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hard to beat this colour scheme. under glass tousignant signed 1964 montreal. 18x24

Very little use and ready for the outdoors. Assembly required. camping is in tents.

so cool one of a kind old man maple hangar with great patina. 7 inches of Canadianana.

14x12 brooding pastoral scene. Double matted stunning imagery. Sellers remorse has begun. signed

Tested. sucks.

Tested with bulb and so so cool lamp.

In his day he never sold a painting I am told. This is a print in decent frame and measures 26X34 and depicts the artists bedroom. Had I drawn my bedroom it would have had shark posters and Charlie's Angels on it. Bed would have been made and the floors unkept.

22x27x5 all doors open fine

Great image and quote and ornate gilded frame. 18x22

brand new ready to open up and provide hours of shade and cover.

14 inches in circumference very old set of well appointed Bossons. Two from 1959.

Still in box unused ready for your storage needs.

clean and ready for back to school or back to the bush. back is where this will land. super clean.

Embroidered seat and solid bones on this one.

7 pieces clean set for when the fancy people come for dinner.

Great seated hardwood old chair.

Super clean almost new great bag with insulated pockets to keep the balls cold.

not one of these has tasted water or been chased by fish.

Doesn't smell as cool as the grade school handouts but still works and cuts good well. Very cool old school piece of history.

An old chair for a new kid.

All systems go. Tested.

Super Technar with original receipts .

Just add two trees and shade. Maybe a good novel too. Looks to be well constructed

17X14 and includes ceramic planter. Buyer will not be disappointed unless they planned to ride this home. then disappointment for certain.

16X24 acrylic on mixed media unsigned delight.

measures 16x8x11 approximately. would look cool on a vintage bike or a farm house porch.

Fired up and looks to be good to go just add guitar and lessons.

New ready for diaries and daytimers. Unused. I could sniff these all day long.

Manufacturers label says Rubies Chatam ON. Never used discreet book flask. Monogrammed.

two with not dents and easy to open.

17 inch metal frame 14 inch concrete casting.

Folds easily. Low mileage

Clean with spare parts. Why brave the bush or outhouses when you can own this? Untested but original owners were pleasant so that was nice.

Mastercraft 20X10X9 solid metal

Metal and 11 inches in circumference.. needs battery. apparently Big Ben was almost called the Victoria. fun fact for free.

everything you need to survive and automotive breakdown. they really need to include some candy or sandwiches in these. looks to be new and ready for your car troubles.

Tested super hot super fast.

ceramic rain boots that used to have a plant inside. Four plus inches tall

large metal five pointed star. 24 inches tip to tip.

Ready for recipes.

10 inches of cooking glory.

Very sturdy old chair with style.

Never enter the dollar store again. And when the time comes that you ever do need to they won't recognize you. Already categorized. Includes sweet large tote.

sometimes when I take pictures of these I pretend they are fashion models and I say work it and super and just another and ya baby. they are kitchen stunners in my opinion.

Never used big boat plate. 8 inches in circumference

This book title may be a bit of a stretch but the cars inside are head-scratchers for sure.

Untested but everything looks good to grill. Just add fuel.

Artisan made cool field of flowers imagery measures 8.5by8.5 signed by studio.

ergonomically sound beer drinking boot

remember that year when they tried to get us to fall for New Coke?

made for placing in the dirt. sun ready and glass and metal made. tall like 5 feet.

76X56 minor wear for the age .

Great use of colour and image is strong. Acrylic on stretched gallery canvas. Signed. This piece measures 25X43.

two four inch old dolls. kids look like they aren't from around these parts.

with metal legs and adjustable functions. cool details. stands over five feet tall. tested. may be runaway auction item as the unique factor is off the charts.

Has got me out of a few jams in the drain issues. Tested

Tin man oilcan. have a heart and purchase this gem.

Tested and makes great sounds. Results may vary depending on operator.

Primary coloured wooden storage boxes. Measures 12WX9DX6H

how to book. just add woodworker.

28 by 22 and great warm fall colours. the hours this must have taken is messed up. unsigned.

nice print of one of our masters of paint. measures 36x24 under glass with matte.

Ready for making your own clothes or cutting your own hair. I have done both.

I enjoy a good pot of tea with some milk and honey.

Comes with old serving tin and cool old book with some binding issues.

Seven by seven lidded stunner.

matches lot 127 watercolour and signed.

32HX32WX10D clean bookcase shelf.

Almost 24 inches tall and never held a candle. heavy holders.

Two hammers one giant spike chisel and one cool jimmy bar.

Maybe could be jewellery holder as not much buttery goodness will fit or go in this old girl. but hey be the first.

well kept clean and ready for fancy drinks.

again runway models for your kitchens. Pyrex made art and this is masterful. stunning lines and timeless posing. 8 inch plus lid

well kept for the age.

brand new in the box. very cool brain worker.

fishing lures are in this auction too. 12 inch plastic bait box.

boxes are pretty sweet too.

Just add topper. new uninstalled in box.

26X21 signed by the artist. Garry J Muchin? Four swans

Sweet old vintage basket chair.

22WX24HX16D solid wood with storage capacity

13X19X9 well made waterproof box.

Will remove both left and right boots.

Works great on swinging doors but no so good on soiled shirts.

Just add darts.

never used. with box

large primary coloured original watercolours. 20by26

32WX32HX10D good book holder or knick knack shelf.

18X15 with assorted dangling rocks and wires.

45WX20DX18H has rolling wheels and clean issue free glass.

Hard to come by in this shape. One wooden wheel too included

Great shape tee from Irelands finest quartet. Sized Medium.

No issues large hunting themed mugs. Three in total

case and reel part are fine.

signed 24X32 oil painting.

sheer kitchenalia dazzle. could take photos of these for the rest of my life. large well kept old girl. Such a show off.

real leather pockets and well kept. Just add waist and work.

All the weapons needed for charing perfectly good cuts of beef pork and foul.

Heathkit automotive tune up meter model ID-29 untested

Never installed in my home measures 80HX45W clean smoke pet free environment.

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