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A whole pile of stamps, 3 stamp collectors books not totally filled, lots of postcards and letters.

Still in original box. Check out the wall "tile". Love it!!! So niche modern for its day in the 60's or 70's. See photos. All little cupboards open, including front window dish washer. Constructed mostly of metal.

William M. McEwan. American painter who lived I New York. 2 oil on board, gold gesso framed works. One of a shipwreck. The other of a rural fisherman. Signed and one is dated 1871. The other dated 1872. Both are in need of restoration.

43" tall by 26" wide.

15 pairs. One Dolce Gabana and one Nine West.

Vintage fishing lours, packaging, an industrial shop light and a street light. All in a retro Kellogg's corn flakes cardboard box. Also a Black House ashtray and a tin sauce pot and retro bike support undies.

2 16" x 4" reserved for parking space sign. Metal base coated for a porcelain finish.

S Morani bookends. Note wear of paint finish on one.

7 antique tools and 2 wooden rulers made in Grimsby by the Brock Snyder Mfg. Co. The small vice is made from Trimont Mfg Co. See pics.

Still in case. Dentist set from the 1920's. Wear expected with age.

Very cool antique extinguisher and fire bucket. Awesome copper stamped label. See photos.

Marples vintage workbench vice. Green. Good shape for age.

Native hand woven basket, a croc and another basket with vintage clothes-pins.

Both side extensions are removable. As well as all the burner covers. About 9"h x 10"w. Good shape. See photos.

Vintage lighters. Untested. Vintage pipes, various uses. And a vintage packaging box (empty) of wild woodbine cigarettes.

2 shakers. One glass and stainless and one entirely stainless steel which is still in its original box.

Space Rescue Toy MIB 1960's Japan.

8 MIB die cast toy trucks including Corgi, Matchbox, & Lone Star

Antique spectacles. One arm is broken off. 3 vintage harmonicas, 2 with their original cases. An antique corkscrew and a cigarette roller.

1960's MIB craftsman roaring racer

3 Vintage packaged MIB. Flashlight automobile dealer give away promotion mid thirties.

Signed by jimmy carter himself. This is a first edition print of his book titled "turning point". Leather bound.

Lassie is made in Japan. Cat is Japan (see photo) pottery mug is Charles Dickens 'made in England: Kingston Potteryhull' and hand enamelled blue vases.

2 signed oils. Roughly 18" x 13.75. See photos

2 large broadsides. The larger is 29" x 20". Mao Tse Tung Chinese propaganda.

Largest of the 3 elephants is 2.5" x 4" long. They are in good condition. See photos.

Remember these babies? Seiko, Equity (2), Westclox (4 of those)

5 window frames. All are glass-less except for the leaded glass window which is missing quite a view diamonds. 3 largest are roughly 31" x 33". The smaller white one is 22" x 30.5" and the leaded one is 18" x 39".

Dairy bottles. Vintage silk screened all three.

It's the crossing of sports paraphernalia. A hockey sticker with the blue jays brand and signatures. CCM

Retro packaging. 3 full containers for Esso motor oil.

All good condition. 2 matching Oscar de la Renta and a Heys hard shell small wheeled with extending handle small travel case. The Roots ruffled bag is light nylon. It's more like a towel bag for the beach.

Looks industrial. Total metal old rustic stool. Stands 22".

Lovin' the purple. Vintage stethoscope. Prestige medical written on scope.

3 white semi opaque. One more translucent than the others. One has a line that is original to the production and not a crack.

16 in total. 8 each set. Juice and water glasses. Sixties revisited. See pics. Good condition.

8 model train cars. See pics for details.

Zippo pen and knife set. MIB.

Look at these beauties. The largest was made in the USA the other three were all made in England. The smallest also is labelled Stanley. Good shape for their age.

12 still in package vintage auto fresheners. Made in Markham Ontario

Very unique Victorian cast iron and glass burner. 10" wide.

End table. Early build. Note stain on top. 28"w x 15"d x 24" h.

Over 40 vintage and antique postcards. Holidays of thanksgiving, New Years 1909, and various Christmas among landscape photography. There's eve a few St. Patricks Day.

Hershey's, Tootsie Roll, and Reese's advertising signs. Reproductions.

I am told these are from New Zealand. Height of mask is 12". All wood with opalescent eyes that look to be shell.

Sorry about the lighting and this table weighs too much for me to move it by myself. Wicked industrial piece of equipment. The table alone would make an awesome conversion. Machine was used in an Ontario manufacturing plant that made rugged winter boots. Table is A little over 4' long x 22" deep by 29" high. Machine itself is 18" high. See pics for age wear.

See photos. Good condition for age. 1864

Ever heard of a movie called Onionhead? Me neither. But it was presented by warner brothers in 1958-59. Starred Andy Griffith among others. Interesting tidbits of history in these books for the film buff collector. Lots of vintage ads for the era all to do with film and theatres. 4 books in total.

MIB. For those of you who need to hide the fact that you are actually carrying a very powerful flashlight. Ingenious! Pepsi bottle flashlight... Screw tap to turn on!

14 piece vintage china lot. See pics for details. Two candy dishes from Staffordshire England, and large decanter and small creamer made in Japan. Large decanter boys head looks to have been repaired as in glued back on.

1896 medical annual. Front section has lots of ads of the era. Good condition for age. Some illustrations loose in book.

For the crafter in you. Lots of numbers and letters. Various styles and sizes. Pictures show sampling, the rest in bags. Over 80 pieces in total.

Zippo tape measure with original box

Ontario motorcycle plates. 1972 and 1977.

Back in the day, when advertising cigarettes was legal. You would see these Everywhere!!! 3 vintage ads. Rothmans, craven A, No 7. These are roughly 26.5" x 18".

3 salt and pepper shakers. Humpty Dumpty is awesome but missing one of the shakers. One pair made in Bravaria. Purple flower and gold metallic paint is hand painted Nippon. And egg guy is M/K hand painted Japan.

Yellow teapot has in readable marking. All have an opal one sheen. Mint condition.

Check out these beauties. There's one in particular that makes my hair stand on end. Note wear on all items. Small metal machine gun and Junior Buffalo Bill cap gun with piece missing off of handle. See pics.

A reproduction of a Call To Defend King And Country. Oh if it were still an ask and not a force, what would the world be like today. An interesting read if you have the time. Certainly not politically correct but then neither is Trump, and look where he's going. Size 22" x 16"

Check photos. Large vintage monarch flour bags 32" x15". And 3 large burlap sacks roughly 21" x 39" high.

Large gold framed winter scene print.

8 NHL pucks. See photos for details Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, Rangers, Islanders, St Louis Blues, Devils, Flames, Blackhawks

Toronto metropolitan police headquarters grand opening medallion.

5 flags in total. See pics for insignias. Largest one is 52" x 117". Smallest is US and it's not flag material... It's more like a scarf and it's 21" sq.

25 American quarters. 1999-2001

2 Canadian silver dollars dated 1972 and 1985. And a 50c piece dated 1970.

British Columbia (1971) and Manitoba (1970) silver dollars and a Canadian 50c piece (1969).

3 black glass antique bottles, and 2 others. Check out the cool dent in one, original to the production. All dated 1860's - 1880's

Total Pieces: 12. Model SK-4. All still packaged. Condition New.

10 vintage labels. See pic for details. Shamrock, Dandy Boy, Goleta , Royal Blush and more.

Tea cup and saucer made in Germany. Cranberry glass 2 pieces are hand painted.

3 Multi-strand perp necklaces and one single strand with a perk drop pendant. Also a gold filature pin and bracelet.

Various vintage items. Spoons marked as 'south seas community'. They come in the Santa graphic box. The garden markers come in a retro gift box. See pics. Recipe box is empty. Wood clothes brush is MIB. Princess pat has no hair net but it has foil strips.

Has no dresser. Roughly 39" w by 43"h. Worn with age.

25 Scout patches. Some from Quebec.

Indigenous peoples moose pants. Along with a soap stone carving. Hand beaded pants have glass beads sewn into butterflies. See picks. Hole is where the moose was shot or so I was told. The fly buttons say 'US Army'.

For the sewing buff. Vintage sewing box filled with gadgets and multiple feet for a new Williams machine.

Roughly 24.5" x 17.5".

Junior boxing gloves MIP

11 fair sized museum display shells and some coral.

Over 9 photos and two glass negatives. Great photos of the ladies of the time.

7 games. Untested. Space invaders, Combat, Moon Patrol, Ms Packman, Defender, Junior Donkey Kong

Awwwe. That's all I can say. Definitely loved by all, including moths. The decal came off so it's a "2 piece" jersey. Note holes and wear

A pile of women's magazines. 4 purses. See pics.

Odd fellows, ancient order of foresters and not sure about the triangle.

Package height 10.25". Made in Hong Kong

7 electronic shavers. 3 Remington's, a Phillips and an Ambassador. Vintage beauties all in their original boxes/bags.

All shapes and sizes. Materials. Metal, leather, faux leather. Over 100 pieces.

Huge framed photo of a refinery. 51" w by 40" h.

A dark cross hatched eerie ink on paper. 24" wide by 37" high. Unframed. delicate. clipped to cardboard currently.

Raphael's Sistine Madonna print. 26" x 20".

Retro chrome round vase pair.

Halting, Waterloo, London, and Ontario police crests.

8 fair sized museum display shells including a smallish conque she'll

7 well defined museum display shells. She sells sea shells on the sea shore.

One blue glass, the other hand painted opaque baby blue oil burner reservoirs.

3 vintage metal and wood cutters. Not sure what they cut tho.... One is marked "made in Czechoslovakia"

LEDO brand Farm animals and jungle land animals. Check out the retro 60's packaging.

2 framed paint by numbers paintings. Doubly 25" x 21". Faint signatures.

Over 500 baseball crests. See pics for more details.

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