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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Ulu knife in Bristol Bay style, hand carved, blade shows wear and aging but is still sharp. Can be re-polished and sharpened. No signature. Approx. 8 by 5 inches.

Working condition, matching lamps in black steel. Shades need cleaning or replacing. 18 inches tall including shades.

In excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Sticker still intact. Vintage item, approx., 7 inches high.

Large wavy art glass vase in excellent condition, signed. 13 inches tall by 9 and a half wide flared rim. Signed on bottom, by MJH Designs, glass artists, Mischka Jay Hunter and Mariel Jayne Hunter.

Solid hand cast pewter mugs from one of the oldest British pewterers. Fully marked with maker's name and date stamps as well. Engraved 1971 and 1974. One was purchased at Mappin's in London. Approx. 500gms each.

Black metal, good condition, 21 inches across.

Leather two piece doll dress with papoose and booties, - glue marks. Seal Fur zippered pouch doll with baby in papoose or cradle. Tall doll is from 1970s, rabbit fur and seal fur handmade clothing. Tallest is 11 inches high.

9 inches tall, label on bottom. All made from wood. Good condition.

In excellent condition but may need a new flint. Untested.

Both books show aged wear but have no missing pages. See pics for condition. Excellent example of early book decoration, with original endpaper marbling, gilding and watermark impression. One book has plate from original owner.

Glass bottle with sealed Guinness inside on wooden cart with horse. Bottle still has liquid inside and is sealed with a metal 'beer cap'. 6 inches long.

7 pieces 6 wide, just under 37 inches long and two pieces of extra glass for shelving or crafts. Larger pieces may be plate glass not framing glass. One piece is beveled glass, see pics. One tempered glass piece has corner chip - see pics.

Colonial Casting Company, Meriden, Conn., USA and one marked only England. Light wear. They are approx. 4 inches across.

All steel, weighted bottom, 5 shelves. 69 inches tall, 31 inches wide, 16 inches deep. Has back and top channels to hold signage. Price strips on 4 or the 5 shelves. NO shelf inserts. Original pieces were either glass or wood and rest on steel bars - see pics. Bring help to load. Front wheels have lock setting. Excellent condition but needs cleaning.

Music plays when decanter is lifted. Everything in excellent working condition but the metal has aged wear. No chips or cracks to the decanter, no tears or rips on the vinyl. 10 inches long.

Bradawl or Stiletto and button hook. Both look to be made of bone. Bradawl may be as early as1840s.

Three tiles in excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Just under 6 by 6 inches. Images show occupations like potter, grape grower and tanner. Stamped on back.

Center larger piece with 4 side pieces. All in good condition but need cleaning. Largest piece is 18 x 11. Pattern is also known as 'pineapple' pattern.

Cut to clear crystal small open dish with forest scenes and a vintage hand painted lidded bottle, 6 inches tall. No chips or cracks.

One Victorian brass bell weighing 360gm, made by hand, heavy patina, 4 inches tall. One smaller cast iron painted bell missing original clapper.

Framed size is 17 by 21 inches. In excellent condition, no fading or damage.

In good condition , aged wear to frame. 10 by 13 inches.

Mid Century or earlier? Bright red glaze. There's a repaired 'chip' on the bottom edge, see pics. Just under 5 inches.

In original sealed box, never taken out. Made in Canada Linen.

3 Blue transferware tiles, 6 by 6 inches. One smaller Blue and white tile coaster commemorating the ship MS Veendam lll of the Holland America Line, just under 4 by 4 inches.

Older style cuff links with translucent green stone. Untested. In good condition, light wear on metal.

Three china horses, ceramic, or porcelain, largest is 5 inches high by 6 inches long. All in excellent condition, no chips or breaks. Bring packing materials.

Approximately 4 inches tall by 6 inches long, in excellent condition, no cracks or breaks.

3 Bowls, one is hand turned and in excellent condition with no cracking or splitting but has a couple deep scratches, see pics. Two smaller bowls show light wear. Large bowl is 5 by 14 inches across. Smaller bowls were from Hudson's Bay store.

With keys, smooth operation.

Old butter pat press, carved from one piece of wood, 2 inches high. Aged wear from use but carved area is sharp with no damage.

Vintage crystal and glass salt shakers in various patterns. No chips or cracks noted. One set has glass lids, another is pinwheel pattern.

Approx. 18 by 13 inches. Fading and rough condition but all original.

Various types of fabric. All pieces shown plus one more bag not pictured. Various sizes, some vintage.

Bradford Exchange and eagle plate. Ontario flowers and birds, gilded maple leaves around the perimeter, Elvis Heartbreak Hotel. All numbered and in excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Largest plate is 9 and a half inches wide.

Antique Cluny Lace, 3 'snowflakes' with two larger matching doilies, one Battenburg lace round, two smaller very detailed net style pieces. One of the larger Cluny lace pieces has damage - see pics.

Table mats in original box, damage to box but placemats have never been taken out or used.

Just under 4 inches.

Fully marked and in excellent condition. Can be used as demitasse espresso cups or Turkish coffee cups. Pembroke pattern produced in 2000. Like new, no chips or cracks.

In excellent condition, tile has no cracks or chips, Blue Onion design. Approx. 16 by 9 inches.

Instruction on bottom for seasoning the pan. Good condition.

In excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Marked Japan 1902. Approx. 7 inches tall by 8 inches long.

All are marked, no chips or cracks, Two sets of 4 are etched, 6 are plain. Marked 'France'.

All in excellent condition. Booths 'Chinese Tree', Royal Staffordshire 'Betsy', Aynsley holder and saucer (holder chipped), a few other pieces, Cardiff, Germany, unmarked.

Two dishes, one is delicate and intricate, the other is heavy pressed glass with thick silver overlay. Largest plate is approx. 8 inches across. Both in excellent condition, no losses to silver, no cracks or chips.

In excellent condition but may need a new flint. Untested. Both have Irish theme.

Ruby glass with etched decoration. Company stamp etched into bottoms, original price sticker intact. Approx. height is 4 inches.

From Patum Peperium Gentleman's Relish. Image in excellent condition but has a small chip to the inside lid rim and hairline - please see pics. Just over 2 inches across.

Just under 7 inches high. In great shape, light ding on one bottom edge, see pics.

Approx. 25 high, 12 high and 14 inches deep. In excellent condition.

Just over 37 inches high, 12 inches wide and 13 inches deep. In excellent condition. No wheels but has holes underneath corners if buyer wants to add wheels.

Longest brush is double sided, natural bristle for clothing, 14 inches long, handmade. Two brushes have advertiser's info, included 2 smaller brushes and a hard bristle brush. All in good condition, no bristle losses.

Salt and Pepper shakers from Ireland. Wood with plastic plugs, some damage, see pics. Approx. 4 inches high.

Several small dishes, silvered etched small vase pair, Chinese dragon dish. Condition as shown.

In great condition, no missing stones. 1 inch across.

Just over 7 inches across. Some old repairs and some fill original to the piece. All natural and as such, it has imperfections along the inclusion lines. Translucent heavy stone.

Mouth blown, mushroom foot cordial set in deep amethyst glass. No chips or cracks. Each piece is individually made so they are all slightly different.

A piece from glass artist Cheryl Takacs. Deeply etched and signed. Dish is 9 and a half inches across. In excellent condition, no chips or cracks.

Two bisque figurines, no markings on one. Good condition, no chips or cracks.

In excellent condition, no chips or cracks.

Large Vintage bowl and 6 side bowls made with parquet style wood pieces, one matching spoon and fork.

Packed full of info from knots to Boat building to engines, maintenance to vessel repair. Includes extensive map reading and waterway navigation, racing techniques, sextant use. All in excellent condition.

Sterling charm that opens to reveal a swinging soup pot, marked. 2nd charm is unmarked Swiss bell.

Nine charms in total. Four marked, the two with clasps look to be cast metal, not silver. 3D figures are unmarked.

Coro bracelet is missing one faux pearl. Condition as shown.

Coloured squares are glass, most others are plastic, some glass seed-beads, all good condition. Two short pieces may be for bracelets?

In excellent condition, no holes or rips.

Several bovine critters, 2 old English plastic pieces, 3 ceramic Japan pieces, one has broken horn tips. The little plastic ones need gentle cleaning. China calf figurines with flowers are in excellent condition. Longest piece is just under 6 inches long.

Colour shifts from green to purple. Just over 20 inches high. No chips or cracks.

Populuxe, all the info you need about mid century design and living! Great source for researching MCM items.

Phoenix Beer bar tray, 10 inches across, original and in used condition, see pics. Tray has indented bumps for 'feet'.

Double Diamond Ale bar tray, 10 inches across, original and in used condition, see pics. Tray has indented bumps for 'feet'.

Tallest piece is 2 inches tall. Jock and Thumper, Jock has glaze loss on his nose, Thumper has missing glaze on tail, see pics.

Largest is 9 inches across, aged wear.

Hand made of wood, Award notation under base. 6 and a half inches tall.

4 bowls, solid teak, stickers intact. Aged wear. Just under 6 inches across.

6 thimbles, all excellent condition. 1 Spode, 2 Coal port, 1 GHI Staffordshire, 1 Newhall and 1 Royal Worcester.

Tray is in good vintage condition. One tile has center crack - see pics. Tray is 11 by 14 and a half inches. Has magnet embedded in the wood. One foot has gone missing, leaving only staples..

Sodalite blue, yellow material is dyed, Green stone has sterling wiring, abalone shell necklace has no clasp/closure. Not sure about long deep red/purple necklace. Looks too red to be amethyst? Round beads are wood.

Crystal top hat and pear. Tallest piece is 4 inches. Footed dish is pinwheel lead crystal, Czech label intact. No chips or cracks.

6 china thimbles. All excellent condition. Ken Perry flower, 2 bone china provincial flowers, bone china roses , made in England, British made bone china Wordsworth, Countess England clovers

All in excellent condition, 4 by 4 inches. One has been completed. Church symbols.

9 by 3 inches deep. Hand wrought with wooden ball lid. Heavy patina.

French Arts and Crafts Goardere pin tray from 1930s, Urn and hanging copper mini-planter are unmarked, Ewer is marked Webaware England. Aged wear.

22kt gold and green part set in excellent condition for their age, some crazing and one cup has an early repair. c1953

6 Green and gold espresso cups in excellent condition with only light wear.

Tulip or fluted etched sherry glasses. All in excellent condition, very delicate. Unmarked.

Irish Ceramic Donkey with two donkey babies, cloth and fur antique donkey with coal baskets.

Approx. 3 inches tall, hand carved from a spotted stone of some kind.

22 kt. gold decoration with roses. Registration number 828344, pattern is White Mist series, Regal Rose pattern. All in great condition with some age crazing - see pics. 7 inches across. 8 bowls in total.

Coffee pot is intact but has no lid. No Dents or dings, made in Portugal. 9 inches across including spout.

Side dished for veggies or dip. Measurements as shown. No chips or cracks. Center bowl is missing.

Chrome Accessories including shaker, tongs, ice holder, handmade Guinness mug, Irish Coffee glasses with measures, more. Excellent condition, no damage noted.

Wood-look plastic bear and elephant, resin, plastic and ceramic. Only the donkey with saddle bags is old. Tallest is the bear at 7 inches.

Controlled Bubble base in cobalt glass. In excellent condition, no chips or cracks, unsigned. 4 inches tall.

Includes original puff and netting. Approx. 1 and a half inches long. Aged wear, mirror is loose.

In good condition, not signed. Just under 5 by 5 inches.

Signed and dated to 2001. In excellent condition, no chips or cracks. 9 1/2 tall by 6 inches wide.

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