Glenburnie (Ontario, Canada) SELLER MANAGED September Downsizing Online Auction - Heathcliffe Ln

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11 inches tall. Good condition.

Never used. Cedar rain barrel. Original price was $199. 24 x 24 x41.

16 inches long.

Approximately 8 feet long

Over 350 square feet of unfinished ash tongue and groove hardwood flooring. 3 1/4 wide. Lots of long lengths. Buyer will have to arrange a separate pick up time with the seller.

In excellent condition.

20 inch long strand. Sterling clasp. Comes with Birks case.

Includes Nike, Strada, Calvin Klein, Sabrina Scala and others.

In excellent shape. Hand painted. 10 inches tall.

Stands approximately 5 feet high.

Disney's 100 years of magic collection. 24 pieces. Matches lot 6.

Includes liz Claiborne, Crazy Horse, American Eagle and others.

100 years of magic collection. 30 pieces.

All in good condition.

32 books in total. All in good condition.

10 books in total.

Approximately 5 years old. Was working in May 2015.

Rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches. Includes jewellery box and some Birk's boxes.

In excellent condition. Size small.

All pieces are in excellent condition.

100 years of Disney magic. 29 pieces. Matches lot 6 and 78.

10 in total.

15 inch strand.

Unsure if the pump works.

Brand new with tags. 16 inches tall.

Has a glass dome over the bulb to protect it from the elements. Some paint is peeling off of the base.

In good condition. One was over the stove. Has holes cut for venting. 15 x 42. 24 x 30. 24 x 33. All are upper cabinets. Includes shelves ( not in pics).

In excellent condition. 12 x 7 x 5

Silver plated. Mother of pearl handles.

Bell. Excellent condition.

No markings. Handmade. 2 inches in diameter.

See pics for brands.

What you see is what you get.

Doll bed is 25 inches long and 14 inches wide. Build a Bear doll with extra outfits.

In excellent condition.

Salton coffee urn. Working condition NOT known. Appears to be very lightly used.

8 bulb light fixture. Can be configured for many different shapes. Works.

Like new condition. Ladies size 9.

Glasses, soap dish. All in excellent condition. Soap dish has some paint chips.

Art and science kits.

All pieces are in excellent condition.

Perfect condition. 13 x 7 x 5

Brand unknown. Working condition. 4.5 inch disc.

In good condition. 9 inches long.

Very heavy. In excellent condition. 9 inches tall.

2 pairs of men's shoes. One pair brand new. Size 10. Shirts and sweaters. All in excellent condition. Size large. 8 pairs of brand new socks.

In good condition. Comes with a dust cover. 12 inches long.

Good condition. 30-60 pound.

7.5 x 7.5 x 18.5. In working order.

Size 2. In good shape.

1 milk glass. In good condition.

3 bars and about a dozen weights. Includes bag.

Transformers pack unopened. Pokemon. Chaotic. Duelmasters. Yu-gi-oh. Most are in good condition.

In excellent condition. 30 inches tall.

In excellent condition.

Some Delft ware. Some is salt glazed. Mug has a chip.

Various pieces of china. See pics for brands.

Never used. Note damage to lid handle and whistle. Pieces to fix whistle are included.

Clay cookie jar. 9 inches tall . Excellent condition.

Mailbox piece has a couple of chips. Rest are in good condition.

In perfect condition. 5 inches in diameter.

54 inches long.

A variety of Mickey Mouse collectibles. Large Mickey pez dispenser has been removed.

Excellent condition. Pitcher is 8 inches tall. Plate is 9 inches in diameter. No chips.

All plates are in excellent condition. 8 inches in diameter.

No chips. 7 inches across.

In excellent shape. 4 inches tall.

Good condition. 10 inches tall.

Includes Godinger year 2000 salt and pepper with case.

8 inches tall. Excellent condition.

39 in total.

Working condition NOT known. 20 inches tall.

All pieces are in excellent condition.

All pieces are in excellent condition. One dish has a bead broken off.

Signed piece. 6 inches tall.

Like new condition.

In excellent condition. 8.5 inches in diameter.

In excellent shape.

In excellent condition.

Emerson. Working condition NOT known.

In excellent condition. 6 inches tall.

16 in total. IBM mug has chips.

In excellent condition. 7 inches in diameter.

16 in total.

37 x 47 x 9.

36 in total.

Billabong has a few marks on the visor. Rest are in good shape.

Teapot, bowl and decorations. All in good condition.

In excellent condition. 12 inches in diameter.

Geometric glass storage. Has some chips.

22 carat gold trimmed. 5.5 inches tall.

In good shape. Some crazing on the bottom. 15 inches long.

Movie star cards. Well over 100. Cards are in excellent shape. Binder has been taped.

14 inches in diameter. Some wear.

Some minor chips. 13.5 inches tall.

No size. Probably for a 4-7 year old.

Excellent condition. 11 inches tall.

Purple colour. In good shape. 13 inches in diameter.

In good condition.

Perfect condition. Very heavy.

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