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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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20w x 11d x 77h. Solid wood case with glass doors. Hentschels, Waterloo, Ont. Pendulum clock with 1 weight. Working order not known. Clock face made in Germany.

29w x 14d x 53h. Solid Oak cabinet with locking glass door (has key).

The Sessions Clock Company. 8-day half hour cathedral gong. 16w x 6d x 12h. Working order not known.

27w x 13d x 46h. Antique. Solid wood. Fold down top with interior cubbies. Appears to be flat cut Oak.

Solid wood. Decorative carved wood handles. 43w x 20d x 37h (to the top of hinged unit on top).

14.5w x 19.5d x 16h. Antique. Serial # SM-11107. Hand crank. Working order with 1 wax cylinder tube loaded and an additional 4-6 more. Wood case.

Solid wood. Marvel Furniture Co., Pepper Brothers. Decorative metal hardware. 34w x 18.5d x 65h. Lower desk and upper hutch are 2 separate pieces.

47w x 15d x 19h. Painted wood slats on a folding metal base.

Wood case with decorative wood inlay. Working order not known. 12w x 3.5d x 7h.

Picnic outfit # 5224E. Set is complete and includes 4 cups, 4 saucers,4 plates, 4 spoons, 4 forks, 2 thermos, 4 juice cups, 2 lunch boxes, 4 plastic condiment containers & salt/pepper/mustard jars. 19.5w x 6d x 13.5h. Made in England.

H.A.C. (Hamburg American Clock) with a 14-day strike. Serial #3117. 11.5w x 6.5d x 15h. Made in Wurttemerg. Working order not known.

Solid wood with turned spindles. 47w x 20d x 48h. Includes 2 bonnet drawers.

25" diameter, wood spokes, very good condition.

Wood case, glass front and side panels. 16w x 6d x 39h. With pendulum. Working order not known.

Solid wood. 53w x 21d x 34h. With 2 vice grips (Caherriman, Chicago, Oct . 27 No. 7)

Painted wood. Overall dimensions: 39.5w x 59.5h.

Solid wood. 48w x 25d x 32.5h. Minor damage to top. Designed to accept upper storage unit (storage unit not available).

Waterbury Clock Company, 8.5w x 4d x13h. Working condition not known.

Painted wood. 11w x 11d x 49h.

23w x 12d x 23.5h. Antique. Book matched wood top with floral wood inlay. Minor chip in floral inlay.

20" diameter, metal spokes and solid wood wheel.

83w x 6d x 54h. Solid oak. Minor scratches.

Thomas A. Edison Inc., Dept. 7649. Solid wood cabinet with hinged top. 21w x 22d x 52h. With record storage area below. Working condition not known. Some damage to wood finish in bottom lower right of cabinet door.

Solid oak. 43.5w x 25d x 33h at highest edge of back and 29h at front edge of sloped top. Hinged top reveals interior storage cavity. Decorative carved wood handles. Contrasting wood on drawer fronts. Some wear on wood grain on the top.

Hettich. Wood case. 11w x 8d x 17h. With key. Working condition unknown.

Jerome & Co. Conn. Pendulum clock. Wood case with painted glass door. 10.5W x 5d x 13h. Working condition not known.

Solid wood stained frame (previously used as a window frame). 26.5w x 40h x 2.5d.

The Sessions Clock Company. Wood case. 18W x 9H x 4.5D. Working condition unknown.

E. N. Welch Manufacturing, 30-hr. Brass clock, wood case, painted glass door, 15w x 4d x 26h. Working condition unknown

39" diameter. Antique. Painted wood spokes with rubber band and metal core. With steel hubs.

11w x 2.5d x 20.5h. Solid painted wood

Solid wood. Hinged cabinet door opens to an interior intended to store pipes etc. 14w x 10d x 26h.

Painted wood. One complete frame with installed shutters. One frame with 2 installed shutters plus 2 that require hanging. Overall dimensions: 37.5w x 42.5h.

Henry Birks & Sons. Made by Seth Thomas. 8.5w x 5d x 10h. Working order not known.

Left to right dimensions: 24.5w x 42h with 6 empty panes, 24w x 28h with 2 empty panes, 24w x 28.5h with 6 empty panes, 21h x 22w with one empty pane.

Thomas Manu., Connecticut. Wood case. Glass front door. Working order not known. 15.5w x 4d x 26h.

R. & J. Beck Ltd. of London, # 3779 with 3 eyepiece attachments. Case is 7w x 6d x 14h.

17w x 9d x 11h. Wood case. Model 12B1 Serial # 100568. Working order not known. Minor scratches to wood.

Solid wood bed posts are 76"h x 4w x 4d. Shorter wood posts are 4.5w x4.5d x 16.5h.

Solid wood. 6.5w x 6.5d x 54h. Collection includes jazz, rock classics, xmas seasonal and classical.

Windswept : 18.5w x 16.5h. Print # 735. Sandy Shores: 16.5w x 16h. Print # 611.

66w x 68h. Antique. Oak slats with metal fittings.

Larger oak base has a leg spread of 24d x 24w x 27 h. Shorter oak base has a leg spread of 29 x 29 with no vertical post and claw foot details. Solid wood.

Sonora from Heintzman. Cabinet only. Does not include phonograph/ vitrola mechanisms. Instrument # A-746641. Solid wood case with lower cabinet door (door is stuck). 19w x 19d x 43h.

Solid wood items: cannonball top for vertical post (base is 5w x 5d and 8"h). Baribo rolling pin. 45"L post or bat. 7" diameter wood mould with handle.

40w x 25d x 30h without expansion leaves open. 40 x 45 x 30h with leaves open. Original aqua formica. Some wear marks. Metal legs.

72h posts with 4 - 36w x 14d shelves plus one 36w x 18d shelf.

Original oil by Stemple: 22w x 26h. Wood framed mirror: 22w x 33h. Print from a Moses Pitt engraving is 29w x 25h

Brass horn 6" diameter x 14h. Bulb has disintegrated. Watts Victor Wooden trouser press. 12 w x 24L when collapsed.

Hand made. Etched glass on clear and rose-coloured panes with leaded seams. 18" diameter x 18"h. Minor cracks.

One opaque shade by Glassware Cda. 10" diameter. One white 10" diameter shade. Both are 9h. Insulators by Whitall Tatum and Armstrong.

11w x 6d x 61h. Black melamine finish. Collection not included.

Rough hewn solid oak study desk with flip up top and ink well. Some chips and stains. 48w x 25d x 29h. Missing one wood decorative bracket on top left corner.

Melamine veneer. Comprised of 2-36"w units with one continuous 72"L top. Total unit is 72w x 14d x 48h with combo of adjustable shelves and cabinets with doors. Minor scratches.

Painted wood. Larger unit is 30.5w x 51h and 21w designed to accept 3 panes of glass. Smaller unit is 21w x 22h.

David Creighton -Toronto: 17w x 29h. Justification for Higher Education: 36w x 24

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