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Height vanity 31 X 42 X 18 inches . Mirror is 67 inches from the floor . Piece shows lots of wear on surfaces , overall very sturdy .

Ontario native hockey player . Captain of Tampa Bay . Autographed Tampa Bay hockey puck .

A well kept set . With putter .6woods and 8 irons .Bag has miscellaneous pieces in pockets.

Some cracks and wear .Bowl is 16 inches in diameter . Pitcher is around 12 inches high .

Looking like new. Braun CombiMax 600. From a good home.

20 X 11 1/2 X 8 1/2 . Was told it was from a church .

26 1/2 X 13 1/2 X 12 3/4 inches. Top door removable and with hinges. Made of wood

Felt lined . 23 1/2 X 15 3/4 X 6 inches. Has 3 sections inside. Shows some wear .

As well has insulated section and room for wine. New condition

New in box

20 X 8 inches . Brass and porcelain handles .

Around 7 vintage rods in the case and some fishing line . Case works well. Signs of wear

21 X 12 X 5 inches . Like New .

Decorative piece . Not too heavy . 30 X 20 X 19 inches .

Lightly used. 22 X 9 x 6inches . Attaches to side of tub for a strong secure grip .

8 X 6 X 6 inches . 4 pull out drawers . Including various transistors etc....

From 80s and 1990

28 x 27 X 1 1/2 inches . Some brass hardware

32 X 27 1/2 X 2 inches

Complete old school case . Cardboard case has top flaps folded into the box . Bottles are empty .

Needs a little straightening out . There is a little rust and wear. Comes with 2 bags of accessories.

18 3/8 in diameter . Old piece . Ready to hang .

Bendable and pose able . The box measures 13.5 X 8 X inches. Zombies

Showing some wear . Stable .28 X 23 .seat is 16 inches from ground .

Lightly used shower chair . Adjustable

50 X 49 X 26 inches. Coated metal a little rust. Very sturdy base .

About 6ft long 17inches at widest of grill. Heavy can be carried by one person. Nice piece for man cave !!! It has a round dent ,as seen in pic.

10.25X16.5 inches . Stained glass mosaic . Built on glass base that has some cracks , depicted in photos . Nice light wood frame good condition . Has brass looking chain to hang .

Low reclined seat. Handmade in Canada. 28 X 16 X 5 inches in stored mode .

New in box

Whole lot weighs almost a pound.

I believe is used for hot chocolate . One pot with lid , 2 cups with saucers . A few chips on cups and saucers . Showing some wear .

A little wear

5 Ontario plates. Various conditions

Used condition .26 inches high

Worn across shoulders .with chains to hold water or milk pails .approximately 33 inches long.

Couple of originals , one print.

19 1/2 X 15 1/2 inches .

Bin measures 31 X 20 X 18 inches .

DVD , VCR with remotes, tested. Koss and Venturer. Surround sound .

Nascar ,Hot Wheels .

Weighs over 25 lbs . 16 X 12 X 4 inches . From Ontario .

41 inches tall . Wood , metal and glass .

All fits into bag . Has some issues with Velcro . Designed to sit on a card table .

27 1/2 X 19 1/2 inches

17 1/2 X 9 1/2 inches

Like new, size 11.Stanley Cup ring 1980 NHL copy

Showing signs of wear. Seat is 10 1/2 inches from the ground . Hand painted .

Shelby series made in Italy. Licence SHE 001 .

Small helmets from Dairy Queen . Large Cfl helmet is a radio , working but missing a dial. Included in lot is a Buffalo Bill Christmas ornament. 10 pieces .

Over 20 lbs. 15x8x5inches. Black crystals on pink calcite on granite .

Made in Italy. 3 different decoys with line.

Including case. Tonka,Corgy etc. Well used shape.

29 3/4 inches in diameter X 1/8inch thick . Ready to be hung. Has some corrosion .

Copper piece is about 21 inches long .Glass serving platter is 17 X 10 inches .

Complete. Some scratches and signs of wear .From the 50s . Tallest is 8 inches high and 8 1/2 inches in diameter .

27 1/2 X 19 1/2 inches

34 1/2 X 25 1/2 X 19 1/4 inches . Shows wear .

New in box from 2002 .

Car 9 inches long . Plane 7 and a half inches long .

Homemade stand 30inches high. Not too strong.

About 42inches high. Was made for a birdcage. Needs a coat of paint.

Each one has some worn out caning . Large seat area . Very stable

More for sitting , 27inches high . Slanted holder is 18 1/4 X 16 inches.

Plastic, complete,9 X 8 X 6 inches

Like a tv table 25 X 19 3/4 X 15 1/2 inches

They came as an extra with the car . There is a Dedra , Ford J-Car , Hot Heap

Bruins Zamboni . Complete deck of playing cards NHL Heritage Collection .NHL Star Sticks goalie edition 2007-2008 . Card box has some outer wear.

Total 18 pieces

Flat is it complete.

Were used for stretching pelts by hunter and trapper . Longest is 6 ft , shortest 42 inches .

7 1/8 diameter.

19 pieces. Blue Alka -Seltzer bottle. Pepsi . Etc

Over 21 inches long. Fabric and plastic.

Inside of frame measures 19 1/2 X 15 1/2 inches. A few marks .

A few chips in inconspicuous places .Basically in good shape . 10 1/4 X 5 inches

Some wear . Made in England.

Some wear . Made in England one made in Japan .

In original packaging. Around 3 inches long .

9 books second hand.

6 gently used books.

2 drawer . 17 X 12 x 5 inches. Metal

27 X 20 3/4 inches . Black background with floral motif .

25 tapes , children and family type .

New in the box . Box is 19 inches long . Candle holder for 16 tea lights .

They don't make them like they used to ! 16 X 13 inches

Incomplete hardware . 16 inches in diameter X 11 inches high

Has not been tested.12 X 5 x4 1/2 inches.

4x3x3 inches. Resin cast souvenir from Las Vegas

New in box , scale 1:64

Bobble head . Beer bottle insulator . Mini jersey Alfredson

Definitely has signs of wear. Older piece

3 component pool ladder .2side handles and slightly adjustable ladder . Made of plastic. Some wear.

Made in the USA. Number 9. Size 40-42. Very clean . Some wear .Used condition

20 X 10x 9 inches . Has a lining. Well worn. Metal has some rust . Has a few holes as seen in pic.

Vintage woods. Used condition

Various conditions.

Shelf is ready for . refurbishing . Drawers ready to hang . Shelf 16 1/2 X 14 X 14inches . Drawers 19 3/4 X 5 1/2 X 3 5/8 inches .

The Life and Work of Michelangelo . Cellophane is quite torn but still on. Old technology . 14 1/2 X 13 1/4 X 1/2 inches

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