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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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One replacement handle. All drawers have vintage locking mechanisms but no keys. They are all open. Total height is 47". Width 29" x 17" deep. Mixed woods including birds eye maple.

69"high when unrolled by 89"height. Wooden scroll bars top and bottom. Map is of Middle East and India.

2 sets of 8 retro juice glass set.

Mao Tse Tung. Two 29.5" broadsides.

3 stamp albums, a collection of old letters in their mailed envelopes and various sealed documents and 4 bags of collected stamps. A multitude. See photos.

Ontario plates. Some 60's, lots of 70's.

Cheers darts game. 20" x 26"h. 3.75" deep.

Wooden tray, metal handle and wheels. 40" long x 15" wide. CCM made in Canada.

Vintage wardrobe mannequin busts. Expected wear with age.

Marx Toys Fred and Dino vintage battery operated toy. Working condition not verified.

Burlap covered mannequin. 26" h x 21" w. Eddie Bauer.

Trump doll. 14" box height. Working condition. Multiple sayings.

A rare opportunity. Total height is 59" x 81" w x 34" deep. This is a display chest from the united church of Canada. It comes apart in only two pieces. Bring some manpower as there's lots of solid wood in this piece and is very heavy. Top display case comes off.

Two vintage fire pales. Curved bottom. 1' w x 1' high. Note discolouration.

Pair of Ontario license plates from 1926.

Brass scales complete with weights.

6 antique books. All hardcover. P. Lawrence esq. has a spine that is missing and some pages are loose from their bindings.

Business letters dated 1890-91. 1972 'The Spectator' and cards. Dr. Miles restorative paper doll clothes. Blacksmith & wheelright periodical 1893. 2 1940 Brantford Bindertwine calendars. One has several large tears.

68" high when unrolled by 7' in height. Wooden scroll bars top and bottom. Map is of Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Lace and material in good shape given age.

Various pieces of costume jewelry as found. And vintage jewelry case.

Gorgeous full Faux diamond necklace and matching bracelet. Not a stone missing. And Mappins jewelry case.

Team wooden curio cabinet. 23" h x 19" w x 6".

Glen Miller concert 4 album set and Benny Berigan 2 album set memorial album.

A collection of letters, receipts and pics of anything and everything to do with death.

25.75"x 17.5" both outside frame. Signed E. H. Beynon. (Howard)

25 cent coins every province.

Spinning chair. Plastic. Spins we'll. 30" h x 23" w.

Chandelier crystals lot. One amber colored crystal round teardrop about 1.75" wide.

Three reproduction advertising tins. Average size 16" x 12.5".

3 dollar coins. Manitoba. British Columbia. Canada.

2 dollar coins. Manitoba. Canada. 1902 5 cent piece.

Top half to a vintage pinball machine. Glass, wood, and wiring. 22.5" x 28". Very delicate and heavy.

Vintage plates. Pair of 1967 Ontario Confederation license Plates

Antique empty photo album. Clasp doesn't work and spine is loose but held together by fabric. Photos are various sizes. About 30 photos. Some in card frames.

3 us bills. A $5, a $10 and a $50 dollar bill. They are adhered to the orange matt.

Various sized art prints. Photos show a sampling. Larger ones are 17" x 15.25". There are 12 of those. 15 various smaller sizes.

Radio enlarging printer. H. C. White co. 20" h x 14" deep x 13" w.

Charlie Brown lot contains two aprons, a ceramic Lucy cookie jar, one new in bag, a Snoopy stuffy and a Charlie Brown doll and a snoopy scrapbook. Note discolouration on the snoopy doll and marks on Charlie browns noggin.

Still in her original packaging. Packaging height is 16". MIB. New old store stock.

Vintage magic books and various magic game paraphernalia. See photos.

Elvis is looking for a lonely dashboard. New in box. packaging is 7.5" h.

Two shoe shine boxes. One has iron shoe moulds in bottom drawer and top.

New in box. 8mm movie projector. Vintage.

Star Wars Store Stand Up Promotional Pieces. Darth Vador is about 86". Jar Jar Binks is 6 feet high.

4 faux perp necklaces. 2 vintage mirrors. Vintage brush, bracelet, long chain and silver plate dish with handle.

9 clay fired animal and bird figurines.

When was the last time you used one of these!! Black hanging northern electric wall phone. Has paint stains and is untested.

16.5" x 14.5" outside edge of matting.

Weighs about 4 lb. 10" tall. Note crack through one side. Displays well.

3 annual reports for hospitals division department of health. Years 1949-51. Mental hospitals and mental health services.

Eaton catalogue 1901 re-print. 1923 scientific American journal bound edition. 2 Honey Bunch Hardcover children's books with dust jacket books (2) and a hard cover Tom Swift novel.

Original shipping crate containing 7 labeled bottles of T.G. Bright & co. (empty bottles) Proprietors wine in straw packaging.

Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin doll action figure. New in box. Needs batteries. 14" high.

Antique wooden levels & Corsair planer. levels various sizes. Vintage planer.

4 furs and one fuzzy faux fur (white at end). They all appear to be sized between a ladies 8-10. Note the torn areas.

14 Vintage Can Press Proof Tins.

Various key sizes.

4 illustrated stories. Oliver Twist, tale of two cities, pick wick papers and the old curiosity. English China.

Long pipes are 10". Short one is about 4.5". Made of clay.

Quartz, tigers eye, 3 others. One is paper thin. Largest is 6" long.

26" x 1' x 1'. Vintage wooden Sunkist crate.

There's a winding mechanical apparatus that held a sheet. Has age and wear.

2 dollar coins. Winnipeg. Canada. Dundurn castle 'one and one half dollar' coin.

Still Life Series second one W.J.B Newcombe.1953. Outside frame size is 11" w x 9"h. Oil on board. Goes with lots 19 & 117

Wooden primitive washing drying rack. 3' h x 50" length x 17.5" deep.

A relic. 47" long.

Table tennis and build your own race track.

3 dollar coins. Manitoba. British Columbia. Canada. 50 cent piece.

3 Broadsides: County of Norfolk and village of Port Dover, 1927 executor 'auction sales notices. And Garden Land public auction notice dated 1937.

Wooden primitive portable toilet. 22" sq x 21" high. Hinges work great. Expected wear for age. Note burnt circle inside lid.

11 tea cups and saucers. Various stamps. 4 with no markings.

Lot of 4 chamber pots. The larger 3 around 15" in diameter. The smaller, lidded one 9" opening. And two serving dishes.

14" high brass fire extinguisher. Not tested.

Still Life Series third one W.J.B Newcombe.1953. Outside frame size is 11" w x 9"h. Oil on board. Goes with lots 19 & 116

One photo, one illustration print and a newspaper print of. St. Catharines fire dept. rules and regulations.

6 programs from maple lead gardens concerts.

12 various vintage glass shades and light covers. One exit sign.

2 railway reflective crossing panels. Each panel is 4 feet long.

Various pieces of costume jewelry as found. And vintage jewelry case.

Various pieces of costume jewelry as found. And vintage jewelry case.

Carved art by Mac Carly 1976. Roughly 2' x 16".

Kellogg's: corn flakes, honey smacks, and two other limited edition Star Wars cereals. None opened. Pizza boxes are empty. Also a trio pack of Kellogg's frosted flakes, corn pops, and corn flakes. All unopened and still wrapped in original cellophane. Those three have holograms.

Don't look kids. From the Billy Jamieson collection. One is labeled Chinese execution. Sizes are 16.5" x 12.5" and 16.5" x 14". Authentically disturbing.

Foulis & Rooney brand name. Two slice toaster. Working condition.

12 plates (6 of which are a set) and 4 various bowels. Note chip on oriental designed bowel.

First day covers collection. And 2 collective Hamilton coins 1996.

All wrought iron. One with wood. Largest 25" wide. 12" high. Wood base one 25.5" x 14" h. Skinny one 21" h.

Still Life Series first one W.J.B Newcombe.1953, still life 1, 2, 3. Outside frame size is 11" w x 9"h. Oil on board. Goes with lots 116 & 117

Antique Moose Jaw part. Hooves and a horn and vintage animal trap.

Over 11 vintage albums. Some hard to find. One solid gold Album (meaning the title)

Decorative metal base. Rust in bowel. Ceramic wire coil. Needs to be re-wired. 17" h x 13" wide.

Rusted hooks, hoe, hanging pieces, wheel and a scythe.

4 winter scenes. Matching dinner bell.

Large trunk, smaller trunk and suitcase. Largest is 3' long by 21". Very vintage. Large trunk has 2 clasps that don't work.

Fur and leather Inuit mukluks. Note discolouration on one boots fur and worn patches of bare fur.

Vintage bread box. Door slightly askew. 4 piece stackable vintage canister set. Note lid discolouration. If you want a Brady bunch look and feel in your kitchen then this is the lot for you. Both Come in original box.

Paper rolls 4 in total.

Tin cookie cutters, juice presses, restaurant individual tea pot, retro hamburger press and more.

Mirror, cotton ball dispenser, an unopened bath oil, two empty bottles and a bracelet and a ceramic toothbrush holder.

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