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Frontenac, Lennox, Addington Counties 1878. As is still many pictures of original maps and homesteads. Could be framed as two included. Includes a picture of Sir. John A. MacDonald. -B

Wood Boxes- one Saskatchewan butter & one Molson Ale. -B

Marked Smarts Mfg. Brockville. -C

2 (one brand new), also brand new tips (different size) &3 boxes of paints. -B

Works never used. No crystals missing. 17" high with 6 lights. -A

Milk Cartons 5 in total. -B

Sony Stereo 2800 receiver, Sony PS 17 turntable & pair of Sony SSC 610 speakers made in Canada. Technics M24 cassette deck untested. -C

Agget coffee pot and tea pot. Egg poacher, Laundry sprinkler (on top of empty beer bottle). -B

Singer Stylist zig-zag sewing machine in carrying case- Instruction book included (working). Has open arm to sew small openings like sleeve cuffs or pant legs. -B

Metal boiler with copper bottom. -C

Metal Tractor Seats (not cast iron) 7 in total. -B

Overhead Projector- also small projecta scope brand new. -B

1971 Royal Canadian Mint Set- In leather case. -A

Original mirror, 44” wide x 19” deep, 57” high (mark on end).Two small drawers at top then two doors (that lock 2 keys included). One large drawer on bottom. -C

Bowl is 13” across. Banana is 7” long, 3 strawberries, 2 pears (1 green 1 yellow) , apple, peach, pineapple, grapes, orange, tomato and more. -A

Alice in Wonderland, Poetry by Longfellow & Byron. -B

Old Implements- 4 pulley’s, 2 plains, 1 hatchet head and ax. -B

1 small with lid (has chip), 1 large with lid (has chip inside). -B

6 dessert dishes, 2 bottles, cup & saucer (crack in cup), S&P pink depression and 1 bowl pink depression (no chips). -B

Large bowl, 2 crocks, 1 stamped No 4, green depression glass plate, Pyrex baby bottle. -B

Leather wrapped roller & 2 combs. Used to fake a wood grain design on furniture. -A

Opens to put sewing machine in. Also opens out further to make a cutting surface of 43” x 40” and is 32” high. -C

Antique Rocker- Leather seat (damaged). 40” high. -C

32" high x 24" (across) had been used for flower pot. -C

Harley Davidson Lot- 2 books, 2 decks of playing cards, series 2 set of picture cards, & cans from 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998 & 2000. -B

1914 British penny, 1950 German 10 pfennig, 1975 British new penny, 1940 Canadian nickel, 1941 Canadian nickel, 1932 Canadian penny, 1855 France Dix., 1932 Canadian penny, 1907 USA Eagle quarter, 1916 Australia half penny, 1948 British two shillings, 1928 British half crown, 1958 British half penny, 1968 Canadian quarter, 188? Canadian penny, 1968 Canadian quarter, 1929 Canadian penny, 1920 Canadian penny, 1953 Canadian Coronation. -A

Glass in excellent shape, light scratches, one handle missing green knob. 1940’s era (not as dark as picture shows). -C

Size 14 x2, size 20 tops x2, size 22 top & bottom, size 18 two piece, size 18 x2, black cover up and purses (most brand new). -A

45”h x 25 ½”w x 13” deep (note wear). -C

Sealers 1920, 30 and 40’s. -B

Various thimbles from different places. One by Staffordshire England (PA83), one is pewter, one wood, 4 are antique. Cabinet included 7 ¼ inches tall. -A

Sealers- 1 large & 11 small. -B

Partylite Tealite and Votive Candles- 2 boxes raspberry & ½ box vanilla tea lites, 2 boxes peach votives, 5 raspberry votives & mixed box. Boxes of red & green & white tea lites. Bunny candles, box with silver, red, pink, white candles. 2 strawberry candles. -B

Signed pottery, elephant, big kahuna & green hat (has chip). -A

Wood Cheese Barrel. -C

78” x 58” not tested. -B

Metal body plastic bumper. -C

Some school books, Once Upon A Time. -B

3divided plates, one small serving plate, plate with handle (as is), juicer and 2 pink depression plates. -B

Steel Pulleys- with Hemp rope stamped RW. -B

Pulleys- 1 wood, 1 steel, & rope. -B

6 in the set (1 is a captains chair) note damage, missing spindles and wear. -C

Fake out quilts. green with square pattern. One piece 57”x88”, one piece 104”x 89”, and 25”x 90”. Solid green one piece 45”x124”(not pictured) and one piece 45”x 82” (also not pictured). The brown is 92”x90” sewn together down the middle. -A

Insulators- 12 of them and 2 wooden mounts. Markings include Canada, Hemingray, made in USA, Dominion, Pyrex, CP, B.T.C., Tel Co., Brookfield NY. As is. -B

Gross grain, ribbon, lace, braid and lace party circles (like dollies). 2 bags full. -A

1923, 1934, x2 1945 Victory, 1952, 1953, x2 1955, x5 1960, x3 1961, x4 1962, x2 1964. Total of 22. -A

Old Salt & Pepper 6 “ tall and dish made in Japan. -A

1918 Canada quarter, 1967 Canada Hare nickel, 1977 Cayman Islands (sea turtle) ten cents, 1968 Canada fifty cent x2, 1971 Canada fifty cent, 1972 Canada fifty cent, 1976 Canada fifty cent, 2002 fifty cent. -A

Tub to an old Wash Machine- Not steel magnet does not stick. -C

Vintage License Plates. Full roll of 60/40 solder, miscellaneous car parts. Fan belt, fuel filter, oil filter, car wax and window tint. -B

Two Motorola Radius P1225 (2 way radio) with microphone and charger. Working when last used. -B

1923 Shin Plaster- as is. -A

34 1/2 “ high (as is). -C

Terrarium (6”x10”x10” high) includes figures, copper planters, 3 flower vases. -A

Large Vase 12” high & 7 ½” across, has fruit in it and has lights to light it up. -A

11 of them and 2 wooden mounts. AM Tell & Tel Co., 2 Dominion, Brookfield, 2 Hemingray, made in USA & made in Canada. -B

Wood box of Sealers- 1920, 1930 and 1940 sealers. -B

Perfume Atomizers. -A

Realistic AM FM radio, cassette player, alarm clock. IMAX Dvd’s some not even opened. -B

Large Jug 27” high and 51” around. -B

5 drawers Unfinished (stain to bottom). Needs a sanding. -C

Made in Germany, over 24% Pbo. No chips, perfect condition. -A

2 blue glass, Misty Rose (Japanese hand painted) 9” tall, another old vase 10” tall, Noritake (spoon holder ?), Austria pitcher (has chip), large Royal Winton pitcher (no chips). -A

Animals- TY cat, praying bear. 1000 Island Casino moose, cookie Angel, 2 butterfly babies, Hershey Kisses bear, black bear, racoon and squirrel. Smoke & pet free home. -A

13 nut crackers (5 ½” tall), 2 shadow boxes (9”x7”), wooden box with lid (9”x6”), numerous stencils and stamps and round and square wood (cut from a tree). -B

Some sequin some beads, largest is 20” long. -A

Royal Winton (Rose) dish, Fire King casserole (in metal container with lid) Purlam Italy. -B

Heavy Duty Wood Book Case- 45”h x 25 ½”w x 13” deep. -C

Canadian $1.00 bill- x2 1973 note wear. -A

Cats, golf balls, 2 other pair made in Japan and one pair made in England (note repair). -A

Watches are Timex, Matixo, Pulsar, Sonic Quartz, Acqua Indigio, Cardnil, Zonex, Watch-it. Earrings are clip-on and screw-on. Also 2 glass blown statues. -A

Picture Iris? Measures 26 ½”x 23”. By Kern (last name not sure of first name). -B

Pink Depression Vase, relish dish (small chip), glass vase, glass candle holder and lamp for candle, green juicer (has chip). -A

Tomatoes- 4 cups (1 cracked) made in Japan, salt and pepper, tomato with lid no spoon, tray with salt & pepper tomato with lid & spoon (Maruhon Wear) occupied Japan. -A

TY Bunnies- Total of five. Smoke free & pet free home. -A

3 spring pans 9”, 10”, 10 ½”, large sheet pan 12”x16”, teddy bear cake pan. Steamer (never used) & old antique food chopper in box (made in Canada). -B

RCA dog and 2 others.1 dish (missing pepper shaker) and other items. -A

Satin and velvet, some with wire, many full spools, 2 spools have up to 100 yards and bag of pieces of ribbon. -A

2 Bowls (Empire, England), Grimwades , 2 Silvendale Hanley (England), one Glenmere Alfred Meakin England (chip on back), 50th Anniversary plate (22 kart gold trim), a candy dish & a glass juicer. -A

Canadian $2.00 bill- x2 1986 note wear. -A

Marlene??s Collection Dolls- Angelina & Tara both 19” tall. Never out of box plastic still on hands and feet. One stand included. -A

Marlene??s Collection Dolls- Krystal 19” tall in wedding dress. Two others dolls 15” tall (one no shoes). -A

Old Philco Radio (Bakelite), 13” colour TV (not flat screen) with rabbit ears, working when last used and a light meter. -B

Christmas bears, Christmas scene, large snowman (27”x 40”) & Halloween bag. -A

Glass cream and sugar on tray, 3 floral mugs, 2 tea cups (one chip in base) S&P silver with cobalt blue glass inside, other S&P not silver, 2 bone china mugs of Golden Jubilee with Queen and Queen mother (colour much better than in picture) & a wine stopper. -A

Black Box- 8”x13”x6½” high with fruit and flowers. Shows some wear on corners. -B

2 Gremswades Royal Winton (small chip) in one, Royal Winton pitcher on tray (small chip in tray), 2 bowls Stoke on Trent & a plate. -B

Mirror with pictures on both sides. -A

4 glass dishes (2 divided), carving set, cake server set, pink depression glass tumbler, 2 tiered tray, large wood tray can be folded up for storage. -B

Pitcher 8 ½” tall, bell 9 ½” tall, frog and umbrella 5 ½” tall, 2 candle holders, 2 hooks brass dish with lid and lot of small miniatures. -B

American $2.00 bill- series 1976 note wear. -A

American $2.00 bill- series 1979 note wear. -A

Canadian $1.00 bill- x2 1973 note wear. -A

Queen, syrup six in total. Mr. Peanut is glass. -B

Quaker State (tin penny bank), Football Parade of Year (8 mm film as is), The Runge Press Ltd. (ruler), CPR lock (seized), old road maps. 1970 Ontario, Esso (New England) 1965, 1930 Highway Traffic Act and a 1967 Ontario Drivers Hand Book. -B

Biggest pig is 1 ¾”. Pink pig has chip in ear. -A

Sheets of tin- 8 sheets 23” x 18” (as is). -C

Jeep by Hasbro (1970). -A

RCAF and more. -B

Bears, mice, turkey, car back pack. -A

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