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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Mostly jazz, some blues, some country, includes Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery, Nancy Wilson, BB King, good playing condition, includes hard plastic holder

Rock music, includes Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Jimi Hendrix, Meatloaf, good playing condition, includes hard plastic holder.

Over 200 45 RPM records in acceptable playing condition (not all tested, most without sleeves) plus 2 wooden shelves, mostly 1960s vintage (some newer), approx. 20 en francis, shelves are 8.5" x 7.5" x 22" high, front and bottom views shown

classical, folk, movie soundtracks, includes Paul Simon, early Dylan, family library of great music (classical), good playing condition, includes hard plastic holder

side straps fine (strong leather), no front clasps, ideal for storage, 36?? x 20?? x 20?? high

side straps fine (strong leather), 1 front clasp fine, 1 loose but can be repaired, ideal for storage, 36?? x 21?? x 19?? high

2 Benjamin Chee Chee prints plus 1 by Hugh McKenzie, Chee Chee prints are "Dancing Goose" and "Wait For Me", title of McKenzie print is unknown, 2 are 14.5?? x 11.5, 1 is 16.5?? x 12.5??

wooden spinning wheel, Saxony style

hall mirror, 18?? x 30??

large Benjamin Chee Chee print, "Spring Flight", 28.5?? x 22.5??, should be repositioned slightly in frame, easy to do

Sovereign pattern earthenware, Canadian-made, 22k gold leaf, 8 large plates, 7 small plates, 8 large bowls, 5 small bowls, 7 cups, 8 saucers, creamer

2 inns - "Ye Olde Fighting Cocks Inn" and "The Fleece Inn", 16" x 14" each, both in excellent condition, very detailed

3 wooden stools, various styles, all are 24" tall

Elna treddle sewing machine, tested, runs

mahogany - bird, whale, egg, porpoise, all from the Caribbean, fragile

mahogany - bird, large jumping fish, turtle, small fish, all from the Caribbean, fragile, fish has small nick in top fin (not visible unless you look closely)

2 wooden stools with seat backs, both are same style, only 1 shown, both are 25" from floor to seat

Christmas door wreath, made entirely of cones

3 crystal, 1 brass, 1 other hard material, largest crystal is 4" in length

elephant parade plus candle, height is 3", diameter is 4"

silver tea set, one handle has fallen off sugar bowl

child's piano (playable), miniature baby grand music box (plays You Light Up My Life??), child's piano is 6" tall, one leg is loose but can be repaired with glue

Coby portable DVD player, 7" widescreen, tested, works

Kierstead gallery, distinctive Kierstead signature on front, "Frontenac House", 31?? x 24??

Kierstead gallery, distinctive Kierstead signature on front, 2 sailboats - "The Inca" and "Liger One", 13.5" x 10" each

heavy glass basket filled with sea shells plus coral plus sand dollar plus 2 conch

3-shelf adjustable bookshelf, 24?? x 10?? x 36?? high, shows some minor wear on the bottom and back (previously used in basement)

4 wooden chairs ?? 1 large, 3 small, largest has armrests, 2 of the small chairs not show (both match the one shown)

moon, star, sun plus candles, each is 4.5" tall

wooden paper towel holder with upper shelf, 7 new rolls of paper towels included (5 shown) plus 1 roll on spindle, metal thermos

Antique double bed, manufactured by Galloway Furniture in Kitchener, ON, light fixtures on top of headboard operational, controlled by 2 small switches in front of headboard (shown), bed has rails (shown) but needs 2 crossbeams to hold mattress up (these can be made from wood purchased at any lumber yard), needs new plug

Kenmore room air humidifier, measures 15" x 10.5"x 13" high, tested, runs, has new filter, additional filters available online

various cookbooks plus small table, table is 26" high

standard height chair plus child's hard plastic puzzle plus small tiara. Not tested to current safety standards. For decorative purposes.

Christmas collection 4, snowman theme, cap on largest snowman loose on one side, can be easily repaired with glue

Luceelle china set, complete 6-place setting plus spares, 8 large plates, 8 small plates, 6 bowls, 8 cups, 8 saucers, creamer and sugar bowl (not shown)

Johnson Brothers stoneware, made in England, 8 large plates, 8 small plates, 8 large bowls, 7 small bowls, 8 saucers, 7 cups, serving bowl and platter (neither shown)

pictures are of tranquil scenes, basket with flowers and relaxing stream, all 3 come in green faux marble frames, mirror is 30" x 14.5??, pictures are 17.5?? x 15??, heavy duty construction

"The Ravaged Ontario Barn" by Mary Doyle, 22.5?? x 18.5??

Kierstead gallery, distinctive Kierstead signature on front, grey frame contains "The Garden Wall", golden-coloured frames contain "Madawaska Morning" (top) and "The Lobster Boys" (bottom), all measure 10.5" x 8.5"

winter scenes, signed but don't recognize the artist, both are 8" x 7", nothing on back

large square candle plus flat glass holder, 2 large table candles (one with metal holder), 2 small purple candles plus holders, large square candle is 6" x 6" by 5.5" high (small crack across the top, not visible unless you look closely), round metal candle holder is 4" high with a 4.5" diameter

3 pair of holders (2 glass, 1 aluminum) plus 13 candles, all candles are red, white or cream coloured, 7 brand new, 6 "slightly" used

3 green watering cans (various sizes), metal bucket (with Corona label), 2 weed pullers, bulb planter, 3-piece toolset (small shovel, rake, garden fork)

Christmas collection 3, Santa theme

ceramic, tallest is 9.5" high

Kierstead gallery, distinctive Kierstead signature on front, "Canadian Homestead" and "Chisholm's Mill", homestead is 15.5?? x 13?? , mill is 16.5?? x 13??

clear suction cups, new pencils, sharpener, pens (all tested), pencils, new index cards plus holder, 3-hole punch, picture hangers, thumb tacks, alligator clips, calculator, bookmark, screw driver, etc - start you own business

soaring seagull plus carved wooden duck, duck is 9" long by 4" tall

1 Canada flag, 1 with maple leaf and polar bear, parasol, stickers, glow sticks, parasol has small tear that can be repaired (see photo)

air-blown lawn Santa, inflates to 5', not tested

wooden coffee table, 54?? x 22?? x 17?? high, some surface scratches

decorative thermometer plus barometer, thermometer is 23" x 7"

1 wooden board, 2 glass, all like new, wooden board is 10.5" x 7" x 1", baking dish is 13.5" x 8" x 2"

2 cooking pans with lids, 1 fancy metal cake tin, white glass pan is 12" x 9" x 5.5" deep, black pan is 13" x 9" x 5.5" deep (some minor staining inside), diameter of cake tin is 10.5"

non-stick frying pan with lid plus kitchen tools, diameter of frying pan is 10", all tools in good condition

2 non-stick frying pans plus kitchen tools, diameter of fry pans is 12" and 10.5", all tools in good condition

GE clock radio plus 2 small house-size (operable) fire extinguishers

4-legged rectangular kitchen table with extension (installed), surface is 30?? x 47??, height is 30", in good shape, small space showing on tabletop because of the way the table was placed on the floor prior to taking photo (not damaged)

wooden walking cane, 37" in length

2 roadrunner trays (only 1 shown, other is identical) plus 2 string ties (roadrunner and cowboy hat), trays are 18" x 12", made from plastic or resin

2 large kitchen bowls, 1 small pie plate, cooking dish, cheese grater

4-legged round table, diameter is 40", height is 30"

30 in all plus holding basket, each roughly 5" long

sitting bull, cactus, howling wolf, iguana, all from Mexico

heavy duty portable shovel-saw with carrying case, opens to 30"

holds over 80 CDs, metal construction, sits on floor or wall-mountable, 4 feet tall

3-legged round wooden table, 20" diameter, 26" tall

2 magpies, each 8" tall

various-size bags, tissue paper, bows, gift labels, over 25 bags in all

Christmas collection 1, Nativity scene plus other ornaments

Christmas collection 2, King, Queen (for treetop), large silver bell, 2 small candle holders, small glass tree-shaped dish

Bionaire room air humidifier, measures 15" x 10"x 11" high, comes with instruction booklet, not tested, no filter in machine

purple lamp shade, good condition, top diameter is 8", bottom diameter is 18"

3-speed Airwick fan, 12" diameter, tested, works

8-piece china tea service, 4 cups and 4 saucers, different roses, different-shaped cups

multi-use table, heavy, metal construction, has openings in back so electronic equipment can be hooked up, 48?? x 20?? x 20?? high

love seat and small floor carpet, love seat is 52" long x 36" deep, carpet is in good condition and is 61" x 24"

plastic shoe tree plus pair of size 9 ladies Sketchers (like new)

shower hanger plus analog scale plus 2 toilet cleaners, toilet cleaners like new

travel iron and blow dryer, both tested, both operate

ceramic and glass, matching pair are salt and pepper shakers, largest is 3.5" in length

ceramic elephants (salt and pepper shakers), glass container with pewter lid, colourful Russian lacquer box (2" diameter), red glass spice of life bauble (for cooks)

various liquor and (mostly) beer bottles, all bottles are empty, brown bottle shown individually is a pirate ship - Ahoy Matey (SMALL MAN WITH HAT NO LONGER PART OF COLLECTION - hat broken)

old man with pipe and boy, 24?? x 20??

picture of shell with "Restful" inscribed plus mirror, picture is 12.5?? x 12.5??, mirror is 11.5?? x 9.5??

pair of small mirrors with wooden frames, 8" x 8" each

flowers in vases, 15" x 13" each, nothing on back

Corning Ware baking plate, small blue pie plate, 2 glass kitchen bowls, vegetable steamer

4 large baking pans, aluminum rectangular pan is 17" x 11.5", 2 circular have 14" diameter, small circle has 13" diameter, rectangular pan (not Teflon) has some scratches at one end

Black and Decker coffee maker, glass pitcher, glass vase, one-cup tea pot and cup, wooden salt shaker (apple) and wooden pepper mill (pear)

stainless steel - knives, spoons, forks, some match, some don't, ideal for students or someone just starting out

various shapes and sizes, wine and liqueur glasses plus flutes, none broken, over 20 pieces in all

3 party wigs, masks, costume jewelry, St Patricks day ties, hats, etc

3 pair of vases (4 crystal, 2 glass), small nick in one of the small crystal pair

3 glass vases

2 vases (1 crystal), leaf-shaped plate, other bowl (crystal), bowl appears on far right in photo

small salt and pepper shakers (2 sets), 4 small holders of some sort (see pictures), 6 hearts, 6 silver eggplants, 1 metal wine bottle cork, 4 spreaders - comical tourist motif (sunglasses, cameras, etc), metal basket

bag full of small round coloured candles (some new, some slightly used) plus 7 holders

4 table candles, tallest is 6??, all slightly used

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