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Kroehler Bedroom chest of drawers, part of a bedroom set including Lot 155 following; Fruitwood veneer construction with hardwood supports and black metal handles. Dimensions: Depth 17.75 , Width 36 , Height from floor 45.5 . Kroehler Manufacturing sold its assets and dissolved in 1981. This is located in an upstairs bedroom and at least two person removal is necessary. Pickup Category C time-slot

Kroehler dresser of same construction as Lot 154 preceding, and Kroehler double bed headboard of same construction as Lot 154. The two lots 154 and 155 are a bedroom suite set, and a double bed mattress frame. Kroehler Manufacturing sold its assets and dissolved in 1981. Dimensions of Dresser: depth 17.75 , length 62 , height of stand 30 , height of mirror 73.5 , width of drawers 32.25 ; As indicated in photographs the mirror can be tilted on pivot points; Dimensions of headboard: width 60.25 , height 41.25 ; Showing a mattress in the frame. In accordance with Max Sold policy the mattress shown can be inspected at the time of pickup and if the buyer wants the mattress it may be taken but the buyer is not required to take the mattress on removal. Because of the size of the dresser and the fact it is located in an upstairs bedroom and has to be taken down stairs it is suggested that a three person removal is required unless professional movers. Pickup Category C time-slot.

Antique weigh scales with set of weights; showing government inspection hallmarks inside crown symbol of GR [George Rex -King George] on each weight; Pickup Category B time-slot

Woods refrigerator; dimensions: Width 22 1/16, depth allowing for back coils 24.5 , height 34.75 , with adjustable feet; Showing minor abrasions to the trim at the back of the top and in the top; freezer section where the cooling function occurs; includes ice cube tray, two racks, bottom drawer and clear plastic cover for bottom drawer. Works: was stored in basement for a number of years and when plugged in immediately started and has operated for a number of days. Note; there is no internal light and this is NOT an automatic defrost. This refrigerator must be periodically defrosted to remove ice buildup in the freezer area for effective operation. Pickup Category C time-slot: this has to be moved from a basement and requires at least a two person lift up stairs to loading vehicle. In addition damage to the coils on the back might render it inoperable. Pickup Category C time-slot

Height 34.75 width at top 20.75 expanding towards middle. The iron rings are not secured to the barrel and depend on tension. When exposed to moisture the wood expands. The bung hole has not been opened but there is no indication of any contents existing. Note: surface rust on barrel rings. Unknown age. Pickup Category C time-slot. Because of the size and weight a two person pickup is recommended.

Royal Doulton manufacture Bunnykins line of children's servers; saucer 5.5 wide, pitcher 4.25 high. Pickup Category A time-slot

Sears Kenmore Deluxe Carpet/Floor Sweeper, Works Pickup Category B time-slot

Sits in the chimney cap secured by prongs. Cap top 15.75 square; screen 11.75 square; extension prongs 9.25, 9.75,9 7/8 in length. Pickup Category B time-slot

Nantucket Bike Basket Company width 12 length 15 depth of basket 8 . Can be attached with rope; rope shown provided with lot. Pickup Category A time-slot

Mirror in composition gold coloured frame with hanging brackets on the back allowing hanging by either length or width. Dimensions overall 49 long, 16.75 wide; mirror dimensions 43 high by 11 wide; including two hanging brackets taped to the back which may be used to hang; Pickup Category C time-slot

Front 24.75 , rear 20 , height 8.25 , depth 15 Note: showing minor rust from atmosphere moisture Pickup Category B time-slot

Portable manual typewriter; with supplies of erasers, one ribbon, one used ribbon; instruction booklets; cleaning brush clipped to the top of the carrying case; carrying case with side locks to keep the typewriter in place in the carrying case. Made in West Germany Olympia Model SM 9,(; no key for case lock; works Pickup Category B time-slot

Tri-light bulb lamp with synthetic reddish tone shade; Height 58 , width of shade 17 , width of glass globe 10 , width of base 11 Pickup Category B time-slot

Bombay Company red mahogany serving tray on stand with casters. The tray is removable and sits on the stand; Dimensions: stand 28 high and 15 1/8 wide; table tray with sides up 27.5 long, with sides down 35 1/8 long x 24.75 wide; Note: one side of the tray will not stay up (as shown)but would be fine if that side is against a wall; a few visible abrasions as shown. One person might handle pickup removal but two person assist preferable. Located in a ground floor location. Pickup Category C time-slot

Antique sliding door hardware, suitable for internal installation; operates by inset into a sliding door; latch slides back releasing catch; Note: catch which could be installed in door frame not included; Dimensions of catch inset box .75 wide x 3 5/16 high; dimensions of face plate to be inset in side of sliding door 1 3/16 wide x 5 11/16 high; dimensions of two face plates for handle to be set into each side of the door 2 x 3.75 . Horse brasses from a horse halter. + Document tray from Frontenac Registry Office, Metal Tray: A Requisition of Title Deeds 1 To 100; Dimensions:5 x 4.25 x 10 Pickup Category B time-slot

Black & Decker dual level Workmate. Made in Brockville, Ontario. Set at two different heights to work, collapsible for storage in a smaller space. Works, Pickup Category C time-slot

Tele-tone Canada Ltd. Montreal P.Q. CA 1950 5 tube AM radio. Model TR70. Operates with some static on the tuning dial. AM operation only. Blue plastic cover. Pickup Category A time-slot

2 milk bottles and plastic reusable top showing Rockdale Dairy Store . Plastic reusable top missing ring which would have gone around the neck of the bottle. Bottom markings showing diamond pattern and the number 1 on one bottle and 6 on the other bottle. Showing minor abrasions in the glass consistent with repeated use. Pickup Category A time-slot

Reproduction of a print by USA artist Will Barnet entitled Seventh Season , exterior dimension of frame 16 1/8 x 20 3/8. See Lot 46 also. Pickup Category B time slot

Signed by the artist, original art work, black and white etching No 219 of a limited edition of 250; entitled in pencil Francine's Leaves by Italian artist Gianni Cacciarini. See image showing biography including instructor in art in Florence and art of his owned by the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. Dimensions unframed 16 3/8 x 12 3/8 on substantial paper. With Certificate of Authentication as shown in one of the photographs. Pickup Category A time-slot

Dimensions 5.5 high, 3.75' wide, 10 long. Wheels rotate on axle; seat and road light on side of wagon are removable allowing for increased capacity in the wagon. Note: foundry marking on breast of horse and underside of wagon as shown. Pickup Category A time-slot

Manufacturer: Canadian Westinghouse, Toronto. Research indicates Model date is 1939. This radio is a tube radio and currently has power and a very weak signal on AM using a small copper wire antenna. There is no built in antenna on these radios and one has to be attached. Note: damage to finish noted on top and sides. Tubes eventually burn out like light bulbs and require replacement. Pickup Category A time-slot

Regina electric Floor Polisher; works Pickup Category C time-slot

2 glass milk bottles and paper top of former Kingston dairy Wilmots Dairy Ltd. Homogenized Milk Bottom identification diamond pattern and Number 5 on one and Number 7 on the other one. Note: Showing minor abrasions in glass consistent with repeated use. Pickup Category A time-slot.

Glass milk bottle included for demonstration only as it is corroded and of no value; Pickup Category A time-slot

Koolatron brand portable/automobile refrigerator with plug in cord for cigarette lighter in car dashboard and additional AC- 12V adaptor to use on AC electrical system. Note: This appliance does not operate with the same efficiency as a household refrigerator. It is useful for transportation. Works; originally acquired at Canadian Tire Dimensions 15 wide, 17 long, 15.25 high Pickup Category B time-slot

The Life and Works of Frank Lloyd Wright hard cover with jacket cover, published 1998, 176 pages, Collected inside is every facet of a fascinating life, including Wright's childhood and family life, earliest works and influences, and the legacy he left after eighty years of architectural innovation. With more that two-hundred photographs.. by Maria Costantino of England's Surrey Institute of Art and Design, This is her third book on Frank Lloyd Wright. Pickup Category A time-slot

Identification of manufacture as shown on wheel photographs. Blade is 14 long, overall width 20.25 ; length of handle 42 . Note: blades require sharpening Pickup category C time-slot

6 high, width at base 2.75, depth out 14.25, external length 59 . Note: showing corrosion marks consistent with age. Purchased in Kingston from a family now deceased. Age unknown. Hollow construction. Pickup Category B time-slot

Height of rail when ladder extended 52 and height of main step 22 . Width 18 and length of extended ladder 26.5 inches. Pickup Category B time slot

146 glass Marbles of various sizes; limited edition replica of local cruise ship Canadian Empress of Rideau St. Lawrence Cruise Ships in original box; Ship's Log of Canadian Empress outlining ports of call and routes taken with commentary by Bob Clark (now deceased); limited edition replica floats in water due to air lock in the bottom which traps air; Pickup Category A time-slot

Wooden box containing Meccano parts and two manuals showing designs. Identified as No. 5a Accessory Outfit (51-5a). Meccano Limited, Liverpool, 13, England. Note: no inventory of parts. In addition to two manuals there is a Meccano booklet (white) Pickup Category B time slot

2 glass milk bottles and plastic reusable top showing Wilmots Products are Good and Good for You . Bottom markings triangle and 67003 number with additional number 2 on one and 4 on the other one. Showing minor abrasions in glass consistent with repeated use. Pickup Category A time-slot

Two OES tea cups, one Raising the Veil, Piccadilly Bone China, England; one Salisbury, hand painted, with insignia OES Two plates, One Staffordshire England dimension 8.25 and the other Collingwood Ontario 22K Gold trim, dimension 9.25 ; Pickup Category A time-slot

Reproduction of a print by USA artist Will Barnet entitled Child reading - Bed, exterior dimension of frame 13 1/8 x 20 3/8. See also Lot 45; Pickup Category B time-slot

Electric hand mixer with two speed operation buttons; Works Pickup Category A time-slot

Gate latch for installation in an outside wooden gate. Wrought Iron construction; including matching wrought iron screws for installation of latch; distance between screw holes on thumb latch 6 3/8 ; thumb pressure outside the gate moves the arm to lift the latch on the other side of the gate. Pickup Category B time-slot

Silver Plated Bowl, 7.25 wide at the top. 4 3/8 high; Bottom marking: Rideau Plate . Rideau Plate was a 20th century trade mark of Henry Birks & Son, Montreal. Pickup Category A time-slot

Note: this is not a digital camera. This camera uses 35mm film. Case indicates: Germany Works Pickup Category A time-slot

Solid wood antique wood plane. Note hand hammered nail in the top. Metal blade included; main body is one solid piece of wood. Main block of wood 3 square., 22 long. Pickup Category B time-slot

Sauna heater unit and control box with timer and temperature control. Originally obtained from Viking Sauna Corporation, Montreal, Canada. This unit and control were installed in a previous location and used. On moving in 1985 the unit was removed and has remained in basement storage for a project to construct a replacement sauna room which has never been completed. The electrical requirements, as stated on the label: 220V, single phase 60 C., use conductors suitable for 90C temperature. Stainless steel cover with minor imperfections; some minor rusting due to prior operation. Dimensions 17.5 wide. 13 deep, 22.25 high. To be installed above ground against heat resistant material. This unit is heavy and is at least a two person lift on removal as it has to be lifted up basement stairs. Pickup Category C time-slot.

Two silver plated serving dishes with similar cover designs: one butter dish with glass insert 6 x 2.75 marked: E.P. on Steel, Hong Kong ; the other having a glass insert marked MARINEX with glass insert dimensions 7 wide x 11 5/8 long, a wooden handle for heat protection, no ascertainable markings on the large server. Pickup Category A time-slot

Rubber wet suit for diving. Thickness 1/4 rubber. No problem with seams on the rubber; Head, jacket, two gloves, two boots, pants. Measurements external and not stretched: - jacket chest 18 x 2 = 36 - jacket bottom 18 x 2 = 36 - inseam of jacket armpit to end of sleeve = 17.5 - top of pants 15 x 2= 30 - hip of pants 18 x 2 + 36 - inseam crotch to end of leg 26 - calf 7 x 2 = 14 - outside bottom of boots 10 ( inside approx. 9.5 ) Pickup Category B time slot

Heidi (German: [ ]) is a work of children's fiction published in 1881 by Swiss author Johanna Spyri, originally published in two parts as Heidi: her years of wandering and learning[1] (German: Heidis Lehr- und Wanderjahre) and Heidi ?: How she used what she learned[2] (German: Heidi kann brauchen, was es gelernt hat).[3] It is a novel about the events in the life of a young girl in her grandfather's care, in the Swiss Alps. It was written as a book for children and those who love children (as quoted from its subtitle). Heidi is one of the best-selling books ever written and is among the best-known works of Swiss literature Title: Heidi Publisher: The Goldsmith Publishing Company, Cleveland, Ohio USA Publication Date: estimated 1930-no publication date stated. Binding: Hard Cover Note: condition of deterioration in the binding backing and yellowing pages from age. No missing pages. + Copy of an article from The Whig-Standard, dated Saturday July 7, 2001 on the subject of the Author and tile Heidi. Certainly the sweetest and purest of modern books for girls...and designed to become one of the very few of the half dozen great classics for the young. . + Believing in Ourselves - The Wisdom of Women a small hard cover book of 79 pages with quotations from women: Examples: If pregnancy were a book they would cut out the last two chapters The trouble with the rat race is the even if you win you are still a rat Pickup Category A time-slot

The Grist Mill, Delta by James L. Kierstead. Fourth plate in the Discover Canada series. Edition 4183/10000. Diameter 10 7/8 ; no condition issues. Pickup Category A time-slot

Brass embossed crest of Queen's University at Kingston, enclosed in an oak frame with plastic sheet protecting the crest. External frame dimensions 12.25 x 16.25 ; Note: some discolouration in the matting surrounding the brass embossed crest. Pickup Category A time-slot

Solid Oak desk tray with four bottom cushions. Interior dimensions 9.25 x `3.5 ; Exterior dimensions 12 x 13.75 ; depth 2.75 Pickup Category B time-slot

Metal supports, laminate top, Office table or desk; removable shelf can be set to various heights as shown on one of the photographs. The removal of the shelf allows use as a desk, especially for computer or office equipment. See Lot 94 following. Two casters lock to keep the table in place, and unlocked allow movement. Shelf is adjustable on interior clips (shown) to allow approx. 2.5 , 4.5 , 6.3 or 8.5 depth inside. Dimensions: Exterior height 26.5 . interior height with shelf removed 25.5 ; width 17 ; Length of top 36 . Same construction as Lot 94 following. Pickup Category C time-slot

Melwood Potteries Limited, Staffordshire, England, heavy horse and plough, with original box packaging. Attached to a mahogany wood stand; with harness and accessories to complete the subject. Dimensions of box container, 4.75 wide, 6 high, 12 long. Horse and plough inside the box as shown. Note: damage to one end of the box package Pickup Category A time-slot

Solid Oak desk tray with felt cushion bottom. Interior dimensions 15 x 10 ; Exterior dimensions 15.75 x 10.5 ; Height 4 5/8 . Pickup Category B time-slot

Docu Bind Punch for punching binding holes in the edge of paper or tabs or plastic covers for documents; up to 12 capacity; not suitable for legal length; in addition a few plastic document bindings and complete and incomplete sets of letters and number tabs for separation of punched documents. Works Pickup Category B time-slot

Custom made Coat Rack with four upper and lower hanging pegs for coats and hats; solid oak construction; restoration hardware pegs with ceramic knobs; Dimensions: 30 long, 6 high, sticks out 4.5 from the wall; four holes in the oak for screw holes to attach to the wall or door. Pickup Category B time-slot

Cornflower pattern standing on three legs width 10 height 2 ; Pickup Category A time-slot

Lithograph of Polar Bear edition 24/2950, dated 1991 by artist Vicky Wearing of southern Ontario. Outside dimension of frame 26 wide by 20.25 high. Pickup Category B time-slot

US Divers Rocket swim Fins; adjustable heel straps; one size fits all. Black rubber Measurement from tip of fin to top edge = 18.5 Pickup Category B time slot

Playboy magazine 9 issues; all pages complete, some minor damage to covers; December 1977, April 1978, June 1978, December 1978, February 1979, April 1979, August 1979, October 1979, January 1980; Pickup Category A time-slot

Playboy magazine, 9 issues; all pages complete, some minor cover damage; May 1999, June 1999, July 1999, August 1999, September 1999, October 1999, November 1999, December 1999 Naomi Campbell, April 2000. Pickup Category A time-slot.

Playboy Magazine, 4 issues + one Supplement Edition. All pages complete, some minor cover damage; October 1998 Cindy Crawford; January 2000 Collectors Edition , February 2000, March 2000 Caprice, + Playboy's 36 Uncensored Portraits . Pickup Category A time-slot

Antique hand coloured engraving Old View of the 'Three Cranes,' Thames Street ; (to research Google: Three Cranes in the Vintry - Upper Thames Street, London) See also Lot 65 following. Wood frame, external frame dimensions 10.75 x 8.75 Pickup Category A time-slot

Antique hand coloured engraving The Manor House of Toten Hall (From a View published by Wilkinson, 1813) . Wood frame, external dimensions 10.75 x 8.75 . (same dimensions as Lot 64). See Wikimedia Commons: The Manor House of Toten Hall Pickup Category A time-slot

Leather briefcase with cardboard and synthetic liner. Dimensions 16.75 long; 13.5 high; interior opening 8.5 . Partitioned interior for file organization. Including a set of keys for the clasp locks and a wooden batten to hold the briefcase open for access to files. Note: deterioration to flexing point of cardboard and synthetic liner both sides as shown in photographs; and wear to edges at the bottom. Pickup Category B time-slot

2 Bedroom lamps with greenish shades; 17 high, both of the same shape but different patterns on the base; Pickup Category C time-slot

Playboy magazine, 10 issues; all pages complete, some minor damage to covers; February 1976, May 1976, July 1976, August 1976, October 1976, December 1976, March 1977, July 1977, September 1977, November 1977. Pickup Category A time-slot

Tea/Coffee pot, 8 high, and matching cream/milk and sugar set. In the bottom of all three items: Marlboro Plate, E.P. COPPER, LEAD MOUNTS, CANADA, 462 Marlboro is the brand for Morton Parker. Morton Parker is a manufacturer of Silverplate and Stainless Steel Holloware. Since 1945, three generations of ? Parker's have produced hand crafted tabletop items in Trenton, Ontario, Canada. Pickup Category A time-slot

The Encyclopedia of Watercolor Techniques - A unique A-Z directory of techniques for watercolor, gauche and acrylic with step-by-step guides to their use ; 189 pages, hard cover with jacket; by Hazel Harrison published 1990; multiple photographs and descriptions; AND The Watercolor Painter's Pocket Palette - instant, practical and visual guidance on mixing and matching watercolors to suit all subjects ; colour palettes for all colour ranges with commentary; Hard cover, 64 pages. Pickup Category A time-slot

Introduction to Oil Painting by Michael Pope of the London College of Printing; hard cover with jacket, 87 pages, multiple pictures of techniques with commentary; AND Art from Found Materials - discarded and natural by Mary Lou Stribling; soft cover, 241 pages, multiple pictures and commentary on various mixed media compositions and techniques (example: using tin cans in art); Pickup Category A time-slot

Temex black sturdy plastic filing, sorting, accessory organizer; comes in three sections which can be stacked; supported by locking feet on the bottom of each section. Width 13.75 ; length of tray sections9.75 ; assembled height 5.25 Pickup Category B time-slot

Myer - Chef Classic brand cooking pot with lid; with Tri-Ply Protective Base ; Dimensions 9.25 diameter and 4.25 depth. Pickup Category A time-slot

Two bottle carriers in sturdy plastic; one Pepsi-Cola emblem, showing identification SMITHS FALLS BOTTLING WKS, Smiths Falls Ont. and one Coca-Cola emblem; Pickup Category A time-slot

Two bottle carriers in sturdy plastic; one Pepsi-Cola emblem and one Coca-Cola emblem; Pickup Category A time-slot

Canadian Gardening Magazine; April 2010,May 2010,Summer 2010,Fall/Winter 2010, Winter 2010, April 2011,May 2011, Early Summer 2011, Fall/Winter 2011, Summer 2011. All pages complete. Pickup Category A time-slot

Silver Plate server with glass insert. Dimensions: Silver Plate exterior 11.75 long and 9 wide, Glass insert inside cavity (excluding lip) 4.5 wide and 6 5/8 long. Markings: Symbol of tankard with handle (Makers Mark), BM MOUNTS, E.P. Copper , Note: corrosion inside under glass insert as shown on photograph; glass insert is not a perfect fit so is likely a replacement. Pickup Category A time-share

Moveable table on casters which can be used to move the table; or on moving a side lever the casters are retracted leaving the table firmly in place. Steel frame with hard laminate top. One of the four legs is adjustable to leave the table firmly in place when casters are retracted. Comes with a side leaf which can be left hanging at the side of the table or lifted up to form an expanded top. The side leaf can be screwed into either side of the table for flexible placement of the table. The height of 26 allows the table to be used as a small desk supporting equipment. Dimensions: width of main top 18.75 ; depth of main top 17 7/8 ; width between steel legs at the front 16 5/8 ; side leaf 17 7/8 x 10 ; overall width with side leaf in place beside main table is 29 . Pickup Category C time-slot

Everstar electric oven/toaster with timer; including instruction booklet, rack and pan for cooking; internal dimensions of oven space 9.5 x 5.25 inches; clearance from top positon of rack to top of oven 2.25 clearance Works Pickup Category A time-slot

Presto brand electric frying pan of aluminum construction with glass top and electrical cord as shown. Lever on the bottom adjusts heat from Off to Warm and then up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. No condition issues, last used February 2017. Dimensions Diameter 10 7/8 by depth 4.5 and overall length from pickup handle to end of long handle 18.5 ; Pickup Category A time-slot

Myer - Chef Classic cooking pot with lid. Dimensions 8 diameter and depth of pot 3.5 . See also Lots 123 and 127 of the same manufacture with Tri-Ply Protective Base Pickup Category A time-slot

Myer - Chef Classic cooking pot with lid. Dimensions 7.25 diameter and 3.25 depth of pot; See also Lots 123 and 126 of the same manufacture with Tri-Ply Protective Base. Pickup Category A time-slot

10 issues of This Old House magazine with no pages missing; Issue 121 - 130 inclusive; September 2008 - July/August 2009 inclusive. This magazine is oriented to home renovations, especially in houses of some age. Pickup Category A time-slot

Minette Camera Tripod in new condition. Extends to three different heights and has knobs to tighten position for stability. Pickup Category A time-slot

Height from ground when extended 58 ; width of steps 20 ; width of extended ladder at base 35.5 Note: multiple paint stains Pickup Category B time-slot

Capacity as shown in photographs taken of the side of the container. Pickup Category B time-slot

Identified Wedgewood & Co, England; pattern Nanette dimension 10 3/8 ; Pickup Category A time-slot

Dimensions height 5.75 , width 3.75 , length 7.25 ; with hollow area in wagon suitable for flower arrangement or other uses. No condition issues. Pickup Category A time-slot

Kaiser Porcelain collector plate: Northern Lullaby , part of the series People of the Midnight Sun ; edition 10105/15000. Nori Peter (deceased Peterborough 2009) escaped from Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution and emigrated to Canada. She first visited the Canadian north in 1965, It was then that she started to paint the Inuit people and her sensitive romantic portrayals of these, especially the children, gained her a reputation . (quoted from her obituary). Dimension of plate 10 , showing holes in rim at the back to facilitate wall hanging. No condition issues. Pickup Category A time-slot

Coral pieces, clam shells, Pink Conch shell and star sea shell from the Caribbean ocean. Conch shell 8.5 x 5.75 Pickup Category A time-slot

Desk chair with adjustable back depth from the seat (see photograph), and adjustable height. Height of chair as shown; width of back 21.5 ; width of curved seat 21 ; Made in Downsview Ontario, polyurethane foam cushioning; Acrylic/Polyester fabric. Pickup Category C time-slot

Stained glass vase with lead frames containing three stained glass flowers and artificial flowers; overall height 12 No condition issues; Pickup Category A time-slot

Two bottle carriers in sturdy plastic; one Pepsi-Cola emblem and one Coca-Cola emblem; Pickup Category A time-slot

Length of coated metal shelf including three support brackets, plus additional hardware as shown. Additional hardware may be required to complete installation, available from most hardware stores. This unit could be cut into smaller sections with addition of more hardware including rubber tabs on cut ends. Dimensions: brackets in a straight line tip to tip 16 ; shelf unit 11.75 wide with a turned over edge of 1.75 and length as is 64 . Pickup Category C time-slot

10 issues of This Old House magazine with no pages missing; Issue No. 110 - 114 & 116 -120 inclusive; July /August 2007 - July/August 2008; missing issue 115 January/February 2008. This magazine is oriented to house renovations, especially in houses of some age. Pickup Category A time-slot

Silver Plated butter dish with glass insert, Markings: BIRKS EP NS ; Glass 4 diameter, dish 5.75/6 3/8 depending where you measure; Dish with handle, integrated silver plate and glass with silver plate handle, 5.75 diameter and with handle raised 5 high. No markings Pickup Category A time-slot

Standard double sink. Engraving on sink strainers American Standard . Removed during renovation. Additional plumbing items included but faucet is old and not represented as functional Note: minor damage on base of one drain as show in photograph Pickup Category B time-slot

External 6 at top, internal capacity 4 at top, depth 4.75 ; + Summer 2009 and Fall 2009 issues of Canadian Gardening Pickup Category A time-slot

Jar imprinted on the front: D8 crown diagram and CROWN and on the back: T EATON Co. Limited TORONTO and WINNIPEG Top with a crown imprint MADE IN CANADA and 56 Metal screw ring.

Front imprinted: MADE IN CANADA with a crown diagram and CROWN ; bottom imprinted 1929 a diamond D and 20 . Top with crown diagram and 49 ; metal screw ring. Pickup Category A time-slot

Collector plate Rounding the Horn after art by John Stobart. This is the third plate in a series dated 1978 Collectors International' by Royal Doulton; edition 11899/15000. Diameter 10.5 ; Note: the box and included leaflet regarding the artist are titled as a preceding plate in the series and not this particular plate. No condition issues. Pickup Category A time-slot

Original Vanity Fair Spy print. Some damages, tears, external edges, some soiling as shown. THE TURF Henry Savile ('Men of the Day, No. 213.') by Sir Leslie Ward chromolithograph, published in Vanity Fair 3 January 1880 10.75 x 15 5/8 paper size National Portrait Gallery LONDON, reference: D43939 He was Captain Royal Artillery. He was decorated with the award of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Officers' Decoration (V.D.). He was invested as a Companion, Order of the Bath (C.B.). He lived at Clifton, Gloucestershire, England. He lived at 5 Rodney Place, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. Pickup Category A time-slot

Original Vanity Fair Spy print. Some damage, tears, to external edges, some soiling as shown. IRISH HISTORY Justin McCarthy ('Statesmen. No. 465.') by Sir Leslie Ward chromolithograph, published in Vanity Fair 23 May 1885 10.75 x 15.5 paper size National Portrait Gallery LONDON, reference D44227 Justin McCarthy?(22 November 1830 ?? 24 April 1912) was an?Irish nationalist?and Liberal historian, novelist and politician. He was a?Member of Parliament?(MP) from 1879 to 1900, taking his seat in the?House of Commons?of the?United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. McCarthy was born in?Cork City, Cork, and was educated there. He began his career as a journalist, aged 18, in Cork. From 1853 to 1859 he was in?Liverpool, on the staff of the?Northern Daily Times. In March 1855, he married Charlotte Ailman. In 1860 he moved to London, as parliamentary reporter to?The Morning Star, of which he became editor in 1864. He gave up his post in 1868, and, after a lecturing tour in the United States, joined the staff of the ?Daily News ?as leader-writer in 1870. In this capacity he became one of the most useful and respected upholders of the liberal politics of the time. He lectured again in America in 1870 ??71, and again in 1886 ??8. Pickup Category A time-slot

US Diver quick release weight belt for diving at depth. Including two lead weights, one 3 pound lead weight, one 5 pound lead weight. Pickup Category B time slot

Backpack with partitioned interior; overall length approx. 18 . Little use, like new condition. Pickup Category B time slot

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