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sellers remorse has begun. sweet old metal ride that needs to be placed on someones front yard with a large basket of flowers. or redeemed and let a clown ride it downtown in a parade.

16 inch seat measures 37 when unfolded. Tested

may have battery issues. includes all the power tools but sold as is.

serious travellers need only apply. very well kept trip taker ready for adventures. large capacity.

Stands 20 inches tall may be a runaway auction item. needs to stand proud in someones garden.

Used seldom with owners manual tested.

local artisan carved covered wagon with horses with flowing manes. Super cool piece

8 inches with multiple carving and cutting devices outdoor types and widdlers need only apply.

very well kept camping hiking zippered luggage.

wooden shadow box with compartment. 8x10

Teal leather bound with leather carry case. Tested.

Signed and unique. not sure you will find anything like this.

9X6 and very interesting subject matter.

18X24 shadow framed unsigned. Original.

very warm sweet vintage blanket. 72X76 inches

fits the standard sized napkin but this is no standard sized holder. about 8 inches square and delicately crafted.

Includes four solid ashtrays. I have never come across something such as this.

24X14X12 ready for Canada Day and picnics.

small issue free polar bear.

120 mostly rock n roll records with scattered wear. Just add turntable

no issues 4 inches in circumference old powder container. may have also kept grandmas hard candies. who can know these things.

works super. will include old slides if I can locate them in time for pickup.

scattered wear memorabilia. wrapper still almost intact. 24X36 as is

Untested but looks to be in great shape .

First edition with the dust jacket and 600 pages of the limestone cities history .

Unused brand new item that seeks person with pain associated with knees.

signed and even has money in it already. Be the first in Leaf Nation to own one.

brand new and ready for little leaguers sluggers or just to have on hand in the back seat of your car.

not quite sure why I never opened this game.

2.5X2 matches lot 83.

never even went down a city street. new with very to little mileage.

Large collectors book. Dust jacket loads of wildlife inside

many attempts at getting the door to open to see if any vintage coinage or cash was inside. untested.

one of a kind lidded buttery beauty. 5x3.5x3

LP looks to be unplayed wrapper still on jacket

hard to describe the craftsmanship of this item. but I know that the winning bidder will not be disappointed. smaller than a basketball.

when they used to issue them they were stored in sweet spots such as this. paper would be rolled and safely put away. belly button day.

signed under glass large image. measures 24X36

lots of different companies and mixed sports.

the beginning of a mini putt tournament. just add cups and score cards.

selling the lot of these as is. batteries are there but charger does not want to respond anymore.

very well kept clean chest. 16X16X14

hall of famer good looking captain of Hockey Town jersey with some vintage flair and scattered wear. L

very intricate carved lidded dandies. largest measures 7 inches in circumference.

Luggage for all your cars.

36X24 unsigned

Brand new unopened first edition. would make stunning gift for the Penguin lovers out there or someone who loved 66.

two old plates with scattered wear.

10X6 with vintage flair ready for your baking or casserole needs.

group of seven affordable artwork. can you name all the group of seven. there is tom Thompson Jackson the Casson fella Murray McLaughlin nope that is all I can do too.

brand new in the box. metal sweet storage container. this item is as big as the box.

everything you see and the tangles have been corrected.

5X8 my mom erected one of these at the lake. it really doesn't look out of place. brand new.

9X6 and new. smells great.

trees have been trending as of late. brand new measures ten by seven inches

26X12X12 vintage old savvy

8x10 under glass and well kept

36 inches and could tell stories.

Upper Deck and Pro Set almost 50 pages of cards plus extra sheets.


18by24 heavy canvas acrylic on mixed media. Textured and vibrant

4 inches mug plus cool 3 inch cup. Both signed.

ten inch garden stone plus new pink gloves for your green fingers.

so many tools. box lot full. includes tote.

large assembly toy. untested.

22X34 sellers remorse has already set in. no issues 30 year old rolled up goodness. somewhere Stan lee just smiled.

pretty sure my first adventure with the frozen fields were spent with these strapped to my snowsuit.

with soaring eagle handle. how cool is that.

very cool reprint of what stuff use to cost back when people thought the days were better safer easier.

Tested 30 years ago and I could never win a radio call in contest.

includes all things pictured. case handle gives me a bit of trouble sometimes. elastic band will keep it at bay.

Famous artist exhibitions And renowned works.

Clean as the board of health one fitted one flannel top sheet . Single bed needed Shaggy.

most of which is brand new still in wrappers.

heavy and almost 12 inches tall. good patina.

Signed stamped almost ten inches of woodworking glory. a shepherds staff is called a crook and in the day no one called them into court as they were considered riff raff. that was free.

Precious stones geography pieces and cool rocks about ten pounds of dug up finds. the turquoise piece pictured was taken by a kid who was giddy about geology. the rest of the digs are still in the basket.

just bigger than a Keebler elf. she is a delight. And yes she is meant to be squeezed

friend of mine put dried flowers and made vinegars in such as these. added them to salads and they were memorable. 8 inches tall.

Frank and Joe adventures scattered binding wear but so many good mysteries enclosed

8 inches in circumference 2 inches deep untested only because I could not locate a battery to fit it. heavy.

First edition with dust jacket .

32X48 clean

Ready to store 100 cars and ready to board an airplane too

Take your smoothie to the next level. No more amateur juicing for you. Tested

First edition with the dust jacket . such a glorious table top book.

could also be a great frame for upscaling. 16x28

with cool case too.

17.5 brand new ready for summer weddings and job interviews .

assorted much played with wheels. many different manufacturers inside.

Vintage NHL Comforter. Clean with defunct NHL team. Fits a double bed and promising goalie.

Stamped hallmarked square artisan made.

36X10 artisan made welcome sign with two old hooks.

Made super soft super high super long by Precept. one sleeve was taken while I wasn't looking. brand new.

14X15 and when the year 2021 comes around you will have the sweetest calendar this side of the Shire. I looked it up.

Album appears to be unplayed.

may be called a dory but heavy laden brass piece with some age.

the zippered bag is super cool and such a cool throwback

kept for decades in great shape. 37X46

super cool ready for a crib.

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