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The model label is missing on this unit. It is either a Skilsaw HD5860 or SPT78W. It is an 8 1/4 bladed saw giving greater depth especially on bevel cuts. A worm drive machine reduces the speed of the blade to 4700 vs 6000 rpm on a standard sidewider circular saw but it gives in more torque. It has a die cast aluminum motor and gear housing. Worm gear oil is full, plenty of material on the brushes and it has a 24 tooth Freud Diablo framing and construction blade. The SPT78W manual is included. It has the exclusive 60 degree bevel capability. Cut depth at 90 deg bevel is 2 7/8 at 45 deg is 2 1/4 and at 60 deg 1 1/2 . , Pickup time slot C

1988, around 30 years old. nova scotia, new Brunswick, sky dome, bugs bunny, dick Tracy, Olympics, batman, monopoly, Pickup time slot A

Ertl Die Cast Tractor 1:16 Scale, Good condition no box, from personal collection. Pickup time slot B

Two Stanley 404 (83-404) right angle clamps. Made of steel. Max board width 3 . Large Record 414 right angle clamp. Cast iron. Maximum board width 4 1/2 with tall clamp faces. Large, unnamed cast iron and steel clamp. Maximum opening of 8 1/2 . Screw holes in the clamp face to allow for adding a bigger fence. They all work fine., Pickup time slot C

The wood mallet is actually surrounded in metal. It is actually about 4 lbs. Wood has been restained and varathaned (3x). It is 13 long. The head is 4 1/4 from one head to the other and the head is about 2 1/2 wide. The push drill is a Yankee No 41. It is made by North Bros Mfg. Co. Phila, PA, USA. There are patent dates marked on it but photos could not make them clear. Pat Jan 25.98 (1898!)-Oct 29.01 (1901), Feb 10.20 (1920). There is room to store the drill bits in the handle. There is 11 in total. Gray Canada hammer. It is 13 1/2 long with the old style of head. Note that part of one of the claws is broken off. Head is secure and handle has been restained and varathaned (3x). 36 metal folding ruler. It is a No 34-002 from Woodmark Industries Inc., Minneapolis Minn, Made in USA. Photo's show markings on both sides. Please pickup in Slot C.

Ertl Die Cast Tractor 1:16 Scale, Pickup time slot B

Beautiful 58 inch long curved two man tree saw. 16 (inches) tall from bottom of blade to top of handles. Wood handles have been sanded, restrained and varathaned (3x). They are 6 1/4 long. Nice patina on the metal. Both handles indicate Maple Leaf on the metal. See images for details., Pickup time slot C

Marples set of 6 turning and carving set, M1001. 12 1/2 to 13 total length. Handle are just less than 8 3/4 . 1/4 Gouge 1/2 Gouge 1/2 diamond point chisel 1/2 round nose chisel 1/2 parting tool 1/2 chisel Includes a 22 page book on sharpening as well. In excellent condition. , Pickup time slot C.

6 chisels of various makes. 1/4, 3/8, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2 wide. All handles are tight, restained and varathaned (3x). All blades are sharpened and honed. Perfect. 1 1/2 is a Ward brand chisel, 8 3/4 total length. 1 1/4 wide chisel is Marples and Sons also 8 3/4 long. 1 chisel is from Erik Anton Berg from Sweden about 9 long. The 3/4 chisel is from F.Woodcock of Sheffield, England and is 8 3/4 long. The 3/8 wide chisel is also from Ward and is 9 1/2 long. The 1/4 chisel has no maker identified. It is 9 1/2 long. Sharp chisels are excellent tools. Not as a hammer or a screw driver or banging around unprotected in a tool box. Lee Valley has chisel end protectors available., Pickup time slot C

Ertl Die Cast Tractor 1:16 Scale, Good condition no box, from personal collection. Pickup time slot B

This is an International tool box with double shelves on both sides. It is 21 long, 9 wide and 12 high. Two metal latches, piano hinges on both sides and locking point in the middle. Top drawers include hardware on the lower shelves and tools on the upper shelves as seen in the photos. There is an all metal hammer as well a rivet tool with multiple openings for the rivets available on the 2nd shelf. All the tools in the bottom of the box were pulled out to be photographed. The big cold chisel is 9 long. The hack saw is Made in Canada and has a 12 blade. The hammer is 13 long. Handle is tight and has been restained and varathaned (3x). Tape measure is 25 feet. The is a 9 torpedo level, from Stanley and the combination square has a 12 ruler. Other tools per photos., Pickup time slot C.

Professional grade Gray Tools screw driver set. 18 screw drivers including a 1/4 socket driver and 14 socket bits plus other parts. Made in Canada !, Pickup time slot C

These are made for Lee Valley, by Narex in the Czech Republic. 7 Chisels from 1/4 to 1 1/2 . 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, 1, 1 1/2 wide chisels. Freshly sharpened and honed. Wood handles have also been varathaned. 1/4 chisel is 10 long extending to the 1 1/2 wide chisel at 11 1/2 long. These chisels from Narex have a classic design with blades that are bevel-edged to a narrow land on each side, providing excellent clearance when trimming into an angled corner such as in dovetail work, as well as reducing sidewall friction when working in a tight recess. Made to Lee Valley's specifications in Imperial sizes, the blades are accurately ground chrome-manganese steel, hardened to Rc59. The stained beech handles have steel hoops and ferrules for strength, and are oval shaped for comfort and to resist rolling on a bench., Pickup time slot C

Metal tool box. 21 1/8 long, 8 3/4 wide, 9 1/4 tall. Two working latches and piano hinge on back. Top tray has more tools in photos. It has two sets of complete Stanley Allen keys (8 each), one SAE, one metric. Chisel is a Fuller brand. Blade is sharpened and honed and is 1 wide. Small plane is 5 1/4 long with a 1 1/4 wide blade. Combo square is 12 long, with a working level vial and is made in the USA. Small triangle file is 6 1/2 long. The lower portion of the tool box has more tools in photos. The Sandvik square is 6 3/4 long on inside edge. There is a Stanley Surform tool, p/n 21-125 and a Johnson Level bevel tool. Also an A-schub caulking gun. It has a keyhole saw with handle restained and varathaned and the blade length at 14 . There is a 10 pipe wrench, from Trimont Mfg. Co, USA. The hacksaw is a Disston 388, made in Canada, and is holding a 12 blade but is adjustable. The long Richards scraper is 13 1/2 long. The Pry bar is a Craftsman, 6591, made in the USA, 14 3/4 long. The small tin snips are 7 long. There is a Home Hardware apron, a 12 Great Neck adjustable wrench and a small hammer that is 8 3/4 long with a pick at one end. The round file with handle is 13 1/4 total length. The flat file with handle is from Wiltshire and is 15 1/2 total length. The round file (no handle) is 12 1/2 long. The half round file is 10 long. The short round cold chisel is 5 long. The long cold chisel is 8 long with a 1 wide straight edge., Pickup time slot C

Plastic Stanley Tuff-Box tool box with tools. Box is 19 long, 9 1/2 wide and 9 1/4 tall. Two latches on the front and 2 metal piano hinges on the back. In to top tray. 3/8-7/16 ratchet wrench from Mastercraft. A Gray 9/16 wrench, a Fuller 1/2 wrench and a Judd 2 C clamp. There is also a 4 long small adjustable wrench from Germany. There is a Mastercraft awl just under 7 long and a Wills Tools wrench/cutter from West Germany, 6 1/4 long. There is a Durable Canada 2 position wrench, 6 1/2 long and side cutters, 7 3/4 long. There is a ball peen hammer, 11 1/4 long. Head is secured, handle has been restained and varathaned (3x). There are 4x Mastercraft screw drivers, 5 3/4 long. There is a half round file, 9 3/4 long, a triangular file 7 5/8 long, a round file 7 5/8 long and a flat file 7 7/8 long. There is a cold chisel, approx. 5/8 diameter, 7 1/2 long with a 13/16 wide blade. There is also a small screw driver, exacto (style) knife, a plastic razor cutter, paint can opener and a 16 tape measure. There is a chisel, 6 3/4 long with a 1/2 blade, sharpened and honed. In the bottom of the box. There is a complete set of fuller metric wrenches, 6 pc. There is a Samson lever jaw wrench ( vise grips ), made in the USA, 9 1/2 long. There is a old 9 adjustable wrench. Also a tack hammer, 11 long with standard magnetic head. Head is secured and handle has been restained and varathaned (3x). 10 1/2 crow bar. Pipe cutter with a built in reamer and pipe cleaner tool for outside/inside cleaning. The Allen keys have a ball at one end for easier installation, 9x, from 1/16 to 3/8 . Please pickup in slot C.

A fine occasional table or sofa table when folded. Real wood, Pickup time slot B

These two 18 long pipe wrenches were made in Spain for the Cdn National Railway. Both are in excellent condition including the internal springs to control the tilt of the body. Maximum opening is 2 but looks closer to 2.5., Pickup time slot C

Made in England. 4 wide jaw, opens just under 5 . 13 1/2 long (when closed), 6 3/4 high. 3 mounting holes 1/2 diameter., Pickup time slot C

Low profile metal Craftsman tool box, 19 long, 6 wide, 3 1/2 tall. One latch on front and full piano hinge on back. Tools as seen in separate photos. Includes Fuller chisel, 7 1/2 long, 3/4 blade. 12 1/4 long ball peen hammer. Stanley 15-210 hacksaw cutter handle, made in USA. Stanley 399 Pocket Surform rasp. Adjustable wrench is 8 long. Small files (4x) approx. 7 long. 3 fuller C clamp, 6 long cold chisel with 5/8 wide blade, angled needle nose pliers 6 1/2 long, 2 Craftsman screwdrivers 7 1/4 and 8 long. Ratchet driver, 8 long, bits inside as well. , Pickup time slot C

metal, little to no wear, see pictures, Pickup time slot A

3141 pieces, complete, used, includes, taxi, color assemble guide, decorative roof top pieces, pre 9 11 twin towers nyc, Pickup time slot A

761 pieces brand new in shrinkwrap, factory sealed, pieces are reversible and it actually builds 2 different colored cars., Pickup time slot A

3/8 (10mm) chuck, reversing, variable speed Makita drill. Dial on the trigger controls the maximum speed. Also has a button to keep the drill running when you let go of the trigger. Includes chuck key. Works fine., Pickup time slot C

Much smaller than Lot 423 vise. Also made in England. Jaws are 2 1/2 wide. Max opening is 2 3/4 wide. 8 1/2 long (when closed), 4 1/8 high. 3 mounting holes 5/16 diameter., Pickup time slot C

AM-200 Integrated Amplifier AT-470 AM/FM Tuner, Pickup time slot B

From Beach Industries Ltd in Smith Falls, Ontario. Made in Canada ! Top unit has an upper shelf which allows the front panel to drop down and expose 3 drawers. The front panel and the lid are connected with full length piano hinges. The top unit is 21 long, 8 3/4 deep and 11 1/2 tall (excluding the handle on the top). Top shelf under the lid is 2 1/8 deep. There is obviously space above this with the shape of the lid. The top and second drawers are 1 3/8 deep. The bottom drawer is 2 7/8 deep. Drawers pull out fully and work well. The lower cabinet has a working lock with 2 keys and has one fixed shelf. It is 21 5/8 wide, 12 deep and 27 1/4 high. It has four rotating casters on the bottom in good order. The combined height is 38 . Pickup in Slot C.

I have done some of them but not all, therefore I have to sell them as is, used, 500 1000 1500 2000 pieces, Pickup time slot A

Terk Model CHDTVa Antenna Pro, It can pick up local HD channels for free! Like new condition in box. Pickup time slot B

Made in China. Jaws are 3 1/2 wide. Total length when closed is 8 1/2 and it is 5 1/4 high. It has a rotating base for just less than 180 degrees. Maximum opening is 4 1/8 . It has lower clamps for holding round stock and a small 1 5/8 square anvil on the back. Mounting holes are approx. 3/8 diameter. , Pickup time slot C

1077 pieces brand new in shrink wrap, factory sealed, Pickup time slot A

Ertl Die Cast Tractor 1:16 Scale, Like new, no box. Pickup time slot B

3667 - Knights medieval castle 3665 - Baron's battle castle 3659 - King's court 3653 - Knight's catapult , Pickup time slot B

Skilsaw Classic circular saw, 7 1/4 blades, model 5250. Includes adjustable fence. Blade wrench. 45 deg tilt and standard height control. Works fine. Skil Classic Jig Saw, in case, model 4470. Includes 4 blades. Has 3 oscillating settings as well as a setting to be able to rotate the blade with the top knob. Variable speed. Works fine. Unique matching styling for both., Pickup time slot C

Four oil cans, metal funnel and old oil can spout. Metal funnel is 6 diameter and 6 1/2 tall. Simon's Eastern Ltd, Waterloo, Ontario is marked on the side. Old oil can metal spout. Metal oil can. 3 1/2 diameter at the bottom, 7 total height. From E.T. Wright Company Limited in Hamilton Canada. Metal oil can. 3 1/2 diameter at the bottom, 7 tall. Singer, made in USA. Red metal oil can. 1 7/8 diameter, 4 tall container. Total height to tip of nozzle is 6 1/4 . Wesco, B'Ham, England. (Birmingham?) Red plastic oil can. 6 oz, Made in Canada, 3 1/4 diameter, 6 high. Pickup in time slot C.


6x3=18 new tennis balls still in shrink wrap, Pickup time slot B

From Beach Industries Ltd in Smith Falls, Ontario. Made in Canada ! Has been painted. Tool box is 20 long, 8 5/8 deep and 9 1/2 high (excluding top handle). It has 2 latches on the front and a full piano hinge on the back. Top tray. Good selection of screw drivers. 3 slotted screw drivers. 11 1/2 and 9 1/8 long with wood handles that have been restained and varathaned (3x). 3 Phillips screw drivers, Gray, Stanley and Fuller approx. 7 long. 3 Robertson screw drivers, 1 wood handled one is also stained and varathaned. The other two are from Stanley approx. 7 1/2 long. It has an awl (handle done), Mastercraft torx screw driver and magnetic tip socket bit driver. Top tray also has 11 3/4 long Buck Bros chisel, 3/4 wide blade, sharpened and honed. It has a 7 oz Stanley claw hammer, a 10 1/4 triangular file, scissors, pencils, aluminum handled retractable knife and plastic snap-off knife. It has cold chisels. Large one is 3/4 diameter, 7 1/2 long with a 1 blade. The next is 1/2 diameter, 6 1/8 long, 5/8 blade. last is a pointed chisel, 3/8 diameter, 6 1/4 long. It also has a good 25' tape measure from Etronic with auto lock and has magnets in the clip of the tape. In the bottom is a 12 Great Neck adjustable wrench, 10 tin snips, 8 long needle nose pliers (Stanley Challenger), 7 1/2 side cutters, 8 1/4 and 6 1/2 pliers and 9 1/2 vise grip style pliers. It has a 14 1/2 long hammer with a pick on the back end. Head is solidly mounted, handle has be stained and varathaned (3x). Also a 2 1/2 C clamp, 8 bevel gauge, 17 1/2 round file, 17 1/4 flat file (Globe Canada) and 13 half round file (Globe). It has a blue tray of sockets, 3/8 and 1/4 size with a 3/8 ratchet and a 3/8 to 1/4 adapter. Most of the sockets listed are present. It has a complete SAE/Metric Allen key set. A key hole saw, 19 1/2 long with handle restained and varathaned (3x). It has a std caulking gun. It also has a complete knife set with 3 blade holders, 13 blades held in place with a magnet and tweezers. Please pickup in Slot C.

1979, metal, little to no wear, see pictures, Pickup time slot A

excellent condition, no tears, toy story, hunch back Notre dame, Aladdin, Pinocchio, beauty beast, lion king, little mermaid, snow white, winnie pooh, Pocahontas, Hercules, Pickup time slot A

966 pieces brand new in shrink wrap, factory sealed, Pickup time slot A

was on a deck, re planned, 10 boards 11 feet in length and 3 boards 6 feet in length, nails holes every 16 to 18 see pictures for thickest of boards. they are 11 feet long, you might to bring something to cut to size to fit in your vehicle, Pickup time slot A

untested, mixed artists, pictures are examples of what included, not pictured, classical, instrumental. have not looked in any of the albums to see if there is a record inside and or if a record inside belongs to the album cover. Pickup time slot A

703 pieces brand new in shrink wrap, factory sealed, Pickup time slot A

Made by Road Tough 1:18 Scale Hood, Doors and Trunk open, steering wheel turns with front wheels. Like new - no box, Pickup time slot B

Lee Veritas sharpening angle finder and sharpening jig. Info available on Lee Valley website. Many sharpening stones. Three of them are double sided with different grits on each side. Sizes are shown with tape measure. Tape measure not included. Pickup time slot C.

Old electrical testers and 2 trouble lights. Amprobe Volt-Ammeter-Ohmmeter. Comes in a leather case, in original box including instructions. Florescent trouble light. Has clips to connect right to a car battery and a 12V connector as well. It works. Older and newer voltage tester. The connector with the leads plugs in to either unit. Three line testers. Sorry, don't know what they do. Trouble light from Noma. It works. Short cord to plug into house wiring. 75W maximum incandescent light. Florescent light of suitable size would work as well. Old Multi range meter in a nice box joint corners wooden box. Box is 10 x 9 1/4 by 2 1/2 . Includes cables, instructions and snap around ring. Meters were not tested to see if they work. Please pickup in Slot C.

, Pickup time slot B

The tire air pump has a 12+ foot cord to the 12V connector. It also has built in an extra fuse, a ball nozzle and a general nozzle for other inflatable items. The head on the hose screws onto the car valve. It is 7 1/2 long, 3 1/2 wide and 7 high. Works perfectly. The two Gray brand cross bar lug wrenches are 14-15 long with different nut sizes on each. The two tire repair tools allow you to repair car holes. Pickup time slot C.

Sharpener - tested, works. Jig saw not working. Perhaps new brushes needed. Pickup time slot A

Rover Dangerfield Chip'n Dale Frosty the Snowman The Little Mermaid , Pickup time slot B

Ertl Die Cast Tractor 1:16 Scale, Like new, no box. Pickup time slot B

Die Cast Made by Red Box 1:24 Scale, Opening doors, hood and tailgate, steering wheel turns with front wheels. In original box., Pickup time slot B

Pipe wrench has a nicely restained and varathaned wood handle over the large metal tang. It is made by James Smart, from Canada. It's called the Endurance pipe wrench and is 14 long. Both metal springs are in place. Pipe cutter (Barnes Cutter) is 16 long when closed. It is made by Reed Trade Tools. No. 2. T handle pieces is also metal. Cutting wheels still look good but can be replaced. Crimping tool is 10 3/4 long and folds in both directions so it can do 5 different crimps. There are no manufacturing markings on the tool. Please pickup in Slot C.

first 3 pictures are the road champs single picture with 2 cars are micro machines last 6 pictures of 46 cars, I could read for sure to verify what they are, so the are listed as misc, Pickup time slot A

used, I have not opened any of the books or magazines, to look at the pages, Pickup time slot A

Ertl Die Cast Farm Country 1:16 Scale, Pickup time slot B

Die Cast by Maisto 1:18 Scale, Opening doors, hood, turning wheels. In original box., Pickup time slot B

Nice solid wood handle spade including it being split at the top for the D handle. Wood has been sanded, restrained and varathaned (3x). Metal has be cleaned up and painted with rust paint. Shovel is 39 tall with a 7 1/2 wide blade. Shears are made in England, 19 long with 7 1/2 blades. Sharpened. Wood has been cleaned, stained and varathaned (3x). Garden tool is 12 long with a 4 blade. Metal has be scraped and painted with rust paint. Wood has been stained and varathaned. Handle has a green soft grip area in the centre., Pickup time slot C

Single Mantle, Ash Flash, Gasoline lantern. 12 tall. Spinning whisk. Unused. Still in sealed plastic. , Pickup time slot C

Model 3104-04 B and D Prof. reciprocating saw in a case. Comes with 8 blades and Allen key. Works fine., Pickup time slot C

Hammer is a 4lb sledge hammer. 9 3/4 long, 5 1/4 across the head. Octagonal head is 1 7/8 across the face. Head is on solidly and handle has been stained and varathaned (3x). Speedy basin wrench. Head rotates and spring works properly. Ridgid E14 Pipe Wrench. Elyria, USA, 14 long. 18 Pipe wrench from Autorex, West Germany. In excellent shape. Does not include tape measure. Please pickup in Slot C.

Dark brown on one side, white on the other new with tags, 50 x 70 Pickup time slot A

currently outside if the its raining before or on sale day, the wood will be wet, Pickup time slot C

born in a America, with sleeve lyrics, 5 record set live 1975 1985 includes color insert vinyl, untested, Pickup time slot A

24 used in excellent condition, Pickup time slot A

Die Cast by Maisto 1:18 Scale, Opening doors, hood, turning wheels. In original box. Showroom display unit., Pickup time slot B

no chips, or cracks, more Pyrex lots 9,10, Pickup time slot A

most are in good condition, 1 has loose cover, Pickup time slot A

902 pieces brand new in shrink wrap, factory sealed, Pickup time slot A

Collectible, Can dispense candy when arm is pulled. Smaller red one is a coin bank., Pickup time slot B

Older Black and Decker 3/8 , reversing, variable speed drill. Has a dial on the trigger to control the maximum speed and a button to keep the drill running when you release the trigger. Old, but works fine. Electrical tape on the cord is to hold the key in place. Chuck key tied to the cord. Bore-in-Line drill boring guide. 4 3/4 base diameter, 10 high. Includes chuck key and stop collar to control depth. Made in Canada., Pickup time slot C

Unused Universal Gluing Tool, Glue Master #7329. Available on-line. All the pieces included including nozzles for gluing into biscuit joints, dowels, roller for spreading glue etc. Also the rubber caps for each tip. Perfect shape. $32.95 US at Klingspor's Woodworking Shop. Pickup time slot C.

still usable, wife wanted a change. Pickup time slot A

mlb box sealed, Pickup time slot A

Pair of black IKEA bar height stools. Gently used, good condition. Seat 29.5 inches high., Pickup time slot B

All A Frank Shaffer Publication , Giant Fire Engine, Endangered Animals and Dogs. , Pickup time slot B

Very good condition, Abridged versions for kids, Pickup time slot B

Kuny's AP8100 tool belt and a Durapouch holder., Pickup time slot C

3 saws. The gray bow saw is 45 long with a 35 1/2 blade. It has an adjustable handle on the top. The red bow saw is 27 long with a 23 1/2 blade. The hand saw has a 22 blade., Pickup time slot C

Two Stanley braces. The ratchet brace is a 10 No. 965N, made in Canada. The non-ratchet brace is a Stanley Victor No. 956N, 10 brace. The wood handles for both have been sanded, restained and varathaned (3x). There are 4 auger bits with the appropriate square heads, Numbers 5, 7, 8 and 9. These bits are 7 3/4 to 8 1/2 long. The numbers refer to the number of sixteenths of an inch so a No. 5 bit is 5 x 1/16 = 5/16 diameter. So the No. 8 bit is 8 x 1/16 = 8/16 = 1/2 diameter. Pickup time slot C.

don cherry Wayne Gretsky, Dave Schultz, lanny McDonald, gordie Howe, Ron MacLean, Brian McFarlane, he shoots he scores, foster Hewitt, Pickup time slot A

3/8 chuck, reversing, variable speed Craftsman drill. Dial on the trigger controls the maximum speed and a button is there keep the drill running after you release the trigger. Includes manual and chuck key. In working condition., Pickup time slot C

Includes hatchet (cleaned, sharpened, reseated, stained and varathaned (3x)), hammers, side cutters, pliers, needle nose pliers, combo screw driver, 12 adjustable wrench and several other items. (excludes tape measure.), Pickup time slot C

Norton carborundum bay state, see pictures for sizes, Pickup time slot A

excellent condition, Pickup time slot A

Die Cast by Maisto 1:18 Scale, Opening doors, hood, turning wheels. In original box., Pickup time slot B

In good condition. Tulip pot - 10 inches in diameter and 9 high. Matching pair - Large pot is 10 inches in diameter and 8.5 high, small pot is 8.5 inches in diameter and 7 high

For important equipment that can't stop with a power failure. This is a battery back-up unit. This unit is 13 long, 3.5 wide and 6 high. Plug in your critical tools like printers or computers etc. and have power even if the power fails. It will not last forever but gives you time to complete work and shut them down safely. Replacement built in batteries are available., Pickup time slot C

t12, 34 watts, the first picture of the open box is to show you what they look like, you are bidding on 1 full unopened case of 30, the last 2 pictures. Pickup time slot A

unopened, Pickup time slot A

Gorilla will waddle across a flat surface when switched on. Uses 2 AA batteries., Pickup time slot B

Like new condition , Head and Wilson, Pickup time slot B

3799 - Pirates secret island 3736 - Pirate raft with shark 3792 - Pirate rowboat 3858 - Treasure island 3861 - Pirate island , Pickup time slot B

3 concrete tools. All handles have been restained and varathaned (3x). Two floats for adhesive (9 and 11 long), 3 scrapers. A 4x5 drywall corner tool from Marshalltown (USA). (tape measure not included.), Pickup time slot C

the names at the bottom of each picture, not sure if its his signature 8 x 10 active pass Indian arm under the ice transient killer whales, Pickup time slot A

minor wear on all of them, I don't think they are leather, I only saw 1 name ( picture of that name ) 3 black 1 brown all work, Pickup time slot A

1 is a 2 record set magical mystery tour from 1967, Paul McCartney wings, untested, Pickup time slot A

start your own collection, 400,000 to go :-) real estate computers pc's buying selling mutual funds, cooking, joomla, creating web page call Centers internet, prostate cancer, power yoga workouts, world history, fitness, diabetes, photography, bartending, Pickup time slot A

Prisoner of Azkaban, half blood prince deathly hallow order of the phoenix, Pickup time slot A

good condition for the age, Mother Goose - A Golden Book - 1978 - 17th Printing, spin and Marty ( side spine broken ( kidnapped, 5 shaped books well used, mouseketeers, robin hood 1974, Peter Pan 1968 Winnie 1973 and 1975, Pickup time slot A

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