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Original watercolor by English watercolorist Myles Birket Foster (1825-1899). A renowned Illustrator, watercolorist and engraver of the Victorian era. 17.5" x 11". Framed and glazed, see pics for details. Known for watercolors of English rural life.

2 antique top of the line copper saute pans, from renowned maker Gaillard from Paris France. Thick copper with dovetail construction, heavy iron handle is secured by 3 copper rivets with a hand wiped tin interior. These date from the 1920's, and are both marked on the side GAILLARD PARIS, they are as good as it gets for copper cookware . One is 8.75" in diameter and other is 9" in diameter.

In excellent condition, 5" in height.

Old pine box with lid, see pics for details. 20" x 12" x 13".

Antique Singer sewing machine, Complete and running, includes bentwood case (no key). Model # C 562298. Patented Canada August 1, 1911. Exceptionally excellent condition, decals are nice and bright and japanned enamel finish is excellent as well.

Both in excellent condition in original boxes, height of duck and cat are both 1.25".

Photograph 19.5" X 12.25", double matted and professionally framed. Made from the original glass negative dated April 10. 1912.

7.5" in height, in excellent condition from the 1920's.

1862,1864, 1868,1889 Good Life. 1860's, 2 vols. of Once a Week. See pics for details. Fully illustrated and covering a wide variety of topics, these are also great looking decorator books.

Civil war generals in pewter in fitted wood presentation box with 15.5" x 15.5" pewter & wood board.

Great craft box full of broken jewelry, see pics for details. Everything you see here.

14" in height signed on base "Dennis Fenton".

Limited edition No. 347/400 copies. Drawn in Lithography by Thomas R. Way. 173 pages. 12" x 9" x 1/25". Fully illustrated throughout, see pics.

Locket (no key), heart lock charm, and necklace with bar pendant. Comes with Tiffany & Co. pouch it was purchased in.

Cast bronze tiger, 11" in length and 4" in height. See pics for details.

Figurines and pair of bookends, see pics. All in excellent condition.

10.5" H, ceramic, made in Czechlovakia, see pics for details.

1.5" rhinestone crucifix brooch, unmarked. And 2.25" sterling silver and marcasites crucifix pendant on sterling silver chain. See pics for details, in excellent condition.

Oversized antique folio book ca. 1857, 1st edition large folio. 15" x 22". Pages are loose from cover and there is foxing and edge wear and tears. Large engravings throughout, see pics for details.

2 old wood and glass wash boards and antique sad iron, see pics for details.

Smoky colored glass lot in modernist style, everything you see here.

Ca. 1870 Edwin Law (after Meissonier) engraving printed on silk, framed. 10" x 14".

Inlaid with turquoise, lapis, coral & onyx, signed sterling "TT". (possibly Thomas Tso)

5 Franklin Mint 3" miniature cat figurines in metal and porcelain. Also a vintage Beswick England sitting kitten figurine, 3" in height.

Full of Illustrations by George Cruikshank and other artists. 5.5" x 8" x 2", 389 pages + ads in back.

EA 2/15 "La Memoire des Facades" Ian Coen. 25" x 16.5", double matted and prof. framed.

Large modernist textured glass bowl, with label 7" x 8" dia.

23.5" in height, 14" diameter top. Old marble carved table, a few chips - see pics for details.

In original 16" diameter round oak frame with original glazing.

In good working order, 6.5" H x 8" W.

Signed "Rozy 1926". 9" x 6".

HN 2236 - 1961. "Affection". 4.5" in height, excellent condition.

Old unsigned portrait of young girl in pink dress, 18" x 24".

'Ca Sent Deja La Mer' 8/100. 23" x 17", prof. framed and matted.

10.5" in height in excellent condition, see pics for details.

In excellent condition, see pics for details. 9 1/2" h x 15" w.

Compote , 6.5" height. Dresden basket, 5" h. x 6" l. German half-doll pincushion doll, 4" in height with original satin pincushion dress. See pics for details.

Langmuir Luggage 21 inch No. 4733, leather suitcase with brass hardware and cloth fitted interior. See pics for details. 14" x 21" x 7".

6.5" x 11.5", original watercolor, triple matted in original antique frame. Unsigned, see pics for details.

1886 by Graham Everett, 'English Caricaturists and Graphic Humorists of the Nineteenth Century'. London, swan Sonnenschein, Le Bas & Lowery, Paternoster Square, 427 p. Fully illustrated throughout, wear to cover and spine but still attached at back. 8" x 11" x 2". See pics for details.

Matte Green Art Pottery Vase, 11" in height, in excellent condition. Unmarked, see pics for details.

11" in height, ceramic with hand decorated florals.

29" x 23" x11", All over lacquered wood cabinet, with painted decoration of birds and flowers on a gold ground. Some discoloration at top right of cabinet, see pics for details.

Painted and carved wood, leather, feathers with metal bells. 14" in height to tip of feathers. Signed on base: Eagle - G. Day.

Everything you see here.

Signed V. Dussault '68. 12" x 18".

3 silver plated antique wine coasters, see pics for details.

Designer Jean Paul Gaultier vintage bracelet,6" in length with unmarked clasp. See pics for details.

Old brass trays from China, they stack nicely together and have original patina. 14" and 18" diameter.

Lot of assorted coins, in cedar box. See pics for details.

"Riviere" binding, 9" x 7" x 1.5". Fully illustrated by John Tenniel and engraved by the brothers Dalziel. Gold edged, heavily embossed covers, some wear. See pics for details.

4" in height, in excellent condition.

Antique pine chairs, with original rush seats. 33" in height each.

Four vintage art glass owls, ranging in height from 3" to 6.25". Signed, see pics for details.

Ghitta Caiserman-Roth (Can. RCA. 1923 – 2005) 'Demasquer (unmasking)' 28/216 10" x 16".

Ranging from 2.5" to 4.5" in height. Excellent condition, decorated with gold and enamels.

Antique estate bud vases with sterling silver mounts and a contemporary sterling silver lidded box. All pieces are marked. 5.5" h, 9.25" h vases. 8" x 5" x 3" box, (some scuffs on lid - see pics.)

Both in excellent condition, 5" height each.

9.25" in height, in excellent condition.

Everything you see here, all in excellent condition with intact enamel work.

Large 15.5" height wood carving, carved from a single block of wood.

10" x 7" x 1", 143 pages. Published by the Dominion of Canada, Department of Agriculture. By George H. Clark and M. Oscar Malte. Fully illustrated throughout with high quality colorful lithographs, see pics. for details.

1920's art deco 13" chrome cocktail shaker with cherry juice bakelite handle, and 3 chrome stemmed ruby glass topped cocktail glasses & 12" chrome tray.

Includes plate cup and bowl made of thick sturdy ironstone. Looks just like vintage restaurant ware, comes in display box. 9.5" dia. plate, 12 oz. bowl and 6 oz. cup.

26" in height including original carved wooden stand. Excellent condition with no cracks or chips.

Everything you see here, sold as is.

Everything you see here, all in excellent condition.

Signed David E. Hill. Six Nations Brantford. Carved wood, with horsehair. Copper eyes, 11" x 8" x 6".

Original pen and ink drawing : 'The Eternal Question" by Ed Vaughn. 22" 15.5", in original antique frame.

Crown Staffordhire basket, very finely woven porcelain basket with 3 dimensional flowers and vines all around rim. 5" dia. 2" in height. Also pair of Denton England woven porcelain candlesticks, 5.5" in height each. There is some candlewax residue around rim, cold be cleaned out. There is a few minor chips on the flowers, they are in excellent condition and are very fragile.

1.75" diameter, running condition. Small crack in crystal near top, see pics for details.

18" and 14" in height.

Old painted tubular steel miniature bed (23" x 13" x 15"). Old Reliable (Canadian) composition doll with cloth body, 18" in height. Bedding includes antique satin crazy quilt and satin mattress.

13.5" in height including red shade with metal appliques. Heavy solid chunk of carved soapstone is 4" in diameter and 5.5" in height. Lamp working, see pics for details.

5 - 1958,1961 dated prints of Wyeth's work. 17" x 14". Some wear and stains to folio, some wear and tears to edge of prints. See pics for details.

P. Patton 1983 signed original, professionally framed and matted. 15" x 12".

By J.W. Goethe, gold embossed green board covers, 10" x 7". Engraving throughout, 212 pages. Very good condition some edge wear. See pics for details.

Everything you see here.

From the Playboy club in the 1960's - 1970's. 6.25" tall glass Playboy club beer mug, plastic Playboy club bunny stir sticks, gold plated Playboy bunny brooch in original box. See pics for details.

Signed in margin, printed on handmade paper. 22.5" x 17". Listed German artist born in 1941, 2nd of 10 prints made.

6.5" in diameter each, all in excellent condition.

Wall mounted spice cabinet, with original brass hardware. 20" x 11" x 5".

2 bracelets and 2 necklaces. See pics for details.

2 1990's Barbie dolls which are replicas of the old Barbie, both are in excellent condition and have outfits but no shoes. These were expensive when purchased new, they were a limited run. See pics for details.

10.5" Buddha and 8" wise man old Chinese wood carvings. Laughing Buddha has chunk missing from hand - see pics for details.

4 ashtrays, 2 trays and 4 head sconces. All in excellent condition except for the turquoise dish which has a hairline crack, also there appears to be a crack in the first head but this is a factory flaw and not damage.

4" in height, made of glass and with a porcelain base. Has boy on sled inside, snow swirls around when shaken. From the 1930's. Atlas Crystal Works, Covington Tennessee.

1882 by Charlotte M. Yonge, fully illustrated with engravings, 10.5" x 8" x .5".

20" x 30.5" old lithographed Chinese advertising poster, with metal strip on top and bottom. Professionally framed, See pics for details.

Unsigned (poss. Louis Probur),18" x 24".

Vintage Canuck Pottery (St. John's N.B.), jug shaped cookie jar with black American decoration. 10" in height, small hairlines around rim and chip on lid rim. See pics for details.

Signed KIGU ORIGINAL, 3" diameter black japanned bras finish with marcasites and faux pearl flower in center. In excellent condition with intact powder compartment etc.

In near mint condition in laser cut slipcase, with outer slipcase box as well. Large lushly illustrated coffee table book, from the 2012 "Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs" exhibition by the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, France. 11.5" x 14.5" x 2" (dimensions of outer slipcase cover).

12" x 8.5", in original old oak frame.

Signed William Carson, 9.5" x 7.5".

Carved from a solid piece of wood, 12.5" in height.

8" H x 10" W. Hairline crack on inside, otherwise in good condition, see pics for details.

16" x 12", signed E.Hall.

Old wall hanger brass crest of the Graham clan, "Ne Oublie" or Do Not Forget. 5.5" x 7" x 0.25". Reverse marked "Graham of Montrose" and MADE IN ENGLAND.

18" x 24". See pics.

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