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Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Two large platters with wall hanger on back, both marked and in good condition. One hunting and one fishing. Just over 15 inches across.

All in good shape. Grafton cup only, American 1940s Syracuse Co, Bavaria, Japan etc. No chips or cracks.

Divided dish, cake plate, early American pressed glass hummingbird dish. All in excellent condition.

New Crystal Head Vodka bottle with two matching shot glasses from the same company. All marked and labelled.

Naugahyde cover in great shape, no rips or tears, interior is wood and has sliding shelf and accessory holders. Very retro. 16 inches square x 17 inches high.

In great condition, sticker on back.

Partly finished hand stitched quilt top with extra fabric for side bands. 44 inches by 43 inches.

Suitable to wire into a lamp table, see pics. One chipped tile edge, very heavy. Aged wear.

Both in great shape with original stringing.

Vintage purses and travel slipper cases, 100 percent silk scarves, some signed. Some new poly scarves. Stewardess scarf.

All wood tray with book matched burlwood and maybe walnut. Missing one handle.

In excellent shape, looks to be unused. Brass nameplate and screws are inside with original instructions.

Boy and Girl salt and pepper shaker in boat caddy. The boat is marked underneath. Age crackle but no chips or major cracks.

Amethyst art glass in the form of a basket. Excellent condition, no chips or cracks.

Hammered finish, fully marked in excellent condition. Marked Roundhead Leadless Pewter, Made in England.

Print on board of a 1909 brewery poster with mermaids.

In excellent shape with plastic album storage slots. 15 1/2 inches high x 16 inches deep x 22 inches wide. Some small dings and one small tear on lower corner. Needs cleaning. See pics.

Mixed group including marcasite watch and cuff watch. Not working but haven't tested with new battery. Costume jewellery bracelets.

Frome Vantines NY, 1910s to 1920s, made in France. Lidded incense box with temple guardian on top with dragon handles on sides. Aged wear but no dings, dents or breaks. Lid fits well. Was possibly gilded at one point.

In perfect condition with fingers etc all intact. No chips or cracks. Marked on bottom. This figurine is named Ninette.

Soft handmade crotchet lap blanket 47 by 30 inches. In excellent shape.

No damage to lace, no chips or cracks, fingers etc are all perfect. Marked on bottom, from the Karl-Heinz Klette factory in Bavaria. Post 1950.

Slender Pitcher in deep cobalt with gilding on two sides. Fully marked, excellent condition, like new.

Early lidded dish with enamel dots and gilding. In excellent shape with no chips or cracks.

Mix of cotton and poly-cotton. Some smaller pieces. Two Tweety Bird pillow covers.

Several spoons, 2 marked sterling, some unmarked, some plated. Aged wear.

Shark Teeth Collection. Different sizes for jewelry or crafts. Fossilized condition...

Daisy and Honeycomb Pattern, with iridescent cobalt blue glaze made between 1934 and 1940, pattern date on bottom shows 6431, very fine all over crazing with one tiny chip to back, see pics. Fully marked with Maling Newcastle on Tyne mark. Light normal wear to gilding.

Comes complete with COA and fitted box. Made from crystallized limestone.

In original condition. No broken areas, some of the original paint is on the back.

Mixed items, some condition issues, see pics.

Street scene in excellent condition. Light wear to frame. Signature seems to have been applied later than the painting.

Heavily gilt and enameled amethyst glass bud vase. Excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Needs cleaning.

Several pieces, lemon dish, pedestal plate , Chinoiserie Lidded Dish has a crack, see pics. One piece is Occupied Japan, has broken back foot.

In excellent condition, needs new key like those available online. Interior is in excellent condition as well. Mothball odour?

Two illustrations from Australian artist Christine E. Shand. One is Pierette and the other is a The Bridesmaid. Look to be original signed pen and ink with colour wash. Glued to backer board. Clean but with a tiny mark near bridesmaid's bouquet. Copies of her cards are available online in a different size format so these could be working drawings, not sure. Back, glass and illustration are not taped together.

Mixed pieces. Heart is hollow, unmarked. Sterling wrapped stone and alpaca bracelet. 2 gold-filled marked costume rings. Stick pins, silvered leaf.

Heavy lead crystal decanter with large ball stopper. Heavily cut design. One chip under the edge of lip, see pic.

Like new, hard to photograph but has many colours in the blown glass.

Vintage Tray with the three tree mark from Blue Mountain Pottery. No chips or cracks. Very light crazing.

Royal Doulton Bunnykins Bank in excellent shape, no chips or cracks.

Early pressed glass, great condition, no chips or cracks.

Excellent condition and signed. Missing glass. Frame approx 17 by 22.

Heavy lustre glaze in oil slick colours of blacks, blues, greens etc. In excellent condition.

In excellent condition with keys. Has a bit of a mothball scent. Some marks on the outside, see pics.

Mid century, figurines from 3 different series. Mixed condition 2 missing handles, see pics.

Good shape but one droplet pearl is missing. Costume jewellery.

Very detailed pewter medallion of dancing spring hares with Easter eggs. Signed on both front and back. In excellent shape, no breaks or bends.

Soft raisin colour in clear, rounded heavy lip, in excellent shape, no chips or cracks.

Cobalt Glass with sterling overlay applied. Needs polishing, no chips or cracks.

All marked. Orchid pot is in excellent shape with no chips or cracks. Shoes have light age crazing.

Trinket box made from abalone shell with carved center. Lined. In good shape but missing one piece of plastic protective edge, see pic.

Early small wheel cut cordial glasses. In excellent shape with no chips or cracks.

Mouse friendship bud vase. Excellent condition, no chips or cracks.

Cover has damage but interior is in excellent condition, no tears or markings.

Gilded and enameled bud vase in cobalt blue. Excellent shape, no chips or cracks.

2 matching bud vases and a flared center vase. All in great condition except one bud vase has a tiny shell fracture near the foot.

Canvas Printed Classic Cat Painting. Light scratch, frame shows wear, see pics.

Alabaster and Onyx items. Mixed items, two from Italy, aged wear.

Silver plated Zinc embossed boxes, in excellent shape. One is polished slightly. Design matches lot 33.

Blue Green colour, in excellent condition. No chips or cracks.

In the shape of a lotus flower with peacock images. In excellent shape, no chips or cracks, marked on bottom.

Cobalt blue glass eyewash cup, made in England, marked on bottom, 1930s at the latest. No chips or cracks.

Bright colours with gilding. In great shape with only one tiny chip, see pic.

Mixed metal items, plated items are marked. Aged wear.

Made of various natural materials and metals. One earring is missing the earwire.

Two sets of gold plated cufflinks and one that could be jade. Plated ones are marked.

Fully marked, in excellent condition except for one light bump to the foot.

Stoneware with Albany Glaze, late 1800s, aged wear, no markers mark.

Haeger planter and Hull Pitcher made in the USA. Both in great shape with no chips or cracks. Plant residue on Haeger planter.

Original camera, may not have ever been used, see condition. Untested.

Matches boxes in lot 29. Silver plated embossed zinc. Needs proper cleaning and polishing. Lid hinge is broken, see pics.

Newer wooden box, like new. In excellent condition.

In good shape but has damage to tail, see pics.

For a bracelet or watch perhaps. In excellent condition with no dents or dings.

Silver plated and marked. In excellent condition.

X and Os shot glass game in fitted wooden box. Mirrored surface is the game board. Light wear to box, glasses are like new.

Hand-carved fireball gourd. Burl-wood look finish. Light aged wear.

Older yellow/orange cased glass vase unmarked. Pincer crack inside hollow arm, see pic. No chips.

Unmarked, same scene on both sides, untested but flicks smoothly, not jammed. Light wear.

Canadian, Made of walnut, some separation of the walnut veneer wraps but the chrome rings keep them intact, see pics. Canadian 1967 pennies with the albatross designed by Alex Colville have been inserted into each drinking glass base. Each glass has a label and has Siesta Ware hot pressed into the bottom.

In original condition, needs rewiring and one bell cap. Untested, aged wear.

In excellent shape, no chips or cracks, soft blue 'flowers' inside and egg shape, made in England, original sticker on bottom.

Larger piece of Moss Agate cut to show soft landscape scene. Ready for mounting.

One is hammered finish. Both are fully marked. One is engraved with the date 1958. Aged wear.

High polished pewter tankard, fully marked and in good condition.

Smaller than regular size. In excellent shape, no chips or cracks. Possibly earthenware.

Three pottery jugs, one wheel thrown stoneware jug, one early Burslem Iron stone, and one early Czechoslovakia jug. Chip to Burslem jug, see pics.

Fully marked, screw top works great. Has inscription that says I love you and monogram.

Unframed, one signed in pencil, one signed in print. Otters and landscape. In protective covers with artist's bios on the back.

Older chalkware, Labrador dog head, aged wear, see pics.

Retro style, in great shape. Latch is a little stiff.

Both in excellent shape, light aged wear to gilding. Burslem Wood and Sons and Cassidian 22kt Gold trimmed full sized plate. Fine age crazing.

All marked with an original hang tag. No chips or cracks, planter has hard water rings inside from being used for plants.

Tile and Rabbit in blue and white ceramic. Rough edge on tile, bunny is in excellent condition.

No chips or cracks, light wear to gilding.

Frame shows wear. Artwork is on canvas but has been laminated. Signed.

Missing key and a couple of the flower medallions. Aged wear.

Ready for mounting, powder blue with many translucent bands.

Railroad Collector history books. In good shape. One dust jacket is torn in several places.

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