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Numbered Collectors Edition of Star Wars Monopoly game from Parker Brothers. Has 8 pesters cast characters. And 3 imperial brass coins. Box says 5 but two are missing. See pics.

Vintage sunglasses and 1 clip on. 14 in total. See pics

Signed small watercolour print but signature is faint and hard to make out. Fantastic detail for such a small painting. There is also a round embossed stamp in bottom left corner. Frame size is 7.75" x 5.75".

Very cool for retro decor in a restaurant or farmers market. 11" by 5.5" metal farm fresh egg sign and retro porcelain hanging soap dish.

Intricate small brass gas coach lamps with a pink window for a colour code. See pics. Just over 10" in height. Glass all in tact as well as latches. One light has top piece off but is included for an easy fix.

7 matchbox cars. The coal&scold car is made in England, 1973, Lesney products. The 2 double-decker busses are made by Corci toys in Great Britain. The 4 that have their boxes are made in Macao or China. See pics.

Double layer metal steamer trunk. 3' wide 21" high by 19.5" deep.

3 woodcarving tool sets, one made in Sweden and one 14 piece master raft router bit set. See pics

Real deal. Remember when gas prices were that low and you had the choice of leaded or unleaded gas? Roughly 3 x 4 feet. Double sided. Heavy gauge metal sign plastic numbers. Prices only on one side

2 original art pieces. 2 watercolour pieces both signed Lepage. Frame size 15.75" x 11.5". See pics.

2 bit sets. One Toolway and one Mastercraft. A glue gun and a paint and rust stripper. Also a screwdriver with multiple bits and sockets.

Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote with colour touchscreen. Never used just missing the packaging. Works perfectly. Retailed over $500

Pink Floyd, Union Jack and flag. Size of pink Floyd the wall is 39" x 45". Union Jack is roughly 35" x 70".

Body glove knee board. Like knew. Never used. Retailed over $300

64"high female torso mannequin on a metal stand. Vintage piece, solid condition.

Fender amp. Used once. See photos untested

Antique Wooden bed frame. Acorn style posts. Width is 58.5". Rails included. See pics. Excellent condition.

6 pieces of authentic native Indian made items. The beaded belt has pewter buckle. All materials are natural. See pics for items.

Vintage desk and chair. Chair is new from Staples and has 3 adjustable levers. Desk is possibly antique. Dovetail joints. Locks on every drawer but no keys. And two sliding shelves.

14" square 4.5" deep. Backlit tailored underwear sign.

Ephemera lot. Mint condition vintage black paper photo album ca. 1920 never used in original packaging; 1936 newspaper from The Windsor Daily Star with huge red headline ABDICATES! full front page article Edward abdicating the throne for Wally; and a 1931 Merchant calendar from The Kerr Millling Co. Ltd. housed in protective archival sleeve, rough edges respective of paper stock and age. See pics. Lot also includes a lifetime collection of family photos. Hundreds of photos included in a big bag, a shoe box full and 6 full family photo albums.

Unsigned original watercolour floral still life. Ca 1920 in original sealed frame with original T. Eaton sticker Toronto Canada. Outside frame dimensions 9.25 x 6.75 inside mat window 4 x 6. Excellent condition.

For the ultimate baseball fan. Only about 12 empty pages at the back. 95% full.

Glazed blue bowl a 3 piece etched glass set. See pics. All excellent shape. Blue glazed bowl has a signature etched in the glass.

Excellent condition. 2 sized slide rulers from Keuffel & Esser Co. 1925. Manual on use and a Marr Staedtler compass kit. Vintage all. See pics. Slide ruler slide beautifully still. Have their own leather cases.

Wholesale lot. New retail in original packaging. Beard hats are fun fashion and style in a knitted hat sporting a beard and moustache to keep face toasty warm. Black, brown and grey. Excellent quality. Retailed over $60 ea

Lot of 2 original Star Wars records. The Story of Star Wars 1977 includes original 16 page Colorado booklet fixed inside covers. Booklet separated from outer cover at staples no damage to pages themselves. LP itself in excellent condition. Also includes Star Wars 1977 original LP in excellent condition. Original owner marker name on each album.

Various cd's. Lots of 70's and 80's cd's and 45" high purple cd stand. Little chips on stand. See pics.

3 30" x 20.5" Chinese broadsides. See pics

Vintage Eveready flashlight, 2 Motor Car Brand made in Hong Kong and a large Ray-O-Vac radar-lite. 6 flashlights and wooden box. See pics

Various enamel cookware. Large pot could fit a small turkey. And the straw thing is a surprise!!! For you and I both as its so tightly wrapped I can't un-wrap it without a big mess so it's a mystery pot!! Or possibly 2 pots. Who knows. I don't. See pics. All made in from Poland or Czechoslovakia or Yugoslavia.

Indoor and outdoor games lot. Deal or no deal DVD game based on the hit TV gameshow hosted by Howie Mandell, a nearly new outdoor badminton and volleyball combo, and a vintage B-17 Queen of the skies WW2 aerial combat game.

NIB Disney trivia game 2 with exclusive collectible pewter game pieces of Disney characters. English version. Collectible tin box. Never opened.

Christine Marshall is an established Canadian nature life artist. This print is titled gold finch and wild calla. 150 out of 250. Set of two but husband got the other one in the split. This was a wedding gift from the artist. See pics.

Large white adjustable drafting light table. Size is 4' wide by 3' deep. Height is adjustable. Office chair is in lot. Is of quality make and is adjustable in height. Cord for table is worn but still works. Heavy table. Bring a friend to help carry.

Retro 38" high gum ball machine. Cast metal and glass.

Heavy cast resin tractor decor. 19" long. Great contemporary decor piece. See pics. Excellent condition free from damage.

Antique solid wood dresser/writing desk combination. 33.5" x 49.5" high x 19.5" deep. Good shape for age. Drink ring stain on top. Expected wear to finish. See pics.

69" long cross cut antique logging saw. Good shape for age.

Finely crafted wooden "glasses" and bowels and dishes. There's a couple of candle holders and some wooden jars. Amazing craftsmanship. See pics

Newer wheelchair with tray. Wheels smoothly. Quickie brand. Lots of adjustable a and a seatbelt. Excellent condition. Smooth clean ride.

Classic vintage wooden ashtray stand with original dark amber glass ashtray. 10 inch weighted base with wood peg feet, turned post and wood bowl for glass ashtray insert. Solid construction expected wear.

Cheech and Chong Les Cochinos original LP original die cut sleeve LP in excellent condition. Also includes 1975 original edition of rocky horror picture show disk in excellent condition. Jacket has black marker name of original owner on back.

Wooden antique Mallot and one green very loud cowbell. The wear is what makes this such a unique piece. And who doesn't own their own cowbell. I mean, c'mon.

Antique ash can. Art embossed with several characters in a fireside setting. See pics.

3 military books. One dated 1935 the other 2 1942. See pics. They are all military drills.

2 glass Victorian hand blown glass fire extinguisher bottles. One has some blue ink that can be removed through cleaning. Both measure 1' by 4.5" wide. See pics.

2 orange emergency vehicle lights. Both 10" h by 10" width at bases. See pics for scratches and age.

Camera tripod stand with built in level great condition. Newer Polaroid camera untested. Case logic carry bag.

Nuvak Canada soapstone fisherman and red hunter (don't know the material). Grey one is almost 9" in height.

Modern Statuary & Novelty Co. Vintage monkey bank. No chips but some sparkles missing on hat. See pics

25" square. Metal backing and ceramic or stone mounted crest pieces. See prices for wear

Matchbox cars. Well worn from lots of play. All made in England. Some distinguish and say Britain. All made by Lesney. All are titled either in numbers or names or both.

21 Wade nursery rhyme figurines from Red Rose Tea collection. Includes Humpty Dumpty, the three bears, the cat and the fiddle and puss'in'boots and more. See pics.

Oil lamp arm very ornate and wood stove finial. Cast iron.

1991 Deluxe Commemorative Edition Boxed collection Walt Disney's Fantasia. Complete all components mint unplayed never opened. Outer box cellophane removed box soft corner. Deluxe boxed set includes outer box 11 x 15.5 plus full colour art booklet 14 x 11 outer matt size image area 9 x 7 authentic commemorative litho, 2 VHS tapes and two audio CDs. Also includes mint condition certificate of authenticity

Antique well worn wooden chair. See pics. Lots of worn spots to show age.

Small end table. See pics for wear. 24" h. 20" wide x 16" deep.

Carbon Sims snowboard. Excellent condition. Rarely used. Retailed over $200

Lot of three authentic period Victory flags. Condition reflects age. See photos.

JVC receiver cd stereo. Brand new in original packaging. Never opened or installed. Detachable faceplate.

Organ keyboard from an antique Canadian made organ and peddles. Needs good cleaning. Great for art project.

Apple power Mac G3 and an Apple power Mac G4 tower. Both with keyboards and monitors and both work. There's an internet router also and another LGflatscreen monitor in this lot. See pics.

First scouts book dated 1937. A belt buckle, fleur-da-Lis pin, and leather pouch. See pics

Oil on Board. 11.5" x 13.25" outside frame. Unsigned.

Retro Planet Robot Toy. In original packaging. KeyWind toy working! Excellent condition, box slightly damaged.

These are beautiful. The pictures don't do them justice. Their inks are vibrant. Each painting is painted on a flattened leaf. 12 in total. See pics for samples.

2 larger plates and 3 candy dishes, a cake serving utensil and 3 spoons. 2 candle holders and 2 picture frames. See pics

Over 30 children's books. All very good condition. See pics for titles. Too many to list.

NIB Handcrafted Wood And Enamel Icebox Never used handcrafted ice bucket. Swank 70's revival. Even has leather handles. Comes with ice tongs. But no moustache or bell bottom pants. =ÅòÅ¢ see pics. Has enamel shrinkage crack in very bottom. Has mark on bottom. Maikocraft. 7 piece stainless steel bar set and stainless steel martini shaker NIB. And a bunch of vintage plastic stir sticks. See pics

Decor lot. IKEA shadow box frame. New in package. 2 funky wall shelves. One yellow, one lime green. 15" square 5.5" deep. See pics

Paymaster made in Montreal. Simplex paper tape machine made in Toronto. Achilles stamps hanging unit. And made in Germany thingy. Don't know what it is or what it's for. See pics.

This solid wood dresser, dovetail drawer joins, needs some roc unless you want the aged look. All drawers and shoves in good working order. See pics for scratches and wear and further details. Size is 64" wide by 3' high by 20" deep.

19" wide by 24" high.

Certificate of appreciation from the then prime minister Brian Mulroney. 1988.

Island painted Nippon China. 6 tea cups and saucers. Tea pot has no chips or cracks. 2 tea cups have cracks and one is chipped. See pics.

All 21" x 29" Colourful teaching posters illustrating school trips. 7 in total. See pics.

Various golf paraphernalia. Vintage score card and memo holders. A leather St. George's bag for the commemorative St George plate. See pics.

Four 18 x 30 double pane quick release household windows. Never installed.

Larger white plate made in France. 3 rose plates stamped PT Germany and the pitcher is Slovakia. See pics for wear on pitcher.

Vintage wood tennis racquets including a 'Billie Jean King' special edition racquet. See pics for wear and age related markings.

56" long, metal sword. Widest point 6". Metal throughout. Very heavy. See pics for wear. Damage to hilt.

2 retro honeycomb light shades, a leader crystal base lamp and a glass vintage lamp with shade. All work except one honeycomb lamp needs wiring.

Abbott's Magic Novelty Co, Colon, Michigan. No. 7 Catalogue. Check pics for the vintage page samplings.

Hamilton Spectator Newspapers lot. All early 50's except 2 special editions which date 1967 and 1971.

76" wooden sign for Kent Tile & Marble Co. Hamilton, Ontario.

100 exacto blades in total, 10 packages 10 per pack, un-opened still in their store packaging two different styles see pics. 97 perky map book of Toronto, cheque ledger binder and 2 business card organizers. All new but the perly's.

Metal bookends. See pics. 8.5" h x 4" deep. Wear from age. Note paint chips.

Two boxed sets. Special Edition gold boxed Star Wars VHS boxed set. 1997 release Star Wars, EmpireStrikes Back and Return of the Jedi. One soft corner on outer box packaging all tight solid and clean. Untested. Also includes Stephen King's 1993 Nightmares and Dreamscapes comprised of 8 audio cassettes. Box shows expected wear all cassettes present. Untested.

Lot of two die cast cars. Number 22 Caterpillar car metal body plastic chassis part of the Racing Champions series year 2000. Number 88 Ford Credit part of the Action series 1999 Ford Taurus. All metal die sat condition. Both cars show expected wear with age.

NIB net gear 8 port router. New in box. See pics for description.

2 white 7" open trim recessed lighting kits. See pics for further details. Both New in their packaging.

2 pairs of kids cross country skies. Both Tisa sport step skies. Great shape. Rarely used. One pair of fisher cross country boot. Size EU34.

Four crystal stemmed glasses and crystal creamer. No chips or cracks. One flea bite on the bottom most edge of one glass mentioned only for accuracy.

7 Very large paper calendar collectibles. Years dated in the 70's. All are 30" by 42". Each have a nature pic. All are from business Barrie Tanning Ltd. All 7 are not photographed, 2 have no date pad.

3 Very large paper calendar collectibles. Years are 1971, 72, and 78. All are 30" by 42". Each have a nature pic. All are from business Barrie Tanning Ltd.

Faces oil art. Unsigned. Original. Frame size 20" high by 2' w.

Balloon holders, candle holders, 5 floral bouquets, and one wooden wine rack that compacts.

A jewelry necklace box. Some candle holders and various knickknacks. See pics

10 tins and one cardboard Christmas box. One Oh Henry, one Crispy Crunch, one Life Saver, 4 MnM's and an Andes. 2 are not products collectable tins but a bakers cookie tin and a no name Santa and check tin. Also 6 MnM Christmas tree ornaments. See pics

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