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Forty pieces of Pinwheel Czech Bohemia Crystal. Set for eight. Missing 1 red wine glass. Includes decanter. (Red, white, water, champagne and liqueur glasses) No cracking or chipping.

There are pieces of five different Limoges China, the largest quantity was in Limoges "U.C." with 36 pieces. There are also several Limoges "Haviland". Please check out the photos. There is a few edge chips and no cracking. One sugar bowl has a repaired handle as shown in one photo. Includes china coffee set (The Regent China) with 6 small coffee cups and 6 saucers.

Most are unused. Please check-out all the photos.

This pewter eagle with granite base weighs 9 pounds. A one of a kind "Ken Killen original". Good condition.

Various sizes, the jugs in the back row are 12"-13"tallest. A couple have minor chipping. One small jug has cracking. Please check out the pics. Nice Rustic decor lot.

I have searched the net and can't find this four leaf clover maker mark. NO chipping or cracking, excellent condition. It is five gallon size, weighs 21lbs and is 12" tall x 13" wide.

A great collector butter churn crock of Ontario pottery history. This rare old churn, is ink marked Belleville Pottery Co, and also Hart Bros & Lazier. The crock was made in the 1901-1914 time period. There is a crack as shown in the photos. The pole is tapered and may be original. The crock is approximately 11" wide at the widest point and 23 1/2" top to bottom. The pole is 36" in length. BELLEVILLE POTTERS EARLY HISTORY Belleville Stoneware company (1868-1875) Hart Bros & Lazier (1879 – unknown demise) Belleville Pottery Company (1901-1914)

No damage. All are the same or very similar stunning pattern (deep Cut diamond pattern).

9" × 13" two gallon black crown jug crock. Very good condition, small chip in bottom edge. No cracking. The small jug is in very good condition as well.

The Medalta crock comes with a lid. The one gallon bean crock pot has no cracks or chips. The Medalta three gallon crock has no cracking. It has two smooth rub chipping on the rim, as shown in the photos. Dimensions are shown in photos.

Some still sealed. Very few scratches. All CDs that have been unsealed, play well. Mostly rock, country, some new classical and some Christmas music. DVDs and video games are being auctioned untested.

A large auction lot for 'N' scale train enthusiasts/ collectors. Fifteen train parts (ten cars and five locomotives), table and decor, buildings, track, and much more. Please examine all the photos. 54X30X22 metal Table w Styrofoam glued in, fits easily in the back of most vans. Appears to be wired for use. Any problem, I will deliver to the Kingston area. N scale track and train with many accessories "Under construction". Please note that the buildings and train cars photographed on the railroad station table, have also been included in the other photos. Working condition NOT known. Note must be moved intact. Bring help for moving. Working condition of all items not tested.

This six gallon crock has the Robinson Ransbottom cobalt blue maker mark under salt glaze. The crown mark is just about perfect-complete, sharp and Crystal clear. The crock weighs 35lbs and is 14" wide by 17 1/2" tall. This is in like new condition- just a tiny 1/4" imperfection or rub as shown in the photos. NO chipping or cracking and appears to never have been used.

Spoke damaged on both the 42" wheel, the 34" wheel. The milk can is badly rusted with holes in bottom area. Rustic outdoor decor pieces.

Stunning crystal, much in never used. Christmas gifting may be considered.

Christmas items many never opened. Please look at the photos.

These have no manufacturer identification, and may be original native handmade snowshoes. 33" in length, catgut meshing, hard to find vintage kid's snowshoes. Great condition.

12" x 12",no cracking, very little chipping, no lid.

No maker marks on either piece. The crock has the cracking visible in the photo. No chipping. The crock is 10 1/2" x 10". The jug is 7" x 13", and has no cracks or chipping.

No chips or cracks. A massive lot of vintage appetizer & dinner serving glassware. Please check out all the photos. Bring boxes.

New in box Pedestal Cake Plate, salt n pepper shakers, candy dish with Murano glass candies, lidded butter dish, lidded candy dish, candle holder, creamer n sugar, and more. All free of cracking and chipping, and all are Bohemia crystal!

Excellent condition. NO chipping or cracking. Made by the Alberta Potteries Radcliff. This was the only competition that Medalta had, and the pottery company only survived six years in the 1930s, making it a rather rare find, in excellent condition. This old crock is 14" tall x 12 3/4" wide and weighs 21 pounds. Background of Alberta Potteries from Research - Alberta Potteries Limited, Redcliff, 1932-38 (J.W. Wyatt) Alberta Potteries Limited was established by Jesse William Wyatt in a remodelled automobile factory in Redcliff, Alberta. Wyatt was brought to Medicine Hat in 1924 by Medalta's management who wanted an experienced potter to act as plant supervisor. He remained with Medalta until 1929, when he left to set up his own operation in Redcliff. With his family, friends, and some former Medalta employees, he built a round down-draft kiln. A second kiln was added, but this expansion could not keep the company solvent. The Depression was forcing many western Canadian businesses to fold, and all the potteries were feeling the effects of the slump. Alberta Potteries was never any serious competition for Medalta Pottery. The staff never numbered more than fifteen, and production was anything but steady. By 1936 the company was in financial trouble, and Wyatt left for Ontario. In 1938 the plant closed its doors. During the short time it was in operation, the pottery produced wares similar to Medalta's, although they never had Medalta's variety or range of sizes. The stonewares included imperial measure crocks one to ten gallons in size, butter churns, and butter churns.

Two gorgeous footed bowls, two vases one of which weighs seven pounds, and a lidded candy dish. No chipping or cracking. Like new! Christmas gifts perhaps?

Cat gut webbing, leather boot strapping, no damage, looks to have had little or no use.

Five gallon crock from Alberta. A great home decor piece. There is an age crack as shown in the photos. Two wooden canes included.

Ninety crystal pieces, some etched patterns, many cornflower/grain/sunflower pattern. Most new condition. No chipping, cracking or staining, except creamer that was cracked during set-up. The fruit bowl and the vase are both over four pounds.

78 Pieces of the Royal Doulton "GRANTHAM" pattern. No chipping or cracking. Very good condition.

All Czecho Bohemia crystal. Vase, footed large bowl and glasses. No cracks or chipping.

Circa 1925 Walter Hagen clubs. Set of 7 irons. Excellent for decoration or possibly use with repair. An example of the earliest high carbon spring steel shafts used in the game of golf. These particular clubs are examples of the transition time in golf between named clubs to numbered clubs (introduced in the USA in the mid 1920s). Stainless Steel Heads. Compact Blade. With Sweet spot marked by H (for Hagen) on each head. Wood finish coated spring steel shafts, leather grips mostly gone. Wood shows lots of use. Grips are in poor or missing condition. 2 - Mid Iron 3 - Mid Mashie 4 - Mashie Iron 5 - Mashie 6 - Spade Masie 7 - Mashie Niblick 8 - Niblick 204 set is rare and you won't find them on eBay. A super set for the golf enthusiast/historian!

Gorgeous deep Cut pattern vintage glassware. Some Arcopal France berry bowls noticed. No cracking or chipping. Heavy, bring boxes.

Good condition crock, Hairline cracking and small chip in inner lip.18 pounds weight. Canister set is like new.

Excellent condition, NO cracking or chipping. Medalta three gallon crock, 15lbs, 11" wide x 10" high. Marked "Medalta Stoneware Medicine Hat Alberta".

48" wooden, cat gut webbing. Very good condition. A small area of white paint splatter on the tail of the snowshoe that can be removed.

No cracking or chipping. Nortensia Poland crystal, Bohemia Czechoslovakia crystal, heavy glass fruit bowls (one weighs 5lbs).

Heartland 7774 Boxed Sets. NEW four place settings. Made in Japan. A CHRISTMAS GIFT perhaps?

Eight pound gorgeous patterned granite rock base. Pewter Horse Figurine, well detailed. A unique mantle, table or shelf display piece. A one-of-a-kind "Ken Killen original".

Galway Irish Crystal, plus other crystal pieces not identified but appear to be the same or very similar pattern. No cracks or chipping.

Please check out the photos for condition. Thirty 1967 Dimes and three quarters from early 1960s. All are made of silver.

Christmas gift considerations? Please see all the photos. Crystal glasses, candy plates, and like new McIntosh mugs box set. No chipping, cracking or staining.

Collected over the past twenty years. Please look at the photos for details. The wooden tray holding several shells is also included. The larger starfish in the one photo is no longer available.

If you are a crystal lover or looking for Christmas gifts you should consider the several lots in this auction. In this lot gorgeous like new items. Compote, candle holders, cream & sugar, pickle/cheese dish, lidded dish, and more. No chipping, or cracks, except sugar bowl that has a small edge chip.

Numerous antique plates from, Japan, England, Germany, etc., plus other china pieces. Make sure you check out all the photos. Free of cracks or chipping. Some age crazing.

Tea Set is in excellent condition. Cobalt blue gilded vases are also in excellent condition.

A couple of the dishes have a small ding nick.

Please look at the photos. The large wreath has lights already in place. Many of the items are like new and unused.

Age cracking on the basin as shown in the photos. Plates are in excellent condition.

Please check out the photos for pattern. Age crazing and chipping. 2P Ironstone pattern. Anyone interested in wildlife conservation, may like "The Setting Sun" of the Panda Bear tray and display stand. Good condition. Large tray is heavy at eight pounds, well made tongue and groove. The Panda Bears and background are made of black painted wood pieces creating a three dimensional art pieces. The work is covered in glass framing. Miniblinds and more are also included.

Jewelry box has been tested and works. Floral china ornament displays have been examined closely and may have one or two small chips.

All except the amber footed bowls are in excellent condition. The amber bowl has a crack within the glass that does not reach the surface-may have occurred at time of making. Be sure to check out the other lots, as many have great Christmas gift possibilities!

The two seals are mounted on a granite-quartzite rock. Very cute. The rock base weighs 30 pounds and is 13" long by 9" deep by 8" tall. The seals were made by an Inuit craftsman many years ago out of actual seal hide. They are in excellent condition.

Framed photo of 2002 Olympic gold medal champions - CANADA! This print, including the frame is 25"×29". The wood frame has some damage but not very noticeable. Also included are a couple of Vancouver Canucks Prints never framed. They are 16"×20", and 11"×14".

Three are in fair condition. Some wear/damage on one, needs to have top strands repaired. One was used as mail letter holder.

All in very good condition.

Very pretty lot. No chipping or cracking.

There may be occasional nick, not checked.

The large dark blue/light blue vase has a very small chip near the lip area. The multi-color old trim vase is crack free and chip free. The two McCoy planters have the bottom saucer attached by the maker. Both of the planters are in excellent condition.

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