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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Sony Blue Ray / Sony 5 Disc Ex-Change System / Neon Clock Guitar *note: some wear / crack at the end of clear plastic cover / no controllers, all untested

*note: wear, untested.

1968 / 69 / 71 / 72 / 75 / 78 / 79 *note: great condition / no silver

*note: some wear, untested / 1 lamp requires a plug

*note: wear, 2 poles have reels but missing tops *note: some wear

100+ DVD's Movies. Conditions unknown.

200+ DVD's Movies. Conditions unknown.

(51" x 25" x 21") *note: some wear

(21" x 19" x 32") *note: wheels are worn

7.25" Kinfolk made in USA / 8.25" Western made in USA *note: some wear, sleeve on larger knife is not original and bottom does not snap around

(36" x 18" x 32") *note: some wear / top door sticks little

(26" x 13" x 25") *note: semi-ruff top / some wear

(BCN8604955 to 63) including the sleeves

(L: 25" x 16: x 25") *note: painted / semi-ruff tops

including Container *note: wear. All power tools untested. 

*note: art work on both sides of the blade / some wear

*note: there are doubles

(29" x 22" x 32") *note: some wear / there some ink marks

(24" x 20" x 24") *note: some wear

(25" x 25" x 16") *note: some wear

Picture Slots (67" x 42") *note: never used/ new out of box

(45" x 45" x 30") *note: some wear

Niagara Falls / Montreal / Ottawa / and more *note: wear

Silver 80% / Copper 20% *note: great condition

1952-3 (silver 80% / copper 20%) *note: great condition

Wheel barrow / shovels / rakes / small hand tools *note: wear

5 Proof 2016 Coins ($2, $1, $0.25, $0.10, $0.05 / $1 Cdn. UNC (BCN8604937) / AU $50 Trillion Zimbabwe / 3 Canadian Tire Coupons

Silver 80% / Copper 20% *note: great condition

Silver 80% / Copper 20% *note: great condition / tone

1950 / 65 (silver 80% / copper 20%) *note: great condition

key changes / lighters / letter openers / and more *note: some wear

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701D / Romulan Warbird *note: require batteries

C Coates wood and brass level / J.P. And S dated 1944 metal level / retro measuring tape *note: some wear

Argonauts 100 Anniv. BU Cdn. $0.25 & Stamps / 8 Cdn. Locomotives Stamps / Mixed Foreign Coins *note: some wear

20 Star Trek Space Ships / Klingon KTINGA-Class Battle Cruiser Model / 10 NASA pieces

Kids and adult fishing poles *note: some wear

(56" x 16.5" x 34") *note: some wear

1960-1 (silver 80% / copper 20%) *note: great condition

1952 / 59 / 60 / 63 / 66 / 68 (silver 80% / copper 20%) *note: good to great condition

10 Collectibles Star Wars Toys

Die-Cast First Order Star Destroyer by Hot Wheels / and more

*note: wear on sun pacific air chief knife

Silver 80% / Copper 20% *note: great condition

1962 / 64 / 68 (silver 80% / copper 20%) *note: good to great condition

*note: some wear, untested / 1 cap missing

*note: some wear

Super Heroes / Army Men / Fire Fighters / and more *note: some wear

(31" x 26" x 23") *note: wear

(31" x 26" x 23") *note: some wear, lamp untested.

Samsung / Retro Noresco speakers *note: some wear, untested

*note: some wear

*note: slight wear / some sockets replaced

(51" x 36" x 30") *note: wear

from 1916 to 19 *note: good to great condition

(artist is from Newmarket) (40" x 16") *note: some wear on the legs

Computer / Electronics wires *note: some wear, all untested.

Pictures / CD's & VHS / Book / and more *note: some wear

Die Cast Fire Fighting Car (Dinky Toys Made in England by Meccano Ltd.) / Die Cast Van 1983 Hot Wheel / and more *note: some wear

2 Irons, untested. / Small Ironing Board / Container of Hangers *note: some wear

The Pampered Chef Pizza Cutter / Thunder Stick Pro / and more *note: some wear

1939 / 40 / 42 / 43 / 47 / 49 / 52 / 53 *note: good to great condition

1957 - 67 *note: great condition

36 Pieces / Designed in Italy Set *note: one small desert dish has a chip

US 1890 Indian Head / Canadian 1921 & 38 *note: great condition

1940 to 1960 (including 47 & 52 Leaf Privy Mark) *note: great condition

Cribbage Board / Rabbit Puzzle / Truck Bank *note: some wear / bottoms missing from bank & board

*note: some wear

*note: chips on them

(44" x 19" x 22") *note: some wear

Adventure multi tool - compass magnifying glass light storage thermometer / Swiss Army knife / two vintage jack knives *note: vintage knives show wear

Various games *note: some never been used

Cdn. Proof 1991-2 / Cdn. BU 2012 (last penny) / Cdn. AU 1980-86 / US AU 2014

end table with drawer & shelf / 59" floor lamp, untested / stool *note: some wear

Steel Cart on Wheels / Basket with Wheels *note: wear

2 hello kitty watches / stop watch timer / wrist watch, all untested.

1977D / 1978 to 81 / 81D / 82 / 82D / 83 / 83D / 84 / 84D / 85 / 85D / 86D

(52" x 29") *note: some wear on frame

Farm Animals / Dices / and more *note: some wear

Scissors / clippers / hair straighteners / brushes / blow dryer / and more *note: some wear. Appliances untested.

*note: wear

Starbucks / Tim's / Mackintosh's / and more *note: some wear

6 Piece Decor Lot: 3 Baskets / 2 Plant Holders / Box Picture *note: some wear

Poster of Hawkman (signed 1994) Trading Cards / Archie Comics / and more *note: some wear

12 Mixed Old Pictures Lot *note: some wear

antique / vintage / retro books *note: some wear

Pepsi Tray / Original Kitchen Collectibles / Retro Table Mats / Small Bowls / Small Plates / Bathroom Dishes / and more *note: some wear

2 Baskets / 1 Wooden Mask / 1 Vintage Hanging Plank *note: some wear

Call of Duty / Hanna / Game Map *note: some wear

Canadian in WWII / Death of J.F. Kennedy (both are very detailed) *note: wear

5 Vintage Magazines / Retro Calendar *note: wear

*note: some wear

Unused cosmetic jewelry and a basket

(37" x 34" x 40") *note: wear

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