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Propane Napoleon BBQ and stand. Untested. Note grill needs to be cleaned.

40X18X80 note mirror has some hazing. Bring help for moving from upstairs. Will need to remove mirror (bring screwdrivers).

47X19X79, note door catches stick. Partially painted. Bring help for moving.

Stove top kettle (note calcium deposit inside), coffee pot (w coffee staining inside) and double boiler (clean).

30X30X36. Upholstery Match to lot 41. Note fabric faded, needs cleaning.

2 ladders, both stored inside, hung on wall. 14 foot Wood, and 24 foot extension aluminum. Both appear to be in very good condition.

Wooden Toboggan 58", 49" inches. Gazebo screen 12x12 feet (condition of contents not confirmed)

38X28X62. Upper and lower shelves, middle drawer.

Square mirror: 21X17 and 1/2 moon is 18.5X33

Solid Wood. 32X17X35. Bring help for moving.

Crosley all-in-one sound system: turn table, cassette, 8 track and am/fm radio. Plus solid pine TV stand 29X17X24. Untested.

7 slabs 24x30 plus 2 slabs 24x24.

Pine cupboard and shelf suitable for a microwave. 30X19X39

Pumps, motors, airtight stove, fence wire, wheelbarrows, rusted tools, steel pipes, pick axe, and more.

2 shelves full of tools, many multiples. Working condition NOT known.

Unique table or decoration.22X10X20

20" box fans, 3 speed. Tested. Note: need to be cleaned.

Pine wood framed mirror w rope. 26x22

Antique, solid wood wash stand. 30X17X48 Note one handle broken. Bring help for moving from upstairs.

Two Antique beds with iron head/foot boards. Spring bed frames and mattresses included. 74X48X48. note one mattress is slightly larger than the other. Bring help for moving. Located upstairs.

Mirror 24X15, B&W framed photo 15X11 + 2 small framed prints.

Wood wash stand: 24X16X52, + wicker mirror note chunk missing in base of mirror frame.

Heavy gauge 2" link chain approx 20 feet w hook. Heavy gauge 1.5 " chain approx 12 feet w hook. 6 crow bars, extension cords, jumper cables, watering cans, tin garbage can.

Bowling pin, oil lantern, full Gallon bottle of Mineral Oil, Dart Board/darts, Antique Toaster-untested, antique fuel jerry can, clock untested.

Waterbury mantle clock with key. Tested.

Water colour "The Stone Barn" 149/350. Signature Illegible. 24X30. Total 10 framed pieces In this lot including Pettipoin from 1966.

Antique solid wood night stand. 30X18X35. Bring help for moving.

Ashtray stand with glass ashtray. 10.5X10.5X28. Needs cleaning, some rust.

Striker Golf Clubs including Forged Titanium driver. 3 clubs are still wrapped in plastic (unused). Datrek Bag included.

Large trunk: 37X21X30, with Wm Lech signature on inside of lid (faint). Note: one leather handle broken, rust. Needs cleaning. Full of phonograph, 78 vinyl, records as well as records on table. Working condition NOT known.

5 X 1 3/4" steel padlocks with 2 keys each. Locks are new.

3 Pyrex casserole dishes, 1 like new enamelware pot, teflon coated loaf pan.

Pottery oil lamp, and serving platter "Pareek" by Johnson Brothers England.

Variety of 2x4s, planks, scrap wood including 2 lengths of banister (10+6) 16+ ft banister, 3 doors, 2 large rough timber beams (shown on floor in photo)

Trunk appears to be in good shape: needs cleaning, rusted fasteners. 36X20X21

Green base 17x17 height 75, Silver "Clyde Fans" model 118 27x27 height 80. Both tested, both working both heavy. Note Rust.

Set of 4 Pyrex bowls, heavy 10" cut glass colored bowl, Black and Decker "short cut" food processor. Working.

Eatons Garden Grove Clipper push hand mower, and larger hand mower. Note both hand mowers in working order, with wear indicative of age.

4 pieces of art in ornate frames. Wagon and Horses: Ben Hey Walsh 24x28, Print w swans 21x15, 21x21, horses print 30x48. Note Damage to smaller frames.

3 hand saws: 2 wood handled x 30 inch blade, one steel handled with 36" blade. Note: Blades show rusting

Wood/upholstered Loveseat w claw feet. 60X36X31. Note fabric has faded. Needs cleaning. Bring help for moving. Upholstery Match to lot 42.

Antique rocking chair. Good condition.

2 Skil Saws 7 1/4" blades, plus a variety of other tools as shown in photos. Large clippers. All Untested.

3 large framed prints all 19X23, puppies - 17X21. Total 9 framed items + wood calendar holder.

Umbrella style clothes line, note base missing (would need a pipe inserted into ground).

4 matching frames 14.5X10.5 with prints. Note damage to one frame.

6"x5" biscuit barrel.

large Variety of framed pictures. Some ornate frames with damage indicative of age.

3 swivel floor fans. 2 Hampton Bay, 1 X Super. All in working order. Note need to be cleaned.

Old style stove top percolator in good condition, plus carafe.

Variety of silver plate trays, serving dishes, goblets, trivet, pewter mug, and decorative brass unicorn and trivet.

4 China barrels, 2 metal barrels, barrel with handle in lid: 34X18X18. Includes large tarps: condition unknown.

LG and Apex DVD players, RCA VHS player. All tested.

Variety of Bottles, some embossed with: Imperial, ? Water company. Extra glass lids.

5 garage heaters, 240V. Note one plug missing. Working condition NOT known.

Variety of items: weights, horse shoe, Childs stirrups, levels and more. Rusted. Small suit case note wear.

Unique 6" oval framed prints w scene.

3 X 3 speed 12" fans. Tested. Hampton Bay, Classic, Super brands. Need to be cleaned.

J&G Meakin Chamber pot, Imperial semi-porcelain Myott & Sons England Pitcher, and matching pink powder china.

2 lamp shades, 1 floor lamp tested. weaved chair. Note shades do not match, and floor lamp needs tightening.

Pine end table w cupboard: 24X19X21 Note surface damage on top.

2 Arm Chairs: Blue Seat not fastened and left arm needs to be reglued. Second arm chair solid wood, good condition.

2 Red Ensign Flags: 108"x 51". Note both flags show wear, have holes and stains. (note flags are suspended upside down - which affects photos)

24 x 237ml unopened Coke bottles from 1999.

Original Box and Electric Lite Lantern. Note rusted. Working condition NOT known.

15" Classic 3 speed table fan tested - needs to be cleaned, 12" ceramic jug table lamp Note no shade, untested. Floor lamp note some pitting in finish, tested.

Signed limited edition "Mothers Arms" 9191/10145 Trish Romance 1983. Plus a variety of framed items: Small oval print frame 7x6, home scenes+ tea cups all 5 same frame size: 12x13.

Variety of wood frames, some with artwork however most works have damage due to moisture in barn. Original oil painting (Unframed) with no visible signature. Some frames have some damage.

Hi-fi. Tested. 40X18X26. Note needs refinishing. Bring help for moving.

9 clubs, Jarman cart. Power Bilt. Note wear, need to be cleaned.

Total of 5 outdoor chairs, 2 are reclining lounge chairs, 3 regular chairs. All need to be cleaned, since heavy duty plastic is discoloured/weathered. Note: One chair has been repaired at back.

14" colour tv tested, 20X9X24 side table, 34X16X13 table w drawers.

Modified Day Bed has base, mattress and top pad: note extendible section has been removed-not available. 72X28X22. 2 wood boxes, painted 24X16X16. Ceramic vase (with faux wood finish) 16". Bring help for moving.

Piano used for teaching. Note keys marked. Piano and bench painted except of keyboard cover. Bring help for moving. On main floor of studio.

Piano and Jaccard Switzerland metronome. Note hinge on piano cover broken. Large item! Please bring extra help, dolly and tools as buyer may even need to remove a door to exit. On main floor.

Metal reclining lounge chair with cushion. Note cushion needs to be cleaned as it has been left outside w chair.

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