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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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This nice Hall Tree appears to be damage free, and would make a very nice addition to your entrance way. It looks to be oak, but please see photos.

Dryer works fine. Bought new set because washing machine quit working.

Shopsmith multi-purpose machine uses one motor to run various tools, including a lathe, band saw, drill press, and more. This particular Shopsmith comes with band saw, drill press, and lathe ability, but is missing some parts. Please see pictures for all included parts. Motor works when switched on.

Nice display item for the movie buff. Please see photos for details.

This backpack/stool is perfect for hiking, car shows, flea markets, etc. New in the original plastic.

Machines take quarters. Seem to be in working condition.

Has more desirable glass globe with name embossed in the glass. Plastic top has small crack that can be easily repaired. (see photos) Comes complete with stand and key.

Seems to be in proper working condition, with radio stations tuning in. Nice display unit.

Handy for around the house or shop...and designed for safety.

Dresser is in good, functional condition. May have some minor cosmetic flaws.

Nice pieces from the past.

Make your own hit recording, one track at a time. Uses cassette tapes.

Dolley set is great for moving your snowmobile around your garage. Emergency kit can prove very useful in the winter if needed. Clock is good for the man cave.

Metal With Wheels. Great for all those winter coats.

Chest waders are size 11 and appear to be damage free. Gun case is dirty from storage but appears to be unused.

Includes wrench set, 2 hand drills, pry bar, and more.

Sounds good. Radio and turntable seem to be working fine. 8-track player may need rubber drive belt.

Wii games and movie were in working condition before being put in storage but are being sold as is.

Good for the handy man or the professional plumber.

All electronics are untested and being sold as is.

Vise has minor surface rust, but otherwise appears to have never been used.

Lot includes antique ironing board, old wooden rack, and standing canoe shelf. Ironing board has a burn mark and canoe shelf has minor cosmetic blemishes.

Sign has damage and is being sold in as is condition. Repair or hang in the man cave as is.

Sign has damage and is being sold in as is condition. Repair or hang in the man cave as is.

Seems to be in proper working condition, with radio stations tuning in. Nice display unit.

Lot includes screws, tapcons, electrical cord ends, clothes line pulley, new battery warmer, new oil heater, and more. Please see photos

Great beginner guitar in working condition. One of the pickups is missing a screw as seen in the close-up picture.

Looks to be made from pine. Appears to be damage free.

Guitar shaped Budweiser sign needs light repaired. Guitar clock might need new clock mechanism. Lot also includes Moosehead bottle opener.

Smaller ducks and goose come with "Happy Father's Day" tag attached. Basket is included.

System appears to be working as it should. Good stereo for the garage, basement, or man cave.

Window number one is 33 1/2 inches by 32 inches, and is missing two panes of glass. Window number two is 28 inches by 27 inches.

Window number one is 28 inches by 27 inches. Window number two is 21 1/2 inches by 34 1/2 inches.

Nice display piece, or get a buddy and get your firewood cut.

Hand painted loons will look nice on display in your home or cottage.

Washboards show age but will still make nice display pieces. Lot also includes wine kit that is unused but missing box.

Sign has damage and is being sold in as is condition. Repair or hang in the man cave as is.

For use on your drafting table. Also includes T-square and drafting triangles. Kit looks to be complete. Please see pictures for everything that is included.

Nice vintage children's rocking horse. Needs repairs including eyes, tail, and wood rocker. Please see photos

New in box. Nice collectible. Candy is probably outdated and should not be eaten.

Hours and hours of family entertainment. Postcards are in nice condition and amusing.

Nice display item. Not in working condition. Needs power cord and not sure what else to get working.

One 6 gallon and one 6 1/2 gallon...approx. 20" tall. Can be used for wine or homemade beer, or as decorations. Bottles will need to be sanitized if they are used for wine or beer

Quality framed American Eagle print is signed and dated. Size is 23" by 27"

Keeps your air mattress off the ground. Perfect for camping or for your guests.

Booster pack is missing power cord but it's a common 12 volt cord. LED light comes on. Metal case has many different uses.

Balls may need some air. Hockey gloves are in nice condition, and would fit teens up to adults.

Coca Cola bins would look great in the man cave. Lots of costume jewellery to pick through. Please see photos.

Glassware appears to have no damage. Please see photos.

Great wall hanger for the man cave. Sign has damage and is in non-working condition. Repair or hang on the wall as is.

Sturdy wooden stools are beautifully decorated by a talented local artist.

May have small imperfections. Please see photos.

New in box. Nice collectible. Candy is probably outdated and should not be eaten.

Appears to be working as it should, and all pieces appear to be there.

Foot bath is dusty but appears to be unused condition. Hit the path on the roller blades then soak your tired feet in the Foot Bath

More display items for the bar or man cave. Kahlua, Pepsi, Export, Players, etc.

Made in Canada by Canadian Westinghouse. Not working. For display or repair.

Various Types and Conditions.

Iron pieces came from a homestead in Westport. Fertilizer is unopened. Army netting is in good condition and has no holes. It is round in shape and might have been used to cover a tent??

Pure spring sign possibly from a store display rack. Both signs would look good in any man cave.

Includes Gun Cleaning Rods, Camo Make-up, and several Chest Safety Harnesses for use with tree stands

Record player spins but makes loud humming noise. Reel to reel machine is untested.

Mirrors have some wear and show their age. Picture frames are still in original packaging. See pictures for size.

All empties - Great display for the bar or man cave.

Includes table lamps and ceiling fixtures. Decorative hanging lamp appears to be vintage. Brass ceiling fixture comes with all hanging pieces.

Hours and hours of reading for the bathroom, or for wherever else you do your reading.

Manufactured by Coleco .Canada. Dated 1977

Would make good display pieces or flower pots. Sold in as is condition.

Lots of useable items for the do-it-your-selfer.

Has small slice above Jeep name. Still looks good and keeps sun and dirt off your spare.

Lots of interesting pieces. Please see photos for details.

Lots of interesting pieces. Please see photos for details.

Umbrella lights are unused but have no box. Garden ornament shows signs of wear...please see photos

Tin containers would make nice display pieces. Please see photos.

Bull fighting poster has a slight warp. String art picture is a nice example of an art style from the past.

Santa is in nice condition. Deco mesh has many uses....just use your imagination.

Manufactured by the Hudson Sewing Machine Company of Japan. Sewing machine is in very nice condition...cabinet has some top cosmetic damage. Comes with accessories in drawer. Untested.

From an estate sale. Comes with custom storage trunk. Untested.

Flexible cutting board and microware potato cooker are new in package. Please see photos to see glassware that is included in this lot.

Push mower is manufactured by Ginge of Denmark. Golf clubs are mostly Gorman brand.

Interesting and unique. Probably from the 60's or 70's. Size of picture is one foot tall by three feet wide

Vintage VCR hockey game and Guinness Book of World Records Book from the year 2000.

Nice display item for the movie buff. Please see photos for details.

Metal Frame With Glass Top in good condition

Vintage toy from 1985. A replica of a piece of history.

Two nice pictures from manufacturing facilities in Canada. Notice that are not any windmills on Wolfe Island in the DuPont picture.

Great exercise in a bag. Please see photos for condition.

Collectible book series. Very informative and full of lots of historic pictures.

Handlebars can be used for dirt bikes, snowmobiles, or other projects. One is 29 1/2" wide and the other is 31 1/2" wide

Nice display item for the movie buff. Please see photos for details.

More glassware for the man cave. Please see photos.

One is electric and the other uses a candle. Sold untested and as is.

Nice hardcover book from the past in good condition.

Possibly from the U.S. Coast Guard?? Nice display items.

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