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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Old mid century classic black panther ceramic light with small planter basin. Works shows scattered wear. Original 1960s issue.

Good grade vintage porcelain lidded jar with Asian motif. Age and origin unknown. 4" tall x 3" diameter

Very comfortable metal chairs with green wood slats. Dimensions are 34 by 16

Vintage collectible butter box from a Saskatchewan based co-op. Great show piece or for storage. Dimensions are 13.5x11.5x

Beautiful metal rustic look wagon wheel ready to add a beautiful antique look to your patio or garden. Width of wheel is 31.5 inches. Heavy metal sure to last forever!

Heavy cast metal well made cast chair. Hummingbird theme with minor wear.

Splendid grade black vintage cast iron bird feeder station. Extremely well made feeder ready for patio or garden decor. Height is 50 inches.

Two very well made cast metal rose themed patio chairs. Minor scattered wear.

Old 16" x 8" Winchester ammunition box empty. Solid pine. Good txt on 2 sides. No lid and something spilled inside that could me cleaned out.

24 diameter by 36 inch height. Perfect shape metal black bistro table ready for use in your patio.

Vintage wall mount 4 cone dispenser in excellent used grade. 9"x6"x6".

Old water can in good used grade. No holes 14" x 16". Some wear and dents.

Two Antique Wood Windsor Chair with typical scattered wear.

34 by 28 inches Plenty of great detail on this sweet patio bench. Excellent condition with wood slat seat and visually pleasing patio decor

The Essential Jimi Hendrix Volume Two album. Record in excellent shape, cover has normal wear and tear. Also Jimi Hendrix Experience Smash Hits. Minor wear on cover.

Small unfinished wood slat bench designer for toddlers. Dimensions are 24 by 17 inches

Very nice oak and wicker indoor outdoor table with some surface wear. Dimensions are 29 x 22 inches. Very solid and sturdy.

All wood 14"X11" half barrel with French text and motif. Age unknown.

Early super clean circular wood sifter 11" diameter 6 " deep. High grade

Complete set in wood box ex grade.

Good grade 25" tall 14 1/2" diameter metal stand for interior or exterior.

Very old brass bell with leather strap. 4" diameter x 5" tall. Well worn great loud tone no cracks.

Extremely red Napanee Creamer container. Nice decorative piece sure to stand out in your garden or patio. Dimensions are 2ftx11 inches.

Beautiful grade maple rocking chair with rush seat. All original with minor scattered wear.

Terrific looking vintage wicker patio table. Solid and tightly wrapped, plenty of years left in this table. Dimensions are 20 by 20 inches.

Featuring the late great David Bowie. Three album lot, titles include Let's Dance, Station To Station and David Bowie.

Vintage rustic toll painted heart themed milk can. Very heavy and well made. Ready for your garden or patio. Height is 2 ft.

Very old lot largest measures ap 6 1/2". Well worn but working

Lightly used old lot set of 66 pc. Mostly community silver plate with a few misc items included. Flatware is ex grade. Box is very rough.

14" x 7" cedar humidor store display high grade. Missing brass clasp on front. Very good grade.

Lovely green tinted iron patio chair featuring fruit theme. Heavy well cast chair.

25"x6" apx. Original age and model unknown. Lots of wear

Everybody's favourite band featuring Three fun Kiss Albums. Very good condition.

Early working alarm in used grade. Some paint loss apx 5" x 5".

Weathered white painted wooden window. 6 panes with 4 missing glass panes. Nice primitive style window ready for restoration. Dimensions are 35x31.5 inches

Old pink art pottery planter in good grade 9" tall x 8" diameter. Scattered wear and some minor finish loss

Vintage American made jug in good grade some crazing 8" tall x 7 " diameter.

Fair condition metal sign from a medical centre. See better days but still a nice collectors sign. Dimensions are 30 x 12 good heavy steel.

Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume II Double Album plus Bob Dylan's Street Legal.

Original issue in playable grade. Scattered wear good graphic for display

Mid century 5" set of 3 ex grade glass with chrome tops.

Vintage telkom phone in used grade. 9"x7" apx. Untested and seems to be a loose part inside. Good display unusual maker and shape.

Well made 6" diameter gong on stand mid century apx. Chain is not in great shape but stand and gong are good. Excellent tone. Gong features an etched landscape. Many reflections in photos.

Pre war 9" diameter tin child's toy in well loved grade. Does not really work as intended but good for display. Lots of wear good graphic.

Apx 130 old marbles in good grade as found in old wood dresser box.

Old metal and glass Ad piece for local business. 6" x4"'apx. Some wear and foxing. Working. Note the 4 digit phone number.

Vintage signed glove in shadowbox frame 8" x 10 1/2". Mint

24" x 15" all leather case with straps. Good used grade with scattered wear.

Original used plate in average grade.

Original Newfoundland pier seascape. Well framed mid century apx. 20" x 12" very good grade.

Early industrial TMC heavy Bakelite crank phone. Complete untested with hardwire cords. 11" x 8". Used grade. Desk style.

Slightly vintage mint never opened measures apx 7 1/2" tall.

Mint in box never opened measures apx 7 1/2" tall

Nice light weight patio table in excellent shape. Nicely painted a glossy white. Gentle cleaning and good as new. Dimensions are 21x13 inches.

Early issue apx 1900 era illustrated 96 pages lower trade.

Rustic style miniature garden bench. Lovely little bench for patio decor. Ready for painting or leave it as it sits. Dimensions are 24x9 inches. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

rare grade very sturdy mid century chair. wrought iron

Mint in box limited edition 4" die cast. Box is damaged

Classic sounds from Fleetwood Mac, the original Rumors Album. Minor wear and tear but album in great shape.

Lower grade original issue circa 1925 320 pages apx. Many illustrations. Variety of wear but complete

Vintage used set complete with lock and key measures apx 10" x 11". Scattered wear. Lock is stiff10X11

Mid century 3 piece glass and Chrome set 5" apx.

Large coffee table sized book ap 475 full color pages. Missing dust cover excellent grade overall.

Very old writers box desk I good used grade. 11" x 9" x 4". Scattered wear but overall very good. Pigeon holes for ink wells and pencils and pens. No key opens fine.

Old arrowhead and trade bead collection of 16 small heads largest ap 1". And 42 beads. Well framed for display. Overall measures apx 10" x 7".

Featuring a lift lid fold up wood table. Brilliant shade of pink with wood slat design on the top. Dimensions are 20x18 when erected.

Two albums from the Who. Vintage collectors albums, Who Are You and The Who By Numbers. Excellent condition with minor wear on covers.

Great collection of big hits in this original Rolling Stones 4 Album lot. Album titles are Emotional Rescue, Through The Past Darkly Volume 2, Some Girls and also Black And Blue. Excellent shape great for your record collection.

Vintage Beatles Three Album Lot. Add these vintage Beatles tunes to your collection. Titles include Rock And Roll Music Volume 2, The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl and Let It Be. Good condition with regular wear.

1970s gatefold LP set in very good grade. Cover wear.

1/10 scale mint in box die cast metal

1/10 scale mint in box die cast metal

1/10 scale mint in box die cast metal

High grade numbered plate 8 1/2 " diameter well signed.

Vintage high grade hard cover. Over 700 pages.

Primitive old sad iron complete with wood handle. 7" x 5" some wear.

Circa 1920s apx in period frame. 15"x9". Good grade with good Color.

Large heavy 11" turtle figure in excellent grade. No damage

Circa WW2 era 12 1/2" wood hand made battleship pond boat. Old and dusty offered as found in used grade. Very solid.

Antique 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" tin well used good graphic.

Unfinished slat style wooden crate. Great for storage or planter I garden.

Hard to find 1974 original issue in ex grade. Seldom played.

Mint grade 4" replica die cast truck.

Mid century apx very good grade lightly used. Largest measures ap 5 1/2".

Antique hand forged blade with wood handles 22" apx still sharp lots of wear.

Very old hand painted floral with cobalt and gold rims. 5 1/2" diameter ex grade some wear.

Circa 1994 marvel comics Spider-Man phone in working grade. 8" x 10" apx. Lots of minor wear and some added decals. Looks great for display.

Vintage issue in excellent grade signed by many band members

Original used plate in average grade.

Vintage working bird very well carved with scattered wear. 12" apx with most paint still in tact. Unsigned.

Vintage signed BMP 11" diameter high grade. No damage

Original lot in mid grade. Scattered wear.

High grade vintage signed call 5" apx. Good working order. Lightly used.

lightweight metal plant stand. White glossy pain. Dimensions are 28 by 11.5

Old cast iron hook with wood handle. 11" apx

Slightly vintage mint never opened measures apx 7 1/2" tall.

Slightly vintage mint never opened measures apx 7 1/2" tall.

Slightly vintage mint never opened measures apx 7 1/2" tall.

Slightly vintage mint never opened measures apx 7 1/2" tall.

Slightly vintage mint never opened measures apx 7 1/2" tall.

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