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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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14 karat gold diamond ring size 7 please see pictures for condition

Solid silver bracelet weighs 22.2 G Grams excellent shape, thick links

Beautiful stones nice setting.. Size 7.. Looks like gold but not sure

White gold ring size 7 and a half

10 karat gold ring nice shape Scott Crown shape to it fairly heavy

Beautiful ring with Ruby Stone and diamond chips excellent shape has Maker's Mark but I can't make it out size 8

Beautiful blue stone with two diamond chips. Excellent shape

18 inch Long fairly thick chain

Beautiful ring size 9 and 1/2 ..Excellent condition. Has Maker's Mark on the inside very nice quality ring.

8 inch long real nice looking piece. clasp works good.

Price 10 karat gold ring with green stone ring, quite heavy with solid gold leaves on it size 6

Size 7 ring. No markings. nice shape ..little bit of wear on the bottom.

10 karat gold ring. Thick.. all complete no Stones missing. Beautiful ring

Beautiful set of cuff links gold or gold plate. Real nice reddish Amber stone on top. Maker's Mark - I don't know what it means

Beautiful brooch. Roughly 1 inch and a half inches. Made in Spain. Very high-quality. Very detailed

12 rings most in good shape... Couple missing stones

Coro sterling silver brooch, excellent shape, roughly 3 in Long, nice quality piece

10 karat gold ring size 4 and 1/2 nice shape all the stones are there

2 pair of 925 earrings, big set roughly an inch and a half round

Nursing assistant. Kingston General Hospital.. 10 karat gold diamond ring. Beautiful shape. Size 6 and a quarter

Beautiful 925 bracelet has good clasp, good quality, weighs 13.5 grams

Solid 10 karat gold Mans wedding band Maker's Mark CMC

JPS maker... Cross with green stone in the middle of it.. nicely made

Beautiful blue stone pendant..

2 large unique earrings.. roughly 2 in long. Nice shape. One earring Hoops been replaced. Very unique

925 sterling silver earrings with Maker's Mark. Nice shape

Bracelet 8 inches long..Very heavy. Weighs 35.7 grams. Excellent shape.. No markings.

15 inch chain, sterling silver.. With butterfly pendant

Dumbo, Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Goofy and Tinkerbell Excellent shape roughly seven and a half inches long

2 Necklaces one 20 the other ones is 18 in Long...Both in Nice condition

Charm bracelet with 9 charms on it.. some Marked Sterling, some Avon. Nice shape

Sundial pendant. some wear from use

9 karat Gold with Maker's Mark Cross nice shape good pendant

3 chains, a bracelet and a spare piece of chain

Excellent shape solid silver earrings

Nice silver ring, 10 karat gold, size 5 Nice condition

Nice bracelet good clasp, looks to be quality made can't find any marks on it, excellent shape

Beautiful ring.. no markings.. costume new condition

10 karat gold ring with Ruby nice shape. Good condition

Beautiful shape beautiful piece. earrings and pendant

Sterling silver bracelet.. Very thick and heavy. Weighs 71.3 grams. Open 's and closes nicely. Really nice shape

18 inch chain with pendant, no markings nice shape

Nice little sterling silver ring. No markings but it's Sterling, size 8.

Signed smibo. Sterling silver cuff links nice shape, please see pictures SMI

Comes in original box. Genuine stones. Tie clip and cuff links. Beautiful set. Very ornate. New condition

Coral bracelet 8 in Long. Very heavily gold plated. Excellent shape, it's a really nice piece

Beautiful 10 karat gold with large Ruby excellent shape size 6 and 1/2

Beautiful earrings excellent shape weight 1.9 grams very nice earrings

Sterling silver earrings. Really nice shape.. good size

Vintage 16-inch chain. Good condition

Scrap lot mostly silver - couple pieces not marked

Sterling silver ring. Good shape. Marked. 925

Excellent shape 925 earrings dream catcher

14K Thailand ring nice shape. Missing one stone.. Please see pictures for marks

This is a beautiful little bracelet. That has Asian fans on it. Maker's Mark just over 7 inches long . Clasp works good.. nice shape

Ruby and diamond chips gold-plated. Some of the plating wearing off band. All the stones and diamonds are there.

16 in Necklaces with pendants. Stone in it like new condition

Ring size 8, Mark 925. Nice condition

Size 6 vintage. Nice shape

For parts or repair, please see pictures

Nice metal bracelet looks to be quality made. Looks to be Sterling, but no markings

Sterling silver size 6, nice shape

Heart-shaped locket Sterling silver. very ornate. Nice shape 16 inch chain. clasp works good.

Dale Earnhardt Junior ring size 10, very solid and heavy

30 inch necklace. Very nice piece. Or can be adjusted by putting it in different rings - can be made shorter or doubled up.. really nice shape heavy thick links

Jade pendant, roughly an inch long nice Jade stone, no chips or cracks, beautiful piece, look nice on a necklace

Silver crab brooch. Marked 800, very detailed piece, nice shape, roughly 1 inch wide

1/20 gold filled 12 karat pendant locket and chain - one clasp been changed on the chain

Earrings roughly an inch and a quarter round...half-inch thick real nice shape

16 in Long, this necklace is well made very beautiful piece., Missing one small stone

Handcrafted ring believe it's sterling silver with purple stone nice little ring, size 6 and a quarter

Large ring size 9 the outside plate is wearing off can clearly see in the pictures. Please see pictures for condition

Unique cuckoo clock pin. Excellent shape Great for any clock collector

This is a designer piece by HB sterling silver bracelet. Nice bracelet has Maker's Mark.. Clasp leave missing. Fairly heavy piece. Quality work

Quality 925 broach roughly inch and 1/2 by 2 in nice piece, everything works good

Gold filled pendant and 18 inch chain, nice shape

19 inch Necklace with pendant charms on them.. Excellent shape

A pair of cufflinks really nice shape

Nice sterling silver bracelet bracelet, real nice condition

Lot of earrings, necklaces and the ring All In various condition, please see pictures

Sterling silver ring size 5 nice ring. Missing two small stones

Eagle pendant. Looks to be gold plated. Nice condition

Beautiful set of earrings well-crafted. no markings

Chains fairly thick pendants of a shoe, gold bar and a four-leaf clover

18 inch box chain 925 Italian with Maker's Marks and 925 pendant

Excellent shape. Size 7. Sterling silver ring

925. Disney. Heart-shaped pendant. Nice shape

Mix lot of Sterling Silver. Rings. Bracelet, pendant ..a couple loose earrings

Couple cool little hat pins or jacket pins. One's a bee, the other one is a Fly.. excellent condition. One has a Makers Mark

Watches, chains, pins, brooches - mixture of everything; some wearable. Parts and pieces

Cuff links with Golf Club on the front. Excellent shape

Mexican sombrero signed PNM. Very cool 3D Sombrero hard to see in pictures. Very neat piece Roughly an inch and a quarter quarter. Pretty thick

9 Pair of earrings. Beautiful shape. Vintage costume ones missing a stone,

Imitation NHL ring Calgary Flames nice shape

Mix of pendants and earrings, some sterling silver, all in good shape

Bracelets, pendants - various conditions, please see pictures

Some wearable, some need repair. Some for parts and pieces

Some good stuff to wear, some parts and pieces

Good stuff - parts and pieces, mixture of everything, some wearable, some parts and pieces

Mixed jewelry. Some wearable, some parts and pieces

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