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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an auction item.

In response to other bids, the auction system will automatically increase your bid in the smallest increment possible (up to your max bid amount) in order to maintain your lead position.

To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

At the end of the auction, the winning bidder pays only the lowest winning bid possible. That means that you can win an auction item at a price less than your max bid amount.

Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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About 1.5 inch in diameter, made of high quality bronze, about 17.4 grams, this pendant combines many different symbols: alchemy, pentagram, zodiac signs etc. It is in very good condition.

Vintage Pioneer Direct Drive PL-200 turntable with auto return and adjustable speed control. Complete with Dust Cover and RCA jacks. It is in working order but has not been tested on a system.

About 1.75 inch long including the ear wire, marked 925, with lovely engraved design and great shape.

The wire back earrings are about one inch long, with oval facetted amethyst stones set in silver, marked 925.

Size 6.75 to 7, approx. 4.7 grams, a large oval amethyst quartz cabochon in a repousse frame. It did not test sterling, did not magnetize and is most likely Czechoslovakian. A lovely and unique ring.

About a size 7, marked 925, 14k, Thailand, 3.8 grams. It sports a square amethyst stone in a 14K bezel setting with a pretty floral embossed band.

About a size 7, approx. 4.1 grams, and marked 14K Italy. Pictures have been enlarged for better viewing.

Pair of matching Pug dog ceramic figures. Both in nice condition. Measure approx 9 inches high.

About one by seven eighths inch, featuring a lady s profile facing right, set in low silver marked 800, general metal wear (copper showing through) and cameo is in very good condition (no chips, breaks or cracks).

About 25 inches long, and marked 10k

Stained glass lamp shade only. Suitable for floor lamp or retrofit for hanging lamp. Good clean condition. Shows damage. Measures approx 19 W x 10H.

Pair of old window shutters form Loyalist Parkway in old blue paint. Each measures 68 x 16 inches.

Old steamship trunk in restored condition. Nice and clean inside and out. No bad smells. One board split on the top. Measures 34 W x 18 D x 20 H.

About 3.5 and a little over 3 inches, 127.2 grams, gilded inside, engraved, with lovely etched scroll bands on the front. It opens and closes by pushing the tab in and will stay shut. It is marked Sterling with the number 11 inside.

Approx. 6.5 x 3.75 x 3 inches, well played and well enjoyed car, by Daiya made in Japan, friction works, 3 hubcaps are missing, minor indented right front fender and bumper, very light surface paint wear, no license plate, no cracks, and no other missing parts. Overall condition is very good. A perfect gift for that test drive teenager or your own collection.

About a size 7 to 7.5, approx. 6.1 grams, 1950s era, featuring a multi prong set facetted hematite stone in a double scalloped frame. It is marked sterling and was made by an old American company called Uncas.

About .75 inch across, the round natural rainbow aqua colour quartz stone is set in a fancy frame with a fancy bail and is marked Sajen, 925 NI.

About 7 inches long, 8 colourful flower charms of different sizes, each with a center glass jewel in different colours, ending with a spring ring clasp which is marked 925. A very summery and cool adornment. It will fit a small to average wrist.

The chain is about 20 inches long and is marked 925. The pendant is about 1.25 inch long and sports a saw tooth set oval turquoise and tested sterling.

A gilded silver bracelet, about one quarter inch wide, approx. 8 inches long, will fit a small to average wrist, features an S shaped design with alternating clear and tanzanite coloured cz stones, has a push in clasp with two safety latches all in working order, and is marked 925 CZ China.

Approx. 9 x 5 inches, opens to hold a candle

Vintage Sterling .925 Napkin Ring and tiny Pearlpoid letter opener.

About a size 7, approx. 16.8 grams, about one inch across the top, holds honey amber beads strategically situated green amber beads, and marked 925. A spectacular ring.

About a size 7, approx. 8.4 grams, the square top is about .75 x .75 inch and the wide band is about .25 inch. It is marked sterling. The turquoise is framed with flattened circles. Very nice design.

About a size 8 to 8.5, approx. 4.6 grams, marked 925, set with an open back synthetic ruby stone. A very pretty and modern design.

Six Cups and saucers, Six sets all made in England: Aynsley (June Rose), Paragon (double mark), Royal Stafford (June Rose), Royal Vale, Rosina, Hammersley with no breaks, chips or cracks.

Hand crafted stained glass lamp shade in Honey and Dark Amber. Could also be used for a hanging fixture. Approx 12 in H x 14 in wide. Nice clean condition with no damage.

The stylish bear is about 1.5 inch long and the chain is a little over 15 inches long for a total weight of 11.5 grams. They are both marked 925.

Approx. 3 x 2 inches, by Fritz and Floyd, with a lady bug on top of the shell. No damage noted. An adorable little figure and will display well.

Approx. 2.25 x 2 x 2 inches, brass, white metal, and copper, with a patent number, will hold two rings, patina wear, blue river, rough wear & stain to the inside fabric, will close but will not snap shut. It is definitely a lovely prop and will display well.

This brand new shoe tree holds 18 pair of shoes. Each rack adjusts vertically. It has a bronze metallic finish. 12 X 12 X 37.75. Never out of box!

Stained glass hanging light fixture in cobalt blue and transparent white panels. Complete with chain and hardware. Good clean condition with no damage. Measures approx 18 W x 14 H.

Coleman 3000-5000 BTU camp or tent heater with full can of fuel. Great condition. Wick still looks new.

Vintage Locket with Medical Logo, Played Pill Box and leather lines change purse.

About a size 6.5 to 7, approx. 8.1 grams, about .75 inch wide across the top, marked sterling with maker s mark, white enamel with pink and lavender flowers, gold vermeil (gilded sterling silver) inside, and fancy scalloped edges. A very elegant design.

About a size 6, approximately 7.7 grams, displaying a grooved pattern with two lapis lazuli bands. It is unmarked but tested sterling using the appropriate acid test. The ring can be resized.

Almost 20 inches long, and marked 925 in two places, MD 28 V. Can be worn by itself, or hold a pendant, locket, or ring close to the heart.

About one half inch wide, approx. 8 inches in circumference, with a safety chain, floral etched on the front, has a safety chain and its push in clasp is in working order. It has sterling hallmarks`. It will fit a small to average wrist. It has been lovingly worn, has noticeable wear: 8 small dings, and is still wearable.

Cobalt blue pie plate no 329, 9.5 in. Green bowl no 7402 1.5 ltr. Amethyst bowl no 7403 2.5 ltr. All in nice condition.

About a size 6.5 and 3.6 grams, marked 925, featuring a small oval bezel set labradorite cab.

A southwestern style ring about a size 7, approx. 2.5 grams, sporting an oval carnelian stone, with silver appliques, has the maker s marks and tested sterling using the appropriate acid test.

About 1 inch in diameter and marked Maman Brigitte. I quote the following: Origins: Haiti. She is the Haitian manifestation of the Celtic goddess Brigid brought to Haiti by indentured servants from Ireland and Scotland in the 1700’s-1800’s. Brigitte is a strong, aggressive and protective female spirit who often punishes those who disrespect the dead and fail to give them a proper burial; she is invoked for luck in gambling as well as to punish an enemy.

Hand made solid pine three tier hanging shelf. Measures approx 31 H x 24 W.

Wardrobe style jewelry box with etched glass and Greek Key design on doors. One bottom drawer and interior has a necklace carousel. Approx size 13 H x 10 W x 6 D.

In a collector`s case

About 17 inches, and marked 925.

About 2 x 1 inches, featuring a collar studded with clear rhinestones, with nice whiskers, green glass eyes and pronounced ears.

About .75 inch in diameter, the cancer zodiac sign for June 20 to July 22 , tested 10K using the appropriate acid test.

About 1.75 x 1 inch including the bail, the chain is almost 20 inches long; the stylish butterfly sports a center marquise shaped CZ stone. They are both marked 925.

About one inch wide, 2.5 inches across, approx. 8 inches in circumference, lovely floral etching on the front, equipped with a safety chain, push in clasp closes well and stays shut. There is general surface wear on the inside and very minor wear on the outside. There are no dents, dings, breaks or cracks and it will fit a small to average wrist. If you want the look of vintage this is the one to wear.

About .75 inch wide, approx. 7.5 inches in circumference, about 18.2 grams, fits a small to average wrist, has an adjustable buckle, with light etched lines around and is marked Sterling with the letter B. It stands for Burkhardt, a Toronto Company who may have made jewelry for Birks. There are no dings, dents or breaks.

Two nice old Snow Geese folk art silhouettes with stakes. Approx 27 x 20 inches. Made of plywood.

Old hand carved working duck decoy from the Kingston area. C 1950's

Large old wicker cloths hamper. Has one weak spot on the bottom, other than that good condition for the age. Measures 30 L x 23 W x 12 H.

About a size 6.5, approx. 2.9 grams, marked 925, featuring a small round garnet stone in a swirl sterling design.

About 14.9 grams, 1.75 x 1 and one eighth inch, lightly hammered, with two engraved frame lines and a spot for monograms. It is marked sterling Pat Aug.21.17 and so one hundred years old.

Very colourful and in excellent condition, approx. 2.25 x 2 inches.

5.5 x 4 x 1.25 inches with one line surface scratch (1.5 inch) and tiny scratches, featuring very playful cats and a basket, by Blue Bird toffee, made in England, Harry Vincent Ltd.

In a handy display box.

1930's/ 40's Walnut side table with Piecrust top and turned base... Nice original condition as seen in pictures. Approx 22 H x 20 W. A few nicks and light scratches.

Vintage cedar dresser or letter box. Souvenir from Big Basin California c 1050's -60's. Approx. 12 L x 5 W x 4.5 H. In nice clean condition.

Set of six old ironstone English Blue Willow 9.5 in dinner plates. All in nice condition.

In a collector`s case

About a size 7, approx. 5.3 grams, sporting a small oval black onyx oval cab in a grooved design. It is marked 925.

About seven eighths of an inch, snap closure, marked 925, gold finish hoops, and white finish butterflies.

About seven eighths of an inch, snap hinge closure, marked 925 Vivah.

About 7.5 inches long, with 5 hearts, tiny beads and connector chains, ending with a spring ring clasp. A light and delicate bracelet.

Sugar & creamer by Adderley, Boston terrier dog figure (Japan), mummy lidded tin with colourful illustrations (1989) made in England, courtly lady and gentleman (occupied Japan), Memory Ware (art) vase, Dorothy tin (small ding), from the Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland (1988) and made in Hong Kong.

Collectible Art Glass Vase approx 8 inches high. Clear glass with white to light blue swirls. Nice clean condition.

About 1.5 x 1.5 inch, with very pronounced yellow feathers, with a blue glass stone, well detailed beak, claws and tail. A rare vintage brooch.

About 3.5 x 1.75 inches long including the silver tone bail with gorgeous colours. There are no chips, cracks or breaks.

The chain is about 16.5 inches in length, is marked 925, and the letter is almost one half inch long and is marked 925 as well.

Stamped R. Capodimonte Italy. This unique piece features cherubs & it is footed. No chips or cracks but some gild wear.

Vintage Walnut stained Magazine rack, holder in nice original condition. Approx 16 W x 15 H x 12 D.

Vintage Italian Frosted pitcher and glasses set with ice bucket with Gols Wheat pattern. Great for a bar set , lemonade, or Summer drinks by the pool. All in excellent condition. Made in Italy.

The gold tone oval pendant is about 1.5 inch long and the silver tone chain about 18 inches long. It is marked Barlow.

About 2 x 1.5 inches, marked Alpaca Mexico and there are no missing abalone inlays.

See photos

M. Cunningham 73. 5x7.

In unopened package. Size M/L

Old tools lot , Stanley no 190 Rabet Plane (rough), Wooden hand plane, back saw, scale weights, Diston hand saw.

Four collectible Hull Pottery onion soup bowls in the Brown Drip Pattern. All in excellent condition.

About a size 9, approx. 3.4 grams, marked silver and tested sterling silver using the appropriate acid test.

Approx. 3.5 x 3 inches, by Fritz and Floyd, with a lady bug on the pillow, the shoe is made of clear plastic. No damage noted. Adorable figure and will display well.

Collectible Mickey Mouse and Pluto Disney framed cartoon print in nice condition. Approx 11 W x 10 H OD.

Mixed lot of old picture frames in various sizes.

About a size 6, good weight of approximately 11.2 grams, large oval banded agate measures about 1.25 x .75 inch. The ring is marked 925. Lovely modern design.

Delicate and light earrings, about 1.75 inch long including the ear wires, each with 2 small hearts, and they are marked 925.

Approx. 5.25 x 5.25 inches, not so red but more of a burgundy colour, ad for McDonald Island Resort in Gananoque, in very good condition.

Good working condition. With remote & manual.

This charming live cactus garden features 3 different cacti, a decorative fossilized rock & a 2 piece pottery base. The bottom of the base is 18 inches long & 10 inches across.

Pair of hand crafted stained glass candle holder made to fit together as a double set. Very well made with alternating beveled glass and swirled panels. As new condition.

Mixed lot of old bottles in various sizes. One marked Fly -Tox. Also including 3 medicine bottles with graduated markings.

About 2 and almost 1.5 inches, featuring a cat posing and sitting on a fancy settee.

About 2 x 1.5 inches, sporting a brass flower, nose and circle brooch. Unmarked, not sterling and very whimsical.

About 8 inches, 1.5 inch wide, featuring brass textured links, and round beads, adjustable and in very good condition.

About 7 inches long, five eighths of an inch wide, five textured rectangular links each with a scalloped framed blue needlepoint and plastic protector, in a silver tone metal setting, ending with a fold over clasp in working order, and in very good condition.

One is stamped & numbered - L'Amour China, Japan, Hand Painted, 7732. No chips or cracks.

White wicker three tier corner shelf. Nice clean condition. One piece missing on middle shelf. Measures 30 H x 16 W.

Lot of mostly small picture frames of various sizes.

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