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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Soapstone art Women and Turtle from Six Nation Ontario artist Greg Longboat. Piece is signed and dated 1991. Statue is 9 inches long and 9.5 inches tall. Minor polishing needed as seen in pictures.

12 inches wide by 14 inches tall and 5 inches deep. Circa mid to late 1800s. 2 panel back original hardware. Hard to find in this condition.

Antique Quebec Desk. Unusual size. 2 feet wide by 17 inches deep. 40 inches tall. Desk supports slide out automatically when Desk is pulled down. Beading on front as seen. Fantastic piece of Canadian history.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver with 16gb card, extra battery, charger, waterproof case, other accessories and original box. Tested and no issues.

Working complete antique HAWS watering can clearly Stamped No 3 and 6 Qrt. Weld repairs at head.

Continental Gum Ball machine clean and working. Machine sits on a iron look base. Holds lots and good income Generator or collectable.

3 Antique Privacy panels 3 feet wide by 5 feet tall with hinges and fabric held in with dowels.

Six Nations Ontario sought after Artist Loreene Henry 1992, Woman with Baby Soapstone. Signed and dated. 7.5 inches. Minor polishing needed as seen in pictures.

All the work is done! over 24 hours to refinish antique 6 pain window frame mirror 26.5 inch x 40.5 inch .

Antique Pine Nuns table 7 feet 5 inches long by 3 feet wide by 30 inches tall. 1 Drawer two pulls.

For those that like hand Made Signed blue coloured pottery. Includes casserole dish, veggy steamer, set of wine glasses, salt pepper, coffee mugs, etc

12 inch x 9 inch oil painting Signed M Keyhani 1954- . Hockey Hall of Fame Toronto. Exceptional frame.

Antique wooden carpenter box 31inches x 13 inch and 7 inch tall. Dovetailed and original leather handle.

Excellent example of Canada -s past. Antique school desk with original hardware and ink well. 29 inch x 21 inch and 30 inch tall

Unique decorative Horse on iron stand with cherubs and reproduction emeralds. No issues. 21 inch long and 31 inch tall on stand.

Pair Of Antique Pressback chairs. Seat of one has had repair.

Hand Made Pottery including tea and coffee cups, sugar, cream, servers, expresso cups, etc

Antique drying rack with all bars which is rare. 33 inch bars and attaches to wall.

Marked Dated 1971 Fisher Price record player -995 - wind up music box with 5 records. Marked Dated 1974 Fisher price cash register and 5 coins.

Signed Six Nations Soapstone By sought after Artist Loreene Henry. Woman with Braids Dated 1992. 7 inches tall. Some points to be polished as seen in pictures.

Circa 1960 Model L, Otis King Sliding Calculator Made in England. Rare and complete

Woodenware including salad bowls, servers, and butter bowl. Large burled spoon with cracks, some metal wares.

Handmade Pottery set 10 pieces

Handmade Pottery artist signed. 3 sets wine glasses. Individual wine glasses. Misc

Pair Of Antique Pressback chairs

8 China dishes 8inch diameter. from Gien France. Les Gastronomique De La Sante collection. Vibrant colours, no issues. Compare price with replacement.

Brand new 34 inch Worth Insanity W4SB7 official Softball slow pitch Bat 2 .25 . Never used brand new.

Two antique stools 11.5 inch tops. Marked with -H -

2 antique wooden boxes. One is 15inch x 10inch x 7 inch and has advertising marked on end for Santa Clara Apricots. Other box is smaller 11inch x 6.5 inch with square nails.

Doll house includes furnishings and Barbies. 30.5 tall by 28 inch wide by 16.5 inch deep

Pair Of child -s Sleighs including vintage wood and a newer plastic.

Vintage metal Canadian Tire Advertising Tonka tow truck with removable tires 15 inch long by 9inch tall. No tailgate. Plastic Tonka dump truck 15 inch long by 13 inch tall.

Signed Original acrylic Painting by Canadian William Allister 1919-2008. Please research this great Canadian artist. Size is 40 inch x 30inch in frame. Original price tag from Brock Street gallery in Kingston and has original price of $650 when first offered for sale. Price Sticker still on back.

Hanging Pine double shelf and 3 Pegs. 41inches x 31 inches x 7 inch deep

Framed Giraffe print 42 inch d 36 inch . For the Giraffe fans home.

Stunning China including Hand painted English dishes, English set of 8 and hand painted matching dishes from Japan

Vintage Handmade in Canada as marked. Fire truck with ladders, hose and two fireman. 3 Emergency vehicles, Balloon delivery transport and 2 cars.

21inches x 17inch x 8inch . Original hardware and original stamp of origin

Collection of Copper and Brass including a kettle and Miniatures. Collection plates and other plates. Total of 36 pieces.

3 vintage including rare side handled hand mixer.

Century 1999 Coffee Table book by Phaidon Press published Photography and history of the 20th century includes 1224 pages and 1090 pictures. Canada Foundations of its Future by Stephen Leacock privately promoted by Seagrams of Canada 1940.

Vintage tins and sign. Weather head parts storage Advertising 24 inches x 29 inches size.

Over 40 pieces Hand Made with artist stamps. Earthy colours

Antique meat chopper with all parts Stamped by Enterprise Manufacturing. Well preserved writing on piece and contains all parts.

Historical maps of Kingston, Westport and Buck Lake. National geographic atlas and Smithsonian book.

Vintage Canadian Boy Scout leather pouch and garter taps. Vintage Quebec book binding. Some creasing on Quebec piece.

German stein marked .5 litre. 8 inch tall no issues.

Brass desk lamp Max 40 inch W and 14 inch tall. Testing and working.

Vintage stiffed bear in Native wear. Stuffed black bear in plaid coat. 4 Wendy -s 1988 Collectable World Wildlife Fund Animals 5.5 inch tall.

All tested and working

Wall light no issues

46inch x 23 inch was used to hang pots in a kitchen. Originally crib frame with all parts intact. Pots and hooks are not included.

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