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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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As pictured Well potted so plant according to your time frame.

Very comfortable chairs. Refinish them, or just enjoy them the way they are.

Framed. Approximately 10 x 12".

9"x11'. Framed.

Women's Large. Lined with fleece.

Remember Princess Street location of Price's Dairy Bar? 35 Cents for a milkshake. I am listing some items that we used for a wedding on the farm. My wife had had a good eye when she used to dress up the patio and the deck.

High Power, 50 Watt. Includes remote.

Brand new.

Drill a hole in your rock or concrete, mix Ecobust, pour it in the hole and the power of the expansive Ecobust breaks it up. Many how to use videos on the internet.

See photo.

See photo.

1/2 diameter cord. Coil is 13" across. 15 coils. You do the math!

Schmid Musical Collectibles music box "The Tale of Two Bad Mice" + 1953 P.W. Bason "Little Mother".

31" by 45". Beautiful work of art, will brighten any space.

7" in diameter.

See photos.

No stains on fabric.

One has a leaf and grape pattern.

Made in the USA. 1985 "Control Panel" label is lifting.

Using city chlorine water is hard on your plants. Fill the barrels and the chlorine will "gas off". Just add your fertilizer while you are at it.

Can be used for any purpose.

See photos.

Edited by Marion Cabell Tyree. 1879. Contributions from 250 Virginia housewives on Culinary Art and Domestic Economy.

See photo.

In original box.

Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon", Scott Joplin "Red Back Book". Joseph Cotton "Bible Heroes". Muggsy Spanier, Bluegrass gospel songs.

J. Colton. Steel square.

Appears to be complete. Includes boxes and instructions. No games.

By Jin Rong Chen

Large lot includes Nippon China salt and pepper, cobalt blue pitcher, Nippon basket. Green depression glass, milk glass, pewter enameled wheel barrow full of violets. See photo.

Distributed by Keir stead Gallery, 1979.

22" high.

Easy empty. 15" wide path.

Cherry finished. In original boxes. See pics.

See photo.

Newsboy hat "Barbour, Made in Scotland".

I am listing some items that we used for a wedding on the farm. My wife had had a good eye when she used to dress up the patio and the deck.

Made in Italy. Given to J.A. Fuller, President of GM, Worthington (Canada), on the occasion of the dedication of the plant expansion in Brantford, ON, Oct 5, 1977.

See photo.

A pictorial history of Ontario. 1984.

Could be used to make a dashboard bar light?

Battery cover. Ready for the beach- just park it on your shoulder. lol

These sections are 5' 4" long x 46" high. The spindles are 1/2" square and the banding is made of 1 3/4" . I am listing some items that we used for a wedding on the farm. My wife had had a good eye when she used to dress up the patio and the deck.

Entries on how to handle "Indians" on discharge. "Transportation discharge; Provision of Indians". Also, "Canadian joins executive of world YWCA Council". Plus, more.

No hard drive! You install your own drives - up to a total of four.

As pictured

See photos.

10.5" deep.

See photo.

11" tall.

See photos.

Hand painted "Cat tails dessert plates".

See photo. Bought it for the truck. Wasn't the battery so I sold the truck for scrape.

Extra wide angle 7X35.

Large coffee table book with sleeve.

See photo.

Measure 27" x 28". All with glass to remove.

New in Box. Missing the instructions. Never used

Note the name on the can does not match the lid. Farmers always complained when you gave them the wrong lid. lol Was set in the flower garden with a planter at the top. I am listing some items that we used for a wedding on the farm. My wife had had a good eye when she used to dress up the patio and the deck.

Made in England. Cornish Pewter. Nice hallmarks.

See photo.

"Stan Lee's Marvel Universe" and the "Incredible Hulk Sega Strategy Guide". Stan Lee book is hard cover, missing battery cover.

As pictured. 42 1/2" x 45".

1/2" by 18yds. In original box.

Insulated carrying case and BBQ.

Blue with black bow, and black Southwest-style hat.

18". Nicely grained.

Metal pieces from the Star Wars Monopoly game.

With accordian. 550 BTUs.

Great condition!

16" x 12". With wooden frame. Rehab shop projects for men trying to break their addiction.

9" high extending to 14". Now relegated to a decoration piece.

Farmers with no milk quota could ship cream to the creamery for butter making. I am listing some items that we used for a wedding on the farm. My wife had had a good eye when she used to dress up the patio and the deck.

Strainer only. The can is not included.

1966, hardcover. #6, 8 and 51.

Stories of animals; structure, habitat, "thrilling stories", etc.

8" high.

7.5" high, 10" across.

See photos.

Egg-shaped tobacco container and pipe.

Electrical Mechanical Engineer token coin #604 for use in mess halls. Plus Victory in Europe medal.

Emmylou Harris "Luxury Liner", Three Dog Night, and others.

"Firestone's Road Maps of Canada", 1930 Boyd's Garage, Kingston. "Great Lakes Log Book, 1971" and "Bacon's Midget Map of London".

No lid on pan. Two china plates and several small dishes made of crystal or depression glass.

This unsigned print looks like a photo on canvas and it measures approximately 16" tall.

Usual crazing. Chip on mustard dish. With silver spoon. Four pieces. Missing lid for mustard dish.

With instructions on original card.

Rubber bottom. So worn, the handle is shiny.

"The Rising in French Canada, 1837". Signed by the author.

Still in boxes.

See photos.

"Distinguished visitor to the Atomic Energy Commissions Nevada Test Site". Summary of nuclear craters at the Nevada test site.

See photos.

See photos.

" Did Precision Bombing Fail?"

Tea candle. 4.5" tall. Clear window in lid.

In box.

Carving by A. Arpin.

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