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37X24 and ready for an artists flat works.

such super creative glasswork. cant miss item.

Seven inches of unused crystal wine glasses. brand new in the original 30 year old box.

seems to be complete and operates fine. as is and includes what you see. saved the store flyer too.

6X5 very old bell.

42X18 seven pieces of Plexiglass. the photos on this lot were tough.

12 by 8 heavy metal cross.

seldom used near new still with owners manual. take your blending to a new level.

includes rope and cut saw and well kept near new heavy duty pack. if you find yourself off the beaten path this lot will keep you for a few days until the helicopters spot you.

22X28 a mile in his moccasins. seems about right. first nations folk art.

4 inches by six glasses. brand new unused. was given so much of this 30 years ago. please enjoy them.

Pens owner and Hall of Fame great book.

28 inches of unsigned engineering genius.

brand new

Premium Ambast 14 inches in circumference. not sure what this will cut or if it was replaced by another blade but original price was crazy. see pic.

Super creative fish clock. 14 by 12 lips to tail. needs battery and super stoked buyer.

10 inches in circumference and just in time for picking season. the weave on the top always amazes me and am also struck by those who like to eat this with cheese? cheese?

super old super cool vintage ice trays. clean

16X20 created by three artists. nice work whoever you three were? on canvas with names on back.

22X14 famous old painting by one of the masters. neat status printed on the back too.

16X20 stunning amount of time and talent has been stitched into this number. wow.

26X10 super cool painted shoes book ends. now your books have boot ends. well done creative person.

38 assorted die cast clean no issues cars with small tote too. the wienermobile included.

measures 15X10X8 and would fit a serious amount of cooking goodness.

two brand new multi function knives. would make great bridesmaid gifts. why not?

100 pieces of our premier hockey player and Tim bit graduate.

"Primitive Canvasback" -Signed BH on bottom,  well made oldie. 14 inches of handcrafted super.

such a great lot of vintage chic clothes.

no issues all together vintage hardware.

super strong mover.

Big as the box. 6X5X4 brand new.

when the 25 footer just will not do the job.

14X19 metal tray of a seldom seen coke memorabilia.

two eight pounders and two twos

looks to be brand new and ready for tired strained eyes. big print in the best seller of all time. tested.

12X6 no chips or scrapes very lean looking woodland creature that plans to stand proud in someones home or garden.

7X5 could be an elk or a big dog. either way it is solid brass and would look good on your side table or in your garden.

Small golf attire brand new and ready for a lady of the links.

30X20 signed metal frame under glass.

11X5 super cool racer tin toy.

such a cool invention. eight inches of splendid.

brand new with tags sun dress. super cool design and ready to wear. 38 sized

vintage feline ready for change.

24X36 sunflowers by Van Gogh

24X20 under glass. unsigned.

6 inches of barn yard toy. I once rode in one much like this that had an eight track stereo and air conditioning. the new farmer.

I have no idea how people figure out how to get a sleeping bag back into the bag after camping. each time I try to do it , it just resembles a wet bag of laundry.

11X5 solid metal and wonderful art. winning bidder will not be disappointed.

brand new nightstand.

Six inches stunner. no issues super clean.

Large artisan made 20by9. this is nothing you will find locally. signed and would make a great carry on luggage. one of a kind.

each time I see one of these on the roads I turn my head.

29X15X13. really never understood the attraction to wicker but when it comes to moving it around the house not really that hard or heavy. so it has that going for it.

10X18 tested cool tin.

telescopic for doors with needed curtains.

13 by 7 and said to be called the couple. heavy piece of studio brass unsigned.

seems about right. scattered wear.

no issues train part.

heavy piece. I once brought two turtles home from summer camp and filled the bathtub with porridge and warm water before my mom knew what was happening. not sure why I figured porridge would mimic pond life but I was pretty young am sure if it happened today I would use some other breakfast cereal to make a proper habitat.

20X17 framed and matted and signed. this is a talented artist. well kept and ready for a new wall.

large mixed sport lot of cards.

three inch odd Tim Horton's Zamboni .

how in the world did this seem like a good idea to strap this to your melon. very old football helmet ready for the man cave and tall tales of gridiron games gone by.

10X11 print of Canadas famous seven.

with carry case too. if the glasses don't grab you the bag would be perfect for scrabble tiles.

First edition very cool book about collecting and searching above the ceilings. if I looked in my attic would just find christmas decorations and squirrel traps.

8X8 signed artwork.

brand new old stock future stars set.

11X17 for all the PK lovers out there. 5 placemats.

ready for your stir fry. tested.

16X12 and 10X12 old RCA photos with amusing details and posing by real pilots written on the back of the larger image.

brand new in the box.

16 by 8 unsigned wood art

12X16 with all the pieces still intact.

untested lot of vintage accessories.

for that stubborn soap scum in the shower. of course I am kidding. brand new and ready to wreck havoc on a scouring something.

works and sounds fine.

small pewter holders perhaps.

First edition

10X6 no issues old baking dish

11by17 untested vintage puzzle of the men in the moon. am pretty sure only two of them were able to get out of the module. not sure why the other guy would ride all that way and just look out a window?

clean no issues

Measures 11by8 by 3

seems to be unused.

unused brand new original box

12 10 and 8 inch pans. good manufacturers.

red caboose. tin train piece. in Saskatoon my great uncle runs a train museum at the university. when we were kids I remember there was no room to walk in his apartment as he filled the floors up with HO track and train.

cool old tested reel.

Yogi 7. 5 inch plastic plate

First edition

9X12 could not help to notice that he signed it. yep signed it just Art. so good. should I go with Arthur or Artie nope just Art. super bold.

Seven inches of sweet jeep

6. 5X4 very old axe head ready to be redeemed into a great piece of hickory or ash.

heavy tote of assorted drawer pulls and scattered hardware.

24 inches of bubble goodness. tested.

clean no issues.

am sure my mom never wanted us to own this toy as she was already tired of stepping on wayward Lego pieces.

new in box.

includes two posters calendar and unused can of Coca Cola plus mini stick.

Eight inches of brass ready for floral arrangement or for storing spare change.

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