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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Three shelves of pottery and other items, including an Oreo cookie jar, teapots, a Turtle soup tureen. Well, not a turtle soup tureen, but a soup tureen shaped like a turtle, or a tortoise, if you prefer, and more. Joan Rivers sunglasses, and a Schylling tractor and trailer tin windup toy. You can even have the shelf unit they're on, if you want it. Pick up time B

Sears workbench with metal top, 48x21x34, wooden crate with hinged lid, 41x14x14, Craftsman metal toolbox -- missing lock hasp -- with assorted tools, circular saw, nobrand slow-speed wet stone sharpener, Black & Decker hinge butt template kit (for hanging doors,) a 100-foot reel of Cat 5 cable +/- a few dozen feet, a set of plastic car ramps, and a never-used Sears timing light. Pick up time C

Vintage knobs, escutcheon plates, locks and more. Pick up time A.

Toro PowerCurve 1800 Electric snowblower and two snow shovels. Pick up time B

Frigidaire by Electrolux, 6,000 BTU, Model FRA064AT7, 19x16x13, with remote. Pick up time C

One, 13x15x32, with three drawers, the other, 18x22x39, with boot-shaped umbrella stand. Pick up time B.

Electric edger, gas-powered weed trimmer by Ryobi, Sears tiller, a Scotts spreader, an electric trimmer, a hedge trimmer, a long handled pull saw for trimming trees and two leaf shredders. (One has its spout undone, but we can fix that.) There is extra line and reels for the grass trimmers and extra line for the leaf shredder that needs it.) Pick up time B

A number of canes and more in an umbrella stand. Pick up time A

Two and a half crates of record albums, a mix of show tunes, classical, rock, folk, folk rock, rock folk, jazz, spoken word, standup comedy, plus a USB turntable to play them on. Pick up time B.

Wire mesh outdoor furniture that has been out more than in over the years. Pick up time C

Wooden cigar box, 9x6x3, jewelery box with glass lid, 9x8x4, humidor 1, 11x9x4, and humidor 2, 9.5x10x10. Pickup time A.

Set of six Corning Ware casserole dishes, the largest of which is 12x13x2.5, plus six glass bowls, up to 10 inches wide, and two more blue Anchor glass baking dishes. Pick up time A

FarberWare Broiler, 20x14x16, Krups Belgian waffle maker, Cuisinart food processor, Cusinart blender and electric knife. Pick up time A

Glass fruit, an aluminum breadbasket,18x10x7, an aluminum dispenser for rolled goods such as paper towels, wax paper and such, 13x10x5, a towel rack that can double as a telephone table with three storage slots, 22x8x13, and a set of wire storage racks that slide, 18x21x41. Contents excluded. And the rocker, 27x26x39. Great for putting babies to sleep. Pick up time B

Plaster Bookends, coffee grinder, Oster toaster oven 17x11x9, Lenox glass jar, a pair of Lenox cups, Lenox candle holders, and kitchen items. Pick up time A.

Hover Spirit, 2.2 hp vacuum and Bissell upright. Continuous suction, large capacity dust bowl, 15-inch wide path, turbo brush. Pick up time - A

A silver-plate wine cooler, Bohemian crystal decanter with four glasses (marked "Made in Czechoslovakia" which no longer exists,) a second decanter, and four Champagne flutes. Pick up time A

Two table lamps, 32x23 and 36x24, a typing table, 17x18x26 with an 12x14x29 extension, and a vintage Underwood typewriter. Pick up time B

A crate of toys, including swim noodle and children's roller blades, plus board games, UpWords, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit -- multiple editions -- and more. Pick up time - A

Genie 2.0 HP shop vacuum, Sears Craftsman Electronic radial arm saw, 40x34x56, Wen 3-inch belt sander, circular saw, three drills, files, jig saw, Delta attachment for drill press to make an oscillating spindle sander and a pile of assorted shingles. Pick up time B

China service for 10 in a light blue pattern with silver highlights, plus two extra coffee cups and saucers. Includes dinner plates, salad plates, bread plates, cups and saucers and storage cozies. The mark reads "Continental China Germany." My arm is silent. Pick up time A

Four ladder-backed chairs, 21x19x42, and two Windsor chair, 17x18x35. Matches lot 1. Pick up time C.

Coffee table, 37x37x12, side table with drawer and door, 15x14x28, occasional table, 25x15x28 with dovetailed drawer, computer/craft table, missing keyboard tray, 54x30x30. Plus two bookcases, one pine, 30x12x36, and the smaller veneer, 30x12x28. Contents excluded. You can't have my father's picture. And the ex-wife wants the wedding vase. Pick up time B.

Various serving implements. Pick up time A

Pair of helmets, gloves, goggles and rain pants. NOTE: Items have not been verified to conform to current safety standards or regulations.

Couple of frying pans, the largest is 12 inches, sauce pans and a pasta pot with a glass lid. Cusinart. Pick up time B

Coffee mugs and Nonni's biscotti jar. Pretty sure it can hold cookies, too. Pick up time A.

Two Bionaire humidifiers, 24x10x22 and 29x10x22, a pair of small humidifiers, a DeLonghi ceramic heater, 10x6x14, with fan and an oil-filled DeLonghi heater, 15x6x24. Pick up time B.

Soup tureen and five bowls, gravy boat and creamer. Sizes are in the pictures. Pick up time A

Black dresser, 36x19x52, on wheels, file cabinet, 15x24x23, small wood cabinet, 18x15x22, black wooden rocker, 26x18x42, and two more two-drawer file cabinets. One with slight dent. Pick up time C

It isn't pretty, but in that mess is three or four hoses, a number of soaking hoses, tomato cages, plus plastic irrigation pipe and two long-handled tools for working the land and tilling the soil. And two sprinklers. Pick up time B

Craftsman-style veneered computer desk with three drawers, 54x30x30, and two music-making machines stereo HiFi radios, Aiwa -- five CD changer and cassettes -- and Sanyo, three CD changer and cassettes. See Lot 21 for the turntable. Sony tube TV with remote and TV stand. Age as expected. Pick up time B

A ton of wine glasses, including 21 Jacobs Creek Winery glasses. Open your own bar. Demitasse coffee cups. And, yeah, the flutes were moved, and the teapots are excluded. Sorry. Pick up time B.

Measuring devices, plates, salad plates, saucers, plastic containers and lids, and more. Pick up time B

Oak dining table 41x62x31, two leaves 23 inches wide each make the table 88 inches long total. Generally good condition, but two blanched spots, easily restorable Pick up time C

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