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300mm planer, model 2012. 304mm wide. With manual.

from Rona. 7.5' wide and almost 8' tall. Includes pegs to tie it down. I assembled it just to measure the size, it will look better with the branches all straightened out.

82"x62" in excellent shape.

with bag of pegs for pegboard. 43"x21"x55"H, bench height 35.5"

Platter (11.5x9", crack, chip) Large bowl (9.5") Small bowl (5", crack) 1 piece Gravy oat with double spout Cream and sugar (look new) Soup Tureen with lid (chip under lid) Matches lot 40.

by Road Legends, no box. From a collector.

Jaguar Lamp with Rawhide lampshade, 17"x5.25"x18.5", wire has been cut off. Green Ball lamp, works. Ball is 11" wide glass. 25" tall. Shade 18.5" wide.

no chips, 8 pieces.

~21" long, 8" face. With original box, 1924 instruction guide, and nostalgic note from when my dad took it on the road!

from Ottawa Valley Woolers. 70"x60" and 68"x53". In great shape.

Queen size, from Sears, 88"x88". Duck down with cotton cover. Excellent shape, barely used.

model #113.286930C, with extra blades.

Well made, metal construction. Well used. Works great. Easy to replace sand paper.

Brown Faux Suede. 86"x32" folds out to 72"x44" bed. Arms come off so taller person can sleep on it. Storage underneath. Barely used. Very heavy, bring help***.

Antique wicker trunk with rawhide corners and stitching, hammered metal locks and rope handle. Used to be used as a coffee table with a glass top. 30"x20"x16"

15 piece set. Pd $77.73 plus tax in 1999. (only 1 or 2 bits used.)

6 cups (one cracked) 12 Saucers 11 of the 6" Plates 12 of the 7.5" Plates (one cracked) 10 of the 9.75" Dinner Plates 11 of the 7.5" soup bowls Matches lot 44.

Handle bars extend to 38"H. Fold small enough to put in camp chair bag. We took these to Las Vegas and had a blast. Lightweight to carry. Solid construction.

68" long, made by AquaRite

Rated to 145lbs, adjustable seat (shown at 35"), removable training handles.

May be Butternut wood? Refinishing would really show it's beauty. 29.5"H x 44.25"W x 43.25"D (folds to 21.5"D) Chairs sold in lot 71.

vacuum, used and working. Craftsman Shopdust Vac system dust collector, new in box.

Purple. with horn, basket and kick stand. It was lots of fun before we moved out of the city! Needs new tires.

New, ready to hang. Designed to house a songbird (1.5" hole, 4.5" from bottom)

Size xx-large, 122-132cm chest. And assortment of pool noodles. Untested.

made by Greenlight. Autographed on car, with autographed poster 'to Tom'. From a collector.

Router model #315.244750. Craftsman Deluxe Router Table (model #171.707711) Comes with 5 bits ...but not the one in the picture, which is included in lot 86.

Front and Back Speakers. Cast metal stands adjust so speakers sit 38" to 61" from the floor. Stands for stereo speakers (side speakers) 22" tall.

from a collector

Oak? Seat height 17.25", Back height 31.5". Were used with table in lot #70.

30"x16"x12" with 3 blankets, including 2 wool blankets.

My crib from 70 years ago, and it was old then! Oak. Looking good; solid condition. Stripped and ready to finish. Mattress and bottom of crib not included. Item may not met current safety standards. Not recommend for a baby.

17" tall, one has a split in the side.

includes fleece fitted sheet and well used quilt.

from a collector.


Range in height from 5.5 to 9". It is not possible to take a picture of the beautiful bamboo design on the tallest one. Crack near handle of smallest pitcher.

Includes current cover, rubber tire cover, two use cable 2.0, power adapter, two stereo cables, three extra screen savers, Anti-slip mat, original unused headphones, original instruction guide and case. Supports wifi and Bluetooth 2.1

7 pieces, one with leather.

one Irish? 2 Masonic? (no markings)

Both adult size, chest 76-127cm. Untested.

26"x15", quadruple plate marked 20 and 324. Cannot make out manufacturer's mark.

2001 release, by Ertl Collectibles. Complete with box and original instructions. From a collector.

Used with lot #139 surround sound system. Had static crackle when off, Great sound when on.

friction powered

Burago. Used, no box.

with carpet remnants. Table is 5'x2'x28"tall, folds to 30"x24"x3". 3 carpet remnants 33" wide, 2 are 7' long, other is 33" long.

with 2 removable trays. Contains misc. fasteners. 25" x 10.75" x 11.25" (same box as lot #69)

Mount the bracket to the wall, then put the shelf in the bracket and screw it in. No support brackets needed. Need fresh paint. 35"x8" each, with screws.

Diorama, needs some glue (mirror detached) and rearranging once in permanent home. (MBI 1994)

18"x11.5" each

2 Police cars (Matchbox, Maisto) Home Hardware (Irwin) Taxi (Matchbox) Shell (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Majorette) from a collector

2 Crystal decanters and Crystal Vase. Pinwheel Decanter from Poland, 24% lead, hand cut. No damage, original tops.

26" long, labelled 'Giant size' for men size 10 plus. Adjustable size. Made in Italy.

Pine nicely aged, in great shape, 48"x24"

4 Serving dishes. Set of 4, New Crystal glasses. Set of 3, etched candle holders, fall leaves design.

made by Road Signature, from a collector.

24 pieces, from a collector.

by Racing Champions, from a collector.

with box, by AutoArt. Note: warped roof, missing left mirror.

5 pieces. No damage. Decanter. Ice Bucket. Vase. Lidless candy and cream with lid.

Used! but sturdy.

Excellent tool for trim work. Easy to adjust.

with extra mounting bolts. 21.5"x24"x24"H

37"x37"x20.5" Trays 26"x18.5" Refinished with hammered metal spray paint.

18 pieces, from a collector

22 pieces, from a collector

Stove Trivet, in 2 pieces. Iron Trivet that says 'H.R. Ives & Co, Montreal'. And handmade lamp hanger.

made by Burago, from a collector.

20 pieces, from a collector

Petrocan by Majorette, Northland by ertl, from a collector

mostly Hot Wheels, 15 pieces, from a collector.

23 pieces, from a collector but are more toy-like than collectible.

Many Hot Wheels, 15 pieces, from a collector

Mustache cup (marked Quadruple plate, Adeph Silver Plate co. New York, stamped 27) with matching saucer (no mark). Silver plate Stein. Copper ashtray containing sand. Copper business card holder with business card etched in mirror image.

15" x 21" Complete with wrinkles in the glass. Paint (on back of glass) has come off in bottom corner.

2000 release, by Ertl Collectibles. Complete with box and original instructions. From a collector.

Nine are 12" wide x6"x6", hold 20 CD's each. One 18" wide x6"x6", holds 30 CD's. And standing CD rack.

made by Anson, from a collector.

21 pieces, from a collector

16 pieces, includes one with broken windshield, from a collector.

by Maisto. With Die cast racing helmet (unknown manuf.). Mismatched box. From a collector.

11" round tray, 13x5.5" tray, 11.5x7" basket, 16.75x14.5" tray

x3: Sol, Corona, Labatt Genuine Draft

by Auto Art, from a collector.

20 pieces, from a collector

14 pieces, from a collector.

Food grade oil suggested for use in bath salts or candles. Retro Card glasses, Turquoise and gold glasses, A&W mug. Tray not included.

With scented wax pieces, and misc. candles.

x4: Sol, XX, 2 of Corona

with 2 removable trays. Contains lots of treasures. 25" x 10.75" x 11.25" (same box as lot #68)

Trivet, Ashtray, Bottle opener, Door push, 2 shells.

2 vintage Chandelier pieces, Spectacles, magnifying glass with brass cover

Tin match holder. 1893 paper perpetual calendar. 2 Ashtrays, no chips. Plastic frame with mirror.

3 Divided dishes, one with silver plate applied to it. 2 Plates. One very old hand-cut creamer (chip on edge)

by Maisto, from a collector.

made by Ertl, from a collector.

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