and very heavy

Beautiful Hallway bench with storage overall length of the bench 57 inch storage on the inside of the bench is 48 inches long by 12 inch deep by 7 inches high, for storing your mitts and gloves, boots, sweaters; very solid and sturdy great little bench.

Roughly 9 in tall, tested works.. missing one bulb on the outside of it

Plugged it in and lights up all the dials work on it, patch cords and plugins are on the on the back

2 bar stools solid rubber Woods, 29 inch tall 12 inches wide.

Pure Springs ginger ale case still very solid the one side on the bottom is rotted out, rest is very solid and sturdy still

Stool stands 25 inches tall over all height is 34 and a half, very strong and sturdy; great look, little bit of paint chipping off.

Humpback steamer trunk Stan's 24 in tall almost 29 inches wide 17 inches deep very solid and sturdy. missing latches please see pictures for final condition missing one of the latches

Light blue Singer sewing machine tested seems to work fine

Great wooden shelf, display your stuff on, made out of a vintage sleigh 47 in tall shelves or 11 and a half by 7 and a quarter screwed to the wall. Very solid and sturdy, (stuff on the shelf motorcycles and tobacco tins are for display only. NOT Included

Roughly 22 in Long good shape everything works stickers are faded off the side other than that it's and it's all complete

Very strong and sturdy old table 51 in Long 42 inches wide good shape for its age couple little scuffs and marks

Antique grain scale very solid and sturdy all the wheels are in good shape no chips or cracks great Decor piece or could still be used

28 volts 100 Watts, this is a good little unit very heavy, tested works good

Rack load of souvenir spoons and display rack, display rack is roughly 16 inches wide 21 inches tall; spoons from all over the world.

Roughly 21 by 21 in Rickards Red Wooden beer sign Made by Advanced mirror designs decent shape solid and sturdy

Very solid and sturdy cable 42 inch wide 30 inches high few marks and scuffs on the top of it

Great little display Decor piece.

Motorcycle art made out of nuts bolts Springs; very neat piece, all welded together great Christmas gift.

Antique washstand excellent shape ,30 inch wide 15 inch deep, Drawers and doors both slide and move easy... Excellent shape very strong and sturdy. Beautiful piece. Please come and view this item anytime. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday Between 11-3 at 9 king st east Gananoque

Rare limited-edition Timopoly Tim Horton's game. Good over all condition. Please see picture for full inventory of pieces. Someone drew a game on the back of the board. Great for the Tim Hortons collector Rare Limited Edition Timopoly Tim Horton's good shape the lid for the box is pretty good shape one on the corner has some damage showing with the piece of you see there's five man for the game the boards and great shape on the front somebody Drew another game on the back of the board

2 wooden crates 18 inch by 15 inch by 6 inch deep both pretty solid and strong and sturdy

Coffee table 36 in wide 19 inches high solid and sturdy ,few marks in the top.

New Old Stock Crown Royal glasses

Art easel goes from a 4-inch frame to a 48 inch frame made out of solid mahogany nice quality unit good knobs on it, dirty, solid and sturdy overall length of 66 from the floor to the top.

New recycling bin or storage container can be locked keep Critters out of it great for store and salt would anything you wish in it on wheels for easy rolling.

Set of 4 nesting bowls all Pyrex good shape little bit of wear on the inside of the two smaller ones rest are in excellent shape no chips or cracks beautiful set.. Hard to find the whole set together

Solid Maple with drop-down drawer, 36 in wide 32 in tall five and a half inches wide, great display rack very solid and sturdy made of solid maple.

Nice rocking chair good shape very solid and sturdy very comfortable great Little Rocker

Cast iron frying pan good shape handle needs to be tightened up

Roughly 11 inches wide 9 inches high 8 in deep Great bird feeder for putting on your deck watch the birds eat at the park bench in the street light great little Christmas gift

18 x 12 in really nice shape No parking metal sign with reflective tape

Pair of homemade snowshoes Great Decor piece or could still be used got a neat look to them Somebody put a lot of work into them

Made of wood for the snow or water

3 frying pans biggest ones 12 in. One has a folding handle, all three in decent shape

13 inches long both have holes pre-drilled for easy installation of the wall very strong and sturdy heavy duty angle iron

Vintage storage cupboard 32 inches high 22 inches wide 12in deep ,only do the solid wood Pearsall and sturdy

6 New Old Stock Crown Royal glasses with bonus limited edition glass and stir stick

Liquor dispenser unit, just put your bottle in... it holds 26 and 40 oz.. whatever liquor you choose, nice shape.

Flask new in box with shot glass new in package

4 chairs Pretty good shape... Sturdy

42 in tall 25 in wide and 11 inches deep great shoe and boot rack made of wire covered in plastic sturdy used condition

Horse collar 28 inches high 19 in wide decent shape couple small little holes in the back, you can see in the pictures

Great Decor pieces, green patina, see pictures for condition

Gilbert coffee table 36 in Long 18 in wide by 18 inches high, very solid and sturdy Has some damage to the top lip you can clearly see in the pictures very solid

45 in by 24 in wide, Hello Kitty

Large Sombrero, 23 in across, looks to be in good condition

Vintage Bell phone tested, works

30 inch wicker table Wickers in excellent shape very strong and sturdy table little bit of the Finish is coming off the top, adds some character to it

Delcraft nightstands are 30 inches wide 18 in deep 20 in tall very solid and sturdy each has one drawer on it. They have two little holes drilled the top for hooking lamps up

Ms Hanson 8 x 10 oil on Canvas Known Canadian artist

Roughly 12 in tall No chips or cracks nice shape

14 inches long 9 inches wide has a name stamped on the back of it Leathers in excellent condition

Great Decor piece, stands 18 in tall 12 in wide great display piece

Good little roller set great for easy moving the fridge or stove, for cleaning or whatever you wish to use them for used condition, strong and sturdy

Hamilton Beach electric grill, tested works needs to be wiped off cleaned up, a roast pan like new condition no lid not sure if there's supposed to be a lid and perfect pancakes

Steam vaporizer with night light tested work comes with instructions and original box

Folding card table fairly solid and sturdy 30 in square in the table 27 inches tall.

42 by 52 inch blanket cover or throw. Real nice shape

Antique steel wheel mounted on display board Great Piece of decor

Mid-century modern teak wine rack stand roughly 16 in tall good shape couple little chips off it holds 7 bottles of wine

2 nutcrackers good shape little bit of paint missing off the top of the hat. ones is 14 inches tall. the other one stands 8 inches tall

Like new condition you can adjust where the candles go very solid and sturdy 36 in tall nice wood I believe it's made out of mahogany

Beautiful shape paper mache clown on metal bike great little piece stands 32 inch tall 24 inch long great shape

Ok shape

Strong and sturdy box 23 in Long 12 in wide nine and a half inches high ,think it's an old tool box little damage on the bottom of the board split great patina totally fixable

Some kind of snowboard roughly 32 inch long 8 in wide decent shape

36 in wide 20 inches high very strong and sturdy Excellent shape no chips or cracks. Top's in excellent shape, steel base.

Smart's Brockville antique lawn mower solid and sturdy, good shape for its age, little bit of rust on it, untested.

Jetliner traveling bar case. Comes with two keys

Mid-century modern continent believe it's teak not a hundred percent sure

Vintage insulators all look to be in good shape great for decoration or repurposing

Roughly 10 by 8 in nice shape nice frame

Cast iron frying pan lot include spot in can opener all in good used condition

Selection of bottles all in good shape no chips or cracks good condition for their age

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