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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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2 glass lamps One Victorian stained glass lamp shade 15x22 One glass lamp shade Have not tested working order Pickup category A

Type S-36 US Navy Flying Suit Pickup category A

Bookcase 16 cubes Note: wobbles Come to pickup Category C

10 pieces of framed art Pickup category A

2 matching elephant lamps 5x5x20 (no shades) and 1 frog lamp with shade Untested. Pickup category A.

One display shelf for the wall 22.5x6x22.5 Display for cars? 17x8x30 Typewriter drawer display 12x2x16.5 All aged Pickup category B

Beanie Babies assortment in a 33 gallon container. Pickup category A

2 matching lamps with 24k gold trim 6x31 No shades Not sure of working order Category Pickup A

Large vases for flower arrangements. Bamboo print/ flower print. 40" tall Pickup Category A

Made in India, Wool Pile, Size 6x9 Note wear Pickup category C

Brass color tray 22" diameter Clock, collectible horse, trash can, and plant holder (missing parts) Pickup, category A

3 oriental vases. 9x9x12 Pickup at Category A.

Assorted tools includes Dewalt drill (needs battery), insecticide sprayer, Boschhammer empty box, garden trimmer, table lamp (no bulb) All Untested. Pickup: category B

Record collection and empty brief case Pickup category A

Wall display shelf 30x5x14 Jewelry box, Large mirror 23x29 Blown glass vase 6x8 Mail holder Pickup category B

Numbered Snow Globes 4 Thomas Kinkade's Winter Wonderland White Christmas. Each snow globe is numbered. 1 Silent Night globe (did not play music, may need new batteries) Untested. Pickup category A

Hospital Divider 70x27 each divider Note wear HC150 Humidifier with Ambient tracking Pickup category B

Assortment of CB radios. Vintage radio. Vintage stereo by Fisher. Have not been tested for working condition. Category A pickup

Slide viewer. 20x24.5 Untested. Category A

Display case 70x18x38 Note: normal wear Pickup Category C

Set of 6 assorted framed art. Pickup category A

Tray 24x15,coffee pot, taper candle holder, serving pieces. Pickup: category A

Black container 45" tall Silver trash can Pickup category A

9 pieces of assorted contemporary art Pickup category A

2 matching bookshelves 36x15x73 Note wear/ damage Come to pickup category C

Small wooden display shelf and one larger shelf 43x12x62 Note: wear Category B pickup

Solid Wood Round table 41.5x17 Note wear Category C

Revell Flying fortress in box, Authentic Harley Davidson replica, diecast cars. Pickup category A

People magazine from September 11, 2001. Framed newspaper clippings and photo display box. Pickup, category A

Glass tables with leaf detail Long table 49x27x16 Oval table 28x22 Pickup category B

2 Dell Towers, 2 17" Monitors, 2 keyboards, not tested Pickup category A

Dolly 500 lb capacity 59" Pickup category B

Framed painting 48x39 Mirror with gold frame 37x46 Pickup category B

Johann Haviland China 8 cups, 8 5" bowls, 8 plates 10", 15 plates 6" Trimmed with silver edge. Come to pickup at Category A.

2 Shelves 22x18.5x66.5 Missing doors Curio cabinet 24x8x28 Note wear Pickup category C

Framed Mirror, 23x36 Artwork 18x41 with black frame Largest piece in this lot is 48x41 Category B Pickup

Floral Print with gold frame 25x30 Rose print with Brown frame 40x33 Note wear Pickup Category B

62x2x36 Flower arrangement artwork 40x1x29 Oriental Artwork Pickup Category B

Variety of Street signs and bar signs. Includes storage bench. Come to pick up at Category A.

2 pillar candle holders and 4 plastic decorative vases/ planters Pickup category A.

Serving pieces, cups, salt and pepper shakers by Royal Limited. Tray 21x15 Pickup category A.

2 lamps metal locker lamp and stop light lamp (missing cord) 17" tall Untested. Metal coin jar Category A pickup

Christopher Radko Ceramic Tree 12" 2 piece glass vase converts to a taper candle holder. (Nativity scene on the Hurricane vase) Glass angel ornament. Ceramic cross. All Untested. Pickup, Category A

Libbey Bar in a Box inlcudes 18 pieces Pickup Category A

Golf Clubs in a Bennington Golf Bag and one empty golf club bag Category Pickup B

Shelf included 36x15x55 1 Bose speaker and Sony Speakers 3 DVD players. Bathroom scale, shotgun cleaning kit (missing parts) Electronics and speakers are untested. Pickup category B

Candle holders, reindeer, jazz wall piece, acorn and leaf candle holder, picture holder Pickup category A

Display case 70x18x38 Note: normal wear Pickup Category C

2 ceramic cookie jars. Football cookie jar has 3 bowls. Come to pickup at Category A.

Framed art 10x10 New 8x8x31 Pickup category A

Vintage Sewing Machine 15x7x13 Catalogue number ba 3-8 Note wear and unable to test if working 2 brand new pieces of fabric Pickup: category A

Long glass 2 sided shelf 70x24x56 Cubed shelf 2 sided 18 cubes total 36x24x40.5 Note damage Pickup category C

Assorted pieces of framed art 30x12 is largest frame Pickup category A

Duck hunting theme Set of 6 Pickup category A

Silver Candle Pillar Holders 15" and glass tea light holder. Pickup, Category A.

Assortment of Children's books and 2 handmade book ends made in Thailand and 3 Vintage Homco Children's wall plaques. Come to Pickup, Category A.

2 matching lamps with shades 20x35 Gold/ beige Not sure of working order Category pickup B

Bookshelf 36x15x73 Note wear Come to pickup Category C

Small shelf 8x3x10 with miniature bells. Oriental collectible. Come to pickup category A

Teapot, soap dispenser and small pitcher all in black and white print. Small wooden box Pickup, category A


Wooden table 48x23x18 Some wear Pickup category C

2 shelf units 32x48 white shelf unit Round shelf unit 29x24x52 Note wear Pickup category B

Pink Vintage chair, solid wood base, needs cleaning 27x25x24 Pickup category B

2 Hurricane Vases/ One decorative bowl with fruit and 2 ornaments. Come to pickup at Category A.

3 wine goblets and 12 wine glasses Come to pickup Category A

Decorative Wine Bottle Holder 17x7x2 7 wine glasses, 6 gold trimmed flutes, 6 champagne and 5 Crystalex Bohemia glasses. Come to Pickup Category A.

Glass Liquor Decanters and Avon Bath oil Fish Decanter. Come to pickup Category A.

4 plates hand painted in China. (note damage) Ceramic box made in Japan. Ceramic mug/ ashtray. Pickup, Category A.

3 clocks, note rust on the Elgin counter clock. Untested. Pickup, category A.

Metal plant holder. Large red decorative vase 10x9x16. 3 ceramic pots. Pickup category A.

Gingerbread teapot. Salt and pepper shaker, Glass snowman, Hallmark Thomas and Percy ornaments, Fitz and Floyd items including decorative potpourri set. Come to Pickup Category A.

33 books including Harry Potter set and 1 Mocking Jay book Come to pickup Category A

2 metal plant holders, brass collectible items. Drawer pulls include 9 4"aluminum pulls, 4 brass pulls 4x3 and 4 4x2 1" wooden knob pulls. Metal shelf 12.5x6x11 Come to Category A pickup

Metal plant holder 12x5x18 wall clock, candle wall display and decorative dish with rocks (note wear) Category A pickup

11 Speakers, not tested Pickup category A

Mirrors 24.5x31 Mirror with metal frame and mirror with wood frame. Pickup category A

Iron frame mirror 24x36 Small decorative wall piece Pickup category A

4 10 inch plates (Bella Ceramica) 3 wine glasses Set of 4 new knives. Come to pick up at Category A.

Pyrex casserole dishes including a portable cover, spoon rest, 2 vintage ice trays (one Philco and one Westinghouse), serving platter. Come to pick up at Category A.

2 decorative glass bowls and 1 glass pitcher. Come to pickup Category A.

Frame, glass bell, salt and pepper shaker (aged), decorative glass container with glass candy. Come to pickup Category A.

Vintage Watering Spray Bottle (aged), Monkey vase and candle holder and assorted ceramic items. Come to pickup Category A.

4 ceramic blue/ white boxes and 1 ceramic egg shaped box made in France and 1 Avon Porcelain egg shaped box. Come to pickup Category A.

Glass Decanters/ Decorative glass items including bowl, pitcher and frames and glasses. Pickup Category A.

Nasco Indian Tree Set.3 7"bowls, 7 5"bowls, 7 6" plates, 2 10" plates Decorative Flower vase, President Kennedy pitcher, and oriental trivet. Come to pickup Category A.

Assortment of vases. 2 taper candle holders. Pickup category A.

2 matching metal lamps 5x20 1 glass lamp No shades Not sure of working order Category Pickup A

Rolling cart/ table Note damage 32x18x20 Pickup category B

Seashell jewelry box hand painted in China. Small wooden objects made in Republica De Angola numbered. Pickup, Category A

2 salad sets/ chip and dip set Napoli Serving platter Pickup Category A

coffee pot, steamer, knife set with butcher block and meat grinder Untested. Pickup, category A

Metal CD Tower 9x9x17 Metal Container 8x8x31 Some wear Pickup category A

Tiger print pillar candle holder 10" (note wear) and ceramic candle holders. Brass cups Pickup category A

Mushroom theme casserole dish 12' diameter. Made in Belgium. Small decorative shovel Pickup category A

Bakeware and measuring cup Anchor Hocking and Pyrex Pickup, Category A

Framed Mickey Mouse print (frame is damaged)25x37 McDonald's collectible glass Popcorn set with tray 14x8.5x2.5 and bowl 9x6.5 (note chip) and pitcher 8x7.5 Pickup: category A

2 framed sea animal prints. 14.5x14.5 1 Mother and Child Print by Benjamin Chee Chee 11.5x14.5 Pickup: category A

Unframed mirrors 35x35 Pickup, category B

Metal display shelves 19x17x65 and 19x14x59 CD/ Card holder (note rust) 15x15x61 Small metal hook display 14x24 Pickup category B

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