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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Two rockers and two teak .

Thousands of shapes and gorgeous colours. Purchased in Bali many years ago. These would make great beaded curtains.

49X39X33 Really comfortable chair with lots of life left. Well loved.

Professional kit for dogs.....schnauzers were his fav...

Bareback saddle. Rain blankets. Misc.

21X25 One is beveled.

Tip top working order! These classic machines have super powers!

20X29 Comfy chair in good condition, solid.

Great huge sweaters for your crafting pleasure.....or just don them.

Functional items. Working.

Great material for repurposing . Chair not included.


Fabulous fabric for wearing or crafting.

Oodles of wonderful sweaters and fabric for crafting. Become a repurposing artist!

18X19X41 In great shape, save for one that got a little door jam damage.

47X17X34. Comfy

If you have ever wanted to gift the most luxurious baby items lovingly's your chance to craft your own!

Blast zone!

Lots of assorted luxury sweaters and material.

Deluxe practioners kit. Intrigued?

48X24X19 coffee table...24X24X23 side table. Removable slate tiles.

Ten excellent condition 18 gallon totes.

Mixed bags of sweaters and lots of cut material for crafting. The hard work is done!

Set of eight but missing one large plate, and one bowl.

30X20X20 glass insert, lovely silk bouquet.

eight cups and saucers, gravy boat and tray, covered casserole, creamer and sugar, salt and pepper. All in mint condition.

100% cashmere, some cut and felted for crafting, others washed and wearable. Mainly red, orange and some assorted.

Great material for repurposing. Eight jackets and one pair pants.

5 bags of 100% cashmere sweaters, blue, black and assorted colours. Some are fine for wearing, others have holes, and are for crafting.

Luxurious sweaters and material for the discerning fabric lover.

Both shelves but not including bookcase.

Nice stools and vintage P&G box.

Needs some TLC

51X78X40. Solid shape

A treasure trove of items.

31X19X18 Functional , and needs a little TLC.

Used. Some dog scratches.

17X17X28. Interesting grain.

In unused condition.....saved for "good".

Also Learning toy with cartridges. Train works well, and has a loud whistle!

42X42X29. Leaf 42X18 Set in good shape.

18 gallon totes for your storage pleasure.

21X34 Nice solid condition.

Great shape. 80X55

Fun kitcheny stuff

As seen. Grill and knife are new

Several different sets

14X14X41 Not current with safety standards for sure. Comes with home made tray.

Well loved.

37X63X30 distressed paint on legs


Newfie stuff

Stool/chairs. Belly cast kit. Toys

9 fun coasters.

Coins, watch, knife, compass etc.

38X38X17 good shape

Gardening and wine cork storage.

Heavy and healthy.

What you see....


So many interesting items!

28X22X44 Purchased in Hawaii.

Mixed genre

More of the same...."saved for good".

My grandfathers treasures.

18X29X32 great shape. Bought in Santa Fe.

19X15 A. Hudson.

Assortment of handy items. Vintage manicure set, Oracle set, lamp, shade, candle, teak tiered presentation plate.

Lots of fun treasures!

Grandpas work sheet, bakeware, lamp, toys, etc.

Everything you need for a picnic.

61X76 Can be disassembled. Does not include contents.

Bikes 31X31. 12X12 flowers. 32X22 Amsterdam skaters.

31X31 Asian themed print, mirror 24X24, House print, 10X8

Many wind up and odd ball toys!

My grandfather was the last man standing at the old locomotive

Basket, pics, scissors milk bottle

For the horse enthusiast.

Down filled clothing for ice fishing. Like new. Fish Tales book.

Well loved but still useful

Many hours of work in those crocheted cloths by my Gram.

DVD player, new light kit, clothes steamer, lawn chair cushions galore.


You know you love to decorate

You know the type....

Gently used. defect free.

We love snowmen

Lightly used baby equipment from Grandmas house. No warranties on current standards.

Weights and more. Unused

36X24 Monet, 19X15 J. Sleemon. Danish proverb. 15X11

22X29 red hibiscus, Hula girl 25X38, 26X20 Maui 1987, Window view 16X19

Couple phones, books, decorations...etc.

Knife holders from Bali, 12, and a black clutch. Grams china cups and trinkets.

Menagerie of art


34X33X44 Well loved and needing some adjustment on base.

Fun coffee cups for car enthusiast. Mint.

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