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Both are 925 sterling silver and in excellent condition.

Sterling silver ring stamped 925 with 3 carat Ruby and 1 carat White Topaz (Extra fine clarity & white color). Oval shaped. Size 7 womens. Includes COA.

Cubic Zirconia and sterling silver bracelet. 7 3/4" in length. See pics.

Glowing silver ring size 7. 16 carat white oval cut Topaz surrounded by 1 ctw Sapphire accent stones. Includes COA, not shown in photo but is included.

Vintage Baltic Amber found on polish beach. 59 grams of natural butterscotch/ egg yolk Amber pieces. Found on a beach in Northern Poland in the 1960s.

6.50 carat natural yellow pear cut Mexican Opal.

200 grams of raw natural Baltic Amber pieces, from Poland.

Rollerball works great, sterling silver. See pics.

8.12 carat AA Madagascar yellow Sapphire.

Vintage polished Amethyst nugget necklace. 30.5 inch length. Total weight 191 grams.

4.72 carat weight of opaque square cut Ruby.

Vintage Baltic Amber necklace and bracelet, Cognac color. 20" length necklace with round Amber beads and Amber beads. (Some edge chips on inside of bracelet, see pics for details).

6 carved Jade beads all carved, see pics.

4 vintage mens estate rings all size 10. Sterling silver, etc. See pics.

Untreated ruby gemstones, Set in sterling silver, in box. 1.50 ctw. In original box.

5.5 carat Ruby Blue Sapphire 925 sterling silver very valuable ring. Unmatched colour.

Natural Baltic Amber and sterling silver pendant with sterling silver chain. 26" length.

150 grams, natural Baltic Amber found in Northern Poland in 1960 on the beach.

Middle Eastern estate mens ring size 14, looks like silver but is unmarked.

1 carat AAA oval cut Ruby.

4 sterling silver estate rings, all size 7. Taxco modernist carved, Carved Jade elephant, etc. See pics for details.

Designer polished Citrine Amethyst Garnet Peridot 925 sterling necklace. 12 gm.

Three oval cut 5 carat VVS Amethyst, Citrine and Topaz gemstones set on a size 7 sterling silver ring.

Pair of 2 piece 1.90 carat oval cut natural blue Sapphires. 7.5mm.

Vintage Baltic Amber pendant and necklace. Genuine baltic amber with sterling silver pendant on a sterling silver chain. 25 3/4 inch length. 1 inch length pendant.

4 sterling silver estate rings, Carnelian etc, all size 6. See pics for details.

18" length sterling silver chain with Baltic Amber pendant.

Mondine, Dumai and United Colors of Benetton. Need batteries, all are in excellent condition and were barely worn.

Sterling silver ring stamped 925 with 4.50 carat Smoky Quartz and .50 carat White Topaz ( Extra fine clarity & white color). Size 7 womens. Cusion shaped. Includes COA.

225 carats of rough cut dark blue Madagascar sapphires.

Old Chinese Cloisonne necklace. 26" length, excellent condition. Cloissone bead necklace. See pics.

4 sterling silver womens estate rings all are size 6. Tigers eye, quartz, etc see pics for details.

Vintage estate semi precious polished stone (Agate, quartz, jade,emerald?) necklace with carved heart pendant. 30" length.

Pair of white Topaz earrings, set in sterling silver.

Matching pair of 6 carat light green Amethyst.

2 carat AAA oval Tanzanite .925 sterling silver ring. Size 8. VVS - IF. 2.8 gm.

5 carat AAA Peridot sky blue Topaz, Citrine, Garnet and Amethyst size 7 ring. 4.5gm. VVS - IF.

Large Labradorite sterling silver ring, adjustable sizing. With large Labradorite in center of silver flower. Total weight is 31 grams, a really big piece. Silver marks on backside of ring, see pics for details. See the strong flash of Iridescence in blue green on this,

Much of these are butterscotch/ egg yolk colored. 189 grams, Genuine Baltic Amber. See pics for details.

Vintage goldtone signed Givenchy earrings, with Baroque pearl centers.

Vintage Chinese Rose Quartz and Cloisonne necklace. 3/4 inch diameter of rose quartz bead. 24 inch length. Total weight 92 grams.

2.44 carat octagon medium light greenish blue Topaz. 9 x 7mm. VVS.

10.45 carat green Brazil Prehnite pear cut cabochon, from South Africa.

2.50 carat green Amethyst with .85 carat green Sapphire (Fine clarity & green color) and .85 carat White Topaz (Extra fine clarity & white color) sterling silver size 10 1/2 mens ring. Oval shaped. Includes COA.

5 carat AAA flawless diamond cut Amethyst, raspberry Garnet 925 sterling silver size 8 ring. total weight 6.5 gm.

4 vintage estate sterling silver rings. All size 7. Garnet, Amber, Amethyst etc. See pics for details.

2 vintage Jasper(?) / Silver pendants. Mounted on sterling silver, see pics.

Natural pair of butterscotch Baltic Amber earrrings set in silver.

2 carat Smoky Quartz sterling silver size 8 ring. VVS. 3.5 grams.

6.47 carat AAA natural light green cushion cut Uruguayan Amethyst. VVS - IF.

Vintage Skagen Denmark 4SSS watch in excellent condition.

14k Gold stamped 14k Cubic Zirconia ring. 4.5 grams.

6.28 carat AAA diamond cut flawless white Topaz.

12 carat Citrine Topaz Peridot Amethyst .925 sterling silver earrings. 9.5 gm.

4.50 carat Smoky Quartz and 1.50 ctw White Topaz sterling silver size 10 mens ring. (Extra fine clarity and white color). Oval shaped. Includes COA.

Each set in sterling silver, see pics.

10.88 carat AAA green Botswana Agate Oval Cobochon cut.

23.89 carat AAA pink African Rose Quartz oval cabochon cut.

Oval Cobochon natural white with golden Rutile African Quartz.

Vintage butterscotch/ egg yolk Baltic Amber multi-strand necklace. Polished amber nuggets. Total weight 77 grams. 28 inch length.

Vintage natural coral that has been dyed red. 30 1/2 inch length. 1 inch diameter coral. 356 grams total weight.

Antique 10k gold childs ring, very small see pics for details.

18" length necklace of natural Malachite nuggets. Also included is a 30 gram Malachite carved and polished stone.

0.95 carat just shy of 1 carat AAA Trillium cut Black Opal gemstone with a nice flash.

4 sterling silver womens size 8 estate rings with Garnet, Amethyst, Topaz etc.

AAA round cut 7 piece Peridot (August birthstone) gemstone. 3.30 total carat weight for all of the stones. Amazing luster.

Topaz, Amethyst, yellow Citrine & Garnets sterling silver ring size 7 1/4. 3 carat total weight.

16 carat genuine non treated Black Diamond. Small rough cut, each drilled for necklace.

1 carat AAA Marquis cut loose gemstone Songen Sapphire Tanzania ring. Red with natural blue inclusions. 7.5 x 4.5mm.

1.04 carat AAA oval yellow Beryl Madagascar. 8 x 6mm.

Agate and Chalcedony bead bracelet and a cultured 'cross' Freshwater pearl bracelet.

18" Lapis - Lazuli choker necklace of polished nuggets plus a size 8 sterling silver modernist Lapis-Lazuli ring.

Vintage Mexican 925 silver and onyx.

37.37 carat AAA pink African Rose Quartz Oval cut.

3.34 carat green Peridot 7 piece gemstones. 4.5 x 5mm. Round untreated.

0.66 carat AAA Amethyst gemstone. VVS clarity.

Vintage polished Rose Quartz bead necklace. 19" length and 128 gram with 1/2" x 3/4". Also includes a polished Rose Quartz stone. Total weight 37 grams.

2.5 carat AAA, untreated round Peridot. 8mm.

2 vintage Canadian modernist enamel brooches, by Pastille - Sylvestre of Montreal.

Close to matching pair of yellow green blue Tanzanites.

6.60 carat AAA White Brazil Topaz Oval cut. Sparkle like a diamond.

6.54 carat AAA African Pink Rose Quartz cushion cut.

1.19 carat pear shape natural greenish yellow untreated yellow Citrine. 6 x 5 x 5mm.

4.50 carat Smoky Quartz, 1 carat White Topaz (Extra fine clarity and white color) and .60 carat blue Sapphire sterling (Fine clarity and blue color) size 7 silver ring. Oval shaped. Includes COA.

Mother of Pearl and sterling silver estate necklace. 16" length. Total weight 31 grams. See pics for details.

Klint, Moma Figures in Gold, Relativitity, Gloria Vanderbilt, Moma VMPA, all in beautiful condition. Some need batteries, all barely worn.

5.38 carat AAA cushion cut Brazilian Citrine.

16.43 carat AAA lavender blue Madagascar Chalcedony oval cut cabochon.

1.06 carat AAA natural Madagascar yellow Beryl. Oval shaped. VVS. 8 x 6m.

Pair of earrings by Israeli jewelry designer; Ayala Bar. See pics for details.

10.45 carat sky blue Topaz oval cut Brazil.

Pair of unheated Imperial pink Zircons. Both stones have a total weight of 2.43 carats. 7 x 5mm.

.47 carat AAA Ceylon blue Sapphire. VVS. Oval shaped.

2 vintage Swatch watches, both work and need batteries. One is from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the Katerina Witt model. See pics for details.

Vintage Rhintestone estate jewelry, necklace and bracelet, see pics for details.

Both set in sterling silver, see pics.

Vintage natural carved and faceted gemstone estate necklace with sterling silver clasp. 22" length. Has a bluish iridescent flash like Labradorite. See pics for details.,

Set on a Brass brooch, a genuine Indian artifact.

Set in sterling silver, see pics.

5.75 carat AAA round cut Ceylon green Sapphires. See pics for details.

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