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These take along Thomas trains run on the tracks from lot 43. Engines include 3 versions of Thomas, Bill, Douglas, Skarloey, Percy, Rusty, Fergus, Murdoch, Ben, Spencer, Culdee, Donald, Salty, Emily, Toby, Mavis and Henry. Many special train cars.

Thomas the train take along tracks and buildings. Airport. Cranky by the sea. Roundhouse with turning track. Water tower. Quarry. Engine Wash. Bank/Jail. (not sure why you would have one structure for both the bank and the jail as that sort of sets the criminals up for failure, but there you go) Ship. We bought extra packs of tracks as well that are included.

All working when we last had the Nintendo. Lord of the Rings conquest. Phineas and Ferb Ride again. Phineas and Ferb 2Dimension, Fifa soccer 09, Backyard hockey. Pokemon platinum. Pokemon black. Tetris. Lego Star Wars- The complete saga. Lego Star Wars III- the clone wars. Lego Battles Ninja go. Big brain academy.

Castle, airport, Noah's ark, railroad. Many vehicles and people. So many little people they could start a revolution. One door is missing from the train station.

Heavy wooden bunk bed (I think oak) with space for 2 twin mattresses. (one low and one high) Bought for $800 in 2012. Mattress not included. Structure will be partly disassembled for pick up. Approx. 78"x41"x65"tall

275+ cards- there may be duplicates. In varying conditions.

very clean set. bowl measures 4 inches in diameter.

Everything you need to play Wii. Wii tested working. Hand held controllers-need batteries/ nunchucks not tested. Many games as pictured. Instruction manual included. 2 team Canada hockey sticks missing blades but still useful for the hockey games. Games: NHL 2K10, NHL slapshot, 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa, Academy of Champions Soccer, Lego Indiana Jones 2, Where's waldo, Lego Star Wars the complete saga, Lego Star Wars III- the clone wars, Lego Batman, Wipeout, Game Party

Big box of mega blocks with trains, buses, large vehicles, small vehicles. Many special blocks with alphabet or other pictures.

Bowl is approx. 6" diameter and plate is about 4" diameter.

Travelling lite brite set. Approx. 11x10x4. Requires large D batteries that I don't have so I couldn't test it.

Number of different sets. Tracks, trains, quarry, package moving track structure, controller (not tested), water tower, ramps, lots of pieces. All contained in a large green plastic box 21x15x17"

This race track covers a lot of ground- needs a large area to set up. Our house was too small so it wasn't used as much as we hoped. One car is still new in the package. Comes in a plastic box with white lid. Box is 3ft long, 18" wide. 6" tall. Untested.

I don't eat nuts so this is untested. Bowl is about 9" in diameter.

About 3" diameter

8"x8" and 8"x6" packs. Total about 50 ice packs. Useful for coolers or injuries. Biodegradable and recyclable if they break or are no longer needed.

In excellent condition. Working. Tested. The adults enjoyed this as much as the kids. Small plush leap included.

Wooden tracks, people, accessories. All wood.

Rolemaster books- hard to find! Thousands of dollars to purchase this set separately on amazon. 1. Spell Law (Stock #1200)- an older version of this one found on amazon for $260 2. Character Law & Campaign Law- about $50 on amazon 3. Arms Law and Claw Law- about $100 on amazon 4. Rolemaster companion, original, II, III, IV, V- each one sells for about $20 on amazon 5. Heroes and Rogues about $60 on amazon 6. Creatures and treasures, original and II. About $200 on amazon 7. Spell User's companion 9. Arms companion about $190 on amazon 10. Alchemy companion - sells for over $2000 on amazon 11. Combat screen 12. War Law box set- over $600 on amazon

New in package for double bed.

Wii Skylanders with portal and characters.

Approx. 42X13X0.5. New in box.

Lots of items for a Thomas fan! Large Thomas pillow. Duvet cover with scenes from Thomas (we used it as a sheet). Lunch pail. Soft football. DVDs- Percy's Chocolate crunch and Thomas' Christmas Wonderland (and other stories). Plastic carrying case for pens, etc. Aqua doodle (32" square) with pens and special Thomas that also makes tracks on the mat.

James has his battery in his train car. The other 2 have batteries that I don't recognize in the engine. Train cars and blue track. Station. Engines are about 5" long. They don't need the track to run- they run well on the floor but the track seems to fit them.

Almost all XL button up, maybe one or two L. Two yellow T-shirts.

About 7" high. Stand is included.

Children's skate guards for ice skates so that child can roll and skate instead of awkwardly walking on flat skate guards. Bought for $60. About 14" long. They roll well.

Cars plastic carrying case. Towel that folds up to carrying bag. Wind up cars. Pull and go Mater. Mini maze. Shorts. CD. Colouring pages. Sally car. Strip "the king" weathers car.

Non- slip. approx. 3 feet x 4.5 feet

Cotton, foam and plastic disguises.

Variety of sizes- boys. Approx. from 39" (smallest) to 52" (largest) measuring from top of blade to top of handle. Some are ball hockey blades.

Large trucks. Purple one is a Hot wheels transport truck.

Many more toys than pictured. Hot wheels track you pull out to extend and then wind back in. Lion is a flashlight that "roars" when opened. Tested working. Kids iron. Snake. Yellow tracks are mini tracks. Black circle has about 2 feet diameter. And much more!

1 large bowl about 10" in diameter and 4 bowls about 6" in diameter. Salad set.

Too many cards to count in a variety of conditions. They mainly come from the 80s. I don't know enough about baseball to know who to highlight but there are lots of cards, so probability that a gem is in there somewhere.

Bob the builder trucks. Rolly's wheel falls off. Bob hard plastic figurine. Stamp pad with stamps.

Transformer kite new in package. Hobbit Lego game. Building sets. Meccano new in box.

Maple leafs shirt size 7/8, backpack, notepad, keychain, pencil case, wallet. Hockey shirt size L. Pajama pants size 8. Hockey rubic cube. Unopened surprise box. Unopened noisy Stix. Mini cup. Memory game.

Box full of math games. Unknown if all pieces present.

Return of the Jedi cards are like hockey cards but for Star Wars. Cards are from the 80's. Yoda hooded towel, Size M T-shirt (only worn a few times- still in very good condition) Plastic light saber. Unopened puzzle. Yoda transformer- may not have all the pieces. Figurines. Yoda pez. Chewie notebook.

2 helmets (Bauer blue has full cage certified in 2014, expires 09-2020, Bauer black certified in 2012 expires 09-2018), 2 pants(Bauer black valor instinct pant Jr. XL, Bauer blue Nexus 600 Sr. S), 3 pair skates (Reebok size 4, Reebok size 5, Bauer size 5, all D width, all used hard so may require some mending), 2 leggings (1 pair blue 24", 1 pair white26"), 3 jerseys (blue and red size S, green M), elbow pads, neck guard Velcro does not hold. Stick holder. Gloves Jr 11" also need some mending.


About 10" tall

With images. About 5" in diameter. unsigned

clean smoke free items.

All board puzzles except Christmas is a foam push out. Bob the builder, letters, Christmas, Canada landmarks, vehicles, flying, birds.

Unsure if all the pieces are there but the instructions are!

So many stickers. Some new in package.

Shopping cart cover that keeps baby safe, clean and has some toys to keep baby occupied in the cart while you shop. Bibs, babyproofing, toys.

Cariboo game. Seashell game requires batteries- untested. Little bear lotto. Magnets. Mini maze games. Dinosaur. Jonah and the whale- think it can go in the tub. Whale can swallow Jonah whole and then spit him back up. Giant mesh ball game. Folds up flat.

Lots of pieces, some play doh as well.

clean with no issues.

Most XS cotton tops. One dress.

Variety of sweaters XS- prepare for winter.

Top is a size 2. Pants must be a similar size but don't have a size listed- about 32" long.

Children's Padded cat sleeping bag. Zipper does not work. Some stains. My son used at 4-5 years old.

Variety of sizes but most YL or YXL

Bakugan that roll into balls and transform into creatures. I am unsure of their names or how they work as my child has not used them for a few years. One appears to be a giant ball. Cards and instructions included.

Plastic house about 4" square. Wooden play structure. 1/2 bag of bed fluff (unused)

Hand wind up the cars. Can interchange the tops on the engines.

Children's caps, some adult. With cap holder that hangs.

Most cords and cotton. All full length except for the striped one- that one is Capri.

2 puzzles. Trivial pursuit baby boomer edition. Reel to reel trivia game. Can't be sure if all pieces are there.

Roller blades that adjust from size 12J to 2. Padding. Hamlet not included.

Angel is about 4" high.

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