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Jammed box of mixed sports cards.

Tested, includes remote. Measures 48x28

Brand new two boxes full.

Brand new and ready for those who enjoy a good smelling candle. Results may vary.

Comes with old silverware box. A great deal of mixed cards.

16X20 with pilots signatures on the image.

20X13X40 12X17X27 old storage trunks with scattered wear.

Works fine. Safety guard was broken in storage. Tested.

The first page encourages suitable for framing.

Wanted to take it out to picture it but feared breakage. The item is brand new.

It is ridiculous how comfortable this chair is. Clean smoke free home.

Clean large baking holder. No issues except that it is empty.

22x18x13 clean.

Mederios Panel Mirror still in original box. Most people before the advent of metallic glass just stared into pools of water to check to see if their hair was ok or if anything was stuck in their teeth. true. 30x45 approximately dark wood framed.

All packaged and labelled.

New in box.

Plugged in and lights up. Wish it made great sounds. Perhaps I haven't pushed the right set of buttons as I am not familiar with this language it was designed in. Cool vintage tube radio.

Very large decorative sconce needing light fixture and proud ceiling. 22 inches in circumference

Old stoneware. Lid was broken in the move. saved it but needs repair. Selling as is. 13 inches tall

30X24X21 with plastic liner

brand new unused.

Saved the parts when she let go. the bones are good and just requires some know how and a few good outdoor pieces of wood for redemption.

10X12X16 many genres scattered wear but decent for age of lot.

Old thread lot in round canister.

12X12X12 with accessories too.

Young kids BMX. Seems to be road ready.

These appear to be new and unused. Sized from 6 to12.


6X6 ceramic tile.

Captain America and the Hulk. most of the original packaging included

31 inches tall tested

Heavy shallow box of hand tools.

Tested and sounds super.



Large clean spouted container. 20x14

No manual.

Selling as is.


10X13X10 made in Canada

Heavy tote including must have helpers.

Heavy solid brass felines.

12X16X24 with small soft mat too.

Large heavy solid metal mix of art, concrete and needs a garden or yard. 16X16

Came in a bag but appears to be two of them. I wanted to assemble them but feared I would be hours into it and hesitated. clean.

Clean lot of containers six total with lids

20X20X20 very cool folding indoor outdoor table.

Small heavy speakers. 10x4 untested


Looks to be new in the plastic package. Just add a blanket, food and some company.

52X10X24 pine

Almost ten pounds with plastic tote.


Shepherds wise men and the parents gathered around the swaddled Babe.

seems seldom used. clean.

16X12X32 seller states working well.

small clean bright white tiles ready for your renovational needs.

Made in Turkey 18x18 Tuscan traverstine. Would look stunning in an entrance way or countertop application.

9X12X4 well made solid wood key holder.

Tested Cabinet measures 18X25X32 sweet clean smoke free sewing machine

Made by Cooey includes round table plus three chairs. I know I know it is missing one.

Rainy day ideas and creative types need only apply. Paper measures 28x28 approximately .

Heavy bag of fragrances from days gone by. pretty sure my mom used to sell this stuff and Tupperware too. She will deny the allegations.


Add to your Devo costume for Halloween. and you just started singing. #breakyourmommasback

Old German reel to reel. untested but lights up when plugged in.


Sold as is. Large three piece seascape. signed 12x24, 24x24, 12x24

For the crafty one out there.

Seems to spark up and turntable turns freely. Makes sounds too.

Brand new unused

Vintage yard sticks one is 39 inches. A bit more.

20 in total still in wrapping.

Never opened.

Large luggage. Zippers and wheels. Just add vacation.


13X5X8 with contents.

With carry tote too.

Unused and with boxes. one seems to be missing in Facto box.

10X10 with whimsy art depicted

Untested tester.

Gently used large set of safety boots. Just add work. Size 13

Tested. Hot item.

Sounds deelish. Tested but cant seem to get the turntable to cooperate. CBC and the rest come in solid and the ilk of this one tells stories.

24X14X29 cabinet with stacks of wax mostly classical and easy listening.

Untested in leather bag

12X14X8 made to hold anything really. Nice piece of workmanship

39X74X16 solid wood with extra shelf hardware. Well made well kept piece of furniture. bring help to load please.

12X6X6 fire engine red painted small chairs.


Stamped clean item.

Was going to wear this for winter but I am more of a CFL fan these days. Needs a head and brave owner.

As is still packaged.

Not sure what these implements do but they seem rusty and old.

Clean travel topper for your vehicle. With straps.

This may be Sinter Klass as I am not certain he was the image I grew up with. Large heavy doll that needs a home before December 25. Measures 36 inches tall and jolly.

Eight inches in circumference.

Great series of Fronts with NHL alumni too

Many genres and wood holder too.

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